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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie“s Dearest Beloved Wife

Author: Phoenix Essence Sweet

Lastchapter: 1735 Little Vixen

Updated: 2020-07-22 22:35

1735 Little Vixen
1734 I Know What To Do
1733 Took The Initiative to Explain
1732 Xie Limos Body Naturally Had the Proportions of a Mannequin
1731 The Smell of Perfume on Him
1730 Young Master Xie Is a Married Man
1729 The Changes in the Imperial Capital Are for the Better
1728 Do Not Let Your Guard Down
1727 The Change in An Yexuan
1726 The Person Shes Interested In Isnt You
1725 No Wonder Hes So Attentive Towards You
1724 Came to Some Conclusions
1723 Childrens World
1722 Mr. Xie Will Fight Back With All His Migh
1721 The Princesss Decision
1720 Real Man?
1719 Their Prolonged Session of Passion After a Long Time
1718 Little Vixen Seducing Him
1717 Imbalance On That End?
1716 Patching Up
1715 Untitled
1714 Reflecting
1713 Young Master Xie Is Very Displeased
1712 Never Suspected
1711 Have To Come To An Agreement About That
1710 The Freedom To Express Her Emotions
1709 Signing
1708 A Meek Little Lamb
1707 Something To Do With Wang Qianjin
1706 Caring Too Much
1705 Keeping Xie Wu Around
1704 The Temperature Dropped
1703 Breaking Into Cold Swea
1702 Princess Yanwu
1701 This Lady Is Stunning.
1700 So Emotional It Was Unlike Her
1699 On Purpose?
1698 The Secretly Powerful Ye Family
1697 The Person Whose Surname Is Ye
1696 Waiting For Him To Ask
1695 This Is How You Take Care Of Your Young Madam?
1694 Strangeness
1693 Missing Person
1692 Unlike His Usual Self
1691 Kindness
1690 All Working Quite Hard
1689 A Shy Woman
1688 Never Doubted
1687 Once Again, On The Headlines
1686 Beating Up A Certain Someone
1685 To Be Mentally Prepared
1684 Instability
1683 Promising Her
1682 When Are You Getting Married?
1681 Secretly Search
1680 Bixue As Her Motivation
1679 Yeshui? Shui Qianqian
1678 You Being Alive Is Better Than Everything Else
1677 Old Friend Was Still Alive
1676 Its Only Natural for Me to Treat You Well
1675 Calling Her Mother
1674 The Child in Her Dreams
1673 Giggling While Spinning
1672 Cant Sleep
1671 Forced to Land
1670 The Aircraft Explodes
1669 The News About the Capital
1668 Burning Passion
1667 A Night of Intimacy
1666 Burning with Passion
1665 No One Can Stop Them
1664 Awakened
1663 Duan Yanhaos Hear
1662 Here to See Bai Yaoyao
1661 Duan Yanhaos Means
1660 No Appetite
1659 Stayed with Her for a Nigh
1658 Hes Not That Amazing
1657 Bad Sleep
1656 Not Doing His Job Properly
1655 Biased?
1654 Furious
1653 Chase Them Ou
1652 Havent Looked in the Mirror in a Long Time
1651 All Not Around?
1650 Yun Bilus Arrival
1649 When can She Wake Up?
1648 Handling It Ruthlessly
1647 Duan Yanhaos Fear
1646 Cannot Collapse
1645 Confused Hear
1644 Excited Reaction
1643 Anonymous News
1642 Soaking Up the Atmosphere
1641 She is the Odd One Ou
1640 Not Trusting Rong Jin
1639 Beloved
1638 The Queens Self-Mockery
1637 Injured Queen
1636 The Feeling Of Having A Boyfriend To Worry For You
1635 A Lady Who Moves Hearts
1634 The Spirit of Martial Arts
1633 Huang Yizes Heart Aches
1632 One Against Two
1631 Draw
1630 Misss Aura is Pretty Strong
1629 Poised to Compete
1628 A Man as Beautiful as a Portrai
1627 What He Wants Is Results
1626 Highlighting Keypoints
1625 Is The Queen Pretty or Ugly?
1624 Beautiful Beyond Comparison
1623 Country Ms Chief Minister
1622 Your Master Is My Master as Well
1621 Words of Longing In Her Dreams
1620 Girl, Youre Mine
1619 Troubles In Shower
1618 Specially Came Back For Her
1617 Youre Drooling
1616 Yun Bilus Diligence and Hard Work
1615 Young Master Xie, Naturally Gifted At Pacifying People
1614 Thinking From Another Perspective
1613 Duan Yanhaos Coaxing
1612 Lively and Happy
1611 This Was The True Two-Faced Person
1610 Beauty Trap
1609 Discuss Their Strategies
1608 Just Have to Observe
1607 Han Mubais Speculations
1606 A Simple Birthday
1605 Good Mentality
1604 Punishing the Servants
1603 Gossiping About Young Madam
1602 The Inhumanity of Humanity
1601 Young Master Xie Appearing Personally
1600 Noble Families Choosing Their Sides
1599 Yun Bixue Getting Shot
1598 Registration Certificate Obtained
1597 Too Nice to Her
1596 The Best Voice
1595 A Rainy Day
1594 How Long Have I Not Heard That Laughter?
1593 Instructions
1592 Dont Want to Have Misunderstandings
1591 Two People in Love
1590 Sixth Aunts Love
1589 Found Miss Mei and Her Son
1588 Imprinted with Duan Yanhaos Label
1587 Control
1586 Wielding Power Only to Better Provide for Her
1585 Having a Sense of Security
1584 Memories Between the Two Good Friends
1583 Smile a Little
1582 Conditional Loyalty
1581 Indulge in Her
1580 The Jiang family Wishes to See Him
1579 Are You jealous?
1578 Taking Care of the Body
1577 New Role and Proposal
1576 A Secret Place
1575 Sixth Aunts Pas
1574 Snatching Bai Yaoyao
1573 Report First Before Acting
1572 Part of the Duan Family
1571 He Can Only Bully Her for One Thing
1570 Yaoyao, Youre Not Obedien
1569 Who Changed Her Clothes for Her?
1568 The Majors Anxiousness
1567 Evil Concubine
1566 He Will Treat Her Better
1565 Not Allowed to Say You Will Leave
1564 Marriage Involves Two Families
1563 He Didnt Disappoint Her
1562 The Strong Joins Forces
1561 Yearning for Her in the White House
1560 Whereabouts
1559 His Harshness
1558 That Woman
1557 Still Very Domineering
1556 The Qin Family Can Replace the Yuan Family
1555 Majesty Huangs Comeback
1554 The Press Conference at Two in the Afternoon
1553 Only Caught Two Prawns
1552 Used to Him Accompanying Her Every Day
1551 Thoughtful Mr. Xie
1550 Shocking News
1549 Clumsy and Made Mistakes
1548 The Talents They Sponsored
1547 Secret Spy
1546 A Moody Man
1545 The Fake Angering the Authentic
1544 Secretly Pleased
1543 The Loyalty of the Men of Sacrifice
1542 Nags More than an Old Lady
1541 Yun Bixues Baby Kicks
1540 Clear and Refreshed
1539 The Flames of Passion
1538 Dont Want to be Kept in the Dark
1537 Some Harsh Words
1536 Unbelievably Coincidental and Absurd
1535 The Importance of One Line
1534 Father and Son Mee
1533 Majesty Kang Visits
1532 Young Master Han is Single
1531 The Reason is Her Selfishness
1530 It All Comes Down to Nothing
1529 Useless Pawn
1528 An Empty Title
1527 In Need of Firepower
1526 Hes the Stronges
1525 Not Selling Tickets to Country X
1524 Annoyed and Perplexed
1523 Battle Completely Began
1522 Most Wonderful Feeling
1521 She Will Stay with Him
1520 Childish
1519 Thoughts on the Brink of Death
