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Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower

Author: Food Shopkeeper

Lastchapter: 930 Sleep with Me for a Night and We Can Talk About Anything

Updated: 2020-05-23 20:04

930 Sleep with Me for a Night and We Can Talk About Anything
929 Her Growing Care for Him
928 Feeling Lonely?
927 Lu Zhanbei, You Cheated!
926 Childhood Sweethearts?!
925 If You Dare to Capitalize on Your Seniority Again, Dont Blame Me for Hitting Your Mouth
924 The Consequences of Holding Someone High Up and Stomping Someone Down Low
923 At the Scene of Courtship
922 Hit Them!
921 A Foreman Who Didnt Deliver Food Wasnt a Good CEO
920 A Blind Date Gathering
919 Getting into the Future Mother-in-Laws Good Books
918 Well Done
917 Attack of the Special Assistant!
916 A Patient with Advanced Hand Cancer
915 One Suppression Every Nigh
914 Thats Lin Wanwans Boyfriend
913 Lu Zhanbei, Help!
912 She Had Thrown a Lot of Face
911 Feels Great!
910 Im Sure That Youve Already Won
909 Lin Wanwans a Lunatic!
908 Where Did This Hobo Come From?
907 Unforeseen Situation
906 It Was Clearly Intentional
905 Get Her Out of Here!
904 Darling, Forgive Me~
903 Badger Game
902 I Am the Beam of Ligh
901 Hand Raised, Knife Down
900 No One Could Run Away
899 Continue to Hit Her Until She Becomes Obedient!
898 Men Who Practice Domestic Violence Deserve to Die
897 Its That Simple to Hit Ones Face
896 Forcing a Kiss in Public
895 Youre Not Fit to Be Someone from Xia Country!
894 Im the Wind and Hes the Sand
893 Lets Give Birth to a Baby, Shall We?
892 Ill Call the Police If You Mess Around
891 So, You Guys Are Siblings!
890 Damned Arrogance
889 If You Want to Lead a Good Life, You Have to Be Made a Cuckold Firs
888 I Dont Have a Ruthless Girlfriend Who Abandons Her Boyfriend
887 Secretly Came to See Her
886 You Asked for I
885 Here, Hit Me
884 She Even Dared to Dump the CEO. She Was Really Respected
883 You Have Such a Ruthless Hear
882 Lu Zhanbei, Ive Made a Decision
881 I Dont Kill Women
880 Is Mr. Lu Thinking About His Last Words?
879 Fortune Favors Fools
878 Who Exactly Was She?
877 The Opponent Was Too Weak. It Wasnt Exciting Enough
876 Unforgettable Hatred!
875 The Slutiness of a Vixen
874 Being Beautiful Meant That She Had a Messy Private Life?
873 Lu Zhanbei, I’ve Suddenly Realized You Have a Strong Desire to Live
872 Walking Away Gracefully
871 Plotting Against You Was Just to Climb Up the Ranks
870 This Vixen Did It Deliberately
869 Its Me. Are You Surprised?
868 This Kiss Was Only the Beginning
867 Seductive Red Lips
866 Not Lacking Women the Mos
865 As Long as You Are Willing to Forgive Me
864 The Real Vixen
863 Everyone, Come Out for a Meal
862 I Wont Give Up
861 This Is the Consequence of Kidnapping Si Han!
860 Was He Challenging Him?
859 I Want Your Life
858 Ready to Be Dealt With?
857 This Matter Has Blown Up
856 My Eyes Are Saying I’m Unwilling
855 Everyone Was Crazy Over Him
854 Do You Want to Touch It?
853 In the Heat of the Nigh
852 The Path Winds Along Mountain Ridges
851 You Can Have Only One Man in This Lifetime. Hes Called Lu Zhanbei!
850 Im Still So Young. Of Course I Have to Find a Spare Tire
849 Youre Really Awesome. Its So Good to Have Known You!
848 I Love You
847 We Will Spend the Remaining Days Happily
846 He Cant Die!
845 How Cruel
844 Lin Wanwan, Look at Me
843 Besides Waiting for Death, There Was No Other Option
842 Next Time... Ill Accompany You to Watch the Sunrise Again
841 Im Not Dead Ye
840 I... Will No Longer Care About Your Life and Death
839 This Is Called Fun
838 Change Clothes for Your Master
837 Then... Just Cry
836 He Was So Cold
835 Tell Me, How Long Does He Have to Live?
834 If Youre Not Willing to Take Responsibility, I Really Cant Be Married Off
833 Making Arrangements for After His Passing...
