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Chapter 563: The Providence of God

 Chapter 563: The Providence of God

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The massacre that was expected to cause a great fear over the royal families of Shansa did not take place. The talents that Alice had recruited in Moro Province and Yellowstone Province had been put to good use. With the help of the soldiers of Shansa, under Kumaraghosha's command, they patrolled the area, suppressed the riots, and brought assurance to the people. When it was dawn, Diamond City had resumed its peace.

What Alice had experienced was similar to the experience of Granden from the Maho Empire. Alice had entered into politics when she was young, and Granden had become an inspector when he was a teenager. However, being an inspector was only a role in name. The power was still in the hands of the Chief Commander. Alice frequently made public appearances and got along well with people from all trades. She was more mature than Granden.

Alice had no problem maintaining the normal operations of the city. As for the ministers of her predecessor, she was well aware of the ones whom she could keep, and whom she had to eliminate.

No one could sleep this night. Baery had to supervise and re-organize those new soldiers of the Shansa Empire. They did not have strong combat force, but there were many of them. Saul, Steger, and Douminge were searching for the remnants who might create trouble. Bruzuryano and Mauso were in charge of the reinforcements. They had become fire fighters. They would be deployed to wherever there was danger. Even the high priest, Stan, and the Knights of the Light had been assigned duties. No one would do a better job than them in reassuring the people. Regardless of the conduct of the individuals, in the eyes of the people, they were upright and kind.

Outside the Palace, Kumaraghosha held his sword and looked back. Anfey nodded his head lightly, and Kumaraghosha turned around and wielded his sword. A sword ray blew open the magnificent door, and Kumaraghosha took the lead and dashed in.

In any political governance, there would be lots of ambivalence, including fights. If they were working toward a common goal, it would be easy to work things out. However, to remove the estrangement among them, it would be impossible! As long as people were involved, there would be ambivalence. Kumaraghosha had led the soldiers in surrounding the Palace, as he had his own agenda.

If Diamond City was the icon of the Shansa Empire, the Palace would be the icon of Diamond City. Behind the magnificent door, was the accumulation of years of wealth of the Empire, and many other things. Kumaraghosha did not want the place to be looted! Moreover, he had one more motive. He wanted to take revenge for his family, who had died terrible deaths! However, Edward VIII was Alice's father, so he felt uneasy. After gaining the approval of Anfey, he finally made up his mind.

However, Kumaraghosha had measured the stature of great men by his small yardstick. A talent remained only a talent. Kumaraghosha was merely a talent. As there were no better choices, he had taken up the responsibility as a vanguard. Baery was a renowned Marshal. The soldiers in the Maho Empire had not stepped into the inner city, so Baery had given Alice and Kumaraghosha free play.

"I was expecting bloodshed." Stan stopped behind Anfey. He said softly, "This is so unexpected. Yolanthe is indeed a benevolent king!"

"His Majesty is magnanimous," Anfey casually replied, going along with Stan. Anyway, the one being complimented was not around.

"But...not many people know about his benevolence. What they are feeling right now is only fear. Warner, let the people forget about their hatred for one another!"

"Yes, Sir." Warner replied, but he was looking at Anfey.

Warner had been under the mentorship of Stan. His look and dressing were becoming more and more like a priest. However, he felt a bit uneasy when Anfey was around. Anfey winked at Ye and said with a smile, "Warner, go ahead and show me what you have learned."

Ye immediately took the hint and whispered to a mercenary. The mercenary then went to look for Blavi. Edy, who was leisurely sitting with the mercenaries, was looking at what was happening at the front. Suddenly, a magic shield was in the sky and covered him. Edy was taken by surprise and said, "Sir Blavi, what is this..."

Blavi rolled his eyes, he could not be bothered with Edy. He did not have a good impression of Edy, but since they were of The League of Mercenaries, he had to give him a helping hand.

