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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Author: Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground

Lastchapter: 847 A Huge Present From Master

Updated: 2020-05-27 20:51

847 A Huge Present From Master
846 It Made No Difference Who Became Champion
845 Why Are You Kneeling While Watching the Competition?
844 The Dumbstruck Spectators
843 The Final Competition
842 Competition of Flames?
841 The Painstaking Master
840 Who Is the Real Dark Horse?
839 A Call from the Sea of Vital Energy
838 Super Hard Tes
837 Unexpected Resul
836 Profitable Competition Rules
835 Scolded by a Youth
834 Shocked Uncle
833 The Danger of Buying, Buying, and Buying
832 Journey through the Opposite Shore Realm
831 Return to Void Stage
830 Soaring Power
829 Divine Bat Emperors Wrath
828 Deceived
827 Explosions are an Ar
826 Slaying Immortal Beasts
825 The Proud and Powerful Yao Ji
824 Dont Go, Lets Fight till Dawn
823 The Nightmare Mud Mans Nightmare
822 The Tense Standoff
821 Triumphant Return
820 Breaking Pangus Sigil
819 The Key to Getting Ou
818 The Demonic Blood Kirins Decision
817 Soul Formation Final Stage
816 The Broken Middle-Aged Man
815 The Perfect Kirin Blood Jade
814 The Demonic Blood Kirin
813 Praise And Escape
812 The Frenzied Groundhog
811 The Groundhogs Plea for Help
810 The Despairing Lus
809 The Four Great Ferocious Beasts of the Tai Chu Continen
808 Guess How Many Strikes I Have
807 Battling the Demonic Blood Beasts
806 The Real Vast Land of Blood?
805 The Price of Being Carried
804 The Path of Starligh
803 Almighty Reversal
802 The Peerless Saber Demon
801 Gluten Lord Leading the Way
800 The Pattern to the Oppressive Stars
799 The Gluten Lords Undying Body
798 Battling the Divine Guardian Squad
797 Encountering the Divine Guardian Squad
796 Continue Onward with No Fear
795 Heavenly Judgemen
794 A Combined Strike
793 The Sigil Crisis
792 An Unexpected Item
791 Xiaolans Battle
790 The Grief-Stricken Ao Niu
789 Subduing Ao Niu
788 A Land Oppressed by Stars
787 Jumping into a Vortex
786 Little Gu
785 Subjugating the Jade Bone Immortal Butterfly
784 Battling the Jade Bone Immortal Bug
783 The Truth Behind the Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspools Unres
782 The Mighty Figure from the Opposite Shore Realm
781 The Beast Sky Patrol
780 Cooking with Local Ingredients
779 Inexplicable Battles to the Death
778 It Feels like Theres Something Wrong
777 The Sinister Spirit Beast Cesspool
776 Heavenly Courts Entrustmen
775 Whats Wrong with Da Bai?
774 Core Disciples
773 Disciples Wanted by the Four Nine Immortal Sec
772 Im the Champion?
771 Terrifying Trial
770 First Group of Disciples
769 Da Bai Ranked Up
768 An Lins Major Obstacle
767 Becoming Famous Throughout the World
766 Four Nine Immortal Sects Directions of Developmen
765 The Feeling of Making a Fortune Overnigh
764 Old Friends
763 Speech at the Sect Founding Ceremony
762 A Fated Person
761 The Ninety-Nine-Fold Extreme Heavenly Spell Formation
760 My Sect, My Rules!
759 Conflict Escalation
758 Liu Qianhuan and Her Dad
757 The Arrival of the Four Great Sects
756 A Grand Opening Anticipated by the Entire World
755 Abandoning the Old in Preference for the New
754 The Beautiful Four Nine Immortal Sec
753 Struggling Finances
752 Terrifying Construction Abilities.
751 Holy Lord Tian Wo
