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Soul Land

Author: Shikigami13

Lastchapter: 232 Seven Headed Fire Phoenix

Updated: 2020-08-07 06:37

232 Seven Headed Fire Phoenix
231 Evil Fire Phoenix’ Spirit Avatar
230 Rash Devil Spirit Great White Shark King
229 Hundred Thousand Year, Devil Spirit Great White Shark King
228 Oscar’s Vulgar Seventh Spirit Ability
227 Tang San’s Trump Card, Evolved Deathgod Domain Ability
226 Overcome, Twofold, Seagod’s Ligh
225 Overcome, Sea God’s Ligh
224 Hundred Thousand Years, Tang San’s Seventh Spirit Ring
222 God Bestowed Spirit Ring
221 Secret Of The Seagod’s Ligh
220 Seagod’s Ligh
219 Nine Tests of the Seagod, Mark of the Triden
218 Peak Seven Tests And Yellow One Tes
217 Seahorse Sacred Pillar, Black Level Six Tests
216 Water Repelling Cosmic Shroud
215 Sea God Island Worships The Sea God
214 Master, Don’t Want Sexual Services?
213 Scorching Hot Purple Pearl
212 Divine Doctor Pays His Respects To Master
211 Narrowly Escaping Death, A Blessing in Disguise
210 Super Hundred Thousand Year Old, Ocean Overlord
209 Demonic Whale Depths
208 Scenery on the Sea
207 Don’t Worship Me, I’m Just A Legend
206 Vast Sea City Great Spirit Arena
205 Bloodlust Craze Hurricane Right Leg
204 Tang Sect’s Number Four, Thousand and One Nights
203 Shadow Hunter
202 Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud
201 Gifting Tang San A National Treasure, Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud
200 Reunion, Shrek Seven Devils
199 Tang San And Xiao Wu’s Happiness, Engagemen
198 The origin of the Three Peerless Douluo
197 Devil Island? Sea God Island?
196 Rank Ninety Nine Title Douluo
195 Six pieces of Spirit Bone, Divine Angelic Armamen
194 Xiao Wu, Resurrection, One Fourth
193 Self-created Spirit Ability, Disorder Splitting Wind Dance
192 Deathgod Domain VS Angelic Domain
191 Porcupinefish, Snake Lance, Soul Breaking Spear
190 The Palace Gate, Alarming Change, Enemy Shadows Appear
189 Tang Sect’s Five Halls
188 Divine artifact, Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armour
187 Moonless Windy Killing Nigh
186 Heart Chilling Iron and Deep Sea Sunken Silver
185 Really F*cking Off
184 Divine Craftsman Lou Gao
183 Capital of Metal, Gengxin City
182 Four Elements Academies’ Intention
181 Five Year Gap, One To Three
180 Half Resurrection of Xiao Wu
179 Tang San’s Sixth Spirit Ability: Nothingness, Instant Kill Eight Stage Drop
178 Tang San VS Yang Wudi
177 Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng
176 Tang San’s Sixth Spirit Ability, Xiao Wu Incarnates
175 Ghost Shadow Perplexing Steps’ Pure Speed Battle
174 Defense Clan Enters Tang Sec
173 Broken Guard, Disorder Splitting Wind Power
172 Poised For Battle, Comparing Defense With The Armor Plated Giant Rhinoceros
171 Defense Clan
170 The Three Vulgar Cheap Customers
169 The Four Great Single Attribute Clans
168 Tang Sect, Strength Clan
167 Oscar, Ning Rongrong
166 Oscar Returns, Clone Mirror Sausage
165 Reason For Eight Spider Lances’ Armor Evolution
164 Royal Family’s Inside Information
163 Evolution, Eight Spider Lances
162 Hope For Resurrection
161 Narrow Escape
160 Forest Battle To The Death
159 Xiao Wu, My Beloved, We Finally Meet Again
158 Hiding Successfully
157 Meeting Hu Liena Again
156 Spirit Hunting, Extermination
155 Spirit Douluo Level Collision
154 Blue Silver Domain’s True Power
153 Oscar’s Sixth Spirit Ring
152 Five Years’ Change
151 Shrek, Reunion
150 Void Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track
149 Fifth Spirit Ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear
148 Blue Silver Emperor’s Tyrannical Control Power
147 Howling Sky Douluo
146 Return To Clear Sky School
145 Mother’s Remains, Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone
144 Tang San’s Mother, Hundred Thousand Year Blue Silver Emperor
143 Cleansing, Harmonizing Inten
142 Moon Pavilion, Aun
141 Blue Silver Domain And Deathgod Domain
140 Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpen
139 Dark Golden Three-Headed Bat King
138 Blood Sacrifice, Hell Road
137 Slaughter King
136 Hell Slaughter Arena
135 Slaughter City
134 The True Face Of Tang San’s Spirit, Blue Silver Emperor
133 Hammer Method’s Great Success, Slaughter Energy
132 Eighty One Swings
131 Wisdom Skull Bone’s Ability, Purple God Ligh
130 Clear Sky Battle Power, New Beginning
129 Xiao Wu Isn’t Human
128 Tang Sect’s Tenth, Batwing Rebound
127 Shrek Seven Devils’ Complete Strength
126 Tool Spirit Avatar, Deep Gold Clear Sky Hammer
125 Shock, Seven Devil Fusion Ability
124 Hell White Tiger’s History
123 Ten Thousand Year Spirit Ability Variant Ability
122 Star Luo Imperial Academy Team
121 Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong
120 Four Title Douluo
119 A Flower Loving Title Douluo
118 Finals, Spirit City
117 Clear Sky Hammer, Disorder Splitting Wind
116 Singular Velvet Sky, Tiger Breaking Dragon
115 Making Plans, Grandmaster
114 Huo Wu And Xiao Wu’s Kiss
113 Phoenix Rampage
112 Tang San VS Huo Wu
111 Fusion of Spirit Ability and Tang Sect Secret Techniques
110 King Among Flowers, Monarch Overlooking All Fragrance
109 Outschemed Liu Erlong
108 Flash Of Understanding
107 Truly Common Blue Silver Grass?
106 Drifting Snow Ice Phoenix
105 Spirit Fusion Ability, Drifting Snow
104 Singing To The Same Tune
103 Seven Fusion Ability
102 Hidden Mystery, Seven Gem Spirits
101 Fireproof, Blue Silver Grass
100 Shrek Academy VS Blazing Academy
99 Another Spirit Bone
98 Soul Chasing, Life Taking, Yama’s Invitation
97 Spirit Master World’s Extreme Limit Flow And Balanced Flow
96 Limit Team Control And Terrifying Hell White Tiger
95 Tang San’s New Tactics, Universal Sky Flow
94 Heart Separation Control’s Three Aperture Governing Hear
93 Reason For Tang Hao’s Seclusion
92 One Minute Victory
91 Preselection First Match, Begins
90 Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournamen
89 Tang San’s Fourth Spirit Ability
88 Drain, Eight Spider Lances
87 Ten Thousand Year Pit Demon Spider
86 Thousand Year Unicorn Armored Beast And Ten Thousand Year Demon Spider
85 Fragrance Attracting Spirit Beasts
84 Fatty’s Fourth Spirit Ability, Phoenix Whistling Sky Strike
83 Giant Earth King’ And ‘Pink Queen’
82 Scarlet Dragon Stepping On Giant Earth King
81 Xiao Wu: Ge, Brush My Hair
80 Mystery Of Twin Spirits
79 Lifetime’s Riddle Of Clear Sky Douluo
78 Tang San’s Left Hand, Clear Sky Hammer
77 Vigorous God, Grandpa Really Came
76 Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Astonishmen
75 Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School
74 Extreme Pure Power Spirit Master
73 Heaven Dou Auction
72 Flash Of Understanding
71 Clear As Ice And Clean As Jade Young Master Tang San
70 Exceptional Immortal Treasures For Seven Devils
69 Xiao Wu: Promise Never To Leave Me
68 Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse And Cluster Soul Chasing Ball
67 Ice Fire Protection, Hundred Poison Relief
66 Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure
65 Golden Saint Dragon VS Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor
64 Ice Fire Alchemical Body
63 Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well
62 Golden Iron Triangle’s Pas
61 Golden Iron Triangle’s Last Corner
60 Title Douluo, Title: Poison
59 Connection, First Meridian
58 Heaven Dou Imperial Academy
57 Fiend Team
56 Rank Surpassing Challenge
55 Flying God Claw
54 Borrowing A Chicken To Lay An Egg?
53 Shrek, Gold Level Spirit Fighting Team
52 Eight Spider Lances, Decisive Outcome
51 Spirit Fusion Ability Hell White Tiger
50 Jade Phosphor Violet Poison
49 Seven Devils Versus Emperor Team
48 Emperor Team
47 Spider King’s Dominance
46 Control System Spirit Master’s Power
45 Tyrannical Opponent, Mad Battle Team
44 Grandmaster’s Second Stage Education
43 Vulgar Strange Uncle, Bu Le
42 Grandmaster Is A Devil
41 Not Abandoning, Not Giving Up
40 Special Training First Stage Star
39 “Iron” Smithy
38 External Spirit Bone
37 Blue Silver Grass Post-Evolution Migh
36 Grandmaster’s Arrival
35 Tang San’s Tyrannical Third Spirit Ability
34 Limit Surpassing Man Faced Demon Spider Spirit Ring
33 Meng Yiran Also Uses Hidden Weapons?
32 Wicked Butcher, Man Faced Demon Spider
31 Forest King, Titan Giant Ape
30 Oscar’s Third Spirit Ability
29 Unrivalled Dragon Serpen
28 Thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpen
27 Not Daring To Cause Trouble Is Mediocrity
26 Star Dou Great Fores
25 Tool Spirit’s Formidable Power
24 Three Five Combination’s Establishmen
23 She-Devil’s True Colors
22 Four Eyed Owl Flender
21 Evil Fire Phoenix
20 Oscar’s Big Fresh Sausage And Little Cured Sausage
19 Tang San’s Hidden Weapons
18 Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji
17 Academy Only For Monsters
16 Plate Crystal Hair Gold Dragon Beard Needle
15 Thousand Year Spirit Ring Ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation
14 Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai
13 Father’s Message
12 Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method
11 Xiao Wu, So You Really Are A Rabbi
10 The First Spirit Ring Ability
9 Blue Silver Grass First Spirit Ring
8 Spirit Tool, Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges
7 Xiao Wu, You Still Want To?
6 I’m Xiao Wu, Wu of dancing
5 Grandmaster? Teacher?
4 Otherworldly Tang San’s First Hidden Weapon
3 Twin spirits
2 Useless spirit with innate full spirit power
1 Douluo Continent, Otherworldly Tang San
-1 Tang Third Young Master Crossing Over