832 The Truth Is Cruel
831 Lu Zhanbeis Strange Look 4
830 Lu Zhanbeis Strange Look 3
829 Lu Zhanbeis Strange Look 2
828 Lu Zhanbeis Strange Look 1
827 Wanwan, Dont Ever Forget Me...
826 Dont Think of Touching Me
825 Very Purely Wanted to Take a Bath with You
824 Ignore These Two Retards
823 He Should Completely Disappear!
822 Lu Zhanbei, Hug Me
821 Breaking a Finger with One Knife
820 Ill Help to Take Revenge for Her
819 Lost My First Kiss
818 A Stifling Invasion
817 Kill Him!
816 It Looks Like Your Face Isnt Pained Enough
815 It Was Damn Ridiculous
814 Havent You Always Wanted Me?
813 Whether I Can Walk Out of Here Alive or Not, You Will Die Without a Burial Place!
812 The Drug Had Kicked In
811 I Wish You a Happy Death
810 Tell Me, What Did You Put in the Wine?
809 Let Her Go! 2
808 Let Her Go! 1
807 Sensing Danger!
806 Sir, What Did You Drink?
805 Before I Die, She Would Definitely Still Be Alive
804 A Search in the Whole City
803 Dont Stop Her... Dont Stop Her...
802 You... Dont Want Me Anymore?
801 Fu Zhinians Crisis 2
800 Fu Zhinians Crisis 1
799 Not Bearing Good Intentions
798 Tang Chen Flared Up
797 Youre Not to Be a Hooligan Without My Permission
796 What a Bumper Harves
795 We Are Too Late
794 Once I Made a Move, I Forced Her to a Desperate Situation!
793 Grandmother, Heroine Lin
792 Trying to Make Her Admit a Confession by Using Torture? Lets Wait and See!
791 Lin Wanwan, Arent You Going to Tell Me the Details of Your Killing Quickly?
790 Luo Nanxis Death
789 Tang Chen Got Into a Car Acciden
788 Damn It, Damn It!!!
787 Leaving Behind a Bright Lipstick Stain
786 Similar World Views and Values
785 This Is My Girlfriend. The Getting-Married Kind of Girlfriend
784 Lu Zhanbei = Coward?
783 Slipped?!
782 The Bathroom Was in a Mess
781 Have You Forgotten Something?
780 You. All of You. Care About Him More
779 The Sweetness Under the Snow
778 Recovering the Previously Lost Surprise
777 This Is the Kiss You Owe Me
776 You Have Been Waiting for Me All This While...
775 Defeating Luo Nanxi
774 So Daring, Just Like Your Husband
773 On the Protecting Wife Mode
772 Taste of Conspiracy 2
771 Taste of Conspiracy 1
770 Tried to Steal a Chicken Only to Lose the Rice Again
769 Lu Zhanbei, Tang Chen? Since When Did They Share Such a Good Relationship?
768 Playing a Piece with Four Hands
767 Yes, I Wish for Them to Break Up Soon
766 What a Tragedy
765 Sorry, I Have Played Enough
764 Why Dont We Increase the Stakes
763 So Much Hatred for Her
762 Fate Through Thick and Thin
761 If You Make Me Go Hungry for Too Long, I Will Become Desperate
760 A Fox Will Reveal Its Tail Sooner or Later
759 So Flirtatious
758 Anyone Who Looked Like a Love Rival Should Be Shot Dead
757 Did He... Think About Me?
756 Shower Together to Save Water
755 Very Purely Wanted to Sleep with Her
754 The Woman Closest to Lu Zhanbei
753 The Friendship Between Gentlemen Appears Indifferent But Is Pure Like Water
752 How Could a Gentle and Kind Saint Kill Someone?
751 Grab Her
750 Ah!!!
749 Its Obvious Youre the One Whos My Financier
748 Not Worthy to Receive Freedom
747 In a Single Day
746 Lu Zhanbei... I Have No Mother Again...
745 Love Can Drive One Insane
744 The Final Check-up
743 Ones with True Love Would Always Become Siblings
742 Both of Them Deserved to Die!
741 Neither of Them Was Good at All
740 A Strange Silence
739 Theres a Show to Watch
738 Unless I Die!
737 Stop Speaking, Alright?
736 Im Going to Kill You, Kill You!
735 Madam Yu... Hung Herself!
734 Mother Meets Daughter 3
733 Mother Meets Daughter 2
732 Mother Meets Daughter 1
731 Twisted and Unfortunate Love Life
730 Heartless Woman
729 There Are Things That You Shouldnt Say
728 Tang Chens Love
727 Was She Sorry?
726 Dont Cry, It Hurts My Hear
725 Dont! Touch! Me!
724 Give Me a Reason
723 Is It Worth It?
722 Thank You, Madam Yu
721 Mo Jiu Works for Lu Zhanbei!
720 Nobody Could Do This But Him!
719 Did You Think Im Considering Suicide?
718 Not Giving Up ‘Til the Last Second
717 Lu Zhanbei, This Lunatic!
716 Listen Up, Dont Even Think of Breaking Up!
715 The Old Man Who Had Suffered
714 A Flea Who Didnt Know Its Place
713 Grandpa Has Disappeared
712 Couldnt Bear to Destroy Everything That Mattered to Her
711 It Was Safer to Murder a Person with a Borrowed Knife
710 Mother Loves You Forever
709 Im Hungry
708 So It Turned Out That You Like Me This Much
707 This Man Was Not Only Good-looking...
706 Stay Away from Me!
705 I Will Definitely Try My Best to Make the Two of You Break Up
704 Dont Read Too Much Into I
703 Indeed, It Was Swee
702 Are You Satisfied with Me Paying Such a Price?
701 Paranoid, Crazy, and Ruthless
700 The Battle Between Father and Son
699 Dont Want to Let You Go
698 Never Seen Such a Scary-looking Lu Zhanbei
697 Save Him Quick!
696 Please, Come Out Quickly!
695 Lin Wanwan, I Miss You
694 Lu Zhanbei! Stop Quickly. I Wont Look Anymore!
693 The Mysterious Shir
692 Murdering a Person with a Borrowed Knife
691 Taking Revenge on Lu Zhanbei
690 The Happiness Within
689 A Womans Heart Is the Most Vicious
688 Angering the Wife
687 A Slap to the Face! 3
686 A Slap to the Face! 2
685 A Slap to the Face! 1
684 Inviting Humiliation?
683 Who Asked Me to Like You
682 Lu Zhanbeis New Identity
681 A Group of Clowns
680 A Dancing Vixen
679 You Will Never Be Able to “Stand Up”
678 Its Not Too Late to Take Care of That Woman After Playing Lu Zhanbei to His Death
677 Come and Find Me. Ill Provide for You
676 Yes, I Miss You
675 You Guessed Correctly. I Am Playing You
674 This Was Impossible!
673 Do You Have a Vixen Outside
672 Yes, Returning Home to Accompany the Boyfriend
671 Why Pretend to Be Innocen
670 Do Whatever He Can to Keep Her Worry-free
669 Sensing Something Fishy
668 Im Still a Virgin
667 Youre Shameless!
666 Stealing His Girl
665 Coincidentally, You Like Me Too
664 Who Was the Gentleness in Her Eyes For?
663 No Limit to Her Tricks 2
662 No Limit to Her Tricks 1
661 This Naughty Girl
660 You Have a Good Plan, I Have a Wall Ladder
659 As Long as You Continue to Treat Me Well
658 Lin Wanwan, Youre Being Given the Cold Shoulder
657 This Is Called Using a Series of Skills and Tricks
656 It Was Finally Here!
655 Sorry, You Were Implicated by Me Again
654 Lost the Role
653 Someones Playing Us in the Shadows
652 Heh, Woman
651 If You Want to Break Up, Ill...
650 It Looked Like a Reminder But It Was Actually a Warning
649 Goosebumps. The Jealous King Arrives
648 Lin Xiao Actually... Liked Luo Han!
647 I Love the Gif
646 Your Relationship Will Never Face the Ligh
645 Uninvited Gues
644 Is This the Only Way?
643 Give Him Whatever He Wants
642 Mr. Lu Is “Shy”
641 Turning the Tide
640 Your Ability Is No Differen
639 Cant Let You Live Forever, But I Can Promise You Longevity
638 The Tables Have Turned. Her Face Is Swollen!
637 Full of Sluttiness
636 She Should Drop That Idea Now
635 A Tormenting Little Thing
634 The Truth
633 Here, Open Your Mouth
632 Youre Not Allowed to Hit My Mother!
631 The Big Boss Gives Orders to Clear Ou
630 Experienced with Knife Skills
629 A Good Slap, a Good Slap...
628 The News About the Childhood Friends
627 Check into a Room and Sleep Together
626 So-called "Family"
625 Surrounded by Love
624 Going All Ou
623 Exposed Photos
622 "Adulterous Pair"
621 Man on the Bed
620 Her Friendliness Was All a Pretense
619 The Real White-Eyed Wolf
618 Why Are You Here Instead of Selling Your Body to Please Your Financier?
617 We Can Make Our Relationship Public
616 Now, We Should Talk About Creating Babies
615 Why Did That Missus Help Us
614 This Trick Was Ruthless!
613 My Woman Will Follow Me
612 Dont Be Afraid, Im Here
611 "Missus Lu"
610 As Virtue Rises One Foot, Vice Rises Ten
609 Entering the Lions Den
608 Si Dadas in Trouble!
607 Strike Again!
606 Eat, Sleep, Create Babies
605 The Princess Makes a Grand Entrance
604 There Was a Show to Watch Again!
603 The List of Love Rivals
602 Throw Them Out Together
601 From Today On, Im the Female Owner Here
600 The Two Exchanged Blows
599 Dissatisfaction
598 Not Easy to Deal With
597 Putting On a Show
596 Lin Wanxin
595 Even If I’m Alone, I Can Live Well!
594 The Main Personality Returns
593 Call Him Husband
592 To Sleep a Hundred Times
591 The Best Actress Award
590 Hitting the Face of a Slu
589 We Know Each Other?
588 He Must Take Back the Benefits That Belonged to Him
587 One Speaks More to Cover the Truth
586 Love Rivals Gathering
585 Ruan Qinghe... Ruan Baoer
584 I Want Her
583 Just for Fun
582 I Dont Mind Fu as My Surname
581 Invading the Engagement 4
580 Invading the Engagement 3
579 Invading the Engagement 2
578 Invading the Engagement 1
577 Lu Zhanbei Is Blessed to Marry Someone Like Me
576 Kill That Betrayer!
575 Lets Raise the Stakes Since We Are at I
574 Climbing Onto the Bed in the Middle of the Nigh
573 The Demonic Wife-Protector Is Online
572 Other Intentions
571 Yet Another Twist!
570 Thoroughly Swee
569 A Strong Argumen
568 You Will Call Me Father Sooner or Later
567 Its Over Between Us
566 The Jealousy That Was Not Easily Detectable
565 Your Son Only Reacts to Lin Wanwan
564 The Combination of Two Swords. Getting Away with Infuriating Someone
563 Bringing the Official Girlfriend to Cause a Scene
562 I Want to Propose
561 Unique Candlelight Dinner
560 Isnt It Disgusting? Isnt It Laughable?
559 Inside Story! He Had Interfered Too Much. Its Time to Cut His Hand
558 A Complete Victory to a Roadside Good
557 A Placenta Brain
556 Im Lucky If I Win and Its My Fate If I Don
555 Include His Surname Before Her Title as Soon as Possible
554 The Man Who Will Spend the Rest of His Life with Her Is Me. The Child She Bears Will Follow My Surname
553 As Your Boyfriend, I Have to Complement You
552 More Than Enough to Protect You On My Own
551 Eat It and Ill Spare Your Life
550 Male God Strikes Again
549 To Stir Up Trouble
548 The Live Scene That Lost Control
547 An Inexplicable “Birthday Present”
546 Protest Against Wanwan
545 Youre Indeed My Son!
544 Im Willing to Sell Myself Only to You
543 The Fight Between Father and Son
542 I Promise, Tonight Will Be Pure
541 Sent to the Cold Palace and Given the Death Penalty
540 A Mans True Colors. Im More Lecherous Than a Man
539 Let Me Give a Kiss
538 Oh, Oh Yes, Yes
537 A Vicious Way to Destroy a Flower!
536 Im Male. My Preference Is Also... Male
535 The Sister-in-law Protects the Brother
534 Three Handsome Men Hand in Hand
533 Please Take Care of Me from Now On, My Girlfriend
532 A Mistake Turned Right. The Long-awaited Confession
531 An Unexpected Windfall
530 Ive Helped Him Make a Decision
529 Perfect Boyfriend
528 Slowly Tasting...
527 Lu Zhanbei Is No Longer Keeping a Low Profile
526 Not Giving a Kiss
525 The Fire of Jealousy Was Burning Fiercely
524 Having Little Conscience
523 Who Are You?
522 Hes Here
521 The Woman Who Owns My Hear
520 Believe Me, Shes Very Happy Now
519 Here, Shoot Me Here
518 To Be of Such Quality
517 Love at First Sight, Full of Admiration, It Must Be Me He Marries
516 SOS!
515 To Kill Without Batting an Eyelid
514 No Possible Escape
513 Dangerous Man
512 Are You Monitoring Me?
511 A Fly in the Ointmen
510 Lin Wanwan, I Miss You
509 Having a Cigarette After the Matters Done
508 Whos the Weakling?
507 To Slap Ones Face Regardless of Nationality 5
506 To Slap Ones Face Regardless of Nationality 4
505 To Slap Ones Face Regardless of Nationality 3
504 To Slap Ones Face Regardless of Nationality 2
503 To Slap Ones Face Regardless of Nationality 1
502 Kissing Her in Public
501 Lu Zhanbei, Youre a Refined Rascal
500 Then... Call Me...?
499 Return to the Room to Train the Ca
