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308 Ying Yues Broken Transformation

 When Izroth stepped through the gates of Everpeak it was as if he had entered into another world.

'This place is nothing like Amaharpe.'

Everywhere Izroth turned there was something new that greeted his eyes. While he had seen many of these things in the books he read in the Amaharpe palace library, it was his first time seeing them in person.

The roads that ran all throughout Everpeak was extremely lively and bustling. There were vendors on the side of the road selling goods that ranged from herbs and food all the way to unique crafting materials and equipment. Of course, the equipment displayed was mediocre at best.

However, what really managed to catch Izroth's attention were these spherical objects traveling above the city. They were around four meters in diameter and soared through the sky at a fast pace.

'Those must be the famous Traveller Spheres of Proximus. Odd, I thought those were only located in the magic capital city.'

The Traveller Spheres were a unique invention that belonged solely to the kingdom of Proximus. They made moving around in the city fast and efficient for those who were in a hurry. Of course, it was mainly used by nobles and government officials. Though if one had enough gold coins they would possibly be able to take a ride on one.

The only downside was that they required an immense amount of mana to operate. This was the main reason why they were only found in the magic capital city.

But, it seemed that the book Izroth read was a bit out of date as there were now Traveller Spheres within Everpeak as well. This was surprising considering that Everpeak already had a magical weapon's array to worry about.

"Those things are amazing! Are there people riding in them? I want to ride in one!" Mirage said in an excited tone as she observed the Traveller Spheres.

"You know that we're still in the middle of a quest, right? Besides, we may not even be able to ride in those things." Midnight said.

"Do you always have to go out of your way to crush my dreams?!" Mirage scoffed as she angrily stomped her foot.

"If I don't crush your dreams every now and then, then your mind will drift off to a place far away from here." Midnight replied in a monotone voice.

After taking in the sight of Everpeak, Izroth removed the scroll from his inventory that led them to this city. When he looked at it, he immediately realized that the line that was there before had disappeared. However, the dots that determined their positions still remained on the map.

'Could it be that the lines disappear when we reach our intended destination?'

Izroth did not know how the scroll worked, but he figured that it must be something along those lines. Though as long as the dots were there he was still more than capable of finding his way around.

"We're going." Izroth said as he started to move in the direction where the purple dot was located.

Everyone followed after Izroth and around twenty minutes later, the group arrived before a huge mansion. There were two NPCs that stood guard by the entrance of the mansion and appeared to be elite soldiers based on their appearance alone.

'The purple dot is right ahead. Whoever we're supposed to meet should be inside of that mansion.'

While Izroth assumed that they would be meeting up with the Wiseman of Everpeak, there was no guarantee that the purple dot would turn out to be them. But, based on the grand appearance of the mansion alone and the reaction of the guard when he mentioned the Wiseman of Everpeak, the chances were high. In the end, there was only one way to find out.

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"Does anyone even need such a big house?" Omega commented when he saw the mansion.

"It reminds me of my grandfather's house." Qi Jiguang said.

"Ah, you're right. That old man sure is excessive considering its mostly staff at that place." Omega sighed.

"Oh? Should I tell him you said that?" Qi Jiguang grinned.

Omega's face turned pale as he shook his head and responded, "If you do that I'll die! Ugh, the last time I trained with you and your grandfather it was hell. I honestly don't see how you grew up doing that every day."

"It wasn't so bad after a while. I just had to keep telling myself that tomorrow would be the day that I quit. However, everyone knows that tomorrow is the day that never comes." Qi Jiguang stated.

Izroth and his party approached the entrance to the mansion but was stopped by the guards before they moved too close.

"Halt! This property belongs to the Wiseman. No one is allowed entry without a prior appointment. My apologies, but I will have to ask you to maintain your distance." One of the guards warned in a professional manner.

"More guards?" Mirage frowned. Was this kingdom obsessed with having guards dictate every action? Were they going to run into a guard who would not let them sit down in a chair without some kind of a "sitting down in a chair" scroll? How ridiculous!

NPC Name: Sorval, Captain of the Evercrest Knights(???)

NPC Level: ???

NPC HP: ??? (100%)

NPC Name: Vortex, Second Commander of the Evercrest Knights(Elite)

NPC Level: 45

NPC HP: ?? (100%)

The guard who spoke to Izroth and his party was Sorval, the captain of the Evercrest Knights. By his words, he confirmed Izroth's previous doubts. This was definitely the Wiseman's place!

'Who exactly is this Wiseman of Everpeak to have the captain and second commander of the Evercrest Knights as their personal guards?'

The Evercrest Knights of Proximus were the equivalent of Amaharpe's Crimson Corps Guards. Of course, the latter was more powerful than the former since Proximus was a kingdom of magic, however, they were not to be looked down upon.

Sorval's level was hidden which indicated that he was at least more than ten levels higher than Izroth! This meant that Sorval was at minimum level 53!

However, the second commander showed just how large the gap was between the Evercrest Knights and the Crimson Corps Guards. While he was level 44 and held the rank of second commander, Jyuuriel was already level 40 and yet he was still only considered a trainee candidate for the Crimson Corps Guards! But, this was to be expected considering that the kingdom of Proximus specialized in magic.

'He seems reasonable.'

