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Chapter 579: The Fatal Stroke

 Chapter 579: The Fatal Stroke

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Everyone came from afar to Greenwich Island to save mankind. They did not want to be heroes and would not reject additional help. Seeing that Anfey's power was comparable to Minos', their morale was greatly boosted. After taking care of Anfey, they turned to Minos. Saul, Douminge, and Eregli started to chant. They wanted to release the forbidden spell. Mauso and Bruzuryano had released the Shape Shift at the same time. One of them approached Minos from the sky, and the other, on land.

Anfey did not wish to be a hero either. He did not reject help from the rest, but tapped into the extra strength and attacked fiercely. His hands were flipping like a butterfly. Every time he flapped his hands, a phoenix would shoot out. As the frequency was very close, the phoenix soon became a huge beam, penetrating toward Minos.

The Throne of Bones allowed Minos to recuperate quickly. However, as compared to the instant result of the Magic of Light, it was still inferior. Moreover, Anfey's power had increased tremendously. It would be to his disadvantage to take on Anfey at the moment. As Minos moved backward, he released a defense kekkai and bone shield to buy time.

Anfey suddenly disappeared, and in the next instant, reappeared behind Minos on his right. He had a huge battle-ax in his hand, which he swung at Minos' neck. Although Anfey had grasped hold of the source of power, he could not continuously release Instant Transportation. However, the recovery incantation released by Stan had not only allowed Anfey to regain his strength, it had nullified the cooling period of all the magic power. This had allowed Anfey to have free play.

Anfey's attack was quick and fierce. His angle was also tricky. Logically speaking, a magician would find it hard to avoid such a lightning attack. However, Minos waved his bone staff backhandedly, and at the critical moment, blocked Anfey's battle-ax.

There was a loud bang, and Anfey bounced off. Minos fell down from the side. At this instant, a dark hole appeared behind Minos, and like a floating mirror in the air, quietly flew toward Minos. A thunder flashed across the sky, and a huge Lightning Ball dropped down speedily. In the twinkle of an eye, it was approaching Minos. There was a time difference between Saul's Great Dimensional Sweep and Douminge's Wrath of Thor. However, as they were experienced top level powers, they acted in concert with each other, and were able to attack at the same time.

Minos had suddenly become a skeleton that was brandishing around. Before the Great Dimensional Sweep had released its power, Douminge's Wrath of Thor had blown the skeleton into pieces. A cold husky voice came out from the Sea of Bones a few hundred meters away: "Scummy mice, do you think you can defeat me?"

Golman and two other Great Necromancers smiled wryly. It was the Replace Puppet. As long as there were death spirits, Minos could continuously get a replacement, until he had used up his magic power. Although a large amount of magic power was required to perform Replace Puppet, it would take a very long time for Minos to use up his magic power.

After everyone had stopped the attack, Anfey remained in the sky. Eregli was the only one who was still chanting. He waved his magic staff, and there was a violent element surge. A fire man, towering more than 10 meters tall, appeared before him.

The Fire Tyrant, according to a legend, was a difficult dragon to handle. It was formed by a pure flame. It was fearless of any physical attacks and had defense power over different kinds of magic. Using fire magic against the Fire Tyrant would give it additional power. Earth magic, electric magic, and other magic could reduce its effect. However, water magic would cause irreparable destruction to the Fire Tyrant. Just a small spring of water would also inflict much suffering on the Fire Tyrant.

Eregli had used his magic power to summon the Fire Tyrant. He knew that Minos was unable to release high level water magic. Under his control, the Fire Tyrant roared and dashed toward the Sea of Bones. The bones on the ground turned into ashes as the Fire Tyrant passed by them. The ground cracked, which showed the intensity of heat released by the Fire Tyrant.

"Since you are so diligent, I shall present your gifts to you in advance." Minos laughed eerily. He looked upon the ferocious Fire Tyrant with disdain.

Anfey looked quietly at Minos. He knew Minos had backup plans.

More than 10 streamers flew out from Minos' hands, and as they flew higher, the light that they emitted became brighter. In a thunderous bang, a huge screen appeared in the air. It was majestic and extensive. No one knew the area that the screen had covered, including Anfey. His range of senses had been engulfed by the screen.

The different magic and halos that were glittering on Anfey's body had disappeared. Mauso suddenly took the form of a man. Without his wings, he was unable to remain in the air and had dropped down to the ground. From a polar bear form, Bruzuryano had now become human. The black vines had disappeared and William the Pope staggered out. He looked baffled. The Fire Tyrant that was about to jump over the cracks had turned into ashes before it could even cry out. The skeletons that were hanging in the air rained down and smashed to the ground. The black whirl in the distance had been blocked. Under the coverage of the screen, all the related magic elements had lost their effects.

