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10 Hitman Genie

 'What the heck?!'

As Angora blanked out from surprise, a semi-transparent screen appeared in front of him, with the words 'O Master of Games, Grant us New Life' written on it.

Before Angora could question what it was, the words on the screen vanished. Along with a cool startup screen with polygons and light effects, the main user interface of the system appeared.

[Player: Angora Faust]

[Class: Unknown Lord]

[Prosperity: 0/100]

[Achievement Points: 100 (Starting value)]

[Population: 0/0]

[Players: 0]

[Buildings: None]

[Storage (LV0): Hitman Genie (Grade A) x1, Empty, Empty]

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Angora looked quickly through the words written on the screen, finally laying his eyes on the item called the Hitman Genie. As he focused on it, a corresponding pop-up screen appeared next to it.

[Item: Hitman Genie Lamp (Grade A)]

[Description: Consumable Item. Rubbing the lamp will summon a Grade-A genie to fight for you. Time of effect: One minute]

[Disclaimer: Do not treat the genie as your slave, and do not wish for anything. ]

[It would only beat up your enemies and nothing else.]

[Receive? Yes/No]

"What is this..?"

Angora felt like he was experiencing the weirdest situation he had even gone through in his whole life.

Without giving him more time to think, the entrance to the carriage was destroyed forcefully by the bandits, breaking into splinters of wood.

A strong-looking man with a tattoo on his bald head came in and grabbed Angora's leg, smiling viciously as he dragged him out of the carriage.

Angora could taste metal as he fell unceremoniously onto the hard ground, every bone and joint in his body aching.

He did not have time to waste.

Focusing on the Hitman Genie Lamp, he chose to receive it.

The next moment, a bronze lamp that looked like a teapot dropped into his hands.


"Hey, did you guys see that?"

"Why is there something in his hand?"

"Is he casting Sacred Arts?"

The bandits hesitated due to the lamp that suddenly appeared.

"Don't be afraid! Even if he is a priest, no one would know that we did it if he dies here!" The bald bandit shouted as he swung his longsword towards Angora's head!

At the same time, Angora started rubbing the lamp fervently like he had gone crazy.

As the sword was about to hit him, a blue mist started gushing out from the lamp.

The mist expanded like it had a physical body, blocking the sword from hitting Angora.

The next moment, the blue mist converged in mid-air and formed a large blue-skinned humanoid form.

"The Genie of the Lamp is at your service! Now, who do you want me to deal with?" asked the large blue face that looked like Will Smith, smiling weirdly as he raised his brow and stretched out his arms. An axe that was even bigger than his body appeared in thin air along with some sparkly effects. "My axe is thirsting for blood!"

Not only was Angora stunned, the bandits were also scared stiff by the genie that suddenly appeared.

The one who reacted the fastest was the bald bandit. "Don't be scared! It's probably just big and not strong at all!"

The other bandits were encouraged as they all lifted their weapons and surrounded the genie. Some of them who thought they were smart pointed their weapons at Angora-thinking that if Angora was killed, the genie would disappear.

"Save me... Kill them!" Angora shouted hurriedly.

"As you wish~" the genie hummed in glee.

The next moment, he quickly swung his axe in a circle, cleaving all the bandits into two along with their weapons except for one who had immediately done a backflip to evade the attack.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even as they died, the bandits could not understand why they were killed in an instant on a run-of-the-mill robbery by someone they thought was a pushover...

The bald bandit who seemed like their leader regretted their choice to rob them dearly. "F*ck, didn't that guy say that the youngest son of the Faust family was a pushover? How could he summon this monstrosity?!"

He realized that he was totally out of the genie's league, and so he turned around and tried to flee for his life.

The genie only waved the axe in the air in response, the weapon growing larger and larger. With another swing, he sent the forty-meter axe in the direction of the fleeing bandit!

"Wait, spare him!" Angora suddenly shouted.

Hearing the command, the genie slightly angled the axe to a side, gouging a five-meter deep incision on the ground. The bandit was not harmed, but the explosive power that almost hit him shook him to his core, his legs softening into putty as he fell to the ground.

"How do you want me to deal with him?" The genie asked as he pulled the bandit over to Angora. "Decapitation? Mutilation? I'm very good at torturing people you see~"

As he said so, the axe in his hands disappeared, and replacing it was a fishnet and a slicing knife.

"I know that I did wrong, Master Faust! Please spare me!" The bandit who had seemed quite manly was scared to tears why the genie as he kneeled down and hit his forehead to the ground.

"I have a question for you, and if you answer me honestly I might not kill you!" Angora declared as he stared him in the eye. "Why would you know that the 'pushover youngest son of the Faust family' would come by here? Who is 'that guy'?"

"I-I don't know..." the bandit stuttered.

"Finish him."

"Roger that~"

"Wait, I really don't know! My client has always been very mysterious...But I can tell you that he is from the Society of the Secret Eye!"

"Society of the Secret Eye?" Angora asked curiously, having never heard the name before.

"It is a group that smuggles things through the mountain range around the Amaranthine Gate by using Cloud Falcons. They smuggle precious treasures from the western continent..." the bandit confessed, wanting to stay alive, "It holds overwhelming power in this area and has lots of outer-ring organizations...We, the Thirteen Caves of the Minotaur are one of them!"