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Chapter 575: The Power of Chaos

 Chapter 575: The Power of Chaos

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"It is our pleasure to be able to combat with you," Stan said with a smile.

The atmosphere became weird. If it had been someone else who had made this comment, it would have been different. As the high priest of Holy See, Stan should be an arch-enemy of Morgan. However, he had taken the initiative in agreeing with him. This change in attitude took everyone by surprise.

The many years of animosity shared was no laughing matter. A man must be able to adapt to his circumstances. This was easier said than done, but Morgan and Stan had proven it to be possible.

In the next instant, Stan flew up into the sky. His chants spread out in every direction. As his feet landed on the shabby mage tower, a bright curtain came down from the sky, covering the small city with holy light.

Eregli had released a mini magic kekkai. He had alienated Morgan, Desvidia, and Golman, to prevent them from being illuminated by the holy light. Golman nodded at Eregli with a smile to show his appreciation.

The Sea of Bones had smashed against the city wall. The wall, which was about 30 meters high with a width of more than 10 meters, suddenly shook violently. It was like a wriggling earthworm. Broken branches and leaves spattered all over, and very quickly, new ones sprouted out. The earth element continuously fell apart, and deeply rooted vines welded the earth element together once again.

From far in the distance, the entire city wall looked shaky, but it did not collapse.

Everyone was right to be cautious. If Steger had not completely released the Wall Technique, Jacob had not solidified the earth element, and Bruzuryano had not used the vines to add on to the protection of the wall, the city wall would have collapsed. The Grand Knight, Fernando, had challenged a mutated skeleton, which required much strength. The power of the mutated skeleton was comparable to a high level professional. To be blunt, the mutated skeleton army could wipe out the entire continent!

Stan continued with his chanting, and the holy light became brighter. The dark spirals beneath the mutated skeletons grew dimmer under the holy light. The movements of the mutated skeletons became slower as well. When the dark spirals finally vanished, the skeletons that were on the frontline turned into ashes.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. They realized that the Magic of Light could kill most of the death spirits. The death spirits had received their destructive powers from the Throne of Bones. Given time, they might even have the chance of winning.

There was a hoarse scream, and the mutated skeletons that were banging crazily against the city wall hurriedly backed away. The skeleton archers that were standing some distance away, drew their bows and aimed at the figures on the city wall. They then shot out multiple arrows.

But the top level powers were not intimidated by such attacks. Saul and the rest were worried that they would be surrounded by the Sea of Bones without any protection. Should this happen, they would be devoured by the death spirits. The skeleton archers were smart. They were targeting Stan, who was standing on top of the mage tower. When the skeleton archers drew their bows, the Hawk King Mauso had perceived who they were targeting. He spread out his wings once again, and brought Fernando up to the top of the mage tower. Fernando held up his knight shield and stood in front of Stan to protect him.

After a futile attack, the skeleton archers gave up trying and spread to two sides. A few hundred skeletons with staffs in their hands moved up from behind them to the battlefront. Douminge and the rest held their breath and waited patiently. They were not afraid of the mutated skeletons. Logically speaking, when more than 10 middle level professionals joined forces, they would pose a threat and could kill a top level power. However, in an actual situation, it was not always so. A top level power was highly skilled in killing. They would not stand still in one spot and fight with the opponent. There were many ways to combat. Although the combat force of the mutated skeletons was powerful, a simple Wall Technique was enough to reduce their attacks greatly. The difference was not only in terms of strength, it also involved intelligence and experience.

As the skeletons with staffs moved closer, even Morgan became anxious. They knew that the middle level mutated skeletons and the few phantom dragons were a threat to them.

After walking 600 meters, the skeleton mages stopped moving. The gems on their foreheads emitted a dim light. The element surged crazily between the heaven and the earth, giving one a suffocating feeling.

"Oh no..." Douminge gasped.

"Golman, how do these skeleton mages replenish their magic power?" Saul, who had been busy, placed the last magic crystal on the magic array. As he spoke, he clapped his hands and stood up.

"From the Throne of Bones."

"Do they take long to replenish?"

"At a moderate speed," Golman said softly, "But their mind power and magic power are very limited. They can only do a few attacks."

"This is the best piece of news that I have heard today," Saul said with a smile.

