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Chapter 573: True Unity

 Chapter 573: True Unity

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A silvery white light shot out toward Desvidia, originating from where Saul and the rest were stationed. Desvidia ducked off speedily, barely avoiding the attack from the phantom dragon. From first being angry, Morgan soon became embarrassed. He was now alert. At the critical moment, the high priest, Stan, who was standing behind him, had released the Absolute Purification. Morgan was aware of the danger that Absolute Purification would pose to a necromancer. He nearly attacked Stan, which was why he felt embarrassed. He was alert enough to notice that the purpose of Magic of Light was meant to purify the curse of senescence on Desvidia. It would not harm Desvidia. Although this ingenious way of controlling the magic was not comparable to Morgan, it was not far removed from him either. If Stan had cultivated other forms of magic, his achievements would be comparable to Saul and Douminge.

After escaping from danger, Desvidia was enraged. He had deliberately kept a low profile, but that did not equate to having a lack of dignity. To suffer before everyone was a humiliation. Desvidia's black pupils turned red. After a severe magic surge, the phantom dragon that had attempted to continue with the attack, froze. The gigantic body had multiple cracks on it. The aging incantation was visibly taking effect. Desvidia let it have a taste of its own medicine, as casting a curse was Desvidia's forte.

Morgan waved his hand, and a huge bone spear appeared in the air, stabbing into the chest of the phantom dragon. The second, then third bone spears appeared and continuously attacked it. After the first bone spear exploded on the chest of the phantom dragon, the second bone spear appeared. Although the bone spear was much smaller than the phantom dragon, due to the aging incantation, the defending power of the phantom dragon had diminished greatly. The three bone spears that Morgan had released hit on the same spot, creating a big hole in the phantom dragon's chest. Bone dust spilled down to the ground.

The phantom dragon screamed, but this was not the end. Stan performed the prayer incantation on the phantom dragon. If a Knight of Light had been affected by the prayer incantation, his attack and defense would take longer before effect. If the target was a death spirit, it would suffer harm over a long period of time.

The Grand Knight, Fernando, had broken out of the v-formation. A priest in white robe, who was standing beside Stan, lifted up his hands and released the prayer incantation. The Combat Power released by Fernando shot up, its speed becoming faster and more powerful. It was comparable to the force of the phantom dragon that was struggling in the halo of the prayer incantation.

In the next instant, Fernando sped past Morgan, like a lightning bolt, shooting toward the phantom dragon. Although a huge body had its advantages, it had disadvantages as well. Moreover, Fernando was too quick for the phantom dragon. It could only fan its right wing at Fernando.

Fernando was fearless. He lifted up his left arm with the golden knight shield, smashing down hard on the bony wing.

There was a loud bang, and Fernando moved back more than 10 steps. The phantom dragon was left with only two thirds of his right wing. Bits and pieces of bone flew out all over. It had been badly hurt. Desvidia spread his wings and flew up into the sky. At the same time, he released the Dilatory Curse and Retardation Curse. The Dilatory Curse could slow down the speed of the phantom dragon, whereas the Retardation Curse was more vicious. It could slow down the reaction of the phantom dragon. Speed in reacting was the deciding factor, when dealing with the top level power.

A deep howling sound was heard from afar, and the phantom dragon spread out its bony wings as it escaped pathetically toward the back. Fernando attacked continuously with the wheel-lock gun that he was holding on to, and Desvidia flew toward the phantom dragon and attacked it. Morgan continuously released the bone cage incantation and bone spears. He was very skillful when he released the magic. Whenever the phantom dragon spread out its bony wings and was about to leave the ground, the bone cage would pin its body down. When the phantom dragon forced its way out and spread its wings again, it could not fly. It could only run on its feet, like a clumsy low level magic beast. Morgan aimed the bone spears at the feet of the phantom dragon. Whenever its feet touched the ground, the bone spears would fly toward it and cause the phantom dragon to shift its center of gravity. It stumbled and fumbled, and was inbad shape.

Having a huge body was advantageous. Although Morgan, Desvidia, and Fernando had joined forces and attacked the phantom dragon, they could only break its bones, but remained unable to inflict mortal injury upon it. If it hadn't been for others, they would have died on the spot.