1518 Cliff
1517 Looking for Traces of Him
1516 The Souths Ruling
1515 Casual Clothes for Concealmen
1514 The Battle in the South
1513 Uneasy and Rainy Nigh
1512 Pride of Her Family
1511 Beating Up Xiamu Qingyan
1510 The Xiamu Family is Sequestrated
1509 Love is Felt With the Hear
1508 Extremely Haggard
1507 Alluring Scen
1506 Patching Up
1505 Harsh Words
1504 Tell the Truth
1503 Pacifying Mr. Xie
1502 He was Actually Home
1501 Avoiding
1500 Haoers Background
1499 Whats the Truth
1498 That Secre
1497 Honest Thoughts
1496 Meeting Majesty Huang
1495 Telling the Reporters Directly
1494 The Xie Familys Hero
1493 Entertainment and Gossip
1492 Real or Fake News
1491 Roar
1490 A Chaotic Scene
1489 Pregnancy Makes One Foolish
1488 The Uproar in the Capital
1487 Young Master Xie Will be A Stay-Home Dad
1486 Light Sleep
1485 Possessed?
1484 Agitating An Yexuan
1483 Deep Thoughts in the Middle of the Nigh
1482 Turning a Blind Eye
1481 Wrap Things up With the Yuan Family
1480 Not a Single Virtue
1479 Love is a Luxury
1478 Bringing Care to the Bed
1477 Han Mubai is Drugged
1476 Unable to Read His Feelings
1475 Majesty Kang Controlling Behind the Scenes
1474 Number One in Her Hear
1473 Time Leaves a Warm Feeling
1472 Can Use Some Feminine Means
1471 Yuan Shuangrui is Already Panicking
1470 The Lu Family Seized
1469 Xie Limo and Huang Yizes Negotiation
1468 The Consequences of Searching the Villa
1467 Taking Care of Yun Bixue is the Thing He Was Most Willing to Do
1466 Res
1465 Suppressing the News
1464 Lose Control
1463 The First Time Being So Weak
1462 Digging a Tunnel, Sending Firearms
1461 Casting a Large Web
1460 Young Master Xies Apology
1459 Arrogant and Ignoran
1458 Emergency Response
1457 A Night of Chaos
1456 Emergency
1455 Explosive Headlines
1454 Bear It Just for Three Months
1453 Caring for Her With All His Hear
1452 Young Master Xies Heartache and Anxiety
1451 Very Serious News
1450 Deep Thoughts
1449 Never Quarreled Before
1448 EQ Becoming Higher and Higher
1447 Killing By Anothers Hand
1446 Finding a Younger Sister to Be His Wife
1445 He Likes Auntie
1444 This Is Majesty Huang
1443 Xiajun Zihao
1442 Crying Boy
1441 Lantern Festival
1440 Earning the Support of the Duan Family
1439 Bai Yaoyao Going Straight To the Poin
1438 Meeting Old Master Duan Firs
1437 Growing Stronger for Love
1436 He Doesnt Understand Women
1435 There Is a War in Country X
1434 Sleepiness
1433 The Desired Effec
1432 Touch I
1431 Unable To Differentiate Whats Real And Whats No
1430 Tricking And Playing With Qiao Muwan
1429 Work Hard
1428 Yun Bixue Using a Whip
1427 Outside the Gates
1426 Attacking the Lu Family
1425 Sheltering Her From the Rain and Wind
1424 Really Cant Be Trifled With
1423 Beating Up Lu Suyan
1422 Yun Bixue is Really Pregnan
1421 Young Master Xie Calls Constantly
1420 Master Ans Fury
1419 Brainless Fellow
1418 Tricking An Yexuan
1417 What Do You Mean By Passions?
1416 Preparing Her Cards
1415 Dragging the Jiang Family Down
1414 Dont Give Her Too Much Stress
1413 Paternity Leave
1412 Already Twenty One
1411 Saying Things Clearly
1410 To See Him
1409 Fainted Upon Agitation
1408 She Has Someone Whom She Already Loves
1407 Dont Be Too Cruel
1406 The Arrangements for War
1405 Emergency Meeting
1404 His Letter
1403 The War is About to Star
1402 Talking About Her Pas
1401 Listening to Her Heartbea
1400 Beautiful Mood
1399 Anxious Throughout the Journey
1398 A Talk Between Father and Son
1397 Daughter-in-law is Most Importan
1396 No Need to Visit the Best Doctor
1395 Feelings Growing More Intense
1394 Reading Her Mind
1393 Cutting Hair
1392 A Caring Man?
1391 Dark Aura
1390 Thrash
1389 Such a Coincidence
1388 Fairytale
1387 Ice Valley
1386 Not Foolish
1385 Huang Yize Worries About Yun Bilu
1384 Forgot About Young Master Huang
1383 Not Your Average Kind of Powerful
1382 Finding Someone to Flex On
1381 What a Great Runner
1380 No Tantrums
1379 Hug for a While
1378 No Trace of Her
1377 Let Go of Your Obsession
1376 Its Easy If You Say So
1375 A Sculpted Chu Feier
1374 What Happened After the Roller Coaster Ride
1373 As Precious as Gold
1372 Chanting Like Tang Seng
1371 Duan Yanhao is Willing to Indulge
1370 Flowing Like the Wind
1369 Must Return Home for the New Year
1368 Duan Yanhaos Stubbornness and Perseverance
1367 Bai Yaoyaos Considerations
1366 Making Her Faint From Anger
1365 Heartless
1364 Dealing With These Two Ladies
1363 Putting on a Wonderful Pretense
1362 An Unknown Woman
1361 Holding Her Hand
1360 Just Seducing
1359 Worthy of Being a Soldier
1358 Call Him Yanhao
1357 The Attentiveness Which Was Only For Her
1356 They Have a Child
1355 Whats the Good News?
1354 Are You Not Feeling Well?
1353 An Extensive Menu
1352 Not so Frail
1351 Overly Nervous
1350 As Though Shes Pregnan
1349 Scalded Him
1348 Xie Limo is The Only One
1347 Surviving
1346 Touched and Moved
1345 The Amusement Park Breaks Down
1344 Young Master Xies Cold Gaze
1343 Han Mubais Suspicions
1342 False Alarm
1341 Evil Women Are Few
1340 Inciting Yuan Shuangrui
1339 Enemies Mee
1338 Seven Ladies Watching the Show
1337 Cant Conceal The Look in Your Eyes
1336 What Are You Going To Do At the Mall?
1335 He Wants to Indulge in Her
1334 Hugging Naturally
1333 He Has a Past Too
1332 Lingering and Mushy
1331 Apparent Dominance and Possessiveness
1330 Duan Yanhaos Orders
1329 Asking Him to Go to Country A
1328 Susu
1327 Quoting a Price
1326 Looking for His First Love
1325 Engaging Duan Familys Guards
1324 Duan Yanhaos Eagerness
1323 Low EQ
1322 Someone Cherishes Her
1321 No Way to Mend
1320 Harsh Words
1319 Begging for Forgiveness
1318 The Most Familiar Stranger
1317 Yaoyao, I Finally Found You
1316 Crying Alone
1315 Found News About Miss Bai
1314 Loneliness and Despair
1313 The Presidents Determination
1312 Youre No Longer a Child
1311 The Oppressive Atmosphere
1310 Warmed Hear
1309 Willing to Buy for Her
1308 Duan Yanhao Accompanying Her For the New Year
1307 A Rewarding Kiss
1306 Have Fun
1305 Not Reported
1304 Frightened Them
1303 Couldnt Bear to Agree
1302 Ordnance Factory
1301 The Story Behind Smuggling Ammunition
1300 His Gem
1299 Taking Care of Her Personally
1298 Unusual
1297 Sleepless Nigh
1296 Fighting Side by Side
1295 Just a Dream
1294 The Wounds on His Body
1293 Wolf
1292 Young Master Huangs Determination
1291 She Must Remain Safe
1290 Heart of Admiration
1289 Excited Reaction
1288 Only Allowed to Throw a Tantrum at Him
1287 Being by Her Side Really Relaxes Him
1286 Yun Bilus Emotions
