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So You“re Such A Doctor Song

Author: Leaf Snow

Lastchapter: 331 You Know What, Yan Molun Got Water For Sang Hua Too Yesterday

Updated: 2020-07-09 17:29

331 You Know What, Yan Molun Got Water For Sang Hua Too Yesterday
330 Holding Hands Before Hugging. Take It Step By Step. Dont Be Too Impatien
329 In This Life, There Was A Kiss That Happened While Riding A Horse On A Beautiful Grass Plain
328 How Thick Must The Ring Be For It To Fit When You Return After Three Months?
327 Dont Tell Anyone, Especially Chuchu.
326 Afraid I Wouldn’t Come Back? Missed Me?
325 Who Knows? Anyway, Youre A Woman Who Doesnt Mean What You Say
324 The Situation Right Now Is... Yan Molun Kissed Me...
323 It Means I Would Only Get Bath Water For The Woman I Am Interested In
322 I’m Not Just Impressive At This; I’m Even More Impressive At Other Things
321 I Wont Repay You With My Body Even Though You Saved Me Yesterday
320 Could This Be The Legendary Teasing?
319 Yan Molun Said, "Youve Become Skinnier And Uglier."
318 Mr. Yan Almost Could Not Recognize Her When They Met Again
317 I Suddenly Feel Like I’m A Knowledgeable And Kind Person
316 In The End, Song Chuchu Said, "Dont Take Sweet Talk Seriously."
315 Changqing Felt Increasingly Hopeless As She Looked On. It Seemed Like Dogs Cannot Be Randomly Crossbred Indeed
314 Only The Ordinary Is Real And Only Companionship Is Everlasting.
313 I Ran Into Your Brother At A Bar A Couple Of Days Ago And He Was Pretty Drunk
312 Molun Wasn’t Like This In The Past. Was He Led Astray By Jiang Duoyao?
311 Miss Jiang, Ill Tell You Honestly That I’m Indeed Interested In You
310 I Heard About What Happened To Miss Jiang Recently; It Does Seem Quite Bad
309 Were Having A Baby
308 Changqing Would Never Believe That Jiang Duoyao Was Such A Person
307 He Thought She Would Cry And Complain About The Pain But He Didn’t Think She Would Say "I Love You So Much" Instead
306 My Honeymoon Is About Being Unreasonable Whenever I Wan
305 The Romantic Things He Said Softly In Her Ear Were More Touching Than Anything Else
304 She’s Someone I Had My Eyes On
303 Song Chuchu Has Changed
302 Duoyao As The Bridesmaid, Molun As The Groomsman
301 Praising Your Acting Skills
300 Having Each Other In Their Minds
299 Merry Christmas
298 A Ton Of Bad Habits
297 Bully My Wife
296 Saying His Heartfelt Thoughts To His Mom For The First Time
295 I Just Like You
294 You Look Really Good Today
293 Then Come Over Here To Hug Me
292 Youre Too Childish
291 The Late Marriage Proposal
290 Unlike Me, I Dont Have Any Dreams 2
289 Unlike Me, I Dont Have Any Dreams 1
288 Obscene Questions
287 This Shameless Man
286 Was Simply Tha
285 Chinese Designer
284 End-Of-Year Award Ceremony
283 Because Im Not Divorced
282 After A Few Months
281 Autumn Turned To Winter Unknowingly
280 Just Listen To This Kind Of Songs
279 She Was So Childish
278 Can Give Birth Again
277 Secretly Looking Forward To His Arrival
276 Ill Watch The Sunrise With You
275 A Kiss In The Depths Of The Nigh
274 A Kind Of Fate
273 Brought Your Wife To Watch The Sunrise
272 Sad Memories
271 Not Allowed To Be Friends
270 Is This Your Brother?
269 Meeting Lin Yueli Again
268 I’m A Coward
267 I Called You Chuchu
266 It Was All Worth I
265 Gaze Like The Devils
264 Going To Switzerland
263 Women Did Not Have It Easy
262 Qing Bao, Do You Like Me?
261 The Person I Like
260 If Only She Was A Little More Foolish
259 How Embarrassing
258 In Order To Make My Wife Happy
257 Its Interesting Anywhere
256 Like The Couch A Lo
255 Thumping Ferociously
254 Dont Dare To Imagine 2
253 Dont Dare To Imagine 1
252 What Do You Think About That?
251 The Appearance Of The Ring
250 Life Is Full Of Surprises
249 I Bought You A Diamond Ring
248 Let Me Kiss You
247 I Am Her Husband
246 Like A Cow
245 Its All For You
244 Song Chuyi Likes Qing Bao
243 Dogs Dont Want Him
242 Not So Upse
241 Dont Even Know
240 Chuchu Was Already On The Brink Of Going Berserk
239 This Damned Woman
238 I Dont Know, And I’m Not In A Relationship With Him
237 Couldn’t Even Handle
236 Song Chuyi Was Furious
235 Four Golden Flowers Walloped Miserably
234 Hatred From Love
233 When He Was About To Be Driven Mad
232 Please Get A Divorce With Me
231 Leaving In A Dignified Way
230 Im So Young And Beautiful
229 Song Chuyis Lover
228 Holding Onto Song Yunyangs Hand