"It is the Antimagic Terra!" Golman let out a desperate cry. Those top level powers, who were here to fight Minos, were magicians. The Antimagic Terra immediately made them redundant. Although Mauso and Bruzuryano were warriors, they needed the Shape Shift to help them. Other than Ernest, who had combat force, the rest of them were in dire straits!

"Morgan, Golman, Desvidia, my beloved students, do you know? My martial art was comparable to my magic!" Minos laughed out loudly, as he was confident of winning. He said, "Although I have not gathered the pluck of all the gods of war, this would be enough for me to kill you umpteen times! Hahaha..."

"In this should have told me earlier!" Anfey nodded, and then shook his head. His expression was weird. One could not tell whether he was crying or laughing.

"What?" Minos did not understand what Anfey meant.

"You should have told me that you intended to release the Antimagic Terra, and I would have helped you." Anfey turned over his hand and displayed a white stone. Under the light of the screen, the stone had released a warm glow. "This is my baby. I have held on to it for quite a while. What a waste of my feelings."

Seeing the stone in Anfey's hand, the red light in Minos' eyes suddenly stopped flickering.

"Did I hear you saying that your martial art and magic are trash?" Anfey rested the battle-ax on his shoulder and slowly walked forward. "How about performing for me? Don't worry, I will not laugh at you."

"How dare you!" Minos shouted. He could not understand why Anfey could remain so confident under such circumstances.

"Don't blame me for being too direct. The years of loneliness have made you stupid." Anfey patted his battle-ax. "See? Do you not know why I am holding on tightly to my battle-ax? The fact is, I do not like magic. Although magic is convenient, quick, and powerful, only close combat can give me a sense of fulfillment. Minos, what you are doing suits me perfectly. You have released the Antimagic Terra before my you know how a pig dies? It dies of stupidity!"

"I am not interested, and have no wish to know how a pig dies. But I know how you are going to die." Minos lifted up his hand and said, "You will die drowning!"

Minos had intended to wait for the magic effect on Anfey to disperse before attacking. He had deliberately listened to Anfey's nonsense, and spoken rubbish to him in response. The crack, a width of about 30 meters and three to four miles in length, was still present. It had blocked the way of the skeleton army. Minos knew that his opponent was a saint who had grasped the source of power and could change the world, so he did not want to wait any longer.

The Sea of Bones that had stopped moving suddenly started to move around again, like a landslide. The mutated skeletons on the frontline fell into the crack, and those behind rushed forward. The long crack was like a hungry mouth, swallowing up all the food. There was a huge amount of death spirits, and when almost half the mutated skeletons had disappeared, they filled up the ground, spanning almost 200 meters long. Many mutated skeletons stepped on their comrades and dashed forward. Minos must have singled Anfey out as a formidable opponent, as all the mutated skeletons wielded their bone swords at him.

Since the Throne of Bones had been destroyed, the speed of the mutated skeletons, defense, and combat power had been greatly affected. They were not even comparable to the ordinary death spirits. The death spirits and the flame monarch were alike. They were the products of magic. However, the death spirits derived from magic and had their own life. Although the power of the spirits of the mutated skeletons had been reduced, they could continue to exist. However, for the latter, it had been summoned. With the appearance of the Antimagic Terra, it had been destroyed.

The mutated skeletons were large in number and posed a threat. The once top level powers, Saul, Douminge, and the rest, had now become helpless. Ernest and Fernando had great physiques. Even if they had lost their Combat Power, they still had combat force. However, they could not possibly deal with the large number of mutated skeletons!

Anfey took a deep breath and wielded his battle-ax fearlessly at the frenzy of bones. As they came before Anfey, more than 10 mutated skeletons were hacked and sent flying away. The god of war was not actually a god, not as man had thought. The legendary Arie Archilles was a barbarian. When he released his territory, the powerful barbaric army could effortlessly destroy any race. To be exact, Antimagic Terra was the barbarian's ultimate forbidden spell!

Anfey's internal strength had nothing to do with magic, and was not affected by the Antimagic Terra. After he grasped the source of power, he had become a true sacred level power.

Anfey's speed was extremely fast. One moment he held the huge battle-ax in front of him, and the next, he had it behind him. Beside him were multiple illusions. Anfey was too powerful. Without the battle-ax touching his opponents, he had thrown off the mutated skeletons simply with the force from the battle-ax as he wielded it.

Anfey was like a lawn mower in the field. He was unstoppable. There were streams of mutated skeletons before him, and behind him were piles of broken bones.

The death spirits were the world's most courageous warriors. Although Anfey had hacked a few hundred mutated skeletons within a short period of time, and his attacks were unstoppable, they continued to flood to the front and blocked Anfey. The distance between Anfey and Minos was getting closer.