1285 Tasting His Girlfriends Culinary Skills
1284 Yun Bilus Way of Caring
1283 He Came Back for Bilu
1282 Waiting For Him Stubbornly
1281 The Bill Young Master Xie Paid
1280 She Has Friends Now
1279 Yuan Shuangruis Worries
1278 Interacting Peacefully
1277 Her Expression Changed
1276 Perfect Goddess
1275 Causing One to be Convinced
1274 Came From a Lowly Place?
1273 Young Master Xies Aura is Intimidating
1272 You Can Bully Others
1271 How Domineering!
1270 Ruffling The Tigers Fur
1269 The Emotions of a Strongman
1268 To Achieve Victory Without Fighting
1267 Success Comes When You Least Expect I
1266 Entering the Social Circle of Noble Families
1265 The Garden Party Invitation
1264 Its Not a Good Idea to Anger Yun Bixue
1263 Xue, Could It Be That You Are...?
1262 The Presence of a King
1261 Xie Familys Initial Goal
1260 The People Who Were Waiting Outside the Door
1259 Young Master Xie Works Very Hard
1258 A Torch of Fire
1257 The Change in the Capitals Atmosphere
1256 Find a Mother for Yangyang!
1255 The Marketplace in Guan Tao Village
1254 The Warm Brick Bed
1253 Who Is in the Open and in the Dark?
1252 Too Easy on Her
1251 Breaking News in Country F
1250 Staying Over
1249 Purely Organic
1248 The Change in the Su Family
1247 Passionate
1246 Their Love for Children
1245 Kinship in Noble Families
1244 Perfect Chemistry
1243 The Jiang Family Overstepped Their Limits
1242 Reverse Threa
1241 It Should Be Her Without a Doub
1240 He Is With Her This Time
1239 Su Lenghans Decision
1238 Cannot Leave in the Lurch
1237 Her Leg Has Fully Recovered
1236 An Imposing Person?
1235 Backer
1234 Imposing First Miss
1233 A Joke
1232 Ungentlemanly Behavior
1231 Ridicule
1230 Deciding To Tell Her His Identity
1229 What Young Master?
1228 Firepower
1227 The Uproar at the Press Conference
1226 The Taste of Hunting
1225 The Majors Temptation Using Food
1224 The Major Is Nicer To Look At As Compared To The Television
1223 This Would Not Erase Everything
1222 The Presidents Press Conference
1221 That Face
1220 Optimistic Yet Pessimistic Emotions
1219 His Warmth
1218 Like Master and Disciple
1217 A One-Man Show
1216 Young Master Xies Thunderous Aura
1215 Young Master Xie Will Definitely Be a Good Father
1214 Bathing Her Personally
1213 A Secret of the Imperial Family
1212 Coming Back
1211 A True Love Worthy of Praise and Tears
1210 She is Shy
1209 Companion
1208 Heartwarming Simplicity
1207 Loss of Appetite
1206 Tears of Joy
1205 Reunion
1204 He Was Always Here
1203 Model Couple
1202 Young Master Xies Devotion
1201 Lin Qiushui
1200 Young Master Xie and Young Master Wang Working Together?
1199 Young Master Xies Pain and Self-Reproach
1198 Young Madams Whereabouts
1197 All is Well
1196 She Still Wanted to Look for Her Husband
1195 Rolling Down the Mountain
1194 The Road to Searching
1193 Devotion
1192 An Yexuans Authority Revoked
1191 A Talk Between Father and Son
1190 The An Family
1189 Leaving So That We Can Meet Again
1188 Considerate Girl
1187 So Mature That It Makes Ones Heart Ache
1186 Skinny Beauty
1185 Reunited After a Long Time
1184 I Wont Forget You Even if I Forget Everything Else
1183 Young Master Huang Loses His Composure
1182 His Girl Became Thinner
1181 Its Not Him
1180 Panic
1179 Qiao Muwan
1178 Targeting An Yexuan
1177 A Plan in Mind
1176 Black-hearted Eldest Miss Yun
1175 Can Only Forge Ahead
1174 Old Lady Shens Miserable Cries
1173 Shamelessness is Unrivaled
1172 Real or Fake?
1171 Going All Ou
1170 The An Family and Their Dogs Are Not Allowed to Come In
1169 Hostile Visitors
1168 Troublemakers
1167 The Two Sisters
1166 Yun Bilu is Back
1165 Yun Mengshi Said It All
1164 First Miss Had Changed
1163 Young Master Huangs Possessiveness
1162 Special Treatmen
1161 Yun Bilus Popularity
1160 Young Master Huangs Instructions Before He Lef
1159 Really Amazing Martial Arts Skills
1158 The Floor Was Stained Blood-red
1157 Heartache
1156 Bawling Sounds
1155 He Saved Her
1154 She Fainted
1153 Preparing to Go to Gui County
1152 Having A Meal
1151 Young Master Wangs Reply
1150 Whats Their Relationship?
1149 Beyond His Imagination
1148 The Threat from Yun Bixue
1147 Responding to the Invitation
1146 Dont Have a Girlfriend
1145 Intertwined Connections
1144 How is the Actual Situation Like?
1143 She is Qiao Muwan
1142 Professionalism
1141 He is Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer
1140 Missing Her
1139 Finally Heard His Voice
1138 A Good Reaction
1137 What is Love?
1136 What Do I Lack Compared to Xie Limo?
1135 Cannot Be Rash
1134 Hes Actually the Chairman
1133 Love
1132 Yun Bixues Orders
1131 The News of Gui County
1130 Mother-in-laws Words
1129 Her Loneliness
1128 Reluctant to Par
1127 Young Master Xie Leaves the Capital
1126 Here to Give a Morning Kiss
1125 Why Are You Here?
1124 Strange
1123 Majesty Kang Wishes to Collaborate
1122 A Member of the Imperial Family?
1121 Just Playing With Her
1120 Really Not Acquainted
1119 Cant Let Go of Her
1118 Does Young Master Look Like A Prince Charming?
1117 First Emotional Outburs
1116 Talen
1115 Yun Bilu Becoming More Popular
1114 Practice Spar
1113 Testing Her Martial Arts Skills
1112 Working Hard for Love
1111 About to Leave
1110 The Proud Male Idol
1109 He Wants Her
1108 Yun Bilu is Angry
1107 Young Master Huang Changed a Lo
1106 Unusual Feelings
1105 Fever on a Rainy Day
1104 Beautiful Ponytail
1103 A Stupid Woman
1102 Hungry
1101 A Familiar Cell Phone Number
1100 My Wife is the Most Importan
1099 His Wife
1098 Unreasonable Clauses
1097 Other Plans for the Bodyguard and Manager
1096 Someone Is a Fly
1095 Ignoring the Big Sho
1094 A Visit from the Presiden
1093 A Gloomy Expression
1092 Strong Belief in Finding Her
1091 Not Late That We Me
1090 Strong as Steel, Yet Gentle to the Touch
1089 She Became Strange Because of Him
1088 Someone to Feed Her
1087 Get Used to It, so It Wont Hurt Anymore
1086 Does Duan Yanhao Treat You Well?
1085 Dependence
1084 Something That Will Upset Her
1083 Yun Bixues Intentions
1082 A Contract with Yun Mengshi
1081 Not the Person She Remembers
1080 The Real Clue
1079 Wont Let Anyone Covet Her
1078 A Little Unlike the Usual
1077 No Traces of Nostalgia for Her Past Love
1076 The Phone Call in the Middle of the Nigh
1075 Xie Limos Passion
1074 The Feeling of Being Doted on and Cared For
1073 Youre Not Dreaming
1072 A Dinner Party
1071 Personal Name Card
1070 Are You Even Twenty?
1069 Why Are You So Nervous?
1068 Feels Really Interesting
1067 Meeting Han Mubai
1066 Her Alcohol Tolerance Was Trained
