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7 The Doctrines

 True to Xi Wei's assumptions, the young brats who had lacked experience were easily swayed by his words.

The moment he uttered the words "O Master of Games, grant us new life", the youngsters unconsciously repeated those words under their breath.

The very next moment, Xi Wei felt a rush of divine energy rising to the heavens!

Even though their beliefs were not as strong as a devout believer like Eleena, they already passed the threshold of shallow belief-already becoming true believers and satisfying the conditions to activate their systems.

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"S-Something appeared in front of me!"

"Me too!"

"What is this?"

The brats collectively gasped in astonishment as the system page appeared in front of them.

"Don't be afraid, this is a gift from the God of Games!" Xi Wei said, his voice calming them down.

Different from the Saintess System he specially crafted for Eleena, the systems they activated were just basic Footman systems1. They did not even have classes.

If they were transmigrators from Earth, they would have probably guessed what to do after seeing this system page-all the basics of doing quests and killing mobs to level up, and getting to the top of the pyramid and maybe even open a harem...

But as this was all new to the people of this world, especially to these youngsters who had not even experienced the wide world, they would have to spend lots of time to understand and utilize the system properly.

Hence, Xi Wei explained to them in detail how to use the system.

"Levels are a measure of strength. Everyone starts out as Level 1, and the higher this number gets the more powerful you get! When you level up, you will be rewarded skill points."

"Oh also, the level cap now is Level 30 before the system is updated."

"You can only level up by accumulating experience points which you can obtain by defeating monsters... Yes, it's the thing at the bottom... Why are they called experience points? Have you never heard of the saying 'practice makes perfect'? What, you haven't? Uhm..."

"Your class is the direction you would develop in the future, there are four classes you can choose from: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Cleric. The differences between the four are mainly their abilities and their stat growth... What? No you don't need to worship the Azure Sorcerer to become a mage. Why isn't there a hunter class? W-Well it's almost the same as a ranger..."

"Skills are the Sacred Arts that the God of Games has blessed you with and they need to be learned slowly by leveling up. Some abilities even have stat requirements. Casting most of these skills would require you to use your MP... Yes, it's the blue bar."

"Stats are a reflection of your specs...What are specs? Uhm, they're your physical and mental abilities..."

"If your HP gauge empties out you will die, and if your MP gauge becomes empty you wouldn't be able to use skills. Strength determines your physical power, Agility determines your speed and reflexes, Intelligence determines your willpower and mental ability, stuff like that."

"Why does he have two Strength and you only have one? His arms are almost as thick as your thighs! Your starting stats are all dependent on your personal abilities, don't question it! You have no one to blame but yourself."

After all, all of these technicalities were new and interesting for the youngsters that they could think of all sorts of questions from different angles, almost giving Xi Wei a headache.

But also because of this, they quickly took hold of the situation. As young people who were still growing up, their ability to learn and absorb information was stronger than adults.

"I choose to be a mage. I've always wanted to learn magic," said the boy who looked like their leader.

"I want to be a warrior! My father was a blacksmith so I know where the best swords in the village are!" exclaimed the strong-looking boy who had a beginning Strength stat of two.

"Can I be a cleric?" asked the only other girl than Eleena timidly.

"Then I'll be a ranger, I'm great at using a slingshot!" The last boy decided.

And so the four youngsters quickly picked their classes.

Xi Wei who had been watching the entire exchange had wanted to remind them that they could choose the same classes, but seeing how well it went he decided against it.

"Right, tell me your names."

Seeing the four starting to examine their system pages, Xi Wei suddenly remembered to ask their names.

"I am Edward Kennington," said the young man who decided to be a mage.

"My name is Jessica Weiss," muttered the girl who chose to be a cleric.

"You can call me Joe Paul!" declared the one who chose to be a warrior.

"My name is Gou Dan1," said the one who decided to be a ranger.

Xi Wei's eye twitched. "Why is your name so... special?"

"My father was a refugee who didn't have a family name," Gou Dan confessed truthfully.

"Then from today on your name is Doug Ag," Xi Wei decided.

For what it was worth, these people were the first believers he had developed that might become his disciples in the future. If this boy kept the name Gou Dan, his church might not even feel prestigious anymore!

Gou Dan... or Doug stared at Xi Wei for a moment before enthusiastically nodding his head.

Snapping his fingers, he created white words that floated on the top of their heads, with their name written.

"This sign can only be seen by 'players' who are believers of the God of Games. If you see anyone else who has these words floating on their heads, they're your fellow believers!" Xi Wei advised them, "Even though our church does not ask for all of you to love each other, but you can't trip each other up on purpose alright?"

Hearing so, the five youngsters nodded and memorized that their believers were called players.

Eleena was most familiar with Xi Wei, hence the one who was the least timid to speak with him stepped forward and asked, "Mister Xi Wei, what are the doctrines of our church?"

Xi Wei spaced out momentarily as he had not thought of this, but then started speaking without thinking too much.

"First: Life is just a game. The moment you started believing in the God of Games, you became a player.

"Second: Time is money, my friend. Money can buy everything except your experience points, so you can't buy happiness with your salary1.

"Third: Even if you hold the responsibility of saving the world on your shoulders, why not take a breather and play some cards?

"Fourth: Everything that has a Health Point gauge can become Experience Points, so remember that slaying monsters are just a means-slaughter is not your goal.

"Fifth: Strength completely depends on the current version. Never blame yourself for the path you have chosen-if you want to blame someone, then blame the cursed game designers.

"Sixth: Never throw away your honor as a player, or you will be punished by the God of Games!

"Seventh: Before you take an arrow to the knee, enjoy it with all your heart!1

"Eight: The God of Games reserves the right to final interpretation of the doctrines hereinabove.

Footmen are unnamed characters from DOTA; this term has developed to refer to people or characters that aren't very importantLiterally Dog Egg, which is also why Xi Wei renamed him as Doug Agis the motto of Tencent Games, which means that they create happiness with all their heart; but people changed it to which is a play on words of the word which means salaryis a memorable quote originating from the role-playing video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim