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I Have a Mansion in the Post apocalyptic World

Author: Morning Star LL

Lastchapter: 643 A New Owner of Capital

Updated: 2019-01-19 05:37

643 A New Owner of Capital
642 Better Wish for Luck
641 The Business Opportunity behind the War
640 The Doomsday of Guru Tribe
639 The Hammer of Order
638 Insurgence
637 The Fuse
636 Doctor Sun
635 Empire no longer in Control
634 Being Used?
633 Using Others Knife to Kill
632 The Mutated Human Tribe
631 The Sudden Alarm
630 "Empires Capital"
629 The Directors Diary
628 Fallout Shelter 071
627 The Password to Immortality
626 A Worthless Person in Imposing Attire
625 Empire and Federation
624 From the Sky
623 A Disagreement that Resulted in Violence
622 Water Treatment Plan Thugs
621 Battle Plan
620 Ten Thousand Meters Above
619 WAR!
618 Dont forget, we have a steel airships!
617 But why did he feel almost thrilled at the same time???
616 Its Time!
615 Ridiculous Demand
614 The Second Immigration Wave
613 A Tour of Penglai City
612 The Construction that Shocked the World
611 Revealing the Mask of the Ocean Bottom
610 The Workers on the Sea
609 The Living Doll
608 Taboo
607 Robot Xiao Lin
Chapter 606: A New Special District
Chapter 605: If possible, cheers to our cooperation
Chapter 604: The Envious Neighbor
Chapter 603: The Amazing Graphene
Chapter 602: A Strand of Hair
Chapter 601: Expand to the Ocean!
Chapter 600: Steelmaking!
Chapter 599: I Promise
Chapter 598: Speaking of Robots and Maids
Chapter 597: Bottleneck of Development
Chapter 596: Global Situation
Chapter 595: Extremely Greedy
Chapter 594: Free Wi-fi!
Chapter 593: Quantum Communication Satellites in the Orbit!
Chapter 592: Virus Vaccine
Chapter 591: Too many Grandchildren!
Chapter 590: Godly Land Online!
Chapter 589: Keep an eye on them for me
Chapter 588: Entering the Medical Field
Chapter 587: The Saturday War
Chapter 586: Within Strike Range
Chapter 585: Go Back to the Negotiation Table
Chapter 584: Playing with Fire
Chapter 583: The City K Battle
Chapter 582: The Origin of Kurofune
Chapter 581: Soldiers Surrounding the City!
Chapter 580: You dont have another choice
Chapter 579: The Rain of Destruction
Chapter 578: City K under Quarantine
Chapter 577: The Power of the Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon
Chapter 576: The Reason for Justice
Chapter 575: You will definitely be the scapegoat for this!
Chapter 574: This night was bound to be unrestful
Chapter 573: Aurora-20, Strike!
Chapter 572: Airstrike
Chapter 571: Fragile
Chapter 570: Virus is spreading
Chapter 569: Resident Evil?
Chapter 568: Hell and the People in Hell
Chapter 567: Mayday
Chapter 566: Bring your trump card into the grave
Chapter 565: Kurofune
Chapter 564: A Promise
Chapter 563: Perhaps it is a mutated human?
Chapter 562: Quantum Communication Satellites
Chapter 561: VR + eCommerce
Chapter 560: The Reunion
Chapter 559: Return to Wanghai
Chapter 558: Jiang Charity Fund
Chapter 557: New CEO
Chapter 556: A Strong Stance
Chapter 555: Who is the Monopoly?
Chapter 554: A High-profile Business Conference
Chapter 553: Not Died
Chapter 552: Package Bomb
Chapter 551: Im Willing
Chapter 550: Allies
Chapter 549: How much sincerity do you have?
Chapter 548: Returning to Homeland
Chapter 547: Too Many Choices
Chapter 546: Phantom Online!
Chapter 545: Battery Patent
Chapter 544: All that one could wish for
Chapter 543: Wait, where is the third stage rocket?
Chapter 542: Rocket Launch
Chapter 541: Keep an eye on them
Chapter 540: Medias Reaction
Chapter 539: The Door and the Key
Chapter 538: A Unique Product Lanuch Conference
Chapter 537: Fight Jets in Service
Chapter 536: Vessel Docking
Chapter 535: Parting
Chapter 534: Make an Example
Chapter 533: Capture
Chapter 532: The Heart of the Sea
Chapter 531: Betrayal
Chapter 530: A Traitor
Chapter 529: Tourism Project Completed
Chapter 528: Bullet Time?
Chapter 527: Optical Illusion
Chapter 526: The Mission during Peaceful Time
Chapter 525: Aurora-20
Chapter 524: Power Armor Training
Chapter 523: The Ignited Fuse
Chapter 522: Suspicion
Chapter 521: Create Confusion
Chapter 520: Evacuate
Chapter 519: A Necessary Help
Chapter 518: National Blockade
Chapter 517: The Tragedy
Chapter 516: The Show has Begun
Chapter 515: Actors are ready
Chapter 514: For the Country
Chapter 513: Long time no see
Chapter 512: Investing in Electric Vehicles
Chapter 511: Financing Proposal
Chapter 510: Auto Exhibition
Chapter 509: The Conversation before the Bonfire
Chapter 508: Mutually Satisfactory Agreement
Chapter 507: Mature Deepwater Mining Technology
Chapter 506: Dinner
Chapter 505: Rothschilds Manor
Chapter 504: Heading to Frankberg
Chapter 503: The Shocked Kelvin
Chapter 502: Acquiring An Aerospace Company
Chapter 501: CIBs Reaction
Chapter 500: The Meeting in the Presidential Palace
Chapter 499: Modified Lamborghini
Chapter 498: Examining Ghost Agents
Chapter 497: Two Good News
Chapter 496: No matter how difficult it is, we have to do it
Chapter 495: Mutant Pasture
Chapter 494: The Everchanging Sixth Street
Chapter 493: Open the bank to Hang City
Chapter 492: The Secret of the Small Universe
Chapter 491: Garden of Eden Initialize
Chapter 490: The Dowry
Chapter 489: The Path of Supreme
Chapter 488: The Not-so-heartwarming Reunion
Chapter 487: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 486: Counterattack
Chapter 485: Backup
Chapter 484: This is Impossible
Chapter 483: The Last Shackle
Chapter 482: The Crisis Afar
Chapter 481: Harmony Era
Chapter 480: Colonization Era
Chapter 479: Humans arent humans
Chapter 478: Path of Evoluation
Chapter 477: The Gods Cane
Chapter 476: Target Locked
Chapter 475: Start of the Battle
Chapter 474: Issuing Currency
Chapter 473: Inflation?
Chapter 472: The Progress in Interdimensional Travel
Chapter 471: Arena Mode
Chapter 470: Experiencing Virtual Reality
Chapter 469: Farewell
Chapter 468: What If
Chapter 467: The Intimate Arrival
Chapter 466: Unrest at Night
Chapter 465: Virtual Reality Helmet in Production
Chapter 464: For Our Friendship
Chapter 463: Her body is more honest than her words
Chapter 462: Future Mining in Production
Chapter 461: Deepwater Construction
Chapter 460: Droplet No.1
Chapter 459: Mutant Farm Project
Chapter 458: Even more Powerful Rockets
Chapter 457: Regain Control from the Mutants
Chapter 456: Coming Home
Chapter 455: Watching the Firework together
Chapter 454: The Fire
Chapter 453: An End to the West Line
Chapter 452: Collapse
Chapter 451: 121 Hydrogen Bombs
Chapter 450: Or God
Chapter 449: Seige on Sports Center
Chapter 448: 166 BMWs Flying in the Air
Chapter 447: Fire!
Chapter 446: Adapt Ancient Forms to serve the Present
Chapter 445: Arms Sale Agreement with Russians
Chapter 444: The Trade in the Distance
Chapter 443: Destruction does not require Technology
Chapter 442: The Struggle on the West Line
Chapter 441: It had just began
Chapter 440: Purchasing Gasoline
Chapter 439: The Heartwarming Bubble Bath
Chapter 438: Incinerating Zombies
Chapter 437: A Sea of Zombies
Chapter 436: The Construction Robot
Chapter 435: Peacekeeper
Chapter 434: Lightning Attack against Seventh Area
Chapter 433: A Risky Choice
Chapter 432: Tightening the Defensive Line
Chapter 431: The Mutants Flood
Chapter 430: Decisions
Chapter 429: Pretending not to know
Chapter 428: Probe
Chapter 427: Investment Euthanism
Chapter 426: The Open Ceremony on the Cruise
Chapter 425: Godly Land Internal Testing
Chapter 424: Smoke and Dust
Chapter 423: Dismember Country F
Chapter 422: The Reunion with Robert
Chapter 421: Exchanging Intelligence
Chapter 420: Spartans Training
Chapter 419: The new Ghost Agent Recruits
Chapter 418: Xin National Security Bureau
Chapter 417: I need a list
Chapter 416: The Punishment for being naughty
Chapter 415: Smart Medical Chamber
Chapter 414: Rage
Chapter 413: Bumping Shoulders with the Slim Reaper
Chapter 412: Tearing it Up
Chapter 411: The Clash on the Expressway
Chapter 410: Do you sell Nuclear Submarines?
Chapter 409: It was not a Secret after all.
Chapter 408: Arms Sale and Conditions
Chapter 407: You are being Monitored
Chapter 406: The Relaxing Time on the Beach
Chapter 405: Immigration Wave
Chapter 404: Buy, Buy, Buy
Chapter 403: Safety Concern
Chapter 402: Another Usage of Jumping Ropes
Chapter 401: Land Reclamation?
Chapter 400: Tonight, I will let you have him
Chapter 399: The Shocked Xia Shiyu
Chapter 398: Spy?
Chapter 397: Entry Blacklist
Chapter 396: Selling Nutrient Supply
Chapter 395: Politely Refusing
Chapter 394: Molybdenum Mining Project
Chapter 393: Transporting Ores
Chapter 392: Arms Sale Agreement
Chapter 391: Economic Sanction?
Chapter 390: The Calm before the Storm
Chapter 389: Hang City Merchant Alliance
Chapter 388: Virtual Reality Helmet Prototype
Chapter 387: Sisters
Chapter 386: The Night
Chapter 385: Fixed Wing Aircraft
Chapter 384: War Bond Issuance
Chapter 383: Start with collecting garbage
Chapter 382: Aerospace Technology Research Insitute
Chapter 381: Are you being serious?
Chapter 380: The Mercenary Association
Chapter 379: New Asia Corporation
Chapter 378: Mental Commissar
Chapter 377: Bombardment
Chapter 376: Retreat
Chapter 375: We meet again
Chapter 374: Underground Data Center
Chapter 373: Airborne
Chapter 372: Mining Resources Deposition Map
Chapter 371: Shell Grains
Chapter 370: The Second Crusade
Chapter 369: The Rare Quantum Computer
Chapter 368: Tiger II
Chapter 367: Recently at the Camp
Chapter 366: The Game Rating becoming weird
Chapter 365: Virtual Reality Online
Chapter 364: Return to the Apocalypse
Chapter 363: Return
Chapter 362: Future Mining
Chapter 361: Meeting an old friend
Chapter 360: Sunny Melbourne
Chapter 359: Purchasing Ores
Chapter 358: Reparations
Chapter 357: Battle on the Vessel
Chapter 356: Unknown Militants
Chapter 355: Trade Secret
Chapter 354: Nutrient Supply Plant
Chapter 353: Seaweed That Could Generate Electricity
Chapter 352: Refuse to Apologize
Chapter 351: Because I dont want to
Chapter 350: Balvs Manor
Chapter 349: A Massive Loan
Chapter 348: One billion Deal
Chapter 347: I dont dislike her
Chapter 346: Evaluation of Bid
Chapter 345: A surprising reward
Chapter 344: Sorry
Chapter 343: The Creative Use of Nutrient Supply
Chapter 342: How did I forget about that?
Chapter 341: Fishermen? They are pirates!
Chapter 340: Blackmail
Chapter 339: Return to Xiangjiang
Chapter 338: Interdimensional Material Transporter
Chapter 337: Public Opinion
Chapter 336: Australia Trip
Chapter 335: Military Base
Chapter 334: New Moon Island
Chapter 333: I enjoy the fact you dont like me, but you cant do anything about it
Chapter 332: The Disastrous Loss of Linhua Group
Chapter 331: Neutrality
Chapter 330: New World
Chapter 329: Farewell
Chapter 328: Operation Sword Shattering
Chapter 327: Pannu Landing
Chapter 326: Commissioning the War
Chapter 325: Insurgents Ending
Chapter 324: The Gunshots in Coro
Chapter 323: A Murder?
Chapter 322: Camp Explosion
Chapter 321: Slavery Chip Enhanced
Chapter 320: The Mine Pit and Slaves
Chapter 319: Purchasing Firearms
Chapter 318: Transferring the Military Factory
Chapter 317: Supreme, Harmony, Purity
Chapter 316: Light Years Away
Chapter 315: Taking Over the Fallout Shelter
Chapter 314: The End of the Mission
Chapter 313: You have two choices
Chapter 312: This place has always been mine
Chapter 311: Naive
Chapter 310: The Darkness buried deep
Chapter 309: The Doomsday of the Defenders
Chapter 308: Decoding the Password
Chapter 307: Conflict
Chapter 306: Almost The Wrong One
Chapter 305: Are you not going to feed me?
Chapter 304: The Snow of Dusk
Chapter 303: Its only an illusion
Chapter 302: Duty
Chapter 301: Happy Times
Chapter 300: The Mother of Death Claw
Chapter 299: A Digitalized Human? A Robot?
Chapter 298: Atomic Grenade
Chapter 297: How could it be this guy?
Chapter 296: Like Mall
Chapter 295: The not Addictive Jet
Chapter 294: Camp 027
Chapter 293: Safe Distance
Chapter 292: Determination
Chapter 291: The History of Fallout Shelter 071
Chapter 290: The Choice
Chapter 289: Burden of Survival
Chapter 288: Cannibals and Blue Skins
Chapter 287: Nuclear Fusion Core
Chapter 286: We need your help
Chapter 285: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 284: New Year
Chapter 283: Celestial Trade
Chapter 282: We are an Army
Chapter 281: Fuse
Chapter 280: Whoever begs is a puppy
Chapter 279: The Golden Apple
Chapter 278: The Secret of World War Two
Chapter 277: U-235
Chapter 276: Below the Ocean
Chapter 275: K1 Kinetic Skeleton Amphibious
Chapter 274: The Signal from under the Ocean
Chapter 273: The Renting Fiascal
Chapter 272: The Prepartion to the Ocean Venture
Chapter 271: The Millionaire in the Slum
Chapter 270: Military Resistance
Chapter 269: Meeting the Oppositions
Chapter 268: New Zealand Trip
Chapter 267: The Angry Wang Dehai
Chapter 266: Future International
Chapter 265: Mr. Chen
Chapter 264: Communication with the Past
Chapter 263: Sixth Street Nuclear Nonproliferation
Chapter 262: A Temporary Return
Chapter 261: The Interference from an Unknown Channel
Chapter 260: Escaping the Cage
Chapter 259: The Reaction across the Pacific
Chapter 258: Eternal Loyalty
Chapter 257: CPR
Chapter 256: Coldblooded
Chapter 255: That Bullet
Chapter 254: Sniping
Chapter 253: The Slaughter Armor
Chapter 252: Who said I will go with you?
Chapter 251: A Glean Hope
Chapter 250: Betrayal
Chapter 249: Sorry, Im not your subordinate
Chapter 248: The Greeting from Afar
Chapter 247: Undercurrent
Chapter 246: Whats your consideration?
Chapter 245: The Perfect Coincedence
Chapter 244: If people dont showoff, whats difference compared to a salted fish?
Chapter 243: Detectaphone
Chapter 242: Just tens of millions
Chapter 241: Jiang Jianguo Eager For Grand Children
Chapter 240: Mother
Chapter 239: The Glorious Return
Chapter 238: The Bodyguard from the General Staff Department
Chapter 237: Will you kindly step into the jar?
Chapter 236: Meeting Wang Dehai Again
Chapter 235: Sunbathe in the Apocalypse
Chapter 234: Each Parties Response
Chapter 233: The Skin of a Military Tech Company
Chapter 232: The Necessary Deterrence
Chapter 231: Vote with my feet
Chapter 230: Greed
Chapter 229: Peep
Chapter 228: The Dinner of the Elites
Chapter 227: The Mist
Chapter 226: I only need two hours
Chapter 225: Confusion
Chapter 224: I dont like men
Chapter 223: Three Slaps
Chapter 222: A Dog
Chapter 221: The Acheron on the Car
Chapter 220: Its all Weibos fault
Chapter 219: The Conspriacy killed in its Cradle
Chapter 218: The Importance of Brand
Chapter 217: Artificial Intelligence + Cars?
Chapter 216: Recent News
Chapter 215: The Friendship Across Dimensions
Chapter 214: The Fourth Dimensional Messenger
Chapter 213: The Ballistic Tingting
Chapter 212: That Smile
Chapter 211: The End for now
Chapter 210: Zhao Chenwus Choice
Chapter 209: Fact
Chapter 208: A Friendly Signal
Chapter 207: Liuding Towns Ambassador
Chapter 206: Military Government Regime
Chapter 205: Becoming the Owner
Chapter 204: The Chaotic War
Chapter 203: War Never Changes
Chapter 202: The Choice
Chapter 201: Requesting Help
Chapter 200: At the same time
Chapter 199: Civil War
Chapter 198: The Sword Wielder
Chapter 197: Gathering a force
Chapter 196: Mercenaries
Chapter 195: The Unpeaceful Sixth Street
Chapter 194: Klein Particles
Chapter 193: Punishment
Chapter 192: Sisters
Chapter 191: The Dark and Windy Night
Chapter 190: The Otherworldly Crimson Pupils
Chapter 189: The Duet of the Assassination at Night
Chapter 188: A Victory belonged to the Small Animal
Chapter 187: Sword of Damocles
Chapter 186: The Declaration of War
Chapter 185: The Gloom of War
Chapter 184: Who should I bring home for New Year
Chapter 183: The Seventh Area
Chapter 182: Birthday
Chapter 181: As firm as the pyramid
Chapter 180: Colony
Chapter 179: Smite
Chapter 178: The Unscientific Electromagnetic Cannon
Chapter 177: Slavery
Chapter 176: Wormhole
Chapter 175: Produce Ourselves
Chapter 174: Out of stock?
Chapter 173: Kinetic Skeleton
Chapter 172: Winter is coming
Chapter 171: The Preparation before returning to the Apocalypse
Chapter 170: Split the Market
Chapter 169: You should thank me
Chapter 168: The Malignant event and Aftermath
Chapter 167: Following the vine
Chapter 166: I can give you a chance
Chapter 165: A Farce
Chapter 164: Is there a need to have a reason?
Chapter 163: Please close your eyes at night
Chapter 162: Company Gathering
Chapter 161: Hacker Attack
Chapter 160: Whats a National Husband?
Chapter 159: The Trap
Chapter 158: A Popular Game
Chapter 157: Ill teach you fitness?
Chapter 156: Finally going home
Chapter 155: Once upon a time, there was an emperor
Chapter 154: Future Security
Chapter 153: The Tuareg Tribe
Chapter 152: The Last Stop
Chapter 151: The End of the Journey
Chapter 150: For the Same Reason
Chapter 149: Vacation in Veit
Chapter 148: Mercenary
Chapter 147: The Perfect Solution
Chapter 146: The Secret
Chapter 145: Have you seen Mission Impossible 5?
Chapter 144: Chaos
Chapter 143: The Three Musketeers
Chapter 142: Of course not
Chapter 141: Flame of Chaos
Chapter 140: Arriving at Veit
Chapter 139: Harmonious
Chapter 138: Improving the Helicopter
Chapter 137: Close the door!
Chapter 136: For our interest
Chapter 135: Im from Jia City
Chapter 134: The Bullet Shell Bar
Chapter 133: Your Eyes Should Grow on Your Own Head
Chapter 132: Sorry, I am a Businessman
Chapter 131: Rocket?
Chapter 130: Thriving
Chapter 129: Individual Missions
Chapter 128: Lin Lins Lab
Chapter 127: Execution and Acceptance
Chapter 126: Why not?
Chapter 125: I Cant Control Myself!
Chapter 124: Its really ironic
Chapter 123: Seeking Forgiveness
Chapter 122: Hongyi Private Club
Chapter 121: Experiencing the World
Chapter 120: Dont do it, Ill do it myself
Chapter 119: Its you again?