498 Dual Personalities
497 Youre Jealous
496 She Goes for Both Men and Women of All Kinds
495 Shes Blushing. How Cute.
494 A Little Wife Who Suffered Grievances
493 A Beast Was Not Worthy to Speak at All
492 The Silhouette on the Road
491 I Believe Lu Zhanbei
490 The Fierce Little Devil
489 The Scheming King Won Completely!
488 Its Tough Coaxing a Boyfriend
487 I Only Have You in My Hear
486 Exposed Relationship!
485 A Girl with Wild Ambitions
484 Get Rid of Evil to Give Peace to the People, Repent and Be Saved
483 Long-Lived A*shole
482 Lunatic Fantasies
481 Great Flash of Anger for a Great Beauty
480 To Cause the General Fury for the Beauty 1
479 My Surname Is Lu. My Full Name Is Lu Zhanbei
478 The Last Struggle
477 Fatal Counterattack
476 A Clown
475 Turning Someones Trick to Ones Own Use
474 Youll Be Happy Once You See Me
473 If Someone Offended Her, She Would No Longer Treat the Other Party as a Person
472 Not Bearing Good Intentions
471 Sugar-Ball Couple
470 The Queens Lips Belong to You Alone
469 Imagine the Ending Yourself...
468 Sleeping Together
467 Lu Zhanbeis Birthday Surprise
466 Its Still Too Early to Squeeze Me Dry
465 This Revenge Was Ruthless
464 Murdering Her Own Husband
463 Injected Again...
462 Check into a Room to Avoid the Jealous King
461 Please Look Forward to I
460 Doomed Eternally Once Moved
459 Nearly Kissing Each Other
458 There Was an Inside Story
457 Surprise in the Female Toile
456 Lu Zhanbeis Really Useless
455 Shall We Sleep on the Same Bed Tonight?
454 Two Difficult Men
453 Im Not Dead, Im Still Alive! 3
452 Im Not Dead, Im Still Alive! 2
451 Im Not Dead, Im Still Alive! 1
450 United as One
449 Tomorrow Will Be Your Death Day
448 Gave Him a Kiss
447 Two-Timer
446 A Casual Date
445 Maximum Survival Skills
444 The Mighty Warrior
443 Little Princess
442 Feel Free to Challenge Me
441 Our Relationship Is Not Pure
440 Lin Wanwan Had a Weakness
439 A Big Reversal
438 As Long as You Want It, I Will Get It for You
437 Hope You Suppress Si Dada Soon
436 I Was Wrong...
435 As Long as You Can Do I
434 Hypochondriasis Is a Type of Illness That Has to Be Cured
433 Intense Competition
432 One vs Three, Being Pushed Aside
431 Lu Zhanbei, Do You Still Want Face?
430 What Is Mine Is Yours. Even I Am Yours
429 Four Starlets
428 Jealous King Lu
427 After I Kill Lu Zhanbei, You Are Mine
426 Lin Wanwan Refused to Be the Third Party
425 Why Are You Not Blushing?
424 I Dont Mind You Calling Me Baby
423 Lu Zhanbei and Ball Were More Compatible
422 Showering Her with Red Packets
421 Favorable Comments Like the Waves
420 Taking Advantage of Her
419 Im a Professional Actress
418 Lost... Actually Lost...
417 Self-Panicking
416 Increasing the Be
415 Marrying a Husband Equals Marrying Tang Chen
414 Dont Be Happy Too Early 2
413 Dont Be Happy Too Early 1
412 This Was a Trick. How Ruthless.
411 Whether She Wants It or Not Is Her Business. Whether I Want to Give It or Not Is My Business.
410 The Matter Was Blown Up. Si Dadas Angry!
409 The Matter Was Blown Up
408 Going Back on Their Words
407 I Wont Be Bored Sleeping with This Woman for a Lifetime
406 The Queen Has an Order, I Must Follow I
405 What a Thick Golden Thigh...
404 In Cahoots with Each Other
403 The Real Luxury Car
402 Apologize Immediately!
401 Who Had She Provoked
400 Its None of Your Business
399 Bad Luck
398 Couple Fights
397 Dad, Mom, Baby.
396 Take Her to the Sky
395 A True Surprise
394 Naughty Hands
393 Search for Husky
392 New Role
391 No One Can Mess with His Woman!"
390 If Im Impotent, What Will You Use in the Future
389 Come Over Here Obediently, If You Don’t, Ill Carry You Over
388 This Was Too Smooth
387 Owning the Whole World
386 Ill Always Be Here from Now On
385 Dont Leave Me
384 Little Missus
383 You Actually Forgot About Me
382 Youre Still Somewhere Close, Next to Me
381 I Am Lin Xiao
380 Seeing Through Ones Identity!
379 Everything Was Incredible