There was a sudden silence in the heaven and the earth. A black ball flew out from the staffs of each of the skeleton mages. The balls kept expanding and merging together, and ultimately, formed a powerful black current that rushed toward the city wall.

Stan lifted up his hands, then let them down again. He had wanted to release the Holy kekkai, but the attacks of the skeleton mages were too astounding. There were too many of them. The Holy kekkai would not have much effect on them, and it would be a waste of the magic power.

The black current hit the city wall, and the greens on the wall immediately withered. The wall fell apart and collapsed.

As the chanting was going on, a mirror appeared in the air. From the front view, it was dozens of meters large, but from the side view, it was not visible at all. The black current hit against the mirror and disappeared miraculously. The Dimensional Mirror released by Saul was very powerful. For weak magic, it would bounce back when it hit the Mirror. For powerful magic, the Mirror would bring it to an Extradimensional space. The Dimensional Mirror had its weakness, which was its long cooling time. Otherwise, no one would be a match for Saul.

"Get ready, we are shifting," Saul said slowly.

All of them knew what Saul meant and moved toward him. Stan had left the mage tower, and Fernando jumped down now.

The Knights of Death were ready to charge. Although they had lost the ability to fly, due to the influence of the Throne of Bones, they were very quick in launching their attack on land, which stunned Fernando. One after another, black dots charged forward, and as they came nearer, one could clearly see their ferocious looks. Behind the Knights of Death were two phantom dragons. Their bodies were huge, and every step they took allowed them to traverse more than 10 meters. 600 meters to them was insignificant.

Saul was very firm and steady. He stood motionless. When the first Knight of Death approached the fallen city wall, and the skeleton mage released another round of magic, he then released the magic scroll in his hand.

A white light flashed across, and Saul and the rest disappeared. It was difficult to kill a Great Dimensional Magician! Moreover, Saul had not only brought the magic scrolls for shelter, he had brought along the Dimensional Door and the Great Dimensional Sweep. Even if they were no match for the opponents, they could at least escape.

The intelligence of the death spirits was limited. When they saw that the human beings had disappeared, they were stunned. At this moment, a strange fire shot up to the sky. The entire Greenwich Island shook violently. A mushroom cloud, formed by sand, stones, dust and bones, whirled up to about a thousand meters high. It created a big hole,-a width of about a few miles wide-in the Bone kekkai, which was on the upper part of the island. The shockwave, which was previously targeted at the small city, dispersed all over. The mutated skeletons, skeleton archers and skeleton mages, including the phantom dragons, had all been encompassed by the shockwave. It was like the leaves in the strong wind that had been threshed and thrown about. The small city that Steger had created had disappeared, leaving behind a big hole about 50 meters deep and 500 meters wide.

Saul and the rest had appeared on the other side of the island. A shockwave, about 100 meters high, was moving toward them from the distance. Saul released the fissure incantation. This was the second time that he had released it. Not that he liked this incantation, but it needed the least magic power, which made it the most appropriate for the current situation. Without saying a word, the rest speedily hid themselves within. The last to enter was Steger, who released the Frozen kekkai and sealed the cracks on both ends with solid ice.

Before Steger could reach the lower end of the crack, the shockwave had swept over the icy surface. The solid ice started to crack, and bits and pieces of ice fell down together with the sand and stones. Douminge released a kekkai that enveloped everyone.

"Beautiful!!" Morgan took a deep breath. With his sharpness and experience, he knew what Saul was doing, but he had never expected such a good result.

"We should thank Anfey," Saul said with a smile. "He had mentioned the power of the Chaotic magic array. Jacob and I had taken note of it. During this period, we have been thinking of ways to increase the power of the Chaotic magic array. But...I have never expected it to be so powerful."

"Saul, how many magic crystals have you used?" Douminge asked softly.

"48 top grade crystals."

"48 pieces? Top grade?" Douminge was shocked.

"Yes." Saul nodded and said, "I have intended to present this as a gift to Minos. It is a pity...although I can use the remaining magic crystals to set up a few more Chaotic magic arrays, the quality was not as good, so the magic arrays will not be as powerful."

At this instant, a hoarse scream was heard from the center of Greenwich Island. It sounded eerie and sent shivers down one's spine.

"Minos is angry..." Golman commented.