1065 What Are You Doing Here?
1064 Her Gaze Was Really Cold
1063 A Place Worth a Thousand Dollars a Nigh
1062 Being Cheeky Again
1061 Do I Make You Feel Very Insecure?
1060 I Miss You If You Say So
1059 Be Gentle, It Hurts
1058 Strike First to Gain the Upper Hand
1057 A Prank
1056 A Handsome Man Appears, Ignore Him
1055 She Will Appear
1054 Yun Bixues Plans
1053 The Clash
1052 Practice What You Preach
1051 Darling
1050 He Doesnt Understand Women
1049 Very Willing to Work Hard
1048 Xie Limos Explanation
1047 Dont Want to be an Indoor Flower
1046 Goodnight, My Girl
1045 Teasing the Flames
1044 Silly Girl
1043 Angry at Huang Yize
1042 Are You Experiencing a Heartbreak?
1041 Yun Bilus Decision
1040 The Things On Young Masters Mind
1039 Zuoqiu Zimei Beaten
1038 Sticking To Young Master Xie
1037 Young Master Xie at a Loss
1036 Love to Have a Kid With Limo
1035 The Imperial City Is Not Ning An City
1034 Complicated Noble Families
1033 Young Master Xies Reputation
1032 The Newly Appointed Minister of State Affairs
1031 Making a Scene
1030 Only Because He is My Pillar of Strength
1029 A Pleasing Couple
1028 What Kind of Background?
1027 Cool and Chivalrous Yun Bixue
1026 Relationships in Noble Families
1025 Yun Bixues New Home
1024 Young Master Xie is Contented Because of Her
1023 The Male Idol Feeds Her
1022 Talking About Babies
1021 Huang Yizes Heartache
1020 In His Eyes, His Girl Is the Bes
1019 A Sharp Tongue
1018 Bracing the Storm
1017 Yun Bilus Counterattack
1016 Huge Impac
1015 Class of a Prince
1014 Yun Bilu Is the Star
1013 Dance-off
1012 Young Lady, You Look Beautiful Today
1011 Young Master Huang’s Invitation
1010 Invincible
1009 The Two Young Ladies Competition
1008 Only Be Bilus Dance Partner
1007 He Looks Troubled
1006 Rice Bucket and Water Bucke
1005 Sharing with Young Master Huang
1004 Hungry
1003 Putting on Her Heels With His Hands
1002 Knows Her Size
1001 Pestering Nonstop
1000 Who is She?
999 Angering Xiamu Qingyan
998 Sarcastic Applause
997 She Had Actually Deceived Him
996 His Heart Aches As He Yearns for Her
995 Cleansing His Hear
994 Satisfying Mr. Xie
993 Lingering Love
992 Difficult to Par
991 As Long As You Are Fine
990 A Female Stranger
989 Poisoned by Love
988 Punishing Young Master Wang
987 Two Tigers Cannot Share One Mountain
986 Yun Bixue VS Wang Qianjin
985 Careful Instructions
984 She Trusts Him
983 Sleep, Ill Be By Your Side
982 That is Very Painful
981 The Manly Temptations of Young Master Huang
980 Though the River Spans Three Thousand Miles, One Ladle is Enough to Drink
979 Its Not Hard on Me
978 Giving
977 Protecting Her Hear
976 The Itch In Her Hear
975 My Turn to Walk Towards You
974 The Two Demigods
973 Offering Things
972 Young Master Huang Wiping the Floors With Everyone
971 Fervent Cheering At Young Master Huangs Appearance
970 A Graceful Young Man
969 Huang Yize Is a Tsundere
968 Listen, Be Good
967 Theres a Basketball Competition
966 Bai Yaoyaos Whereabouts
965 Old Friend
964 Going Home
963 Young Master Xies Story
962 I Wont Leave
961 What a Devoted Man
960 Theres A Reason for Everything
959 What is Poor? What is Rich?
958 Young Master Xie is Worried About Her
957 Cant Help but Indulge in Her
956 The Heart Aches More
955 He Wants to Make It up to Her
954 Tolerance
953 Prince Syndrome and Extreme Narcissism
952 The Domineering Style
951 Mr. Xie is Extremely Possessive Too
950 Su Lenghans Future Plans
949 She Has Good Judgmen
948 Only Want Her
947 Treasure Every Day
946 Highly Regarded
945 On the Same Bed
944 Listen to Him
943 Have To Live On
942 Duan Yanhaos Concern
941 It Was The First Time Someone Treated Her This Nicely
940 Becoming Obedien
939 The Major and Yaoyao
938 Working Harder Than Anyone Else
937 Training in the Deep Nigh
936 Xirong Ziyes Hear
935 Missing Bai Yaoyaos Goodness
934 He Likes Children Too
933 Its a Pair
932 Dont Know How to Comfort Girls
931 Bilus Thoughts
930 Lust Is Emptiness
929 Heartwarming Couple
928 Performing Better and Better
927 Wicked Master
926 The Sadness of Separation
925 Testing Young Master Huangs Self-control
924 Enticing View
923 Never Returning to Country E
922 Laugh If You Want To
921 Birthday Longevity Noodles
920 Specially Came to Pick You Up
919 The Man Whos Nice to Her
918 Young Master Xies Method
917 An Yexuan Was Beaten Up
916 It Comes From Love
915 Your Highness, Majesty Huang
914 Sending the In-laws Off
913 The Support Behind Her Determination
912 Comparison Between Women
911 Little Vixen
910 Cant Sleep
909 Punishing the Subordinate
908 Lacking Managemen
907 Wedding Nigh
906 No Grievances
905 The An Family Incurs Public Wrath
904 Feeling Good
903 Shocking Aura
902 Yun Bixue’s Sharp Words
901 The Right One Cannot Be Snatched Away
900 Could Have Changed Entirely
899 Just One Glass
898 No One Can Snatch Her Away
897 Empty Words of Women
896 What Are You Doing Here?
895 Perfec
894 The Bride is Shy
893 Splendid and Magnificen
892 Triggered
891 Chu Feiers Call
890 Ice-Cold Temperature
889 The Grand Entrance
888 The Liveliness at Dawn
887 A Little Nervous
886 If There Is a Traffic Jam, Take the Plane
885 The Last Call
884 Young Master Wangs Thoughts
883 An Yexuan Is Unnerved
882 Owe It to Her
881 Congratulatory Gif
880 Announcing the Wedding
879 Charity Orphanage
878 Alarming but Not Dangerous
877 Going Home Safely
876 Heart Grown Weaker
875 Aircraft Rescue
874 With You by My Side, Im Not Afraid
873 The Sudden Squall
872 The Five Children
871 Burned Gowns
870 Taking Engagement Photos
869 My Wife Is Beautiful
868 I Like the Ring
867 I Want to Walk with You
866 How Loving
865 Young Master Xies Proposal
864 Favorite Beach
863 A Special Place
862 Country A Belongs to the Northern Xie and Southern Wang
861 Revenge Will Come Very Soon
860 Let Nature Run Its Course
859 Young Master Xie Who Is Captivating
858 The Allure to Enchant People
857 Willingly
856 Ning An First High School
855 Huang Yize, Youre Especially Nice Today
854 More Attentive Than the Both of Us
853 This Boyfriend Is Not Bad
852 The Truth or the Lie?
851 A Scrumptious Lunch
850 Not Omnipoten
849 Heartbreak
848 Suppression by IQ
847 We Will Meet Again Soon
846 A Joke
845 The Black Dragon Gang Refuses to Collaborate
844 The Powerful International News
843 Someone Up There
842 Causing a Debate Throughout the Country
841 Fainting Suddenly
840 Calculating Step by Step
839 Reminiscing Something
838 The President’s Health
837 Continue Knitting
836 Feeling Bitter After Seeing that Photo
835 Take Young Lad Huang for a Spin
834 Whats the Huge Gift?