378 We Are Finished
377 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 4
376 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 3
375 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 2
374 Lu Zhanbei Forms Doubt 1
373 Shock! No, This Was Impossible!
372 To Ask Straight to the Face
371 Really Want to Tell Him Im Still Alive
370 Unique
369 Si Hans Anger
368 One Must Be Wholehearted When Liking Someone
367 Looks Like You Forgot All About That Famous Actress
366 I Want a Status
365 Play It by Ear and Give Her a Slap in the Face
364 Go and Marry Such a Good Man
363 Madness Dominating the Screen
362 Are You Game?
361 Official, Your Servant Will Feed You
360 Such Is the Truth. Up to You to Believe It or No
359 Say That You Like Me
358 Declaring Sovereignty
357 An Additional Jar of Vinegar Next to Her
356 The Right and Proper Boyfriend
355 I Dont Like Him Now
354 Being Serious
353 You Better Pray That Lin Wanwan Would Be Safe Forever
352 How Rich Was He Exactly?
351 If Its You, Im Willing to Make an Exception
350 Husband Following the Tune of the Wife
349 A Demonic Wife-Protector
348 Only Belongs to You
347 Then Do You Want to Try?
346 I Will Lay My Hands on You When Youre Bigger
345 The Sudden and Unstoppable Confession
344 Upgraded Sweetness
343 Exposed Relationship!
342 Why Was This Man So Good to Her
341 Im Watching You
340 A Sneaky Silhouette
339 Why Are You Here?
338 Lin Wanwan Can Only Be Pampered
337 I Want You
336 Trying to Be a Hooligan in Broad Dayligh
335 Her Heart Has Already Promised Me
334 Queen, Forgive Me 2
333 Queen, Forgive Me 1
332 Hes Really Here!
331 Jealous!
330 In a Heartbea
329 Ill Take It When the Flower Blossoms
328 A Taste of Her Own Medicine
327 What a View...
326 The Show Begins
325 Dont Mess with His Woman!
324 Venomous at Hear
323 Lin Wanwan Got Kidnapped
322 Am I a Monster?
321 A Slap on the Face! Every Dog Has Its Turn!
320 The Moment of Witnessing a Miracle
319 One Divides into Two
318 Unwilling to Take This Lying Down? Hold It!
317 Supporting Her
316 I Dont Mind Sending Whoever Touches Her to Hell
315 Making Things Difficul
314 The Birthday Party 3
313 The Birthday Party 2
312 The Birthday Party 1
311 Little Lover, Listen to Me
310 Pink Bubbles Are Spreading
309 Lets Wait and See!
308 Unable to Flare Up
307 Getting Away with Infuriating Someone 2
306 Getting Away with Infuriating Someone 1
305 A Dream-Like Kinship
304 Thin Relationship Between Father and Daughter
303 Have a Blissful Marriage and a Baby Soon
302 Youre Back, Youre Really Back
301 Just for You, I Will Be Fine
300 The Best Cake in My Life
299 An Incredible Though
298 The Scheming Boy Strikes Again
297 Admitting Defeat Immediately in Front of a Strong Opponen
296 The First Argumen
295 Theres Only One Her in This World
294 We Would Be Eternal Enemies
293 Oh My God! We Were Tricked! Run Quickly!
292 Give Me One Minute, Ill Give You a Surprise
291 Dear, Youre Grea
290 Showcasing Ones Talen
289 Get Lost, Let Me Handle It!
288 A Dangerous Momen
287 Meeting the Dream Lover by Chance
286 Highly Unexpected
285 Flirt!!! Lu Zhanbeis Words Among Words 2
284 Flirt!!! Lu Zhanbeis Words Among Words 1
283 Lin Wanwan... No Longer a Fool
282 The Shock from the Explosion!
281 Completely Remove the Label of a Fool
280 Because Shes a Fool
279 I Dont Like Small Steamed Buns
278 So Furious!!!
277 As Long as the Beauty Is in My Hands, What Use Do I Have for Face?
276 I... Like You
275 A Crazy Kiss
274 Ms. Lin, Sirs in Trouble
273 Si Dadas Great!
272 Chase First, Sleep Later
271 He Has Been Secretly Noticing You
270 Believe in Me to Have Eternal Life
269 It Was Only a Slight Difference Between Heaven and Hell
268 Lin Wanwan, Who Exactly Are You?!
267 The Truth Was Ou
266 I Am Jennifer...
265 Aggressiveness
264 A Wolf in Front and a Tiger Behind
263 The Fish Had Been Baited
262 Sowing Discord
261 Taste of Conspiracy
260 Dominating the News and Inciting Criticism
