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Chapter 566: The Cost of Lying

 Chapter 566: The Cost of Lying

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Anfey was having a small-sized secretive meeting with a few others in the League of Mercenaries's temporary station. Anfey had built his political sense with experience and time. He thought Yolanthe was very likely to call Christian back to Sacred City after Shansa Empire was conquered, unless Yolanthe had decided to have Christian inherit the throne. If this were not the case, Christian would not be able to join the battle against Ellisen Empire.

Yolanthe's order had arrived in the morning, asking Christian to go back to Sacred City. Of course, this alone was not enough evidence to guess Yolanthe's thoughts. Anfey might guess it right, but he did not really know the real reasons why Yolanthe made that decision.

All the commanders in the League of Mercenaries came to the meeting, including Anthony, who did not have a specific position in the league any more. Today was a very important meeting for the League of Mercenaries, since it could decide the future of the League of Mercenaries.

The door was pushed open. Late, Alice walked in with a smile. She was smart and could figure things out fast. Anfey's scolding woke her up. The League of Mercenaries had been her real family after she joined the league. What happened before was just a nightmare for her. She was loved and trusted in the league. She felt warm and felt protected within it. The league had kept anything dangerous away from Alice. Wasn't it enough for her?

Alice had acted normal today. She greeted everyone with a smile and took the seat saved for her.

"Alice, why are you coming so late?" Suzanna asked.

"Kumaraghosha had some trouble. I went to help him." Alice looked apologetic.

"Alice, I think Ye has told you the reasons why we are having this meeting. What suggestions do you have?" Anfey asked in a low pitch.

Alice gave it a little bit of thought and asked Anfey back. "What do you want to do?"

"Christian needs to go back to Sacred City. He has to have people go with him, so I want Orzic and his First Unit to go. Riska, Blavi and Zubin will go back with them, as well." Anfey laid his eyes on Ye. "Ye, can you handpick some people to go to the Sacred City. You are very thorough. I would not worry too much if Christian has you."

"Anfey, you seem to have forgotten a person," Alice said with a smile.

"Are you talking about Bro Entos?" Anfey paused a second before he continued. "I have not talked to him yet. If he wants to go back with Christian, it would be perfect."

"I think Bro Entos will agree to it," Blavi interrupted. "Yesterday he told me he has been quite bored."

"It seems very possible to convince him." Anfey smiled. "What other suggestions?"

Seeing everyone shaking their heads, Anfey looked more serious. "Christian, after you go back to Scared City, you need to keep a low profile. To be honest, we have done great. Even Wester, Granden, and Master Baery could conquer Ellisen Empire in a short time. They are only drinking the water we used to wash our feet. The truth is they would not have an opportunity to attack Ellisen Empire if Shansa Empire were not conquered first. Christian, we do not have to fight at this point. It will be okay, as long as we do not make mistakes."

"I understand." Christian nodded.

"Alice, you need people to protect you. I am thinking of keeping Shinbela and her Second Unit here." Anfey went quiet for a while and said, "Do you know Little John?"

"The general who opened the city door for us?" Alice asked.

"Yes." Anfey nodded. "He is a ranger. If you have anything that you could not do openly, you can have him take care of it for you. I have watched him for a long time. I think he could be great. You can talk to him when you get a chance."

"Ok," Alice answered.

"I do not think I need to worry about your safety. With the protection from Master Doumingo and his students, no one can hurt you, as long as you are careful," Anfey said.

"Anfey, are you going to the Country of Mercenaries?" Alice asked. She looked a little nervous.

"I have not decided yet." Anfey smiled. "Master Anthony, Alice cannot manage the League of Mercenaries right now. I am thinking of having you take the position of CEO."

"Master, are you kidding?" Anthony was shocked. His son, the commander of Glory mercenary group, was even more shocked.

"Ozzic will go to Sacred City, while Shinbela needs to stay in the Diamond City. Blavi, Riska and a few other mage counselors need to leave as well. If you were not the CEO, no one would have the control of these naughty guys. Because of Ye, they did not dare to make trouble. If they know Ye is leaving, they might have a party to celebrate that. I have to have a capable, respectful person with a high reputation to manage the league."