Chapter 118: The Bankrupt Zheng Hongjie
Chapter 117: Purchasing a Food Processing Plant
Chapter 116: Messaging Function Online
Chapter 115: A Blockbuster
Chapter 114: Play a Bad Guy for Me
Chapter 113: Perhaps I Should Buy an Island
Chapter 112: Overload
Chapter 111: Another Use of Interdimensional Travel
Chapter 110: Awakening
Chapter 109: Tragedy
Chapter 108: The Mutated Humans
Chapter 107: Bandits Toy
Chapter 106: Experimental School
Chapter 105: Tragedy and War
Chapter 104: Triumphant
Chapter 103: Project Garden of Eden
Chapter 102: The Digitalized Human and Bug
Chapter 101: Waking Up
Chapter 100: Fallout Shelter 005
Chapter 99: Another Road
Chapter 98: Dead End
Chapter 97: Zombie Invasion
Chapter 96: Inescapable
Chapter 95: The Imperfection in the Perfect Plan
Chapter 94: Fear from the Sky
Chapter 93: Colonels Diary
Chapter 92: Who is the Ghost
Chapter 91: The Uncanny Valley
Chapter 90: Conflicted
Chapter 89: Ignorance
Chapter 88: PAC Remains
Chapter 87: Burn!
Chapter 86: I dont reason
Chapter 85: This is the Apocalypse
Chapter 84: Zombie Waves
Chapter 83: Helping Each Other
Chapter 82: Wasteland Economics?
Chapter 81: Yao Yaos Thought
Chapter 80: Zombies Change
Chapter 79: Game Online
Chapter 78: Test?
Chapter 77: Press Conference
Chapter 76: Negotiation with 361
Chapter 75: Because of Regret?
Chapter 74: Alumni Dinner
Chapter 73: Career Fair
Chapter 72: I Have Only Two Words for You
Chapter 71: Ayeshas Unique Trait
Chapter 70: Catching the Wind
Chapter 69: The Future 1.0 That Shocked the World
Chapter 68: Cured?
Chapter 67: A Pillow just when you need it
Chapter 66: Hospital Conflict
Chapter 65: Her Vulnerable Side
Chapter 64: Basic Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 63: Virtual Reality Training Chamber
Chapter 62: Base Construction
Chapter 61: Extravagant Spending
Chapter 60: House Hunting
Chapter 59: Luxury
Chapter 58: The Intimacy in the Car
Chapter 57: Whos the Swan?
Chapter 56: The Surprising Reunion
Chapter 55: Purchasing a Mansion
Chapter 54: Eagles Crash Part Two
Chapter 53: Five Hundred Million USD
Chapter 52: Back Home
Chapter 51: Ayeshas Determination
Chapter 50: FBA Agent
Chapter 49: The Flames of War
Chapter 48: Refugees
Chapter 47: The Unexpected
Chapter 46: Rescue
Chapter 45: The Iraq Trip
Chapter 44: Xia Shiyus Apartment
Chapter 43: Roberts Problem
Chapter 42: Home
Chapter 41: The Developing Fishbone
Chapter 40: Game Development
Chapter 39: Jobs and Responsibilities
Chapter 38: Slave Arrangement
Chapter 37: Industrial Area
Chapter 36: Trade Route
Chapter 35: Fishbone Food Corporation
Chapter 34: The Inner Circle
Chapter 33: Back to Sixth Street
Chapter 32: Sun Jiaos Past
Chapter 31: Family Meeting?
Chapter 30: Back Home
Chapter 29: Eagles Crash
Chapter 28: The Return
Chapter 27: Enjoying Life
Chapter 26: The Middleman
Chapter 25: Roberts Invitation
Chapter 24: Liu Yao
Chapter 23: Upper Class
Chapter 22: Sanya Vacation
Chapter 21: Work for me?
Chapter 20: Xia Shiyu in Despair
Chapter 19: The Stereotypical Prince Saves the Princess Scene
Chapter 18: Encountering an old friend
Chapter 17: Today, I am wealthy!
Chapter 16: Cashing Out
Chapter 15: Fury
Chapter 14: The Filthy Underground Sewerage System
Chapter 13: Battle of the Construction Site Continued
Chapter 12: Battle of the Construction Site
Chapter 11: A Cozy Dinner
Chapter 10: The Ghetto Full of Talent
Chapter 9: The Plan
Chapter 8: Huizhong Mercenaries
Chapter 7: The Sixth Street
Chapter 6: Roshan
Chapter 5: Tomato Fried Eggs
Chapter 4: Gold Bar
Chapter 3: I Need Gold
Chapter 2: Interdimensional Bracelet
Chapter 1: A Disaster Caused by a Can of Coke