833 Bilus Sensibility
832 Something is Bothering You
831 Grandfather, This is My Boyfriend
830 Cannot Embarrass Bilu
829 Tell You a Secre
828 Huang Yize, Are You Nervous?
827 The Domineering Aura of the Two Men
826 I Can Protect Her
825 The Best Man?
824 Uncontrollable
823 Young Master Huang Venting for Bilu
822 The Peak of Youth
821 I Will Obey My Wifes Orders
820 Almost Drooling
819 When Can You Grow Up?
818 Young Master Huang Fixing Her Bed
817 So the Female Dormitory Is Like This
816 Autumn Vacation
815 His Heart Was the One Aching
814 Qin Huailings Confrontation
813 Aunt Qin Was the Mastermind
812 Proposing at the Plaza
811 Receiving Roses, Im Infatuated With You
810 While You Smile, I Will Take a Picture
809 The Wang Familys Thousand Year Old History
808 Demon Fox of the South
807 Obtaining Useful Information From Interrogation
806 The Treatment a Citys First Lady Receives
805 Gaining Popularity Too Quickly
804 Truly a Match Made in Heaven
803 A Warm Life
802 Little Foodie
801 More and More Popular
800 Sweet Dreams, My Wife
799 Limo and Me
798 Women Should Feel Sorry for Men
797 Familiar Men
796 Inciting the An Family
795 Young Master Xies Influence
794 Suspicious Old Friend
793 Yun Bixue Hitting and Kicking Him
792 Slapping An Yexuan
791 Shooting Down a Plane
790 Youve Turned Mad for Her
789 Getting Closer Step by Step
788 Thunderous Applause
787 Thanking My Wife
786 Shes a Wonderful Woman
785 Rivalry Between the Two Men
784 Wont Let Anyone Hurt You
783 Why Is An Yexuan Here?
782 A Match Made in Heaven
781 Many Beauties Are Looking at You
780 Most Beautiful Today
779 Unsurpassed Beauty of the Generation
778 The Most Precious Person
777 Under the Arrangement of Young Master Xie
776 Angered to the Brink of Insanity
775 Not the Representative of the Qin Family
774 The Fake Invitation
773 The Fire of the Morning
772 Its Only Natural for a Man to Take Care of a Woman
771 Did Anything Spark?
770 My Home is Also Your Home
769 The Love Bites on Her Neck
768 Faintly Discernible
767 Excitement and Passion
766 The Storm Inside Young Master Huang
765 Taking Responsibility After Taking Advantage
764 Inside Young Master Duans Bedroom
763 Period
762 Carrying You Down the Mountain
761 Exciting Bungee Jump
760 In Search of the Innocence She Los
759 Stubborn and Domineering Major
758 Shes Really Small
757 Hiking With Duan Yanhao
756 Young Master Huang Is Like a Fox
755 Its Only Natural for a Man to Wait for a Woman
754 The Handsome Young Soldier
753 Duan Yanhaos Concern
752 Those Involved Cannot See Things as Clearly as Those Who Are No
751 She Waited for Him in the Pas
750 The Knitted Sweater That He Saw
749 The Loneliness of Her Hear
748 Mr. Xie is so Nice
747 Subduing a Seven-member Team
746 Preparing for Battle
745 Want to Say Good Morning
744 Multiple Choice Question
743 You Cannot Enter the Kitchen
742 To Become Even Stronger
741 Thinking of You
740 The Most Vivid Brilliance
739 The Hero Saves the Beauty and She Marries Him Willingly?
738 The Girl Who You Adore the Most?
737 Since When Have I Minded?
736 Hurting Fee
735 What a Nice Sound?
734 As Expected, Shes a Lunatic
733 How Cute
732 The Most Beautiful Radiance
731 Plucking the Moon and the Stars for Her
730 Out of Danger
729 That Crazy Woman
728 Su Lenghans Pale Face
727 Young Master Xies Explanation
726 Sucking up to Young Master Xie
725 Listen to His Orders at Nigh
724 Why Did You Cry?
723 Make His Heart Ache
722 Jumping Into the Water to Save Her
721 Its Better to Be Fiercer
720 Ice Beauty, Unleashes Fury
719 Looking for Trouble?
718 When Did You Start Caring?
717 Before Pulling the Trigger
716 Her Body. Did He See It?
715 It was Shen Jingcui!
714 Attacking Her with a Knife
713 Fetching Her To and From Work
712 Miao Zifus Worry
711 Sleep Is Most Importan
710 The Setting in Luxury Emperors Hall
709 The Greatest Hero
708 Regre
707 The Pain She Feels While Dreaming at Nigh
706 To Become a Soldier?
705 A Great Person Has His Owner
704 Compete
703 The Army Dream of a Girl
702 Have You Grown Up?
701 Yun Bilus Wailing
700 Learned How to Act Coquettishly
699 Everything Starts From the First Meeting
698 The Best Looking One Is Still Bilu
697 Military Marriage
696 Matchmaking
695 Using Huang Yizes Card
694 Her Heart Which Was About to Jump Ou
693 The Reciprocating Kiss
692 Girlfriend by His Side
691 Rarely in a Mess
690 The Xie Family Is Very Powerful
689 Lonely Hear
688 Tough Love
687 Outstanding Men
686 The Life of the Party—Yun Bilu
685 Must Be Nice to Me
684 The Questions She Answered in Class
683 Eye-candy: Handsome Man and Beautiful Woman
682 He Came As Time Passed
681 Crying Again
680 Eating Spicy Hot Pot Again
679 Regarding the Invitation
678 Pretty When Undressed?
677 Shyly Trying on Clothes
676 Pampering Her Tenderly
675 The Lingering Impac
674 Loving Even If They Dont Show I
673 The Changes in The Media
672 Young Master Xie Turned Bad?
671 What’s Happening in the Qin Family
670 A Slap on the Face
669 Too Pampered
668 Her Thoughts
667 The Dragon and Phoenix Crowns
666 Do You Prefer a Son or a Daughter?
665 Shes Su Lenghan’s Daughter
664 Looks Strong, But Is Frail
663 You’ll Still Be the Cutest Even If You’ve Become Fat Like a Piggy
662 Heart in Extreme Pain
661 Young Master Xie Visits The Hospital
660 The Fury Burns and the Ground Trembles
659 The News Could Be A Groundless Accusation
658 Refused to Wake Up
657 Yun Bixue Faints
656 Friend
655 As Men
654 Only Have Feelings For Her
653 Inviting the Su Family
652 The Daughter in Young Master Xies Mind
651 Young Master Xie Carries a Child for the First Time
650 Stirring Up Ning An City
649 The Noble Families Problem
648 Young Master Xie’s Intentions
647 News From the Headquarters
646 The Wicked and Cunning Fox
645 Reshuffling the Entire Ning An City
644 She Is His Weak Spo
643 Mr. Xie Is Irresistible
642 Its Not a Dream. He Has Returned
641 Young Madams Call
640 Arranging Everything for Her
639 Cant Help but Admire
638 Returning The Favor
637 Where My Home Is
636 Creation of the Talents Team
635 The Important Thing Is that He Adores You
634 Conversation With Her Best Friend
633 Heartache
632 This Girl Has Great Assets
631 Beauty That Moves People
630 Like The Sun
629 The Story About When They First Me
628 People in Love Are Greedy
627 This Kind of Man Is Rare
626 Leaving On Her Own
625 The Last Dinner
624 About to Leave
623 Bai Yaoyaos Tears
622 Falling into the Pains of an Empty Hear
621 As Demure as a Lady and as Nimble as an Escaping Hare
620 Shy Girlfriend