750 The Domineering Construction Cultivator
749 Constructing the Sect!
748 Location for the Sec
747 Benefits from Bai Ling
746 The Aftermath of the Battle
745 What a Travesty
744 The Domineering Black Spirit Snake
743 Flexing is Extremely Satisfying
742 The Terrifying After-Effec
741 The Thousand Arm Attack
740 Terrifyingly Stupid
739 The Dumbstruck Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial
738 Being Crushed by the Boss
737 Building a Team to Fight the Boss
736 An Earth-Shattering Sword Strike
735 Why Me Again
734 Decision to Become an Underling
733 The Holy Trinity Fiendcelestial
732 The Mountain Exploded
731 The Divine Barrier Breaking Finger
730 So This is the Exi
729 Mysterious Life Form
728 Making the Phoenix Egg Accept a Master
727 The Battle for This World
726 The Three Minutes Between Life and Death Second Par
725 The Three Minutes Between Life and Death First Par
724 The Tycoon Attack
723 Battling the Demonic Baby
722 The Phoenix Egg Crisis
721 To Cross or Not to Cross
720 Tinas Adventures
719 Finally Gaining Entry
718 Battling Celestial Maiden Fei Ying
717 The Fearsome Silver Gundam
716 A Mad Rush for Survival
715 Attacked From Both Sides
714 A Series of Abuse
713 A Crushing Experience
712 Dong Guos Resolution
711 The Ever Reliable An Lin
710 Da Bais Dire Situation
709 I Suddenly Want to Try This Spell technique
708 The Might of the Comical Sky
707 The Real Realm of the Fallen Phoenix
706 The Mighty Four Nine Immortal Sec
705 Battle for the Golden Egg
704 Saving the Damsel in Distress
703 A Massive Opportunity
702 Realm of the Fallen Phoenix
701 Choosing a Site for the Four Nine Immortal Sec
700 My Most Powerful Treasure
699 Deal!
698 Treasure That Cant Be Bough
697 Being Forced to the Brink of Tears Again
696 The Human Piggy Bank Was Here
695 The Terrifying World
694 Little Na’s Hacks
693 Wei Jis Trip to the New World
692 The Criminal on the Execution Platform
691 The Age of Technology
690 A Rising New Star
689 A New Sec
688 The Path of the Upperclasswoman
687 I Only Want a Safe, Happy Life
686 Would You like to Learn About the Heaven Crushing Sec
685 The Earth-Shattering Finger
684 Complete Annihilation!
683 Reinforcements
682 There is Something I Can Teach You
681 What Should We Teach?
680 The Eleventh Highly Intelligence Tribe
679 Domain Mutation
678 Double Tribulation Transcendence
677 A True Man
676 Teaching Adam and Eve a Lesson
675 The Yin Yang Domain
674 Returning to Huang Quan City
673 The Enraged Lightning Tribulation
672 I Heard You Were Going to Transcend a Tribulation?
671 Flipping the Tables
670 Combo Attack
669 There’s Soap There
668 The Might of the Holy Blood
667 Assassination on the Purple Snow Mountain
666 The Present from Afar
665 The Arrival of the Underlings
664 Sparring with Big Brother Cheng
663 The Development of the Blood Tribe Underlings
662 Playing With A Ball
661 The Conquest of Gods Spokesperson Third Par
660 The Conquest of Gods Spokesperson Second Par
659 The Conquest of Gods Spokesperson First Par
658 Gods Spokesperson
657 Battle of the Dao Integration Stage Super Mighty Figures
656 Pursuit to Kill
655 The Most Powerful Reinforcemen
654 Turning the Tables
653 Masters Battle
652 Step Up
651 An Extremely Powerful Intruder
650 Transferring Matter Between Two Worlds
649 The Worldwide Upgrade
648 What is True Tribulation Transcendence
647 The Nightmarish Antagonists
646 The Second Batch of Antagonists
645 The Dumbest Antagonists in History
644 Mundane Days
643 The Aftermath of the Battle
642 Flexing with No Sense of Accomplishmen
641 Why Did He Die?
640 Too Weak?
639 An Lins True Strength
638 Ill Just Accept Another Underling
637 Crushing Weakened Enemies
636 New Generation Holy Disciples
635 Is There Something Wrong?
634 Holy Disciple Nomination Ceremony of the Blood Tribe
633 Dark Marshlands
632 Creations Born From Imagination
631 Lets Create Some Antagonists
630 This Is a Very Pure and Innocent Chapter
629 The Studious Adam and Eve
628 The New Humans
627 Lets Create Humans Together
626 Lets Create Some Stars
625 Creating a Future for All the Living Beings
624 Creating Highly-Intelligent Life forms
623 The Age of Dinosaurs
622 Creating Life
621 Lets Create a New World Together
620 The World Within the Mirror
619 Make You Poo
618 The Birth of a King
617 I Will Grind Your Face into the Ground
616 Breaking the Body of the War God
615 The Unacceptable Victory
614 Counterattack from Dire Straits
613 My Opponent Is a True God
612 An Unimaginable Opponen
611 The Healed Bai Zhong
610 Xing Tians Defea
609 The Neverending Brawl
608 Clash of the War Gods Second Par
607 Clash of the War Gods First Par
606 The Endless Flex
605 War God Xing Tian
604 Liu Qianhuans Choice
603 Ill Be Your Heavenly Tribulation
602 Unable to Give Up
601 Liu Qianhuans Tribulation Transcendence
600 How to Transcend the Lightning Tribulation
599 The Exhausted Bai Zhong
598 See You in the Next Life
597 Ill Make You Happy
596 You Finished Too Fas
595 Big Brother Chengs Domain
594 The Eightieth Level Battle for Honor
593 Tang Ximens Blood and Tears
592 The Accidental Assis
591 The Boring Immortal Spirit Tower Trials
590 Venturing into the Immortal Spirit Tower
589 Senior Student Tang and the Immortal Spirit Tower
588 Im Invincible!
587 Big Gathering of Friends
586 Distribution of Benefits From Filthy Rich An
585 The Joyous and Harmonious Beast Pet Team
584 Meeting of the Beast Pets
583 Reporting to Xu Xiaolan
582 The Reactions of All the Powers
581 The Speechless Emperor Ziwei
580 Saving An Lins D*ck
579 Returning to the Heavenly Cour
578 Bidding Farewell to the Little Whale
577 The Incomplete Mission
576 You Are the Father!
575 Becoming a Father
574 Escaping From the Whales Mouth
573 The Compromising Heavenly Void Beas
572 The Despairing Heavenly Void Beas
571 The Enraged Heavenly Void Beas
570 An Kirin the Whale-Conqueror
569 Battling the Body of Chaotic Essence
568 Great Senior An Lin
567 Great Savior An Lin
566 Formidable Hindrance
565 Ordering of An Lins Brigade
564 SJW Ans Choice
563 Fury of the Long Shang
562 Encounter
561 The Pillar of the Team, An Lin
560 Terrifying Emotional Explosions
559 Realm of Boundless Emotion
558 Accepting a Disciple
557 The Three Ancient Treasures
556 Clearing Out the Treasure Cave
555 The Treasure Cave
554 The Mighty Ancient Dragon Projection
553 Battling the Black Dragon
552 The Astonished Dao Ye
551 The Involuntary Flex
550 A New Addition to the Blood Tribe Army
549 The Holy Maidens Redemption
548 An Lins Powerful Brigade
547 Savior Tina
546 The Powerful Red-Robed Elderly Men
545 A Dire Situation
544 Rousing His Lackeys
543 Breaking Through the Illusion
542 Is This Illusion or Reality
541 The Gentle Township
540 The Weird Black Tower Guardians
539 The Realm of Dead Souls
538 Hunting The Jade Beasts
537 The Most Badass Person on the Scene
536 Battle for the Golden Realm Essence Crystals
535 Building A Blood Tribe Army
534 A Sword Smeared With Lethal Poison
533 To Purify All the Sins of This World
532 Encounter at the White Jade Mountain
531 One More Lackey
530 Getting Rid of His Stalker
529 Fall of the Title of Poison Lord
528 My Blood is Poisonous
527 How to Rouse the Beauty From Her Slumber
526 The Accursed System
525 Body of the War God
524 Masters Terrifying Aura
523 Stumbling Upon the Void Star Section
522 Poltergeist on the Stardust Tree!
521 Little Stars Can Crush You to Death
520 Huge Starry Mountain
519 The Sky Has Collapsed
518 Communicating With the Snow Maidens
517 Meeting Shangguan Yi Again
516 To Help or Not to Help
515 Bowing to Evil Forces
514 My Little Cutie
513 The Ruthless Yet Adorable Snow Soul Beasts
512 Searching For Snow Soul Beasts
511 Thanking the Human Race
510 He Really Committed Suicide
509 Do It Yourself
508 The Indestructible Opponen
507 Discussing How to Kill the Enemy Boss
506 Please Grant Me Death
505 Essence Crystal Tycoon
504 Battle for Realm Essence Crystals
503 Tinas Display of Migh
502 Ray of Neglected Ligh
501 Sluggish Mystic Realm
500 Hong Dou Concedes to No One
499 Successfully Acquiring the Divine Plunder Technique
498 The Might of the Vermilion Bird Mirror
497 Hong Dous Assistance
496 Reunion of Friends
495 The Terrifying Thousand-Eyed Demonic Dragon
494 The Monster Within The White Lake Realm
493 The Nightmare of The Blood Tribe
492 The Hunting Operation on Pan Long Mountain
491 Murder and Robbery Squad Assembled
490 Battling The West Sea sea monsters
489 I Didnt Expect to Meet You Here
488 The Fearsome Crumbling Continen
487 Reaching The Real Continen
486 The World is so Big
485 Negotiating A Deal
484 Crushing Wealth!
483 How to Make A Good Impression
482 The Holy Fairy Maiden
481 One-Man Demolition Job
480 All The Realm Essence Crystals Are Mine!
479 The Power to Destroy Heaven and Earth
478 The Army Descending From The Heavens
477 Giant Godfiend An Lin
476 Mobilization of the Most Powerful Cultivators on the Continen
475 Im Entering The Ancient Tai Chu Realm No Matter What!
474 The Unavoidable Disaster
473 Ancient Tai Chu Realm
472 Impending Disaster
471 Life in Jail
470 Xu Xiaolans Judgemen
469 Beautiful Scenery
468 The Grand Integration of Physics and Immortal Spells
467 Reunion of Friends
466 The Decision of the Moonlit Night Monarch
465 Return to Youth
464 The Treasure Box of The Snow Maidens
463 Mirror Mirror on The Wall
462 The Vermilion Bird Origin Treasures
461 Mo Hai's Relationship Woes
460 Da Bai's Dog Food
459 The Return of the Heroes
458 A Quiet Nigh
457 Welcome Back, Xu Xiaolan
456 Arrival of the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue
455 The Arrival of the Beast Pets
454 Lan Lin Medical Clinic
453 Searching For a Way to Rectify Dao Foundations
452 What a Beautiful Moon We Have Tonigh
451 Emotional Abuse
450 Dao Partner Probation Period End... End my f*cking ass!
449 You're My Eternal Dao Partner
448 Meeting
447 Life-Consuming Pursui
446 Even If You've Fled to the Ends of the World, I'll Still Find You
445 Strangers
444 The Leftover Power of Qing Li
443 Lifespan Sacrifice
442 Fight For Your Life
441 An Extremely Dire Situation
440 The Counterattack
439 The Stolen Holy Flame
438 The Dumbstruck Meng Zhi
437 Battle to Protect the Holy Flame
436 Invasion Addicts
435 Disaster Strikes from the Sky
434 Why Am I Always The One Getting Hur
433 Reaching the Pinnacle of Life
432 It's Hard to Be Inconspicuous
431 I Really Am Very Sad
430 The Holy Flame Ceremony
429 A Big Presen
428 The Legend of An Lin
427 I Need Someone to Warm My Bed
426 The Demonic Moon
425 The Two Phoenixes
424 My Secret Weapon
423 Three Strike Killing Combo!
422 An Lin vs Black Phoenix
421 Flex King Black Phoenix
420 Unstoppable Attack
419 Intel on the Divine Leader
418 Successful Completion of the Trial
417 Force You to Surrender
416 Learning the Ancient Man Language
415 Terrifyingly Lousy Luck
414 An Important Decision
413 Focusing on Cooking and Ignoring Everything Else
412 The Heavenly Fire Mutant Beas
411 Slaying a Python with One Slash
410 The Prodigy Disciples of the Vermilion Bird Sec
409 Constructing a Harmonious Society
408 Backdoor Entran
407 Returning to The Vermilion Bird Sec
406 Earning Money Was So Easy
405 The Joy of Giving Stuffed Buns
404 The Chicken of Reconciliation
403 Chef God An Lin
402 Let Me Be The Chef
401 I Apologize, Please Forgive Me!
400 I Only Bully Others, Not You
399 You Watch Me Explode!
398 Liu Qianhuan vs Xuanyuan Cheng
397 Big Brother Cheng Is A Little Baffled
396 Perhaps This is the Will of God
395 The Perilous Situation of Xu Xiaolan
394 Forming An Alliance
393 Killing With A Borrowed Sword
392 The Threat of Becoming A Eunuch
391 Bankruptcy
390 More Enlightenment for Yi Xi
389 Feeding An Kirin
388 The Powerful Oral Cannon
387 Fat Discussion
386 The Power of The Mooncakes
385 Weight Loss and Weight Gain
384 Chang'e's Mooncakes
383 I Think My Soul Formation Stage is Fake
382 An Lin and An Kirin
381 What Did I Just Give Birth To
380 I Didn't Expect Your Lightning Tribulations to be Like This
379 The Much-Anticipated Tribulation Transcendence
378 Progression to Soul Formation
377 Make You Cry
376 Traveling The World
375 The Dumbstruck Jiang Anlan
374 Come With Me
373 Inheritance Bonanza
372 The Correct Usage of the Realm-Piercing Nail
371 The Hundred-Beast Demon of the Purple Star Bloodline
370 Human Service
369 Request for External Suppor
368 Transformation of The Ambassadors of The Sun
367 Teaching Xiao Hong to Establish a Correct Outlook on Life
366 Xiao Hong Saves The Day
365 Battle with the Mechanical Beas
364 Im Taking This Whole Set of Ruins
363 I’m Back!
362 Memory Loss Doesnt Exis
361 What Are Your Views On Maintaining World Peace?
360 The Concerns of Black Spirit Snake
359 The Greatly Moved Da Bai
358 The Miserable Unacclimatized Man
357 Winning at Life
356 Accept or Abandon
355 A Strange World
354 So Many Prizes!!
353 A Bunch of Disabled People
352 Endless Nigh
351 Bringing Out All The Trump Cards
350 The Fearsome Baldie
349 Why Was It Them?
348 The Might of the Poison Lord
347 Demons of Hell
346 Ruler of the Flames
345 So We Really Do Need to Protect the World?
344 Why Are You Chasing Me
343 My New Friends
342 A Tragedy Caused by a Sword
341 Huan Huan
340 The Green-Haired Male Cant Be Called the Green-Haired Male Anymore
339 Free Pass Trials
338 The Tomb with Many Realms
337 Finding the Tomb!
336 Completing the Mission
335 Hanging on to the Great Battle Gods Coattails
334 Journey Through the Ancient Barren Realm
333 Change in Zhan Qi Continen
332 My Acting Skills Are God-Like
331 Setting Moon Flame
330 Battle Goddess Bi Qiong
329 The Aftermath of The Battle