Finally, the phantom dragon escaped into the dark. Desvidia had vented his anger and did not pursue after it. After hovering around, he landed beside Fernando. Both of them looked at each other and smiled. Their smiles encompassed many unspoken words. If they had been in a different setting, they might have become arch-enemies. However, they had chosen to join forces to combat together. This was the great spirit of mankind. There would be conflicts, disputes, conflicts of interest, and even hatred among men. However, when they had a common enemy, they would bury the hatchet and unite together. It was like the ancient times during the invasion of the ogres. These top level powers were more broad-minded than the ordinary people. They were not only representative of mankind, they were the pillars. If they had been petty and were shirking responsibilities, there would be no hope for man.

It was tough to debate on whether or not a necromancer belonged to mankind. Regardless of what others thought, Morgan, Golman, and Desvidia had their memories, yearnings, and experiences. The determination that they had exhibited was not inferior to Saul or the rest.

"Minos is testing us," Golman said softly.

"I know. That is why I did not retaliate." The priest in the white robe, who was standing beside Stan, said with a smile.

"You have used the prayer incantation. Is that not retaliation?" Stan smiled and said.

"Let's think of how we should deal with Minos' Bone kekkai," Eregli said, having now recovered from the defeat.

Stan hesitated for a while before looking at Saul. Their thinking process was different from the ordinary people. They could release the Holy kekkai to pit against the Bone kekkai. However, what should they do with Morgan and the others? They would not be able to enter the Holy kekkai. If things got out of hand, it would be wasting the magic power. Stan would not make such a silly mistake.

"Minos had used up much time and energy to create the Bone kekkai. If we use magic against the kekkai, it would be too difficult." Saul smiled. "Let's use our wits." Having said that, Saul released a fissure incantation.

The fissure incantation was a middle level earth magic. It was not powerful, and had been used to attack walls that were not protected by magic kekkai. It was an inferior magic.

Seeing the deep crack before him, Jacob immediately understood what Saul meant. He took out a grey potion bottle, and as he opened the cap, the potion had transformed into glitter and splashed on the two sides of the cracks. That was the element solidification potion. It could prolong the magic's effect.

After their first combat, they felt more comfortable with one another. Everyone moved under the crack and stood together. Although the light aura and death aura clashed and caused discomfort, as top level powers, they were able to bear it.

The gap between the lower crack line and the upper crack line was about 30 meters high. It was safe for the time being. The Bone kekkai had rotated rapidly to the surface of the ground, causing a creepy, screeching sound. Everyone was looking at the top cautiously.

"If Minos releases the forbidden spells now, we will be in hot water," Bruzuryano laughed and said.

"We still gain. We have used a dimensional sanctuary scroll in exchange for a forbidden spell." Saul said softly, "Moreover, I have brought six dimensional sanctuary scrolls. How many forbidden spells can Minos release?"

All of them laughed. Saul was obviously well-prepared for the war. Other than the six dimensional scrolls, he had brought other scrolls along with him. In fact, all of them had prepared well. There was no way they could lose. However, Morgan and the other two were not laughing. They had followed after Minos for a few hundred years now, and they knew how terrifying he was. Although they should be more optimistic, they were unable to relax.

"Sir Stan, is the Pope here?" Golman asked softly. If the long awaited mysterious saint did not appear, Minos' greatest threat would be William the Pope. Golman had to know.

"Don't worr,." Stan nodded solemnly.

"That's great." Golman let out a sigh of relief. Immediately, he had a strange feeling. In the past, every pope who assumed office happened to be the enemy of the necromancers. All the priests and Knights of Light wanted to get rid of Minos. Similarly, all the necromancers had wanted the pope dead. However, they now sought for the protection of the pope, which seemed ironic.

As they were talking, the Bone kekkai at the top stopped rotating, and had raised up slowly into the air.

"I will go and take a look." Before Mauso finished speaking, he had turned into a giant eagle and had flown upward. The gap between the two cracks was about 10 meters, but it did not affect the excellent flying skills of Mauso.

After Mauso had flown out of the crack, there was a sharp squeaking sound. Bruzuryano was stunned and anxiously said, "Let's get out quickly!"