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Chapter 568: Giving

 Chapter 568: Giving

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Usually, when Anfey was out with Suzanna, Suzanna would be the center of attention, because of her beauty. When the two of them entered Violet City, however, it was Anfey who was the center of attention. Everyone who saw him felt a strange pressure and was intimidated.

However, Anfey didn't do anything. He looked at the crowd on the street, silencing the people with a single glance. It wasn't until he was far gone that the crowd regained its vitality.

Soon, the mansion sprang into view. Anfey jumped off his horse and walked up to the stairs. The guards did not move to step forward to stop him. One of the guards walked up and said, "Welcome back, my lord."

Anfey nodded at the guard. "Is Aroben inside?"

"Yes, my lord. Should I go and tell Lord Aroben you're here?"

"No need," Anfey said. "Take me to him."

Aroben's office was not far from the lobby. He was the former citymaster of Violet City and had just retired. However, Niya was forced to ask him to resume his job after Urter went missing. Niya thought it was cruel to ask Aroben to come out of his retirement, but Aroben was glad he could find something to occupy his days.

Because he was getting older and his body grew fragile, he needed a lot of helpers. When Anfey and Suzanna went into his study, they saw half a dozen people sitting inside, listening to Aroben and scribbling on papers.

One of Aroben's secretaries stood up when he saw someone coming into the room. When he saw Anfey, he grew quiet and sat back down. Aroben looked up from his desk. His eyes grew wide when he saw Anfey.

"You're back, my lord!" He wanted to stand up and greet Anfey, but because he was too frail, he could not manage to get up and fell back into his chair.

"Don't," Anfey said, hurrying to his side. "How are you liking the chair?"

"It's wonderful," Aroben said with a smile. He was very grateful to Anfey for making him this chair. The chair not only made his life much easier, it also showed how much Anfey cared. It also was part of the reason why he was working so hard to govern Violet City in Anfey's absence.

One of the secretaries stood up and gave his seat to Anfey, who nodded at him and sat down in the chair. "Leave us," he said. "I have to speak with Lord Aroben alone."

Before Aroben could say anything, the secretaries all stood up quietly. They bowed to Aroben and hurried out of the room. They didn't know who Anfey was, but they could tell he was important from how Aroben treated him.

"My lord, what are you..."

"I have to take care of something," Anfey said after a moment of hesitation. He trusted Aroben, and he knew it would be better if he just told Aroben what would happen. "Get some more guards over here tomorrow. Something may happen in the coming days, but no matter what happens, no one can step foot in here without my permission."

Aroben nodded. He was very smart, and knew better than to ask the reason for Anfey's order.

"How are you doing?" Anfey asked.

"Much better," Aroben said with a smile. "Since you're back, my lord, I should move back to city hall. It will be easier."

Anfey thought about it, then nodded.

"Another thing, my lord," Aroben said. "I heard you defeated the archmage in the Country of Mercenaries. Are you now..." Aroben was just a commoner, and was not very sensitive to elements, but even he felt there was something different about Anfey.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Anfey asked, but he did not answer Aroben's question. After the seal was removed, he found it easier and faster for him to summon elements. Everything he did could cause the elements around him to change and shift.

The way Anfey practiced magic was different from a common mage. Before common mages learn how to summon elements, they are just a group of normal people with an affinity for magic. Anfey, on the other hand, wanted to be even closer to the elements. What he wanted was to become one and the same with the world. Someone who does not need spells to control elements will be very powerful, but will lose the ability to conceal the surges of elements around him. This was why Aroben was able to sense the change around Anfey. Aroben was right, in that Anfey was not able to hide element movements around him anymore.

Behind Anfey, Suzanna frowned. However, she did not say anything and remained still behind him. Suzanna did not know how to use words to make promises. She preferred using her actions. She was willing to stand before Anfey, when he needed her strength, and stand behind him, when he needed her support. She had never regretted this decision, and would never regret it.

"A little," Aroben confessed. He trusted Anfey, and knew that even if he was honest, Anfey would not think too much of it. Aroben raised his hand and summoned two servants. "I will leave you and my lady alone, my lord," Aroben said. "They will pack up my belongings so I can move to city hall tomorrow."

"How many servants do you have?" Anfey asked, glancing at the servants.

"Around twenty."

"Take all of them," Anfey said.

"Are you certain?" Aroben asked, surprised.

Anfey nodded. "I'm sure."

"Alright, my lord," Aroben said with a nod. He was very curious, but he knew very well when he should ask questions, and when he shouldn't.

Aroben disappeared around the corner with his servants, leaving Suzanna and Anfey alone in the room. Suzanna turned to Anfey and asked, "This is where the entrance is?"

Anfey nodded. "We only have a few days. Golman's arriving in three days. I'll go down there and check it out, once everyone's gone."

"What about me?"

"Stay here," Anfey said. "I need a lookout."

"But I want to go with you," Suzanna said. She rarely contradicted him, but she was very worried about him.

"Don't worry," Anfey said. "Nothing will happen. Urter has told me everything. Plus, what if someone comes in here?"

"No one will," Suzanna said. "You gave the order yourself."

"Better safe than sorry," Anfey said. "This is our secret. I can't let anyone know. Urter said Minos left a lot of things behind. I have to go through them. I don't want Golman to have everything."

"Then you'll need help."

Anfey sighed. "If I don't finish going through everything, I need you up here, so you can stall for a bit."

What he wasn't telling her was that he was afraid of what the Wheel of Fortune would do to him, especially after seeing what it did to Urter. He could risk his life, but he couldn't allow Suzanna's life to be in danger.