With a roar, a phantom dragon opened its big mouth to bite Anfey. Minos had released the Antimagic Terra, as he had wanted to use the large amount of mutated skeletons to kill the top level powers. Moreover, he still had a few huge phantom dragons. They were big enough to crush the people to death.

However, Anfey acted unexpectedly. He revolved and easily moved away from the dragon's mouth. He wielded the battle-ax and hacked on the strong bony leg of the phantom dragon.

Although the phantom dragons could survive on their own, their power had been greatly reduced under the Antimagic Terra. A powerful spirit of the phantom dragon would be most affected. The clear bone armor had become extremely rough. There were holes like beehives on it, like a deteriorated, dried, old bone. If it had been Ernest and Fernando who had lost their Combat Power, they would not be able to deal with the phantom dragon. Although the phantom dragon had been decapitated, the huge body was still before them. What they could do was to break a few more pieces of bones.

Anfey's combat force maintained at its peak. He waved the battle-ax and easily chopped off the bony leg of the phantom dragon. The phantom dragon let out a cry and dropped to the ground. As it fell, it crushed around 100 mutated skeletons that were flooding forward.

Anfey was surprised to find that the phantom dragon was so weak. Minos was finally afraid. He felt trapped in his own devices, but it was too late for regrets. He could control the time that he released the Antimagic Terra, but he could not control the time to close it. Anfey hit the phantom dragon as though he was hitting a housefly. The phantom dragon soon lost its combat force. It was a disaster fighting with Anfey! Minos waved the bone staff in his hand, and the mutated skeletons that had crossed over the crack divided into two groups. One group continued to surround Anfey, and another group dashed toward Saul and the rest.

With the help of Fernando, William the Pope, who was panting heavily, stood up. When he saw the mutated skeletons dashing toward them, he immediately knew what Minos was up to. "Quick, tell Anfey to kill Minos and not to bother about us! He must kill Minos!" William used all his strength and shouted.

Fernando widened his eyes in astonishment, and Ernest took a deep breath and shouted, "Anfey, don't turn around. Even if we have to die here, don't turn around! Kill Minos!"

Anfey paused for a while and did not turn around. He continued to dash forward, hacking away with his battle-ax. As a Knight of Death lifted up his gun, he had been hacked into two parts by Anfey. Before the rest of the Knights of Death could surround Anfey, he had dashed out, getting closer to Minos.

Minos kept moving backward. The Antimagic Terra was supposed to be his last resort, but at this moment, he wished for it to disappear. The attack of the death spirits was getting more lively. Even the skeleton mages wielded their bone staffs and moved forward. They could not release their magic in the Antimagic Terra, thus the only way was to sacrifice themselves in order to block Anfey. The skeleton archers drew their bows and shot out the bone arrows aimlessly. However, Anfey was too quick, and the bone arrows were far behind him. Minos was in grave danger, but Saul and the rest were in a worse situation. They could only depend on the three warriors: Ernest, Fernando, and Bruzuryano. Mauso could only be a little help. To attack the mutated skeletons, and protect the magicians and priests at the same time, was tough for these few people.

Although the speed of these mutated skeletons was not as fast as the vampires', the speed of Saul and the rest was even slower. They had used up all of their energy, and those who had been injured needed to be helped. The mages who had lost their magic power became extremely weak. In order to not be a burden to Anfey, they kept retreating. However, after retreating a few hundred meters, the mutated skeletons had caught up with them.

When Anfey heard the screams at the back, his gaze went past the few phantom dragons and fell upon Minos. He seemed to be smiling, but had a scornful look. If Minos had not attempted to run for his life, he would have remained cautious. However, his cowardice had revealed that he was at his wit's end.

Anfey leaned backward and howled out loud and clear. More than 10 mutated skeletons that had flooded toward him immediately turned into broken pieces of bones. Following that, many mutated skeletons were blown away by a great force. A few hundred mutated skeletons toppled down. Although the Antimagic Terra had trapped the power of the element, sound could still be transmitted. With transcendental strength, Anfey had released a roar that was many times more terrifying than a lion's. The seething bones had formed a tall bone wall and were surging and ramming forward, toward the front.

Minos cupped his head and was groaning. Like a lightning flash, Anfey dashed out from the bones frenzy, leaving a residual shadow in the sky. As he dashed past Minos, he saw that Minos' arm was being chopped off. His cervical vertebrae had been cut in half by a sharp weapon. After struggling for a while, Minos fell weakly to the ground. The death spirits that had been attacking fiercely, now suddenly turned into ashes. Without Minos, the Empire of the Dead had met its doom.