328 Interrogation and Leads
327 The Tragedy of Battle God Zi Yang
326 The Heroic Death of An Lin
325 Big Brother Chengs Trump Card
324 Is There Any Left, Im Still Hungry
323 Appearance of the Divine Flame
322 Renowned Across the Continen
321 Lets Go Start Something
320 A Lonesome Person
319 This Really Was A Surprise
318 The Befuddled An Lin
317 Dont Mess with Hua Nation Cultivators
316 How the F*ck Is This Spirit Nurturing Stage?
315 Time for the Tiger to Roar
314 Shou Yang Tomb
313 The Team Was Complete
312 Catching a Big Fish
311 Im Definitely Going to Eat Dog Meat Today!
310 Late Night Conversation
309 The Miserable Ice Man
308 Be a Man, Do the Right Thing
307 To Kiss or Not to Kiss
306 The Zombie Goddess Appears
305 Where Did Dad Go
304 Deciding On The Candidates
303 Going to Idols House
302 This Team Leader Gig Sure Is Exhausting
301 Rumbling Divine Lightning
300 The Lost Su Qianyun
299 Too Much Love
298 Giving Dad Some Love
297 The Overwhelmingly Powerful Reinforcements
296 Return to Earth
295 The Opportunity Was Finally Here
294 The Path to Soul Formation Stage
293 New Semester, New Me
292 Time to Flex
291 Exploring the Dragon Cour
290 The Dragon Princess Decision
289 Ive Come to Pay a Debt of Gratitude
288 Almost a Cripple
287 Reappearance of the Nuclear Explosion
286 Battling Against the Holy Demon
285 Hes Called An Lin
284 Mission Accomplished
283 Slaying the Demonic Dragon
282 Golden Ginseng
281 Bumper Harvest of Treasures
280 Hero Saving Damsel in Distress Doesnt Exis
279 Shattered Dreams
278 The Passage Has Closed, Whatre We Gonna Do?
277 Running Away After Flexing
276 Tree That Will Never Be Injured Again
275 The Savior
274 Who Dares to Stand Against the Sword Immortal
273 Slaying the Crimson Demonic Emperor
272 The Dragon Princess
271 The Hero of Bo Lan City
270 The East Sea
269 To Strengthen Oneself Is a Constant Journey
268 Turns Out I Have A Mighty Backer
267 Sexual Orientation Correction
266 Hipster Disease
265 Im Here To Repay My Debt!
264 Farewell Wang Xuanzhan
263 Tallying The Spoils Of War
262 Hunter And Prey
261 Murder and Robbery
260 Falling In Love With Dongfang Ming
259 Listen As I Tell A Story
258 Bowing To An Ancient Relative
257 Overwhelming Power
256 Heed My Call
255 Strategic Battle of The Immortal Sword
254 Water Clone Technique
253 Below the Return to Void Stage, My Attack Is Without Rival!
252 Im Fired Up
251 Commander
250 There Will Eventually Be a Battle
249 Im Afraid That This Fortune Teller Is a Fake
248 Xu Xiaolan Has Become the Biggest Winner
247 Sword Masters Defea
246 Men Cant Say No
245 Lonely Tomb Keeper
244 Treasure Hunting
243 The Ancient Artifacts Are Climaxing
242 Heart of the Ocean
241 Tycoon An
240 Riding A Dog Together
239 The Failure of The Ant Tribe
238 The Human Resistance
237 Breaking Barriers Yet Again
236 Pursuit And Counter-attack
235 The Battle of The A*shole
234 A Nuclear Day
233 Farewell And A Sword Gif
232 Demonic Blood Lotus
231 The Powerful Beast Pet Team
230 Doing Gods Work
229 Senior An Lin
228 Another Year Passes
227 When Your Enemy Runs Their Mouth
226 Another Encounter With Yi Xi
225 An Artwork of A White Crane
224 Come Critique My Artwork
223 The Final Decision
222 Heavenly Flames of Judgemen
221 The Insanely Powerful Gundam Number One And Gundam Number Two
220 Ace In The Hole
219 Decisive Battle
218 Day-to-Day Life of The Queen
217 Becoming Lackeys