619 Troubled Girl
618 Young Master Huangs Protection
617 Tiny Trouble Between the Two of Them in Class
616 Bilus Care and Jealousy
615 Young Master Huangs Understanding of Her
614 Present?
613 Yun Bilus Bliss
612 Bilu Has A Boyfriend
611 Tightening of Her Heartstrings
610 Going To Xiangnan Town
609 Let Old Lady Shen Go Crazy
608 Its Possible That Yun Bixues Parents Are Alive
607 The Truth of the Pas
606 The Hidden Secre
605 The Dispute Between Old Master Yun and Old Lady Shen
604 Decided To Meet Her
603 Yun Bixues Father?
602 Young Master Xies Strong Aura
601 Dont Talk About Things From the Pas
600 Old Master Yuns Scars
599 News Regarding Her Parents
598 A Weird Painting
597 Several Decades of Life Felt Like a Dream
596 Dont Waste Food
595 Meeting The Ridiculous Meng Xinyan Again
594 Try to Let Her Be Carefree
593 Too Domineering
592 A Lover Isnt Afraid of Being Clingy
591 Reliving Memories Once Again
590 Walking Under The Suns Rays
589 Excellent Shooting Skills
588 Mr. Xies Gentleness
587 Their Love Caused a Trend
586 The Warmth and Satisfaction of Riding The Bicycle
585 Worry and Concern
584 Do You Love Me?
583 The Presidents Hear
582 Accompanying Her to Sleep
581 Leaving Him in the Room?
580 The Little Piggy Sleeps Well
579 Too Exciting
578 Caught in Their Passion
577 Onboard Young Master Huangs Boat
576 Sleeping in the Same House
575 Are You Inviting Me?
574 Young Master Huang Has Emotions Too
573 Really Kissed
572 Cant Cry
571 Young Master Huang Is Slow to Warm
570 You Have to Watch Movies When Youre Dating
569 Cherish Whats in Front of Your Eyes
568 Yun Bilus Negotiation
567 Receiving Happy News
566 How Much She Mattered to Him
565 Mr. Xies Questions
564 Luckily, It Wasnt a Dream
563 Meng Xinyan Wants to Kill Her Daughter
562 Unable to Kill Young Master Xie
561 The Xie Familys Plans
560 Knocking Young Master Xie Ou
559 Young Master Didnt Rest for Several Nights and Days
558 Treated Her With Extreme Care
557 A Man Wont Shed Tears Easily
556 Its Not a Hallucination
555 The Last Straw in the Pas
554 Su Lenghans Disappointment and Resignation
553 Xue, I Really Miss You
552 The Revival of Young Master Xies Hear
551 Making Young Master Wang Buy Pads
550 Intentionally Making Things Difficul
549 Does the Beautiful Damsel Want to Repay With Her Life?
548 The Fury Burns Within
547 Savior
546 Who Saved Her?
545 Going All Out, Completely Eradicating Her
544 Deadly Murderous Inten
543 The Roaring Fire and Young Master Xies Heartache
542 The Home That She Was Reluctant to Part With
541 The Night of Change
540 Taking Good Care of Yourself Would Be Taking a Load off His Shoulders
539 What a Good Husband
538 Scaring Young Master Xie
537 Because of Love
536 Making This Girl Happy
535 Worshipping The Black Dragon Gang
534 An Ironfis
533 My Zeze
532 Getting Young Master Huang to Help With the Wedding
531 Looking For Huang Yize
530 Can She Make The First Move?
529 She Still Doesnt Have Her First Kiss
528 The Wedding of the Century in Ning An City
527 Dont Doubt Yun Bixue
526 Please Pick Me Up?
525 Dealing With Chu Feier
524 A Sudden Phone Call
523 He Wronged Her in the Pas
522 Its a Girl
521 Choosing to Use a New Power
520 Country M Governed by Monarchy
519 Emotional Reliance
518 Missing Lizhen
517 The Girls True Identity
516 The Photo That Young Master Xie Hid
515 Wanting to Say Love
514 Envious of Yun Bixue and Young Master Xie
513 The Meaning Behind Her Tears
512 Oceans Star Jewelry
511 What Do You Think About Weddings?
510 Saying The Word Love
509 International Kill-On-Sight Order
508 Surprise and Sweetness
507 Not Letting Anything Hurt Her
506 Have You Treated Other Girls This Well Before?
505 I Will Give You Whatever You Wan
504 Young Master Xies Confession
503 Its Not a Dream
502 Boyfriend Is Powerful
501 His Girl Was Silly
500 Young Master Huang Picks Up Personally
499 Young Master Huang Is Back
498 The Bird Locked Up in The Golden Cage
497 Young Master Xies Wrath
496 The Whole City Reacts
495 A Gem
494 Everything Is Fine Now
493 Fighting With Her Life
492 Found Young Master Xie
491 The Fastest Speed
490 She Wanted to Look for Xie Limo Personally
489 News on the Rescue
488 Rushing to Zi Bei City, Dangers Across the Countries
487 The Wilder She Is, the More Interesting It Gets
486 Whos a Wild Kitty?
485 Casanova With Good Skills
484 Young Master Wang, Please Show Some Respect!
483 Arranging to Return to School Earlier
482 Checking the Dorm at Nigh
481 The Luxurious Car at the Istana
480 Young Master Huang Went Over?
479 Little Bits of Sweetness
478 When Are You Coming Back?
477 Missing Young Master Huang
476 Waiting for Madam to Go Home
475 Those Involved Cannot See Things as Clearly as Those Who Are No
474 Clearing the Truth
473 Young Master Xies Text Message
472 Regret That He Provoked Miss Yun
471 The Expert Takes Action
470 Murderous Inten
469 Young Madams Domineering Presence
468 There Is No Story Without Coincidences
467 Yun Bixue Did Not Change
466 An Yexuan to the Rescue
465 Your Heart Will Ache for Your Daughter-in-law
464 Let Stars Fate Jewelry Disappear
463 There Are No Ifs
462 The Conversation Between Young Master Su and Young Master Xie
461 Rainy Night Noble Family Alliance
460 Dont Turn off Your Phone Next Time
459 A Strange Old Man
458 The Heart Which Lost Its Direction
457 Everyone Cares About the Diamond Ring
456 Just to Vent Her Anger
455 Diamond Ring
454 When Both Love and Hate Fades
453 He Wishes to Become an Ordinary Person
452 Chasing Her Away
451 The Second Mission
450 Mr. Xie Is Also a Normal Man
449 Suspecting Chu Feier
448 There Is No Medicine for Regrets in This World
447 Trouble at Su Family
446 Meng Xinyan Is About to Get Chased out of the Su Family
445 The Recent Situation
444 The Warmest Home
443 Dreamscape
442 Heart Becomes Empty
441 Theme Park
440 Mr. Xie Has High EQ
439 Im Just by Your Side
438 Want to Drink Water
437 Intimate Passion
436 Do You Like Him a Lot?
435 Not a Honeymoon
434 Its the Thought Thats the Most Precious
433 Seeing Beyond Meng Xinyans Facade
432 Absurd Person
431 Torpedo
430 Intimate Time Between the Two of Them
429 Young Master Huangs Embrace
428 Here to Say Goodbye
427 Boyfriend Is Downstairs
426 Already Kissed
425 Meeting Bilu on a Rainy Nigh
424 Infuriating the Superiors
423 Thinks She Didnt Fulfill Her Duties as an Elder Sister
422 You’d Only Have a Stronger Younger Sister
421 Young Master from the Black Dragon Gang?
420 Testing a Real Gun
419 Dont Be Afraid, Ill Protect You
418 Grounded on Campus for a Month
