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11 New Believer

 "The Society of the Secret Eye..." Angora's face twitched.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Excuse me, but could you let me go now?" The bald bandit asked with a smile.

Angora turned to the genie. "Bury him a hundred meters beneath the ground. Be careful not to kill him too quickly."

"Wait! That's not what you promised!" The bald bandit jumped in fright.

"I did say that I wouldn't kill you. I never said anything about letting you go," Angora replied calmly. "And it's just burying you underground-it's your own business whether you can dig yourself out."

"You..." Seeing red, the bald bandit rushed toward Angora with a sword in hand in a desperate struggle. However, he vanished entirely at once when the genie pointed with a finger, the air echoing with the words he could not finish.

"And that's all of them." Genie gave Angora a wave. "I shall be taking my leave~"

"Hold on."

Angora called out.

"What is it? I'll just put it out there that I won't be obeying further orders," the genie replied.

"No, I just want to know about the Overlord System. What is it, actually?" Angora asked seriously. "A charm-class magic? Or some other sacred spell?"

Even if he was not liked in his own house, he remained the child of a duke. Unlike children like Eleena who were raised in mountain villages, he had seen the world at a young age, encountering much magic and divine providence.

Be that as it may, no divine feat was as unique as the Overlord System.

Moreover, the youth also faintly sensed that if he did not seize the chance and learn some useful information from the Genie in the Lamp, he would not know what the System actually was for a long time.

"You are sharper than I thought." The blue-skinned genie sighed in admiration.

Naturally, the genie was actually Xi Wei in disguise.

Although his divine order has the ability to create life (the ability to create NPCs, to be precise), that takes considerable divine energy. Without it in excess to squander with, he simply put on a disguise and descended, becoming Angora's henchman.

He had already noticed Angora's potential as a believer when he planned to place the starters outside of the Valley of the Tragic Dead. Therefore, he provided him with temporary system clearance which led to what happened just now.

In the first place, Xi Wei aided Angora rather half-heartedly as well. If Angora was not sharp enough to notice the Hitman Genie or was too cautious to use it as described, he most likely would have fallen victim to the bandits. If that happened, Xi Wei would at most find it a pity for losing a candidate-he would not be disappointed, however, given that there were many entrances into the Valley of the Tragic Dead, and he had few other options beyond Angora.

Still, he never imagined that Angora would succeed in securing his help while not being confused by the text in the system interface. Furthermore, when Xi Wei himself tried to return to the divine realm, he tried to ask directly about the most important question that was the System, avoiding asking nonsense.

All at once, Xi Wei thought that the kid might be able to achieve considerable success with the System's aid.

"It is the System, a generous blessing from the God of Games." Xi Wei then answered Angora as the genie.

"Why would he grant me a blessing? I have never prayed in his church... In fact, I never knew the God of Games existed before this." Angora quickly pressed.

"He probably finds you gifted. Who knows?" Angora shrugged.

"What is he like as a divine being?"

Even if Angora was not faithful, the god did extend a helping hand in his desperate moment. Therefore, aside from gratitude, he could not help wanting to learn more about that divine-being-never-of-heard-before.

Xi Wei immediately bragged about himself. "A pleasant one-wise, brave, and magnificent. Although he does not have many worshipping him at the moment, he would certainly rise above the other gods in the future! If you have the chance, you could try devoting yourself to the God of Games~"

Then, before Angora could ask another question, Xi Wei instantly burst into a puff of bright dust and vanished from his sight.

Angora made a troubled face. He stood blankly where he was, before being started by the sound of flapping wings from the skies.

There were many scavengers such as crows circling overhead.

After all, many had died around him, and with the air thick with the smell of blood, soon it would not just be crows but also ferocious carnivores.

Without hesitation, Angora packed all necessities from his carriage into his bag, quietly saluting the old driver up front. He would have buried him as well if not for the pressing urgency.

"I'm journeying alone now." Angora quietly cheered himself up, before heading for his own domain-the small, unnamed and remote town.

Meanwhile, Xi Wei watched the youth go from the Divine Kingdom, sensing faint divine energy from him...


"Have at you!" The tall and muscular Joe charged toward a black bear, holding the best sword forged in the village.

The black bear roared and lunged at him in return.

But halfway through its assault, Gou Dan whispered whilst aiming his broken bow, "Deft Shot!"

An arrow stabbed into the bear's nose and staggered it from the pain, growling as it held its nose.

"Frost Bullet!" Edward called out from behind Joe, waving a long stick as it unleashed a white ball of snow, freezing the bear's paws and almost felling him.

"Strengthen!" Jessica cried, aiming her wooden cross at Joe.

"Now!" Joe then flung the sword in the ground, ran to the black bear and grabbed it by the stomach. His muscle started to bulged as he then roared, "Suplex!"

He then firmly lifted the bear from the ground over his head, throwing the beast headfast in the ground.

Blood-red fonts that red 'Critical, -150' instantly leaped out over the black bear's head. Its body twitched once before going prone entirely.

As it burst into shards of light, the group cheered happily.

All of them were children from families of hunters and would usually be scrambling for their lives whenever they ran into a black bear.

How did they defeat one so easily?

"The EXP on this bear is so high I leveled up! Which should I pick next, Heavy Shot or Split Shot?"

"Wow... The mana cost for a mage is too high-just a few spells and my mana is almost used up."

"Argh. It was so heavy I sprained my leg..."

Meanwhile, Eleena sat in a corner miserably.

"Why can't I help? One Spear of Victory from me and that bear would be gone." She complained unhappily.

"Because only you can use healing spells." Gou Dan grinned apologetically.

"That's right. Only you can help us when we get hurt." Edward agreed. "By the way, help Joe-his ankle is swelling like a pig's."

"It's fine, I can go on..." Joe patted his chest confidently, but his face soon changed. "Wait, 'sprained leg' status actually lowers strength and agility?!"

"Don't move. Something like that will recover in a moment." Eleena quickly healed Joe's ankle, while not forgetting Jessica the cleric. "Jessica, you should hurry up and learn healing skills as well-I don't want to stay behind and watch all the time."

"Understood, our dear great Saintess~" Jessica patted Eleena's small head, beaming.

As everyone happily prepared for their lunch break, they suddenly heard the sounds of a battle nearby.

"Tsk. We should complete the oracle as soon we can," Edward said after some thought. "Let's not get involved with a fight that has nothing to do with us.


Side quest started: Rescue the merchant convoy.

This mission has a time limit, please accomplish it as soon as possible.

Edward was speechless.