227 Not Even Entering A Beauty Contes
226 Force Him Onto The Path Of Becoming A Beas
225 Chuchu, Im Jealous
224 Annoying
223 Do You Know?
222 A Sour Smell?
221 A Patient From The Hospital Dropped I
220 Teach Her A Lesson Back Home
219 Arent I Handsome?
218 So Active And Unrestrained
217 Finally Asked For A Kiss From Him
216 You Didnt Even Say That You Like Me
215 Your Husband Is So Nice To You
214 Why Would He Find Her Dumb In The Past?
213 Submerged In Ruan Yangs Beauty
212 In The Future, I Will Only Keep You Company
211 Chuchu Is Ill
210 Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 2
209 Is This Still Her Song Chuchu? 1
208 Im Really Not Used To I
207 Im Hurting, Everywheres Hurting, and I Feel Dizzy Too 2
206 Im Hurting, Everywheres Hurting, and I Feel Dizzy Too 1
205 Snow White
204 You Would Definitely Be Bullied
203 Changqings Little Heart Was Lifted
202 Had Quite A Delightful Time Taking Photos
201 Her Husband Is So Poor
200 Delete His Number 2
199 Delete His Number 1
198 Can I Change Husbands?
197 Is It Really Okay?
196 Said You’re Ignoring Him Every Day
195 He Could Not Hold It In
194 Old Song Is Getting Crazier
193 Had To Act Coquettishly Before Him
192 She Would Act Just Like A Snail
191 The Return Date Hasn’t Been Se
190 Delicate And Beautiful
189 I Was Wrong
188 I’m Only Away For Two Days
187 Is This Real?
186 We Dont Have A Child Currently
185 I Knew You Doted On Me The Mos
184 Brother Chulang Is This Your Girlfriend?
183 Song Chuyi Had Goosebumps All Over
182 Let Me Spend Money
181 You Dont Even Love Me
180 What On Earth Were You Thinking About?
179 Then Dont Hug Me
178 Not Even Letting You Off During Broad Dayligh
177 Even More Childish Than Her 2
176 Even More Childish Than Her 1
175 Not Willing To Harm Changqing
174 For Some Things, There Are Knots After All
173 No Other Men Had Ever Been This Nice To Me
172 Full
171 You Want A Kiss, Right?
170 He Actually Said It Didn’t Look Like Her
169 Butter Up To Me
168 So Cute
167 It Was Actually Packed With Longing
166 She Almost Fainted For A Momen
165 Come Clean With Me—Were You Missing Me?
164 Women Gathered Together
163 How Can He Be So Romantic?
162 Hint At Me To Give You Fresh Flowers
161 Wheres The Candle-lit Dinner They Agreed On?
160 Song Chuchu, I Hate You
159 Changqing Was Jealous
158 Why Arent You Tired At All?
157 Would He Be This Gentle Too?
156 Are You Unwilling To See Me Lose Out?
155 Chuchu, I Was So Scared Just Now
154 Somewhere I Dont Even Know
153 Why Are You Showering Early In The Morning?
152 You’re Married To Song Chuyi, Right?
151 She Saw Robben At The Yans
150 Too Torturing To The Singles
149 Are You Sick?
148 You Were Made A Solid Cuckold
147 Its Too Much
146 Dont Urge Me To Stay
145 Tonight You Will Know How Healthy I Am
144 Its Not Bought For Me
143 I Merely Openly Loved Fu Yu For A While
142 The Song Chuchu Then And Now 2
141 The Song Chuchu Then And Now
140 Did You Put The Singapore Dollars In My Wallet?
139 The One In The Morning Is A Reward, The One At Night Is Welfare
138 Coax Your Husband
137 From Today Onwards, You Are My God
136 How Would My Wife Dare To Si
135 I’m Here
134 You Are Too Overbearing
133 Chuyi, Its Been A While
132 At That Moment, Her Heart Was About To Mel
131 Im Not Letting You Hug Me, I Dont Care For I
130 Almost Made Changqing Smitten
129 Dont Look At Me
128 Unreasonable
127 Song Chuchu Wouldn’t Possibly Be Jealous Of A Woman
126 She Had Never Been So Embarrassed In Her Entire Life
125 It Seemed As Though With Him Around, Everything Would Be Safe
124 Am I So Detestable To You?
123 Why Dont You Go Sleep In My Room?
122 Dont Go—I Dont Want To Stay Here Alone
121 Changqing Laid In His Embrace
120 He Was Actually Singing A Love Song With Another Woman
119 Why Did She Feel She Was Disappointing
118 Song Chuyi Went To Switzerland
117 Song Chuyi Is Really Despicable
116 Havent You Already Given Me Up To Guan Ying?
115 An Expression Of So Much Wrath
114 Your Wife Was With Fu Yu The Entire Nigh
113 Just Happen To Let Them Have Their Own World
112 Frightened
111 Forcing My Wife To Hype Up A Ship. Whats Going On?
110 Can You Be More Responsible?
109 I Dont Want To Train My Body With You
108 He Wasn’t Going To Beg Her
107 With Regards To Morning Exercise
106 I Can’t Let You Watch In Vain
105 She Had Such A Hobby
104 Dad, I Will Strive To Become A Father Sooner