216 Ill Insta-Kill Whoever Comes
215 Foreign Secretary, Liu Qianhuan
214 Please Call Me Queen
213 Its Over For Us
212 The Pitiful Hall of Creation
211 Fighting the Formation
210 I Really Didnt Do It on Purpose
209 Wind and Thunder Geminis
208 Selling out Teammates
207 Relying on My Power to Hack
206 Cooperation with Good Friends
205 Hong Dous Pagoda Exploded
204 Sufferers Of The Same Fate
203 I Think We Can Exchange Holy Grails
202 Let’s Get Carried By Senior Wang
201 Battle For The Holy Grail
200 Long Live The God of Agriculture
199 Hong Dou Number One
198 Finally Not Useless Anymore
197 Turning The Tables Through A Sword
196 Dont Give Up, We Can Still Turn The Tables!
195 The Legendary Useless Teammate
194 Escapade In The Starry Maze
193 The Three Severely Injured Representatives.
192 The Terrifying Trump Card
191 I Have A Trump Card
190 The Meeting of The Prodigies
189 They Really Ate I
188 How Are You, My Younger Brother?
187 A Younger Brother For Everyone
186 A Misunderstanding
185 How To Enrage An Opponen
184 An Idols Ethics and Manners
183 Defending Your Honor
182 The Girl and the Monk
181 Dao Exchange Conference of the Four Powers
180 An Lins Self-Created Immortal Spell
179 Frightening Retarded Superfan
178 Your Brother Is Just a Legend
177 Su Xins Small Gif
176 Mecha Are the True Love of Men
175 I Really Didnt Do It on Purpose
174 Let Me Flex Properly
173 Kick-Ass Sword Grand Master
172 Reaching a Deal
171 Great Scientist Professor Yang
170 Princess Yun Le
169 Lets Have Fun Together
168 Where Had Da Bai Gone
167 The Toys Choice
166 The Stolen Toy
165 Are You A Friend Or Foe?
164 He Really Self-Detonated
163 A Mysterious Assis
162 A Bunch of Beautiful Intruders
161 A Blue Ice Flower
160 Flirting in The Bamboo Fores
159 A Twisted Strand of Fate
158 There Arent Any Problems That Cant Be Resolved With Spirit Stones
157 The Battle of The Prodigies
156 An Abrupt Mission
155 Extortion?
154 Who Knows The Pains of The Male Dragon
153 Origin Energy of the Netherworld
152 Searching For Him Countless Times
151 A Fight To The Death
150 A Traitor Amongst The Sinister Devils
149 This Clan Was A Little Special
148 Chased By Twin Dragons
147 Disheartening News
146 Xiao Chous Deadly Weapon
145 Abyss of Evil
144 Xu Xiaolans Embarrassmen
143 Burn Me to Your Hearts Content!
142 Ive Come to Tour Around Vermilion Bird Sec
141 Moonlit Night Monarchs Decision
140 Six Strikes of the War God
139 Meeting Da Bai’s Parents
138 An Lins Emotional Strategy
137 Come Tour Around the Mythological Beast Sec
136 The Price of An Lins Deb
135 Binge Eating Immortal Pills
134 Dou Shuai Palace
133 Finally Graduated
132 A Bountiful Return for Everyone
131 Lin Junjuns Nightmare
130 What A Coincidence to See You Again
129 Im Screwed
128 Receiving the Final Inheritance
127 The Solution to The Impasse
126 Dire Straits of Destruction
125 The Despair of Being Hard Sold
124 Turns Out It Was All A Trap
123 Trial of the Five Elements
122 A Special Set of Ruins
121 What Is Your Wish
120 Cultivate Hard and Improve Everyday
119 When A Graceful Woman Encounters A Ruffian
118 An Unwelcome Gues
117 Battle for The Bird Eggs
116 I Have A Special Flight Technique
114 Successful Breakthrough...
113 The Male Who Swallows Beast Cores Raw
112 Starry Night Monarch
111 Counter-Attacking from a Hopeless Situation
110 Truly Dealing With Wild Beasts
109 Dear, Your Beast Tide Has Almost Arrived