Hearing what Anfey said, Anthony felt warm in his heart. He remembered the day when he handed his Glory mercenary group to his brother Santeler. Everybody knew Anfey founded the League of Mercenaries. The League of Mercenaries was an independent military force, and the essential force that Anfey had. The reason Anthony could hand the Glory mercenary group to Santeler was because he trusted Santeler very much. Anthony wondered what it meant when Anfey asked him to be the CEO of the League of Mercenaries.

"Master, if you trust me, I can try," Anthony said in a low pitch. He did not try to turn it down. It would have been a different issue if he did not want to be the CEO. If he wanted to do it, but tried to turn it down on purpose, it would show no decency in him. Any hypocritical action was an insult to Anfey's trust.

"Huiwei, can you take over Christian's job and be the vice CEO? Feller and Sante, you will be the vice commanders for inspectorate. You guys will help me manage the league, ok?" Anfey said.

"Anfey, where are you going?" Not only Alice had noticed something unusual, the rest of them noticed it now as well. Based on the new appointments, the League of Mercenaries was divided into three sections. Each of them had their own responsibilities, but Anfey did not seem to be part of it.

"Anfey and I will travel around the Pan Continent." Suzanna said in a low pitch.

"Travel around? What's so fun about that?" Blavi complained with confusion.

"There is news that has spread around, but you guys have not heard about it yet." Alice suddenly interrupted. "Minos The First has been hiding on the Greenwich Island, commanding many necromancers and death spirits to build a Skull Throne for him. This Skull Throne is almost built. When it is completely built, Minos The First will have the force to be reborn and develop as the King of Skulls, even more powerful than the Saints. His force will be unimaginable. Anfey, are you going to fight with Minos The First? Is that why you are not going to manage the league?"

"Alice, how did you know?" Riska asked in surprise. Riska and others knew nothing about it.

"Master Doumingo was invited. He told me," Alice answered.

"You do not have to worry about it. If you can do your job in the league, it would be great." Anfey smiled.

The air became dead. Anfey was right and very objective, but they could not take it, or in other words, refused to agree upon it. Anfey and Suzanna had been running and fighting before everyone else, ever since the League of Mercenaries was founded. They fought for their survival. Anfey met the biggest danger at this moment, but they could not offer any help. They felt bad about it.

No one said anything for a while. Anthony looked shocked a few moments ago. It seemed that he just found out about it as well. If Anthony, a Master Swordsman, was not invited, others would definitely not be invited. It seemed pointless to say anything at this moment.

"Anfey, did you decide when you will leave?" Alice broke the ice in the end.

"Tonight. I will go back to Violet City first for some business, and then travel a little bit to see if I can find my childhood house, before I go to the Country of Mercenaries," Anfey said slowly.

"That soon?" Alice's face changed. She looked upset.

"You guys..." Anfey shook his head with a smile. "Don't make it like it is a farewell. You don't have to worry about me. I am not the only one fighting with Minos The First. As far as I know, our professor, Steggar, Jacob, Manso, Bruzuryano, some Palace Priests, Knights of Light and three master necromancers will fight together against Minos The First. We should win for many reasons. Besides, if I could find my childhood house, maybe we will not even have to fight, since there will be someone who could fight Minos The First for us," Anfey said.

In fact, Anfey lied. They had to fight on their own against Minos The First, if they wanted Minos The First to die. There was never a secret person with super power, at least no one that Anfey knew of. After telling a lie, it usually had to be covered with more lies. Anfey did not know any other ways to cover himself.

"Even if you could not find your childhood house, Minos The First would not end up good. As the Skull Throne is about to finish, the elements in the world will become chaotic. That Saint can definitely notice the change in elements. He will come on his own," Hui Wei said slowly.

Anfey smiled, but did not comment on anything. Among the top powers who were invited to fight, Saul, Steggar and others were quite optimistic about the future. They had the same view as Hui Wei's. As long as that Saint could notice the abnormality in the elements before the skull throne was built, they could combine their forces to fight Minos The First, then Minos The First would not be their match. However, Anfey was not as optimistic as them, because he told a lie. Anfey carried the hope of the whole Pan Continent on his shoulders. He was stressed.

"Anfey, couldn't you leave a few days later?" Alice asked in a low pitch.

"I cannot. I have decided to leave tonight." Anfey lied again. He would not leave tonight. He only wanted to disappear from the league. Wester and Granden were about to reach Diamond City. Before Anfey left the league, he needed to handle a trouble on his own.