103 You Always Approach Me
102 Chuyi Is Changqings Husband 2
101 Chuyi Is Changqings Husband 1
100 He Actually Got His Ex-girlfriends Good Friend To Be His Wife
99 You Can Humiliate Me As You Wish
98 Simply More Dashing Than God
97 It Wasn’t Me, Robben Did I
96 Let Me Tell You, I Have A Husband
95 Does Your Wife Do Skits?
94 Anyway, I Dont Want To See You
93 This Person Is Her Husband
92 Not Others
91 Deep In The Night, A Call From Guan Ying
90 Youre Too Handsome It Irks Me
89 Song Chuchu Was Really Too Stupid, Insensitive
88 She Was Actually Very Cowardly
87 Song Chuchu, You’re Too Useless
86 Changqing, We’re Husband And Wife
85 She Was Being Hugged By Him
84 We Could Have Something Going On
83 Song Chuchu, What Did You Do To Me Last Night?
82 She Almost Drove Him Mad
81 I Guarantee Youll Be So Drunk That Mr. Song Has To Carry You Away
80 I Am Her Husband, Is This Reason Sufficient 2
79 I Am Her Husband, Is This Reason Sufficient 1
78 Let Me Warm You Up Properly
77 Your Husband Got Beaten Up 5
76 Your Husband Got Beaten Up 4
75 Your Husband Got Beaten Up 3
74 Your Husband Got Beaten Up 2
73 Your Husband Got Beaten Up 1
72 Song Chuchu, I Suddenly Find You Very Handsome
71 Too In Need Of A Womans Care 2
70 Too In Need Of A Womans Care 1
69 Drink
68 Play A Game
67 When Did You Become So Nice?
66 Divorce After A Year 2
65 Divorce After A Year 1
64 Running Into That Dr. Song Who Carried You Away 2
63 Running Into That Dr. Song Who Carried You Back 1
62 Envy
61 You Dont Love Me, Nor Do I Love You
60 Let Me Remind You—You Have A Husband
59 So What If I’m Pretty? No One Likes Me.
58 Can I Look For You?
57 Could Changqing be the person occupying Fu Yus heart?
56 Depression. Part 2
55 Depression. Part 1
54 It is dispensable
53 A wife that has no standing in her family
52 They won’t want to have babies with you
51 Guan Yings plea.
50 Lets hope that scumbag Song will never watch the television ever again for the rest of his life. Part 2
49 Lets hope that scumbag Song will never watch the television ever again for the rest of his life. Part 1
48 Lets just hope you’re not shooting an ad for sanitary napkins .
47 Dont go, I didnt mean that just now.
46 Can your mind get even dirtier than this?
45 Talking in a coquettish manner, acting cute, and pretending to be pitiful.
44 Getting even with her Part 2
43 Getting even with her Part 1
42 The kid gloves treatment wasnt going to work on her, so Dr. Song had no choice but to play hardball.
41 It angered him even more.
40 Lesson
39 Dr. Song is furious
38 From now on, keep your distance from Fu Yu.
37 Was she trying to gain his favor? Part 2
36 Was she trying to gain his favor? Part 1
35 Song Chuyi caught her while she and Fu Yu were together.
34 In the end, she didn’t even give a crap about it.
33 Station Head Feng, is Chi Yining really suitable?
32 Song Chuyi, I’m not going to talk to you anymore Part 2
31 Song Chuyi, I’m not going to talk to you anymore Part 1
30 Changqing is afraid to be alone at nigh
29 My newly acknowledged godson went missing because of me
28 You dont understand. My husband wants the dog, he doesnt want the person
27 Marrying Song Chuyi was worth i
26 Could you get any more repulsive than this? Part 2
25 Could you get any more repulsive than this? Part 1
24 I dislike drawing a clear-cut dividing line in a relationship
23 Name a price—how much money do you want in order for you divorce Chuyi?
22 Your Face is so Red Part 2
21 Your Face is so Red Part 1
20 It goes without saying that the man will take care of these things
19 Is this Zuo Qian interested in you?
18 I’m on my way to the TV station now
17 His body was so ideal that she couldn’t find any flaws.
16 Her feeble soul was afflicted with 10000 points of damage
15 From today onwards, you are a married person
14 Agree to my conditions first. Only then will I marry you
13 Am I only just a Muse?
12 To have seduced someone like Zuo Qian to dance to your tune.
11 Hadn’t forgotten about his ex-girlfriend, Guan Ying
10 Blind date
9 Stop acting like an entitled bitch
8 Her face uncontrollably blushed once again.
7 Changqing, are you going to look down on me?
6 Apologize to me
5 Medical Examination
4 Its an Honor For You To Let Him Examine You Part 2
3 Its an Honor For You To Let Him Examine You Part 1
2 Sis, The Doc is Female, Right?
1 It Turns Out That Guan Ying is Fu Yus type