417 Silly Girl, so Silly!
416 The Thoughtful Young Master Xie
415 Bringing His Wife out for Games
414 Coquetry
413 Again on the Headlines
412 Trying to Seduce Her Son
411 The Infatuated Nurse
410 A Night of Good Res
409 Theres No Mistake in Trusting Him!
408 Interesting Things from He Was Young
407 The Treasure in Young Master Xies Hear
406 Good Man at Home
405 Still Young
404 Packing for Country E
403 For Her Son, She Moderated Her Temper
402 Signs Of Depression
401 You Have to Be Obedien
400 Accompany You to Sleep
399 Young Master Xie Is a Dream
398 For That Person in Her Hear
397 Snob
396 Whats Lost Is Los
395 Who Is That Woman?
394 The Feeling of Heartache
393 Wearing High Heels
392 A Woman Makes Herself Beautiful for Her Sweethear
391 Value
390 The Heartache Between a Married Couple
389 Interrupting Something That Young Master Xie Was Doing
388 Madam Xie Has Tremendous Authority
387 Possessing Financial Powers
386 The Two Big Families Figh
385 Unable to Retrea
384 Promoting the New Drama
383 Preparing to Reel in the Ne
382 Yun Bixue Is Not Hello Kitty
381 Hugging Her Idol
380 Does It Hurt?
379 Happy Things
378 Touched to the Point of Tears
377 So What If You Are a Beauty?
376 Meticulously Prepared
375 Young Master Xie Eating and Enjoying the Dance
374 Young Master Xie Must Be Invited
373 The Contents of the Recording
372 Carry You Home
371 He Is Her Reality
370 The Initial Throb
369 The Fairy Tale That Year
368 Wonderful Times
367 The Movie Invokes Memories of Her Youth
366 My Woman
365 The Feeling of Being In Love and Dating
364 Receiving Roses for the First Time
363 Merely Toying with Him
362 Young Master Xie Gives Her Flowers
361 Becoming the Su Family Organizations Stakeholder
360 Who Does the Male Idol End Up With?
359 You Like Me, Dont You?
358 Terrifyingly Imposing
357 Dont Want to Woo Male Idol Anymore
356 Younger Sisters Complaints
355 It Looks Peaceful on the Surface
354 Mr. Xie, Youre So Nice
353 An Imposing Threa
352 Provocation from a Woman!
351 A Meet-up with Ill Intentions
350 A Crucial Fac
349 It is Most Important to Accompany My Wife
348 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
347 Young Master Xies Tender Love Towards Young Madam
346 A Dominating Kiss
345 The Embrace of Goodbye
344 The Panic of the Two Noble Families
343 Without Her, Something Feels Missing from My Hear
342 Thoughts for One Another
341 Intolerable
340 Infatuation
339 Xie Familys Skills in Hypnotism
338 Jiang Family Harboring Ulterior Motives Towards Young Master Xie!
337 Mimicking Yun Bixues Clothing Preferences?
336 Tian Jing Citys Relationship Network
335 You Belong to the Xie Family
334 The Story of the Pas
333 Qin Huailing Comes to the Rescue
332 Planning to Take Action
331 Using Herself as Bai
330 Showing the Majesty of Being Young Madam Xie
329 An Excellent Trick
328 Only One Hear
327 Missing Someone is Torturous
326 A Mysterious Voice
325 Cultivating Talents
324 Wang Qianjin, The Charming Man
323 Begging for Young Master Huangs Help
322 She Looks so Much Like Chu Feier!
321 The Student Union Pushed Forward the School Reopening
320 Young Master Xie Is Angry
319 What Secret Do You Have?
318 One Must Look Ahead
317 Young Master Xies Singing, Coaxing Her to Sleep
316 I Want to Hear You Sing over the Phone
315 Is She Still Alive?
314 Meeting an Old Acquaintance at University
313 Reluctant to Par
312 Mr. Xie Is Leaving for a Business Trip
311 He Was Unforgivable
310 Comparison, Regrets?
309 Meeting Again, His Heart Aches!
308 About Yun Bixues Parents
307 Cannot Offend Young Master Xies Precious Wife
306 The Tender Feeling of Companionship Could Also Be a Form of Love
305 My Wife Has Been Thoughtful
304 Yun Mengshis Image Is Exposed
303 He Used To Be The Man of The Hour In School
302 Owe Him a Favor
301 Serving Young Master Qin?
300 Scouting a New Celebrity
299 Leaving the Yun Family
298 Fond of Yun Bixue?
297 Young Master Qin from the Qin Family
296 The Topic Regarding Children
295 Holding Your Hand While Setting Off Firecrackers
294 Plans
293 Young Master Wang from the South
292 Charming Voice
291 Brought a Boyfriend Back
290 The Couple Offers a Toas
289 An Episode on New Years Eve
288 Full of Anticipation for the New Year
287 Worn-out Hear
286 Carry You Till The End of Time
285 Young Master Xie Blushes
284 All Their Bits and Pieces Are Filled with Warmth
283 Willful Tantrum
282 Till Death Do Us Par
281 The Master of the Xie Family
280 Su Lenghan Got Beaten Up! Young Master Xie Appears
279 Non-Stop Entertainmen
278 Never-Ending Farce
277 The Lunatic Is Finally Gone
276 28th of the Twelfth Lunar Month
275 The Viral Video
274 Her Influence On Him Was Growing
273 Continuing Non-stop!
272 Throwing Cold Water On The Trashy Sl*
271 Preparing to Send Gifts Together
270 Clarifying the News
269 Sucking Up to Miss Yun
268 Chaos in the Snow Cloud Group
267 Headline News
266 Differentiate Diligently
265 Bleeding
264 Theres A Lunatic At The Entrance
263 Giving You A Room Full of Dolls
262 Young Master Xies Arrangements, Dominating and Indulgen
261 Seeking Justice
260 Trashy Womanizer, Get Lost!
259 My Preferences Have Completely Changed!
258 His Feelings of Anguish
257 Su Lenghan Sent It, Throw It Away
256 A Doll Given By A Certain Mister
255 Aggravating The Old Witch
254 Do Your Hands Hurt From Hitting Her?
253 Dealing With a Pretentious and Hypocritical Lady
252 Giving Yang Siru A Sound Thrashing
251 The Cool Lady Boss
250 Young Master Xie Accompanies Her For Shopping
249 Exciting News
248 Dominating Possessiveness
247 A Warm and Sweet Family
246 The Heart Feels Warm, Returning Home
245 Dont Fall For A Guys Sweet Nothings
244 Returning to Country A
243 Someone Pursuing Her
242 Sending Dumplings to Young Master Huang
241 Engulfing Her On The Bed
240 Offer Some Compensation!
239 You Have to Bravely Pursue Love
238 A Young Hear
237 Attacking Furiously
236 The Two Sisters Feed Each Other
235 Securing His Wifes Happiness
234 The Hilarious Sister-in-law
233 The Sisters Mee
232 Bilu and Young Master Huang
231 Younger Sisters Balloting Speech
230 Applying As A Needy Student?
229 Giving Her a Surprise
228 The Story With Her Younger Sister
227 Manipulating The Stock Markets
226 The Groom Su Faints
225 Loving, Torturous!
224 The Stunning Yun Bixue
223 Madam Xie Shows Up
222 The Truth
221 Meng Xinyans Distorted Face
220 A Two-Faced Woman
219 The Su and Meng Families Wedding Banque
218 Boastful Words
217 A Shoulder to Lean On. Just Cry If You Want To
216 Mousse of Spring