Unlike the guard at the gate leading into Everpeak, Sorval was professional and did not speak in a mocking or arrogant tone despite his standing. Since Sorval was polite about it, Izroth would naturally respond in kind.

"We do not have an appointment, however, we have come on an important mission to meet with the Wiseman. It is one of paramount importance that potentially involves every kingdom in the Mortal Realm, including Proximus. I am sure the Wiseman is a busy person, but this is a matter that cannot be taken lightly. If you mention the name Robin, I am positive that the Wiseman will meet with us." Izroth said.

He spoke in a formal matter and was neither overly polite nor arrogant.

Sorval furrowed his brows as he sized up the group before him. He had seen many people come to the Wiseman's abode in hopes of personally meeting with them, therefore, he was used to people doing whatever it took if it meant even the smallest chance of them succeeding. There were sob stories, people who tried to bribe him, and even those who tried to use force. Obviously, they all failed in the end.

But, this was the first time since he accepted this assignment that he was not absolutely certain of the other party's intentions.

"Captain?" Vortex looked towards Sorval as he awaited his order. It had never taken the captain this long to make a decision, so he must have been truly giving it some thought.

"Vortex, go see if the Wiseman is expecting any visitor by the name of Robin." Sorval ordered.

Vortex was stunned, however, a look of worry soon appeared on his face as he responded, "But captain if we disturb the Wiseman in the middle of their research then you-"

"It's fine. I'll accept full responsibility." Sorval stated.

"Forgive me, captain. I was just thinking about your reputation. I would be honored to share the responsibility with you." Vortex said in a respectful tone.

Vortex stood up straight and gave a salute as he said, "I will inform the Wiseman as you've ordered, sir!" He made his way onto the mansion's main grounds to carry out the orders he was given.

"It looks like not all the guards in Proximus are jerks like that other guy." Mirage said.

Izroth could tell from that brief exchange that Sorval was likely highly respected by those under him. After all, Vortex seemed to be sincere in his words when he mentioned sharing responsibility. He even said that it would be an honor!

Not many in his position would be willing to risk their rank, especially for a superior who they did not respect. They would have been reluctant and hesitant even if it was an order.

"If my brother in arms has to bear the burden of your lies, then I will personally make sure that none of you are capable of speaking such falsehoods from your mouth again." Sorval said in a serious tone.

"Rest assured, the Wiseman will not hesitate to meet with us." Izroth reassured.

Around ten minutes later, Vortex finally returned with a perplexed expression on his face.

"Were there any issues?" Sorval asked when he noticed Vortex's facial expression.

"No, the Wiseman will meet with them. It's just that, captain, the Wiseman insisted that you meet with them as well." Vortex stated.

"With me?" Sorval could see why Vortex seemed puzzled. The Wiseman did not often receive guests. Even the two of them had only seen the Wiseman once and that was when they were first assigned to guard this place. All their orders were received via communications magic. Therefore, he could not help but wonder what the Wiseman wanted with him.

"Yes, captain." Vortex said with a tone of certainty.

"I understand. I'll be leaving the entrance to you for a while. You six, please mind your manners when you meet with the Wiseman. I say this for your own safety. Follow me and do not stray." Sorval warned as he walked towards the mansion's main grounds.

Izroth and his party followed after Sorval as they swiftly arrived at the front door that led directly into the mansion itself.

"Hey, doesn't the Wiseman seem like some old grumpy guy?" Mirage said in a low voice.

Midnight sighed and replied, "It seems more like they're the type to be obsessed with some kind of research." He remembered the guards were troubled by potentially disturbing the Wiseman's research.

"I suppose we'll find out soon." Izroth said in a carefree tone.

"Sorval, Captain of the Evercrest Knights is entering into the Wiseman's abode!" Sorval called out in a respectful manner. A few seconds later, the doors to the mansion opened on their own as if inviting them in.

Sorval stepped through the mansion doors and made a gesture for Izroth and the others to follow him. As everyone stepped through the doors, a small magic circle with a complex structure appeared beneath their feet as the doors closed on their own. The magic circle traveled from the ground and through their body until it reached the top of their head before it vanished.

"What a strange feeling." Qi Jiguang said as the magic circle disappeared.

"It's just a security measure, do not mind it." Sorval replied.

When the last magic circle disappeared, a quick flash of bright light came from behind Izroth and the others. Though when they turned to see what the light was, they realized that Ying Yue had disappeared! Where Ying Yue should have been standing was, instead, a young girl with long silver hair fashioned in a drill curls style with clear baby blue eyes.

The young girl was no more than 140cm tall and had a petite frame. There was a confused look on her face as if she did not understand what was going on. For some reason when that magic circle passed through her, it disabled the skill Alter that was attached to her trinket and forcibly reverted Ying Yue to her original appearance. In other words, her transformation had been broken!

"Where did Ying Yue go? Who's cute little child is this?" Mirage questioned as she scanned around the room for Ying Yue. She was not the only one confused as everyone else, except for Izroth, was also baffled by Ying Yue's sudden disappearance.

Of course, Izroth was the only one who knew that the young girl before them was, in fact, Ying Yue!Tomorrow is the day after today, however, if everyday is today then tomorrow is the day that never comes.