108 Beast Tide
107 Monkey Brother!
106 New Team Member
105 Big Brother An and Xiao Chou
104 Ill Let You Taste the Terror of Facing a Whale
103 Ill Take Care of This Battle!
102 The King Has Told Me to Patrol the Mountain
101 Not A Single Worthy Opponen
100 Flexing Unintentionally
99 Beginning of the End of Year Exams!
98 Return to the Beautiful Schoolyard
97 Gifting Clothes and Departure
96 A Plethora of Treasures!
95 Gain and Loss
94 Extreme Power
93 Are You Willing to Sacrifice Your Life?
92 Because Im Your Teacher
91 Sudden Change in the Mystic Realm
90 Army of Beautiful Women
89 Reflections and Illusions
88 Ominous Signs
87 Ancient Jade Pond of Tibe
86 New Title, Poison Lord
85 Donating Blood For the Peace and Love of the World
84 You Actually Poisoned Your Blood?!
83 I Dont Want to be Your Sparring Partner!
82 Counterattack
81 Rest In Peace, Green River Sword Immortal
80 Lets Cultivate Together!
79 Dad, Ill Care for You in the Future
78 Fathers Gambling Deb
77 Divine Inspection Technique
76 Bringing A Song From the Heavens to the Mortal World
75 I Want to Sing!
74 Im Your Loyal Fan!
73 Obtaining the Signature!
72 The Final Bout of Shopping
71 Demon Emperors Plan
70 Yielding to the Cross-Dressing Male
69 Great Bewitching Technique!
68 One-Hundred-and-Eight Ways of Interrogation
67 The Demon Kings’ Pitiful End
66 Sword Immortal An Lin
65 King of Acting—Demon King of Wisdom
64 Haha, Youve All Been Surrounded!
63 Crushing the Evil Spirit King
62 Come, Strike Me to Death!
61 Request for Reinforcements!
60 My Acting Skills Are Flawless!
59 The Human Is More Frightening Than the Ghos
58 The Human Is More Frightening Than the Ghos
57 Transference of Troublesome Duties
56 All Cultivators of The World Unite Together to Protect Earth
55 Legal Age Loli
54 Screwed Over By Drugged Wine
53 A Slap to the Face
52 A Day In the Life of A Tycoon
51 God of Automobiles, Xu Xiaolan
50 Encounter
49 The Immortal Ambassadors Have Arrived!
48 Cultivators Enter Town
47 First Spirit Pet!
46 Descending into the Mortal World!
45 Dear, Need Daigou?
44 Congratulations, Youve Won a Big Prize!
43 Call from the Soul
42 Final Battle
41 An Lin Exploded
40 Stupefied Wang Xuanzhan
39 Finger of the Heavenly Dao
38 Formidable Entrance
37 Wang Xuanzhan VS Xuanyuan Cheng
36 The Upright Xuanyuan Cheng
35 The Gallant Human and Dog Duo
34 Enigmatic An Lin
33 Battle of the Immortal Rankings Board Prodigies
32 The Stupefied Earth Immortal Yue Ying
31 Lets go, PipiDog!
30 Breakthrough!
29 The Battle Triggered By a Dog
28 Thanks for Letting Me Win
27 Cultivating While Gaming
26 Chen Chen
25 The Frightening Final Spark
24 Lets Solo!
23 Young Sorceress
22 Lining Up to be Defeated
21 The Little White Rabbits Counterattack
20 The Reprehensible An Lin
19 Youre Very Famous, You Also Need a Spanking
18 Sensational Opening Ceremony Speech
17 Free-For-All Battle
16 Such Terrifying Diarrhea
15 Mountain Soul-Essence
14 I Apologize, I Wronged You
13 No Zuo No Die
12 Ranking up in Leaps and Bounds
11 An Lins Disaster in Love
10 An Lins Fortune in Love
9 There Is Springtime Even for Losers
8 The Three Musketeers and a Dog
7 Weakest of Class One VS Strongest of Class One-Hundred
6 An Indeclinable Declaration of Battle
5 Dont Cultivate in Your Dreams
4 A Class of Prodigies Plus One Loser
3 The Loveable and Detestable System
2 Most Networked Backdoor Entran
1 Why Is This Immortal So Happy?