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Chapter 560: Helpless

 Chapter 560: Helpless

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Baery's Roaring Death Legion, Shield of Light Legion, and Blackania City's city guards combined with Kumaraghosha's Shansa army, the Church's Knights, and the druids, had made a very large and impressive army camp outside of Diamond City. Baery only blocked off three of the city's gates, leaving the eastern gate wide open. This way, if Edward the Eighth leaves through the eastern gate, it would be easy for the army to attack him.

Not only was Edward the Eighth's army severely outnumbered, the sheer amount of top level powers gathered outside the city was enough to make anyone pale in shock and fear. Despite having the upper hand, Baery did not attack the city immediately. Yolanthe wanted occupation, not destruction. In order to take over the city, the most important part of the plan was not outside the city, but within.

The Rangers' Little John had already risen to the rank of general, leading several attacks on the Roaring Death Legion's supply army. He had won Edward the Eighth's trust with his victories. Edward the Eighth named him the deputy general, who was in charge of the southern part of the city, under Duke Rhine. However, the duke barely had any interest or experience in leading an army, leaving most of his work to Little John.

Another part of this equation was Douminge, and whether or not he could convince some of the court mages to join his side. He was once the head of court mages, and was very well respected. If he could convince some of the mages, he could render Edward the Eighth's mage towers useless. Without the mage towers, it would be very hard for Edward the Eighth to do anything.

A lot of Maho soldiers wanted to march on the city and capture Edward the Eighth. Even though the Shansa Empire barely had any defense, they still wanted to attack the city. Sitting and waiting was far from their idea of a war. However, to Baery, he was happy to wait. He was getting older now, and he did not need any more glory. All he needed was victory.

What was ironic, was that Yolanthe had accused Edward the Eighth of working with necromancers, yet his own men were really the ones working with necromancers. No matter where, the ruling class must find a way to control the people they were ruling. Yolanthe may be a good ruler, but he was still a ruler. He needed to control what was reaching his people, and how his people thought in order to stay in power.

Anfey closed Morgan's letter. He turned to Brufit and said, "Go tell Master Morgan that I understand."

"The Throne is almost ready," Brufit said softly. "We do not have a lot of time left."

"Master Morgan said six months in his letter," Anfey said. "I won't be participating in another battle after this. I think I can find the place where I grew up."

"Ellisen Empire is a mess now," Brufit said, shocked. "It will be an easy victory. Are you sure you won't participate?"

Once they take Diamond City, the supplies in the city will be theirs. That, combined with the supplies the armies took from the nobles over the year, would be enough to support the entire army for months. The Ellisen army didn't stand a chance against such a large army. It would be an easy victory and another accomplishment.

"If I'm right, His Majesty will ask Christian to go back to Sacred City after this,"Anfey said.

Brufit blinked and immediately understood what Anfey was saying. Anfey was only leading the mercenaries into battles because Christian was there. If Christian was gone, there was no point.

"His Royal Highness has a long list of accomplishments," Brufit said. "Surely His Majesty will ask him to participate in the war with Ellison Empire."

"Unless His Majesty has already picked Christian as his heir, he won't send him into another war," Anfey said, shaking his head. "He needs to maintain a balance. He can't let any of his sons get too powerful or influential."

"Then it is His Majesty's own decision," Brufit said. "We have no part in it."

Anfey glanced at Brufit and chuckled. He knew what Brufit was implying. If he leaves immediately after Christian leaves, it may seem suspicious. However, he also knew that Yolanthe wasn't the paranoid type. Even if he leaves, he had proven his loyalty to Yolanthe and to the Maho Empire plenty of times. He wasn't worried.

Brufit nodded. He believed that Anfey knew what he was implying, and that was as much as he could do. Anfey will make his own choices, and he can't change that.

Brufit coughed a few times quietly, to break the awkward silence. "Well, I should be getting on my way," he said. "It may not be good for your reputation if other people see me here. I trust you to give the letter to Master Saul."

"Don't worry," Anfey said. "I will deliver it."

Brufit nodded and left the tent quietly. A moment later, Suzanna poked her head into the tent.

"What were you two talking about?"

"We need a new plan," Anfey said with a sigh.

"What plan? Why haven't you said anything?"

"It's not going to work, anyway," Anfey said. He held up the letter in his hand to Suzanna and said, "The Throne of Bones is almost complete. It will give Minos the power he needs to receive a new life. We need to unite against him, or else it will be the end of everything we know. I don't know what the Throne is, exactly, but if Golman, Morgan, and Desvidia are all afraid of its completion... I don't think I want to know what it is."

Anfey sighed. He knew that Minos was very powerful, but he did not know exactly how powerful he was. After he started working with Golman, he learned many things about the necromancers. Now, he knew exactly what Golman was afraid of, and he was afraid of Minos' power as well. Golman was willing to put his hope in a man Anfey had made up, showing that Golman, too, had tried everything he could.

"If we all unite, there's no way Minos can defeat us," Suzanna said quietly.

"Hopefully," Anfey said with a sigh. He took Suzanna's hand and drew her to his side. He looked at her, as if studying her face. Suzanna frowned. She could see the sadness and longing in Anfey's eyes. It was as if he was saying goodbye to her. When she opened her mouth, her voice quivered. "What's going on?" she asked. "Is everything alright?"

"It is," Anfey said with a small smile. "I just think maybe we should have a child."

"Really?" Suzanna asked, surprised.

"When have I ever lied to you?" Anfey asked, holding her closer. He knew that if he was to fight Minos, he must be even more powerful. He could not find the supreme power, because the man didn't exist. The only thing left for him to do was to become a supreme power. However, that would come at the expense of losing things that made him human. For the first time ever, he felt helpless.