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Chapter 576: Judgement

 Chapter 576: Judgement

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After the shock wave, Greenwich Island had become a mess. Not only was the skeleton army on the ground affected, the bone kekkai was affected as well. In several places, the kekkai was almost broken.

Minos' skeleton army was almost gone. Over half of the Knights of Death and the ghost dragons perished in the explosion. The ground was littered with broken pieces of bones. Only a few ghost dragons were left on the field, including Minos' mount, Jimeng. Jimeng's wings were missing, and its body was riddled with holes.

A dark figure rose into the air and flew toward the battlefield. The figure was very small, but as it approached, everyone felt a strong sense of pressure. Jimeng pressed its head to the ground and whined loudly. The other ghost dragons were not even able to move under such strong pressure.

Minos floated in mid-air, observing the destroyed army. The bone kekkai shook as he approached, showing how angry he was. Minos had been focusing too much on completing the Throne of Bones, and did not pay attention to other things. He ignored the top level powers that were present in the world, and did not think they would be able to find him. If he had managed to eliminated some of the top level powers, he could have sat upon the Throne without anyone trying to stop him.

Of course, Minos did not have any reason to worry. He did not expect anyone to find the island, and with the Throne, he was practically a god himself. With that kind of power, there was no reason for him to worry about mere mortals, even if they were top level powers. He absorbed the power of the necromancers residing on the island, and finished the Throne before the planned date. He had hoped that the skeleton army was enough to hold off any attacker for a few days, so he could have time to properly recover. Once he recovered, no one could stand in his way anymore.

Minos raised his hands and chanted, "In the name of gods..." A strong wave of magic surge swept through the battlefield. Dark grey light radiated out form Minos. The broken bones touched by the light suddenly regained their vitality and started moving again.

As Minos revived his skeleton army, four newcomers appeared in the center of Greenwich Island. The leader of the small party wore a long robe and a crown of thorns circling his silver hair.

The old man was followed by Ernest and two glowing Knights of Light. As soon as he stepped through the portal, Ernest drew his sword and formed into a triangular formation with the knights, protecting the old man.

The mountain of bones Minos had built had now disappeared, what remained was a large swirl. The swirl was slowly spinning, and the center of it was right below the center of the bone kekkai.

"But, didn't he open the gate?" the old man asked curiously.

"Maybe he's not powerful enough to overpower the master of the Land of Repose," Ernest said with a frown.

"Luckily for us, he won't have the chance," the old man with the crown of thorns said. He raised his hand and summoned a glowing shield that protected all four men.

In the distance, Saul and the others had fled the crack. They turned around and saw that a large pillar of light had pierced the bone kekkai. The pillar of light dissolved into countless sparks, both red and gold, which fell down through the air.

As the sparks fell onto the bone kekkai, the kekkai began to dissolve. Even though the kekkai could regenerate, there were too many sparks. The rate the sparks were dissolving the kekkai was too fast, and the rate of regeneration could not match it.

The skeletons, ghost dragons, and Knights of Death Minos had just revived let out a wave of shrill screams. As soon as the sparks touched the skeletons, the skeletons crumpled to the ground. Creatures created with death magic could not block the effects of the Judgement.

Minos let out a distorted scream. Even though the red sparks didn't do anything to him, the gold sparks could attack his soul. Necromancers were immortal, because they had gotten rid of their bodily restraints and relied solely on their souls. Even though Minos had summoned a shield, it was still not enough to block out the gold sparks.

As the shower of sparks came to an end, the top level powers stepped out of the dimensional sanctuary Saul had created and began heading toward the center of the island. The Judgment did not weaken Minos power. Instead, it seemed to have grown stronger. It was confusing, but now was not the time to think. They must reach the pope as soon as possible.

Pope William closed the Book of Doom. After he used the spell, he appeared older, and his face was flushed. He bent over and coughed a few times.

Pope William knew that the Throne of Bones was much more than a mere chair. It was something that could enhance the power and all creatures of death. It could also open the gate to the Land of Repose. This was why he needed to destroy the chair and prevent Minos from summoning creatures from another dimension.

Because of the pope's spell, the swirl was becoming unstable, and started spewing dark fog. As the pope was deciding his next move, he suddenly sensed something. A skeleton suddenly appeared in front of him, its eyes glowing intensely. Despite not having expression, it was clear that the skeleton was angry.

"Minos!" William said with wide eyes. He hurriedly waved his hand and released a shield of light.

Minos raised his hand and summoned a large bone lance. Before the lance even reached William, the magic attached to it pierced through the shield of light.

The bone lance crashed into the shield of light. The shield flickered a few times and disappeared. The knight to William's left raised his lance to stop the bone lance. The bone lance clashed with the knight's lance and threw the men backwards. Ernest lunged over and grabbed William, pushing him out of the way. The lance left a cut on William's robe and struck the ground, leaving a large crater.

The Knight of Light struggled to his feet. His lance was broken and his shield had a large dent in it. His left arm was clearly broken. He tried to use his shield to block the attack, but Minos was too powerful.

Saul and the other top level powers, who had just arrived, witnessed this as well. Everyone felt a sudden wave of despair. Minos was more powerful than they had ever anticipated.

"It's the Throne," Golman whispered hoarsely.

Morgan and Desvidia both sighed. They could feel their own power growing significantly as well. If their power has grown this much, how powerful must Minos be now?

"So you're all here now," Minos said coldly. Even though he was angry, he had lived long enough that he knew how to conceal his emotions. He raised his hand and summoned hundreds of black balls of light, sending them hurtling toward William.

In the distance, his army of skeletons reappeared, and was heading toward them quickly. The skeletons created with the Throne of Bones were stronger and smarter than normal skeletons, and much more loyal. Minos couldn't risk William destroying his army again.