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Chapter 571: The Source of Power

 Chapter 571: The Source of Power

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The Maho Empire's attack in the spring would be an undeniable success. Miorich, who had returned to the Sacred City a few months ago, had set off again, acting as the Chief Commander of the Northern Corps. He would be waging the final war with Marshal Baery, attempting to unify the entire continent.

The destruction of Dark Moon Magic Legion had caused the Ellisen Empire to lose many of their magic elites. Although they had used one year to recuperate and rebuild their strength, in terms of quantity and quality, it was a far cry from the Empire's heyday. Ever since the Chief Royal Archmage, Newyoheim, had been seriously injured by Saul, he had been unable to move around. The Great Magician, Michael, had died at Anfey's hands. Out of the four pillars of the Ellisen Empire, only two were left. The outcome of the war was very obvious.

In the center of Greenwich Island was the huge Skeleton Mountain. Bluish-green flame continuously spewed out from among the bones found there, causing great fear among the people. A few hundred necromancers stood at the foot of the mountain and looked fearfully at the bones that were being burned. Minos had changed. He used to look ordinary. Had it not been for the oppressive feeling that he inflicted on the people, he was no different from the rest of the ragged, old bones. Minos was holding onto a crystal jade bone staff. He was dressed in a long, white magic robe, and had a bright red cloak over him. The combination of the colors gave him a sinister appearance. A crown was placed on his head. There were seven greyish magic crystals, half the size of a fist each, on the crown. Minos had used a few of his precious magic crystals to make the crown. He had even destroyed a phantom dragon that was most inferior, in order to carry out this long awaited ceremony.

Minos slowly raised the bone staff in his hand. The bluish-green flame was burning even more fiercely now. The bones that had been burnt let out crackling sounds. As the bones were large in quantity, their cracklings sounded like huge waves when the sound traveled outward. Greenwich Island was not big, but neither was it small. It had the radius of about one hundred miles. One could stand anywhere on the island and clearly hear the sound.

The few hundred necromancers became groggy, due to the vibrations. However, the most powerful man in the continent, Minos, stood steadily and remained unaffected. He raised the bone staff once again, releasing again a bluish-green flame that splashed out. The flame shot up to the sky, a hundred meters high. Grey ashes that were impervious to the eyes rose up and covered the island's Bone kekkai. The blue sky gradually turned grey, and the ashes continued to spread out across the great sea and land.

By the side of an unknown lake, Golman, who looked uglier than Minos, was looking at Suzanna. He spoke in a slow, low voice. He seemed to be both persuading and warning at the same time. "Suzanna, I have unlocked the chain to the element. is best that you do not use this sword. Never use it!"

Suzanna looked at the mithril chest and did not speak a word. She did not seem to be listening to Golman. The element chain that the Grand Alchemist, Jacob, had found knotty, was nothing to the gifted Golman. To reach the peak was difficult enough, but Golman's achievement was amazing. This had to do with the number of years he had lived. Ordinary people lived up to a hundred years, but Golman had lived a few hundred years. "The Blood Chant had too much resentment in it. From what I know, those who have used the Blood Chant ended up being evil and lost their minds." Golman added, "Among the epic weapons, not many can harm the gods, but the Blood Chant is one of the exceptions that can do so. About one hundred angels had been devoured by the Blood Chant, and this alarmed the gods. withdraw the sword, the gods will be alerted. The freedom that we have enjoyed would then be destroyed by you. Suzanna, remember, never use the Blood Chant."

"Would I care if there is no future for Anfey and me?" Suzanna smiled sweetly. "Moreover, since you are against the idea, why have you helped me unlock the element chain?"

"Whether we will have a future, I have no answer. But if you use the Blood Chant, we will definitely not have a future!" Golman let out a sigh and said, "As long as we have hope, you have to control your emotions. I think you understand what I mean."

Suzanna pondered this for a while, then slowly nodded her head.

As Golman was about to speak again, he turned and saw grey ashes surging from the east. Then, the entire sky turned grey. Golman shivered and said, " has begun."

Anfey laid on a green cow stone, in the center of the lake. He closed his eyes and seemed to be relaxing, like a shepherd taking a rest. When the sky turned grey, it made one feel suffocated. Anfey frowned and waved his hand. A gentle breeze swept across the lake and rippled the surface. As the wind got stronger, it became a tornado, speedily sucking in all the ashes. The sky turned blue again.

Although Anfey seemed very relaxed, it was not so. He had been practicing hard for a few months. He had read the Book of Life before, and it described how the world had been created. From one element, other elements had been created, and ultimately, formed the world. Anfey had not taken it to heart back then. However, after reading through Minos' experiences, he understood now what it meant. When one gathered the different elements proportionately together, the "one" element would once again appear. That was the source of power, the power that had created the world!

This was the difference between a saint and a top level power. When a great magician released his magic, the power of the element would disperse at the appointed time. When a saint used the source of power to release magic, the power of the element would diminish over time. Take the Wall Technique for example, a great magician could only let a wall exist for more than 10 minutes, but the wall released by a saint would stay on forever. The wall would diminish over time, but it would not suddenly disappear. Saints at this stage were near to deities. They had obtained some secrets. Although they could not create the world, they could change the outlook of the world forever!

Anfey had strong mind power. He had gathered the different elements proportionately. To others, it might be a difficult task, but not to him. He had a good understanding of the different Magic of Nature. The Seed of Light that Slanbrea had left behind was in his body. He also had the Book of Darkness, which Yagor had left behind. Anfey had everything that was required for his cultivation. As for the death magic, it was a different form of magic derived from life. It did not belong to the first element.

Given Golman's intelligence, he could not understand what the tornado meant, unlike Anfey. He was far from understanding the source of power. It was likened unto a high level magister, who would never be able to see what a great magician saw. He did not understand the source of power, thus, he was unable to differentiate.

Golman looked at the center of the lake. After Anfey had released the magic, he went into a deep sleep. After waiting for a while, Golman let out a sigh and said, "I need to go, Suzanna. You stay behind to keep Anfey company. I can make it on time."

The grey ashes spread very quickly. In the battlefield of the Ellisen Empire, both troops felt suffocated and had stopped fighting. In the center of the city, the Great Magician of Ellisen Empire, Eregli, was having his meal. When the ashes passed over, he was shocked at first, but shortly after, became elated. He quickly swallowed his food, and as he was about to stand up, when he suddenly grabbed his throat. The food in his mouth had come alive. Before he could swallow, it had slithered down to his stomach. A cold aura surged up from his stomach to his chest.

Eregli was the number two Great Magician in Ellisen Empire. He was ranked behind Newyoheim. He had great experience in combat, and was good with physical enemies. Yet in dealing with abnormalities in the body, he was helpless.

"Master Eregli, for the future of the entire continent, let's join forces. If you choose not to do this, you can choose instead to sacrifice your life for the Ellisen Empire." A soft voice sounded in his ears.

Eregli was stunned. He looked around and said in a bitter tone, "Morgan..."

Throughout the year, no one in the Ellisen Empire had rested. They knew many secrets. The top level powers in the continent had joined forces against Minos, and Saul, Steger, and the rest had played a part in it. Ellisen had waited a long time for this opportunity! After Saul, Steger, Jacob, Douminge and the rest had left, the Ellisen Empire would have the upper-hand in magic. As long as they carried out a good plan, they could turn the table around and defeat the Maho Empire!

It was a pity, though, that whatever they could think of, Yolanthe had already thought of it. With Morgan joining them, it was like sounding the death knell for the Ellisen Empire. They had lost their high level power, so there was not much else they could do.