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Chapter 577: A Pseudo Saint

 Chapter 577: A Pseudo Saint

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When Minos attacked, Saul and the rest immediately reacted. Saul had released a Dimensional Mirror before William the Pope. Jacob let out a magic scroll, and a Tin Man, about 20 feet high, appeared in the air. It opened out its arms and protected William, who was behind it. Eregli chanted a curse and pointed his magic staff at William. A dazzling stream of fire enveloped William. It was the Flame Shield. Under the different defense magic, its power was secondary to the magic shield. However, since no one could add on to the power of the magic shield, Eregli had chosen to use the Flame Shield instead.

Everyone was on their feet. They had a taste of Minos' power. To defeat him, they needed the power from William. Should anything happen to William, they would be in grave danger.

The Dimensional Mirror that Saul had released directed part of the black ball into an Extradimensional space. The remaining black balls hit the Tin Man and created a loud bang. The death magic could do great harm to any living organism, but not to a soulless Tin Man. The Tin Man shook for a while, but other than some cracks on the chest and shoulders, it was not badly hurt.

William turned over his right hand and released the Light kekkai. Following that, the Book of Doom raised up from his hand again.

Minos let out a shriek of laughter. He raised the bone staff up high. Black vine-like plants speedily sprouted up from the ground at the feet of William, twirling around him. The Light kekkai had been utterly destroyed by the black plant. Ernest, who was five meters away from William, wielded his long sword and dashed over. William had been covered by the black plant, and without guidance from him, the light from the Book of Doom dimmed, now only hanging quietly in the air.

"It is the Death Coil! Be careful, Minos is going to attack us!" Golman exclaimed aloud. As an experienced necromancer, no one was more familiar in death magic than him. The Death Coil was a forbidden spell in death magic. It could trap an individual and harm it continuously. William would only be harmed by the Death Coil. All other attacks, including Minos', would be blocked by the Death Coil. It was impossible for Ernest to save William.

The speed at which Minos attacked was too fast for Golman to warn the rest. Before he could finish speaking, Minos had sent three attacks within a super short period of time!

The first bone spear hit the waist of the Knight of Light, who had been injured. Although the spear was not sharp, the powerful shockwave cut his waist in half. The second and third bone spear hit another Knight of Light. Although the Knight of Light had lifted up his shield, the force was so powerful that he flew off like a stone. He crash-landed on the ground after flying 100 meters. He was still alive, but was unable to stand.

Minos did not bother himself with Ernest, but dashed toward Saul and the rest. He was sharp in his judgment. He knew who would pose a threat to him. As long as he could kill the Priests of Light and Knights of Light, the rest would be easy to handle.

Minos and the Sea of Bones were approaching. It was a good opportunity for Saul and the rest to destroy the entire army of mutated skeletons. However, against Minos, all the tricks that they used were useless.

Jacob took a deep breath and disappeared. In the next instant, he reappeared in the air, on top of the skeleton army. Livid silk threads spread out from him in all directions. When the mutated skeletons touched the livid silk threads, they turned into statues. However, given their inertia to attack, they hit on one another and broke down into pieces.

Jacob released the top level Alchemy magic, Solidification! The Grand Alchemist could create artificial magic crystals, whereas Solidification had the magic power required for creating the artificial magic crystals. As Solidification could solidify all living and non-living things, a Grand Alchemist could put together the same element that had drifted away to form a magic crystal. Since the magic power could last only a few seconds, Jacob had to strike at the right time. However, he did not have sufficient time to fully release the magic power. Minos had already turned around and pointed the terrifying bone spear at Jacob.

The dictum incantation! After Minos released the Dark Force and Death Coil, he released another forbidden spell. The last three magics had been released, one after another!

Jacob's body had turned black. Not only had he been trapped, even the magic power of the forbidden spell that had backfired, had been trapped. The effects of the Death Coil and dictum incantation seemed similar, but there was one vast difference. The dictum incantation was harmless. The crucial thing was that Jacob could not move, but the others could!

In a split second, Jacob was killed by the Sea of Bones. A few bone swords flew around and cut his body into pieces.

But no one had time for sorrow, as Minos had not stopped his killing. With a backhand, he threw another bone spear toward Stan.

Mauso shrieked out, and in a side-sweeping motion, he spread out his huge wings and flew toward the bone spear. He knew the power of the bone spear, thus he did not block it upfront. He had only wanted to change the direction of the bone spear. As the huge wings and bone spear hit against each other, Mauso seemed electrified and dropped down to the ground. His right wing was now deformed, and multiple feathers rained down.

Bruzuryano released the transfiguration incantation. A huge polar bear blocked the bone spear, waving its right arm against it.

There was a loud bang, and only those who were sharp enough would notice that the bone spear had changed its course. However, the change in Bruzuryano was even greater. His right palm bounced up high, having been torn by the bone spear. As the bone spear brushed past his shoulders, a big piece of flesh had been cut off, causing a fountain of blood to spew out.

Desvidia roared. He dashed up at the crucial moment and punched on the bone spear. Due to the influence of the Throne of Bones, his combat force had increased tremendously. The bone spear nearly went through Stan's chest, but at the crucial moment, had been diverted by the punch from Desvidia.

"Well done..." Minos said coldly, before throwing his bone staff at Desvidia.

As everyone was moving toward Desvidia to support him, Saul, who was about to attack, suddenly felt his body harden. It had turned black, just like Jacob's. Following that, three bone spears shot toward him.

The dictum incantation was a terrifying kind of magic curse. The dictum incantation released by Minos was even more terrifying. If they had fought with him individually, everyone would have been killed within seconds!

The Magic Guard, Light kekkai, Flame Shield, Frozen Armor, and other magic halos all lit up on Saul's body. Those who could attack, had struck. No one wanted to see Saul being killed, but they were unsure of what the outcome would be. All of them had lost confidence, and were now struggling to put up a fight.

At this moment, a dazzling fire sped toward them from the distance. The moment that they sensed the magic surge and saw the fire, it was already before them, hitting against the three bone spears. The trio then smashed into pieces and flew all over in the burning fire. Saul was engulfed by the shock waves of the explosion, but he had been protected by the multiple defense magic that he had put on. Such attacks could not harm him.

The wind disappeared suddenly, and the clouds stretched out quietly in the sky. The rugged Bone kekkai stopped rotating, and even those mutated skeletons that were dashing over had stopped moving. The few phantom dragons had carefully kept their bony wings. All between the heaven and the earth was total silence.

A man in white appeared in the air. Minos turned, and both of them looked each other in the eye. Minos and the man remained motionless.

"Is it Anfey?" Steger found the back of the man to be familiar.

"It is Anfey!" Ernest said confidently.

"He...seems to have changed." Golman was hesitant. As one moved higher in the air, the wind should be stronger. However, Anfey was at absolute rest, and even his clothes were not moving, seemingly molded to the sky.

"Yes, he is different. I cannot even sense his presence," Morgan said. He could see Anfey, but he could not sense him. He felt strange. It was as though he saw a person beating the battle drum, but could not hear the sound.

"You can only release death magic. Minos, you have lost the source of power. You are just a pseudo saint." Anfey's voice was very soft, but everyone could hear it clearly.

"Hoho..." Minos laughed hoarsely. He pointed at Anfey, but at this instant, Anfey punched with his right fist. A magic surge flashed across, as Anfey had withdrawn his fist. A few residual bones speedily disappeared. Seeing that the bone cage had been destroyed by an unknown force, Minos' voice changed.

"Who...are you?"

"After I have removed your mask, I will let you know." Before Anfey could finish what he was saying, he had turned into a streamer, shooting toward Minos.