259 Its Easier to Get Her That Way
258 Really Want to Kiss Her
257 Lu Zhanbei = Little Fresh Mea
256 Dirty-Minded
255 Join Hands with Me? Do You Think You Are Worthy?
254 A Fake Is a Fake
253 Misfortunes Never Come Singly
252 Causing Trouble Again
251 Lin Xiaos Dead, Lin Wanwans Still Alive
250 My Mind Is Set and Im Going to Snatch Her from You
249 Lend Me Your Gun
248 A Big Awkward Mistake
247 The God of Plague Arrives
246 Look, This Is My Woman
245 Its My Honor to Sleep with You!
244 Everyones Drunk But Im Sober
243 The Victory of Balls Fans!
242 Where Was the True Love We Talked Abou
241 Beautiful Beyond the Horizon
240 A Competition for Beauty of Looks
239 When Lu Zhanbei Went Casual, He Was Really Not Human-Like!
238 My Woman Is Finally Willing to Spend My Money
237 A Beautiful Turnaround 3
236 A Beautiful Turnaround 2
235 A Beautiful Turnaround 1
234 An Undeserved Catastrophe 2
233 An Undeserved Catastrophe 1
232 A Hundred Billion Yuan Was Exchanged for a Beautys Doub
231 Youre Beautiful Tonigh
230 Making Good Use of Waste Material
229 Yes, I Miss You
228 Lin Wanwans Relationship Was Exposed?!
227 A Very Handsome Young Man
226 Rope Play
225 Only Relying on Myself
224 Foolish and Blind
223 Good Night, My Darling
222 Defense Is the Best Offense
221 Who Is the Shameless One?
220 Overbearing Lus God-like Operation
219 Dont Be Afraid, Just Do It!
218 Small Aun
217 A Date with the Male God
216 A Piece of Bad News
215 Protect Her, Pamper Her, Not Let Anyone Bully Her
214 Should He Pursue Lin Wanwan?
213 Hes So Despicable to Use His Looks to Seduce Me!
212 Keep Ones Chastity and Not Lower Oneself
211 Beloved Little Wild Horse
210 Looking at an Idio
209 The End of Bai Youran
208 Cutting Bonds
207 Add Fuel to the Flame
206 Unforgiving Girl
205 Unspoken Consensus
204 Heart of a Young Girl
203 Give Me a Smile!
202 Someones in Trouble
201 Heart-stopping Moment!
200 Stupid Woman with a Low IQ and EQ
199 Lin Wanwan, Who Are You to Me?
198 To Be Gentle to Her Forever
197 Someones About to Become a Hungry Wolf!
196 Lu Zhanbeis Palpitating Heartbea
195 Continuously Kissing Her
194 Didnt Have the Heart to, Couldnt Bear to, Have a Heartache?
193 You Are Not Like You Today
192 How Arrogant!
191 Hang in There, Ill Bring You Away Immediately
190 The Drug Addiction Kicked Up!
189 Resorting to Fraudulence
188 A Hero Saving a Damsel in Distress
187 Trouble Comes Knocking 2
186 Trouble Comes Knocking 1
185 Forced by Someone
184 In the Limeligh
183 A Crazy Increase in the Number of Followers
182 What Has Her Anger Got to Do with Me?
181 You Dont Have to Put Up a Strong Front in Front of Me
180 One Persons Movie
179 Poisonous Words from a Slu
178 The Worrying Stops When There Are Too Many Debts
177 I Really Want to Devote My Life to You
176 A Murderous Look
175 Look How Ill Deal with You!
174 Glad to Be a Beas
173 This Is What You Get for Offending Me
172 Ill Hit Whichever Slut That Comes My Way
171 A Cuckold Again and Again
170 Acting
169 You Are Not a Fool
168 Is It Possible to Be in Love with Two Women
167 Soft, But a Little Small
166 The Man Hiding Under the Bed Shee
165 Delivered by a Beautiful Man
164 You Have the Guts to Steal My Man
163 Lu Zhanbei, Luo Han. Uncle and Nephew?
162 Live With No Regrets
161 You Are Not on Her Level
160 Specialized in Attacking Arrogant Faces 2
159 Specialized in Attacking Arrogant Faces 1
158 The Two Acting Experts Got Away with Infuriating Her
157 To Catch the Small Liar
156 How to Choose Between Desserts and Luo Han
155 Theres No Hurt If Theres No Comparison
154 Can a Second-Rate Actor Like You Kiss Me?
153 What? Lu Zhanbei Likes Her?
152 You Want to Press Me Down?
151 He Actually... Towards a Little Girl
150 Its All You in My Mind
149 I Can Recognize You Even from Your Ashes
148 Two "Men" Hugging
147 A Female Picking Someone Up from the Airport in a Males Outfi
146 Fu Zhinian, This Boy Was Quite Smar
145 60... 60... Its All 60...
