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Chapter 572: First Battle

 Chapter 572: First Battle

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The three master necromancers stood together, watching the windswept Greenwich Island. Saul, Douminge, and the others stood behind them, watching them carefully. Despite working together, the stigma attached to necromancers still caused them to isolate the necromancers.

It was hard to say who was the leader out of the three master necromancers. Golman was well read and knew everything there was to know about the world's history. Morgan was an incredible mage, and even his name was enough to make even the most powerful power go pale. However, because of his reclusive nature, he was not the leadership type. Desvidia was even less like a leader. He was always quiet, and rarely appeared in public view. However, that was also what made him dangerous.

To the others, Morgan was the most interesting. He was very different from what they had heard of him. Right now, his back was facing them. This showed that Morgan was confident enough in his own abilities, and confident that no one would attack him.

The archmage Eliry from Ellisen Empire glanced at Morgan and chuckled. He had fought with Morgan, and he knew that even if Morgan didn't use any tricks, Morgan still would win. If Morgan really was as violent as the rumors said, there wouldn't be any top level powers left in the world.

Morgan enjoyed traveling around the world. However, because necromancers were so hated, as soon as he was discovered, many top level powers would try to find and defeat him. In reality, Morgan only killed when he was attacked by others. Most people, however, were not willing to hear his side of the story, because he was a necromancer.

Most top level powers attacked Morgan, because they wanted to go down in history as being the ones who eliminated him. Another reason was that they wanted the fight to help them level up again. However, no one had succeeded so far.

Finally, Golman broke the silence. "What will you do if you see Annunciata?"

"I will not let anyone stop me," Morgan said with a cool expression.

Golman lifted a brow in surprise. The others standing behind them could not understand him, either. It was commonly acknowledged that Annunciata and Morgan were always working together. Where Annunciata was, Morgan would not be far. No one wanted to attack Annunciata, because they were afraid that would anger Morgan. Now it was clear that Morgan and Annunciata did not have the relationship everyone thought they did.

"Do you think Minos will trust someone who cares for nothing?" Morgan asked with a small shrug.

"So you did it on purpose," Golman said with a grin.

"As long as Minos thinks I care for her, he will think he can control me. He thinks that as long as he has her, I won't do anything. That's why I know things you don't."

"And to think, what you did to save her..." Desvidia's voice trailed off, and he shuddered.

"Wait," Morgan said, staring at the dark clouds over the island. "It's starting. Desvidia, why don't you go first?"

"This is revenge?"

"If you think so," Morgan said. "You scared?"

"One of you is a mage, another isn't even equipped to fight," Desvidia said.

"I'm half a fighter. How can I turn that down?" Desvidia laughed, and his body suddenly grew a few inches. A pair of black wings sprouted from his back and he rose into the air, flying toward the island.

"Golman, stay here," Morgan said, his tone softening. "If we fail, at least some hope remains."

The corner of Golman's mouth twitched, but he did not say anything. No matter what the world said about the three master necromancers, their friendship was as strong as anyone's. Desvidia said that one of them was not equipped to fight, and told Morgan that Golman should stay behind.

Saul and Douminge both smiled bitterly, looking at Morgan. Despite the reputation that necromancers had, they could be more open than humans. In situations like this, Saul and Douminge would hold back and let someone else charge first. No one thought Morgan and Desvidia would charge first, without any arguments or discussion.

The entire Greenwich Island was shrouded by a dark fog. It became very hard to see anything. Saul and the others summoned magic shields to protect themselves. Even Morgan and Desvidia were effected. Desvidia had landed, and was walking slowly.

As if sensing intruders, the howling wind suddenly quieted down. The magic shield around the island started turning, countless bones, hanging in the air, starting spinning, until it was impossible to discern anything. The shield descended on the island.

Golman, however, did not stay behind. He followed Saul onto the island. When the wind stopped, he suddenly said, "Stop! Something's wrong!"

By then, everyone had sensed the pressure from the sky. "Let me go see," Eliry said, rising into the air.

Necromancers were difficult opponents, because they were rare. Everyone knew the effects of a fireball, but it was hard to say what a necromancer's spell would do. Considering the dark fog and the unknown nature of necromancers' magic, Eliry's movements appeared to be a little reckless.

He rose into the air quickly. The bones that made up the shield around the island hit his magic shield and disappeared. However, Eliry's shield disappeared as well. Luckily, he had another layer of shield inside the outer shield. Sensing something was wrong, he quickly teleported. When he reappeared on the ground, his forehead was covered by a thin layer of sweat. Saul and the others glanced at one another, shocked. Desvidia suddenly stopped, glancing around. A silvery ghost dragon suddenly appeared through the dark fog, trying to bite Desvidia.

"Jimeng!" Desvidia cried in shock, recognizing Minos' mount. He jumped back, away from the dragon's jaw.

The dragon snapped its jaw angrily, and swept its wings toward Desvidia. Desvidia was very fast, but the dragon was too large. Seeing that it was impossible to get away from the dragon, Desvidia raised his arms to protect his head. At the same time, he became covered by dark scales.

The dragon struck Desvidia, sending him flying backwards. However, such an attack could not hurt Desvidia when he was in this state. The ghost dragon's eyes started glowing red. With a strong wave of magic surge, Desvidia's body shook. Small wrinkles appeared on his forehead and were deepening quickly.

The ghost dragon hurtled toward Desvidia, clawing at his head. Morgan hurriedly waved his hand, summoning a pair of large hands from the ground. The hands grabbed the dragon's tail, as large bone walls appeared in front of Desvidia.

However, Jimeng was an evolved ghost dragon, and was a tough opponent. Its tail slammed into the ground, smashing the hands. It dashed forward, crashing through the bone walls easily. Desvidia retreated as fast as he could, but he was under the aging spell. His speed was greatly reduced, and it was almost impossible for him to get away from the dragon.