215 Patronizing Meng Xinyan
214 Su Lenghan Refused to Profess His Love
213 Making Things Difficult for Young Master Su
212 Young Master Xie Dislikes the Su Familys Ceremonies
211 Congratulatory Gift That Costs Ten Million
210 Mother Su’s Regrets
209 Su Lenghans Headache
208 Dislike Meng Xinyan! Choose Yun Bixue?
207 The Su Family Boosting Interes
206 The Air Tickets That Mr. Xie Prepared
205 Swiping Mr. Xies Gold Card
204 The Brother and Sister Mee
203 Whats Missed is Already Missed
202 The Change in Miao Zifu
201 Entering the Entertainment Industry
200 Swaying Yun Mengshi
199 Who Sent The Wedding Invitation?
198 I will Give You A Grand Wedding
197 Heart Aches for His Wife
196 Addressing Hubby and Dear
195 Can’t Even Compare to One of Her Toes
194 Seduction of a Naked Body
193 Infatuated with Young Master Xie
192 The Implications of Getting Bullied
191 Making Yang Siru Faint from Anger
190 Vixens are Pretty
189 The Su and Meng Families Marriage Alliance
188 Look Intently
187 He’ll Still Like It Even If You Put on Some Weigh
186 Inefficient at Protecting Master
185 Young Master Xies Coldness
184 Taking a Bath Together
183 Tonight, You’ll Have To Endure
182 Bathing You
181 Calm Before the Storm
180 Heartache About Her Strength
179 Blooming For Him
178 Cant Bear to Par
177 Young Master Xies Charm
176 Shock!
175 Emergency
174 Highest Priority Alert in the Xie Family
173 Determined to Leave the Villa
172 Couldnt Help But Worry
171 Danger
170 Gun Figh
169 Great Stamina
168 Sentiments of a Young Lady
167 European-style Villa
166 Dominating
165 Young Master Xie is Protective of His Loved Ones
164 Provocation?
163 Young Master Xie is Very Attentive
162 Waiting to Watch the Entertaining Show
161 Only Protective Towards You
160 Snowing
159 Wait for Me to Pick You Up
158 Resolution
157 The Wang Family from the South
156 Was I Too Fierce?
155 Murderous Inten
154 The Vicious Mr. Xie
153 The Couple Joins Forces
152 Figh
151 Yang Siru Talks Back
150 The Terrifying Fox
149 Wifes Instructions
148 The Fall of the Shen family
147 Sense Of Loss In His Hear
146 Young Master Xies Power
145 Deep Romance Fills the House
144 Young Master Shen Cant Afford The Bill
143 Old Lady Shen Faints
142 Protecting Daughter-In-Law
141 The Sealing of Shen Family
140 Young Master Xies Promise
139 Dont Want Her To Suffer Any Wrongs
138 Blissful Because of Him
137 The Intrepid Luxury Car!
136 So Many Gifts
135 Touched
134 Young Master Xie is Jealous
133 Discussing about Young Master Su and His Woman
132 The Bitterness in His Hear
131 I Trust Him
130 Worse than Pretentious and Hypocritical
129 The Glorious Mother-in-law
128 The Sound of a Slap
127 Simple and Happy Days
126 She is His Weak Spo
125 Considerate
124 Affectionate
123 The Intimacy Between The Married Couple
122 Temptations
121 Preparing Transparent Lingerie
120 The Feelings A Mother Gives
119 The Mother-in-Laws Enthusiasm
118 The Mother- and Daughter-In-Law Meets
117 Astonishing
116 No Need to Impress
115 You Are The Most Beautiful
114 The Jia and Shen Families Start Fighting
113 The Influential Family with a Thousand-Year History
112 His Heartache
111 The Second Daughter of the Meng Family Gets Slapped
110 The Top Socialite Loses it!
109 Deceiving the Second Daughter of the Meng Family!
108 Gentle Care
107 Display of Affection
106 Young Master Xie Vs. Young Master Su
105 The Couple Shops Together
104 Old Lady Shens Irritation
103 The Shen family in a State of Chaos
102 The Center of Public Attention
101 The Jia Family Accepts an Interview
100 Fantasy
99 Yang Sirus Suspicions
98 Preparation
97 A Little Nervous
96 Mother is Coming to Ning An City
95 Pamper
94 Cannot Offend Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue
93 The Jia Familys Dilemma
92 Rejuvenating Feelings
91 The Dispute Between the Su Siblings
90 The Burning Flames Between the Two of Them
89 Pleading For His Trus
88 Apathy And Alienation
87 Meng Xintongs Plea For Help
86 Where Does The Heart Lie?
85 Spoiling And Indulgence
84 The Investigated Information
83 The Meng Familys Plans
82 The Contrast Between Yun and Meng
81 Breaking News on Miss Su
80 Gunsho
79 Magnificent and Elegan
78 Breaking News
77 An Odd Feeling
76 A Small Punishmen
75 Yun Bixue Gone Mad
74 Sharp and Fierce
73 Inciting Yun Mengshi
72 Uninvited Gues
71 Yun Mengshis Fear
70 Hand in Hand, We Shall Grow Old Together
69 Lets Go Home
68 His Late Apology
67 Are You Here to Mock Me?
66 Everything is Under Control
65 The Xie Familys Background and Origin
64 Meng Xintong
63 Helping Mr. Duan Realize his Dreams
62 Gone Mad
61 Overflowing Warmth
60 She Won’t Be Bothering You Anymore
59 Miao Zifus Fear
58 So You’ve Taken a Liking to a Wealthy Man
57 Yun Bixue Begins Her Wrath
56 Miao Zifus Helplessness and Envy
55 The Meng Familys Guest, An Yexuan
54 This Time, Madam is Smar
53 The Top Socialite is Nothing More than Tha
52 Conflic
51 Shopping At The Supermarket Together
50 Just Like Consoling A Loved Child
49 Young Master Xie Saves The Situation
48 Yun Bixues Rage
47 Rushing to the Yun family
46 Grandfather Suffers A Heart Attack
45 Su Lenghan And Meng Xinyan
44 Su Lenghans Call
43 Wallowing In Grief
42 Taking Hold of the Shen Familys Documents
41 The Kindness after Getting Discharged
40 The Shen Family Behind Closed Doors
39 A Pretentious and Hypocritical Lady
38 Young Master Xies Warmth
37 Young Master Xie Returns
36 Assassination
35 A Car Acciden
34 You Must be on Guard for Your Safety
33 Old Lady Shens Treacherous Plot Part II
32 Old Lady Shens Treacherous Plot Part I
31 Old Madam Wants to Meet Her
30 Bidding the Past Self Goodbye
29 Meeting An Yexuan Again
28 Fighting Back Miao Zifu
27 Yun Familys Ancestral Home
26 The Beginning of Dealing with Scum
25 Grandfather Wakes Up
24 The Nights Kiss
23 No Need to Thank Me in the Future
22 Young Master Xies Culinary Skill
21 Cohabitation
20 Grandfathers Surgery by Top ‘Gold-Medal’ Doctor
19 Shunning the Heart-breaker
18 Su Lenghans Suspicion Toward the Newspaper
17 Enjoying Spicy Hotpot with Young Master Xie
16 Cherishing the Warmth
15 Wedding Certificate Collection
14 Good Things are Coming
13 Do You Dare to Marry Me?
12 The Overwhelming News
11 Her Moment of Weakness
10 The Aggressiveness of the Reporters
9 Young Master Xies Rescue and His Gentleness
8 Drunk and Escorted to His Bed
7 The Heart Has Grown Cold When They Meet Again
6 Three Day Limi
5 Yun Familys Unbearable Old Lady
4 An Yexuans Conditions
3 Young Master Xies Helping Hand
2 Falling Injury
1 Dressed Up