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Humanity Online: World Sanctuary

Author: Seshata

Lastchapter: 80 Erebus is Fake News

Updated: 2020-08-06 02:05

80 Erebus is Fake News
79 Sighs are Nightfurys Love Language
78 Introducing...Chaos Party
77 Hype Vid
76 Time to Shine, Asshole
75 Big Dick Energy Up in Here
74 RIP Your Face!
73 Zenaku, How I Missed You!
72 Power of Positivity
71 Arachnes Panty Party
70 Chaos Contribution
69 Updates and Resets
68 Poked and Prodded and Royally Pissed
67 Sibling Check-In
66 Deal with the Devil
65 Flashbacks and Flashbangs
64 The OG Lunatic Lieu
63 Somnolent Immersion-Induced Neural Overload
63 Somnolent Immersive-Induced Neural Overload
62 Consequences
61 Boom. Swindled.
60 Swindling a Swindler
59 Final bits of Housekeeping, before House Getting
58 Loose Morality and Jedi Mind Tricks
57 Brawny Lad with the Business Plan
56 Little Lieu on the Chopping Block
55 Cat Assassins Like Cute Shi
54 Hidden Stats of Lucky Brats
53 Technically Correct, Ethically Questionable
52 Punting Womb Gremlins
51 Limbs All Around
50 Return of the Characters from like Ten Chapters Ago
49 Smokey the Bear Supports this Chapter
49 Smokey the Bear Supports this Message
48 Grumpy Gus, Boxers Bro, and the Big Bad Boss Battle
47 Tears of the Programmer, Unwillingly Given
46 Sagging Tits and Critical Hits
45 An Abundance of Bosses
44 Let Loose the the Dog of War
43 Accidentally On Purpose
42 How I OP My Way Out of This One
41 Rude Nightfury is Rude
40 Reaping Dumbasses
39 OG DungeonMaster
38 How to Snag a Snaggle-Tooth
37 Your Boy, Leeroy Jenkins
36 Inconvenient Truths
35 Beauty and the Blades
34 Sweet Nothings and Sweet Somethings
33 Making an Entrance
32 Legendary Dinner
31 Shroud of Darkness
30 Daring Rewards!
29 Daring Done, Part Three
28 Daring Done, Part Two
27 Daring Done, Part One
26 Daring the Heavens, Part Seven
25 Daring Tricks, Part Six
24 Daring Dive, Part Five -and-a-Half
23 Daring Dive, Part Five
22 Daring Score, Part Four
21 Daring Deeds, Part Three
20 Daring-Do, Part Two
19 Daring-Do for a Daring Dude
18 Kuroko no MMO
17 Nursery Rhyme from Hell
16 For the Love of LOO
15 This Story Features a Lot of Stripping
14 An Ominous Tinkle
13 Whats a Little Cannibalism Between Friends?
12 S-Rank, Best Rank
11 A Dog Named Ca
10 Of Faceplants and Strippers
9 Secrets and Stardus
8 Fate Launch
7 Ever Ruler of Slaughter
6 Sucks to Suck, Nutri-Peak
5 Zhao Jianyu is a Crazy MoFo
4 The Thirteenth Momen
3 The Unique Difficulties of a Shitshow
2 Suspicious AF Email
1 Princess Peach is Peak Petty
-1 Glossary of Video Game Terminology
-2 Gameplay Details