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Chapter 558: Lesser

 Chapter 558: Lesser

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In a fight between two very powerful people, a small mistake can be detrimental. Suzanna already had her sword drawn, but Volte did not even draw his weapon. However, he was very fast. He easily ducked Suzanna's attack and grabbed his sword.

Suzanna gripped her sword and lunged at Volte, who drew his own sword, and the two clashed with a loud crash, sending bright sparks flying. Suzanna stumbled backwards and steadied herself. Volte was sent flying backwards and crashed through a nearby wall, finally landing in the courtyard. The mercenaries outside quickly surrounded it.

Suddenly, Volte's sword lit up brightly, then turned into dozens of arrows. The arrows made of combat power flew outwards toward the mercenaries. The mercenaries did not know who they were fighting, and it was already too late by the time they realized. Dozens of mercenaries were struck by Volte's combat power and fell to the ground.

Suzanna's eyes widened in shock. Swordsmen's combat powers were more or less the same, but Volte's control of combat power was unheard of. Even Ernest was not this good.

"Out of the way!" Suzanna called, jumping down into the courtyard.

Volte turned to her, sneering. The two lunged toward each other, bright white combat power and golden combat power clashing. A moment later, Volte fell to the ground, stumbling. Suzanna, however, did not attack again. Instead, she kept herself floating in midair, staring at Volte's hands. It may not seem like it, but she had almost fallen for Volte's trap.

Douglas was creeping toward the fight. Just as he was about to attack, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him and swung a large axe at his head. Douglas was forced to jumped back and duck the attack. He raised his sword, blocking another blow from the axe. He was fast, but he was still slower than his opponent.

He was able to block the axe with his sword, but the floor under him could not handle this much force. Before Douglas could do anything else, he found himself falling down through a hole in the floor. The figure with the axe chased after him. By the time Douglas reached the next floor, the figure with the axe was already upon him.

Douglas bellowed angrily, as he raised his sword to block another attack. Swordsmen all had similar combat powers, but there were small differences. People like Suzanna and Ernest focused on strength, while Douglas focused on speed. He had almost never been outmatched in speed.

By now, Douglas already realized who he was up against. The second time his sword made contact with the axe, he changed the angle of his sword, so he wouldn't fall through the floor again. He pushed off of Anfey's axe and landed near the wall. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "Aren't you in Shinwa Province?"

Anfey pursed his lips and did not say anything. He jumped toward Douglas, swinging the axe at the man's neck. Douglas waved his hand, and a large, black net appeared in the air. The net was made of a dark, flexible metal and had large spikes all over it. As the net fell toward Anfey, Douglas began moving toward him as well.

Instead of using teleportation, Anfey suddenly leaned back and fell onto the ground. He slid toward Douglas, swinging his axe at his leg. Douglas jumped off the ground and moved toward the ceiling, summoning his combat power. Douglas didn't want to fight with Anfey. He had no reason to fight with him. He wanted to get back into the other room, because that was where his real target was. He needed to get to Alice and use her as a leverage. He knew that Shinbela must have already arrived with her men. He needed to get to Alice to get himself and his men out alive.

Douglas crashed through the wooden ceiling and returned to the room above. The men he brought were already lying on the ground, dead. A few mercenaries were also lying on the ground, dead as well. Brufit, the only survivor, was sitting on the ground and panting. All the walls in the room were covered in black. Thuds could be heard from other side of the wall. Clearly, Brufit had managed to seal off the room after getting rid of the mercenaries.

Douglas dashed toward Alice, who was standing quietly in the room. Anfey jumped into the room from below. Douglas raised his sword to Alice's neck and said, "Don't do anything, or it will end badly for both of us."

Anfey looked at Douglas calmly. Douglas frowned, feeling uneasy. He had expected Anfey to react to what he was doing, so he could tell what Anfey was thinking. However, Anfey was only looking at him, not showing any emotions.

Just then, the entire building shook with the sound of an explosion. Then Douglas heard Volte's voice, "Mauso, Burzuryano, goddammit..."

Douglas' breath hitched. Brufit has sealed the room off, and he could not see what was going on outside, but he knew what would happen to Volte. Volte may be powerful, but not powerful enough to take on Mauso, Burzuryano, and Suzanna at the same time.

Anfey gripped his axe and started walking towards Douglas. "Stay where you are!" Douglas called loudly. "I may not be powerful enough for you, but if you do anything, I will kill her!" Then he grabbed Alice and pushed his sword closer to her neck.

"Whatever you say," Anfey said with a shrug, but did not stop moving.

"Whatever?" Douglas repeated, his eyes wide. "Good, then. Fine. Do what you will."

"If you say so," Anfey said. He suddenly lunged forward, swinging his axe at Alice. Anfey was very fast, and did not leave much time for Douglas to think. His axe went through Alice and struck Douglas in the chest. Normally, Douglas would be able to get away, but he was too close to Alice. He also didn't think Anfey would actually do anything to harm Alice. He had gathered a lot of information and knew how important she was to him.

A ball of dark energy struck Douglas in the back, causing his combat power to disappear. Douglas bellowed in pain, as he fell to the ground, his sword also falling.

"It will be easier if you just give up, my lord," Brufit said quietly.

Douglas turned toward him with wide eyes. "Why... you..."

"I have a teacher as well, my lord," Brufit said. "That is all I can tell you."

The spy, Lajusha, stood and walked toward Anfey. As she walked, her appearance and clothes started to change.

"It's just a small mirror spell, my lord," Brufit said, noticing Douglas' eyes on her.

Anfey sighed. "You shouldn't have done this," he told Douglas, as he brought the axe down on the man.