144 Cant Survive Not Teasing Her for a Day
143 A Public Audition
142 Getting into the Future Girlfriends Good Books
141 Knocking Luo Han Off His Feet?
140 Hug Me and Make a Turn
139 Get Out or I Will Kill You
138 Changed Man
137 A Hundred Thousand on Lin Wanwan
136 The Kindest Soul
135 Credit Taken...
134 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow
133 He Really Kissed Her!
132 Im Serious About Lin Wanwan
131 Stealing Your Girl
130 If I Say, Im Willing to Like You
129 Si Han Strikes, I Own the World
128 Dog-Eat-Dog, What a Feeling
127 Congratulations, Youre in Big Trouble Now
126 Young Tang Knows How to Play
125 Look Quietly, Training a Dog Is Something a Man Should Do
124 The Two Acting Experts at Work
123 The Last Warning
122 Exceeding the Boyfriend-o-Meter!
121 Passionate Roses, Fiery Ocean
120 The Despicable Pair
119 Revealing Relationship
118 Invite Him to Sleep Together
117 Teamed Up to Shame
116 Mr. Lu, the Delivery Man
115 Wanwan, Im Really in Love with You
114 The Bet Is On!
113 Seduction from a Nasty Man
112 Hitting On Her?
111 Paparazzi Once Again
110 Give Her a Lesson
109 Easily Adaptable
108 You A*s! Beast in Human Clothing!
107 You... Are You Treating Me Like Your Daughter?
106 You Have the Right to Scold Me, But I Also Have the Right to Say No! 2
105 You Have the Right to Scold Me, But I Also Have the Right to Say No! 1
104 Even I Have Never Forced Her Before, Nobody Else Is Qualified to Do So Either
103 Financier? Lover?
102 What Was This Girls Background
101 The Queen and Knigh
100 Smile
99 Always Meeting on the Sly
98 Protected by Everyone
97 Yes, I Will Obey Your Command!
96 Now, Do You Know Who I Like?
95 Lin... Could This Be Gods Will?
94 Meeting Si Han Again
93 Lu Zhanbei, Where Exactly Are You Bringing Me To?
92 Do You Mean You Want to Provide for Me?
91 Its Impossible that Lin Wanwans a Fool!
90 What Goes Around Comes Around! 3
89 What Goes Around Comes Around! 2
88 What Goes Around Comes Around! 1
87 Ill Give You Three Seconds to Consider
86 Mysterious Caller
85 Ill Tell You If You Kiss Me
84 #Lin Wanwan, Get Out of the Entertainment Circle#
83 This Brat Is So Arrogant!
82 Lin Wanwan, We Ask That You Get Ou
81 Im All Out of Love
80 Sorry, I Lost Control
79 Lu Zhanbei Lost Control
78 Deja Vu
77 Giving a Thief Money?
76 Everyone Remembers Her
75 Wont Break a Sweat Destroying Her
74 She Is Not That Person
73 Who Do You Choose?
72 Cupids Arrow on the Wrong Men
71 Praise the Sows for Their Beauty
70 Give Me Two Billion Yuan and Im Yours
69 You Can Find Me If Anyone Bullies You in the Future
68 I Have Long Recovered, and I’m Not a Fool
67 To Give Someone a Dose of Her Own Medicine!
66 An Unexpected Counterattack 2
65 An Unexpected Counterattack 1
64 Things Were Made Difficult for Wanwan
63 Landing a Blow on a Cotton Pad
62 Days with Good Progression
61 To Be Blurred When in the Doldrums
60 More Than Meets the Eye
59 Wanwans First Fan
58 I Have No Interest in Kids
57 Instinct of a Man
56 Does It Have to Be This Dirty?
55 He Thought That He Hid It Well
54 There Is Someone He Liked
53 Mocked by a Fool?
52 Takes Skills to Be a Fool
51 Million Watt Smile
50 Kiss Kiss~
49 A Sensation on the Interne
48 Knock Them Down for Me
47 Dont Mess with a Lunatic
46 A Fool Must Be Aware Shes a Fool
45 I, Lin Wanwan, Will Be Able to Conquer the Entertainment Circle Soon
44 It Must Not Have Been Her Who Asked for a Kiss!
43 This Man Knew How to Flir
42 Lets Sleep Together
41 Ill Be Your Wife
40 I Have a Better Way
39 Homeless
38 Fall Out! I Dont Care!
37 Kneel!
36 Mental Age of Six?
35 Absolute Beauty From Within
34 Obsession!
33 What Happened Between You and Lu Zhanbei
32 Still a Hooligan After Taking My First Kiss
31 None of Your Business
30 We Are No Longer Related from Today Onwards
29 Miss You, Want to See You
28 A Nuisance Call to Lu Zhanbei
27 "Small Sick Cat" Attacks
26 Wanted to Deal With Her Using Little Tricks?
25 A Bold and Shameless Fool
24 Oh God, What Nonsense Is She Uttering
23 Im Already Giving You Face by Not Having Sex With You
22 Lu Zhanbei... Im Feeling Terrible
21 This Is the Second Time Youve Snatched Someone From Me
20 Want... Me?
19 Dear, Just Call Me Dear
18 I... Really Want to Kiss You
17 The Candid Boss
16 Lin Wanwan = Fangirl
15 "Coincidental Meetup" with a Weird Man
14 Superb Acting Skills
13 Dont Take Things for Granted, This Is Not Something You Should Ask
12 He Was Simply a Beast!
11 I Discovered a Rat, Bring Her Over to Me
10 A Bloody Scene
9 Lin Wanwan... Thank You and Goodbye
8 I Did It Deliberately, So Come at Me!
7 A Fool Was Also Capable of Counterattacks
6 The Sarcastic and Mean Hag
5 A Kiss of Affection
4 The Mysterious Mr. Lu
3 Im The One Whos Your Boyfriend
2 So Shes A Fool
1 I Am Your Husband