"God protects His people..." As Warner chanted, he flew up to the sky. He looked pious. As he lifted up his hands, a bright light rose from his palms. As the light got brighter, the beams got bigger. It engulfed Warner, who was dozens of meters below it. In the end, a soundless explosion took place. The huge beams rained down and covered Diamond City.

The Book of Life, which had been enlarged thousands of times, stayed in the air. The shape of the book, and even the tiny words written on the pages, could be clearly seen. As the pages were being flipped, chanting sounds came from the sky.

"Warner has improved tremendously." Anfey was impressed. Light rained down within the range of his senses. He had not expected Warner to have such magic powers. It was impressive.

"He has great potential. It was a pity that he did not make good use of his time previously," Stan said with a smile. He then added, "The Book of Life has been a great help to him."

Anfey was silent. Warner could breakthrough, because he had received the Heart of Nature. Since Warner had the help of The Book of Life, it was not a surprise for him to achieve such great advancement.

To the top level powers, like Anfey, rains of light were simply the energies of the light element. They had strong willpower, and they would not be affected by it. However, to the men on the street, rains of light were filled with peace, making one feel warm and safe.

The two contradictory magics of light and darkness could easily touch the hearts of the people. Some would open up their windows to receive the blessings, and for those who were braver, they would run down the streets. The warriors, who were holding onto their weapons, were affected as well. They looked excited. After the excitement, they just looked blankly at the sky.

Although Kumaraghosha was not as powerful as Anfey, the hatred within him was so deep that he was not affected by it. He looked up at the sky and sneered. After kicking the soldier who was staring blankly in front of him, Kumaraghosha shouted, "Search around! Why are you in a daze?" The soldiers then regained consciousness, rushing forward in different directions.

Warner slowly landed on the ground. Other than the treatment that the people had received, the magic that he had released would not have any other effect on the people. However, the impact that he had created was significant. The soldiers of Shansa and the mercenaries were looking at Warner differently. The mercenaries used to look down on Warner. He had been enduring the shame and trying to please the people around him. However, after the conversation with Anfey, his attitude changed and became tough. The mercenaries had thought that Warner got into Anfey's good graces by bootlicking. Outwardly, they appeared to respect him, but inwardly, they despised him even more. This day, Warner had gained the acceptance of the people with his own ability.

"Sir Stan, you should have been the one to release the magic," Anfey suddenly said softly. Stan smiled. He was smart enough to catch the sarcasm in Anfey's words. "Sir Anfey, I am different from Slanbrea. I like to be frank. The entire continent has changed completely. If I wish to pass down my teachings, I need to change my approach as well."


"You can say that there are two paths before us. One is the old school one, which is to hold on to power and status. The other is to take a step backward and assist in consolidating the royal power. Do you understand what I mean?"

"You have chosen the latter?"

"Yes. I do not want to take any risk. Even the two country bumpkins, Mauso and Bruzuryano, who have been wandering in the forest, know what to do. We should be smarter than them."

Stan looked at Warner and said, "From now on, Warner is qualified to set up a hall in Diamond City. As long as Yolanthe is around, Sir Alice's position will not be threatened. With Warner's help, ...hahaha. Sir Anfey, I sincerely wish to assist you."

"Thank you," Anfey said with a smile. Stan and Slanbrea were indeed different. It was not that Stan had higher moral character, but he was very open, preferring to thrash things out. As to what he would do if he could not come to an agreement with the other party, that would be another question.

It seemed that Kumaraghosha must have encountered resistance, as there was a loud battle cry in the Palace. Anfey suddenly remembered something and said, "Sir Stan, I need your help."

"What is it? Tell me."

"Alice and I...are partners. I do not want to stain my hands with the blood of her father or family. These mercenaries must not get involved either," Anfey said softly, "Can you help us settle these before Kumaraghosha strikes?"

Stan was stunned for a while, and then smiled wryly and said, "This is not an easy task. I will offend..." Yolanthe judged his men by their talents. He was very pleased with Alice's recent performance, as she had met his expectations. Her position could not be shaken. No one would want to offend her.

"Please." Anfey begged him.