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Chapter 555: Get Even, After the Fall

 Chapter 555: Get Even, After the Fall

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When Anfey arrived at the campsite of the Roaring Dead Legion, it was late at night. Although the soldiers on duty recognized Anfey, they still stopped him at the door. Anfey knew that Baery was extremely strict. He also knew the importance of the army regulations and discipline, so he waited patiently outside. After a while, the soldier, who had gone in to report, came back with a military order. The soldiers quickly made way for him.

The soldier ushered Anfey to Baery's tent. This time around, no reporting was required. The guard, who was standing before the tent, lifted up the curtain for Anfey.

Anfey was surprised to see so many people in Baery's tent-Steger, Shawn, Dalmatian and the others. The tent was filled with people whom Anfey knew, as well as strangers. One thought came to Anfey's mind. There would be a war soon! There were seven provinces in the Shansa Empire, and they had captured three. If they were to continue to move forward, it would be into the Shinwa Province. The capital of the Shansa Empire, Diamond City, was located between the Shinwa Province and the Shawa Province. Are they planning to attack all three?

"Anfey, this way." Saul signaled with his hand, and a guard immediately brought a chair, placing it beside him.

Anfey had intended to greet Shawn and the rest, but they were having a meeting now. It would not be appropriate for him to do so. He just smiled and nodded his head, and walked toward Saul and sat down.

Anfey waited only for a while before the meeting came to an end. The generals took their leaves, and Shawn and Dalmatian came over to chat with Anfey before they left the tent.

Seeing that most of the people had left, Baery said with a smile, "Anfey, what brings you here today?"

Anfey looked around and winked at Baery. After Baery had signaled the guards to leave the tent, Anfey released the soundproofing enchantment. Baery and Saul looked at each other grimly. It must be something serious, since Anfey was behaving so mysteriously.

"Golman has looked for me," Anfey said openly.

Although Baery and Saul had prepared themselves, they still looked shocked. After a while, Saul frowned and said, "Did he do anything..."

"Anfey is standing before us now. Golman must have meant no harm," Baery said with a smile. "Anfey, what did he say?"


"Collaborate?" Baery quickly asked. "Collaborate how?"

Anfey repeated their conversation in detail. He had a very good memory, and did not miss a single thing. However, he did not mention the part about Mental Roaring.

Baery and Saul were silent for a long while. Baery paced up and down, and Saul closed his eyes in order to ponder what he'd just been told. After a long while, Saul suddenly said, "What does Golman want?"

"He does not expect us to recognize their presence. He only wishes to have a small piece of land where no one can trespass."

"Golman has said this before. After so many years, his wish remains the same," Baery said softly.

If it were only the ordinary people, it would be beyond reproach to ask for the right to survive. However, for a necromancer, it is different. Although they did not have to be wary about Golman, the rest of the people might still be. Even though Golman might keep his promise, his students might not. No one knew for sure what an ordinary person and a necromancer would do. The ordinary person would consider the necromancer to be scheming, possessing the desire to conquer the world. The latter would consider human beings as shameless and ungrateful. Regardless of who was in the right, the two parties had accumulated tons of hatred with each other, and it would be difficult to re-establish trust. That was why Golman had said that he would not ask for recognition.

"For this matter...let His Majesty decide," Saul slowly said. In fact, he was not interested in the fact that Golman had volunteered himself. When the Shansa Empire had become history, the Ellisen Empire would not be able to do much on its own. Even if Golman managed to send a plague to the Ellisen Empire to weaken their strength, they would not be able to fight against the Maho Empire! The main concern was, if they rejected Golman's offer, the three master necromancers would definitely seek refuge with the other side. Having a few more powerful friends was likened unto putting icing on the cake, but to have a few more powerful enemies, that would spell trouble!

"I agree." Baery nodded his head and sat down to write a letter. As he was writing, he said, "Anfey, the day after, we will be attacking the Shinwa Province. Go and discuss this with Alice, and let me know immediately if there is any problem."

Previously, before they attacked, Baery would have waited for Alice to voice her opinion. However, this time around, Baery had made a decision. Anfey knew that there must be a reason behind it, but he found it inappropriate for him to ask, as this concerned military affairs. He said with a wry smile, "We still have many things to settle on our end. What's the rush?"

"Wester and Granden had left Sacred City for the battlefront." Saul sighed and said, "My plan is to launch the attack after they have arrived. However, Marshal refused to listen to me. What can I do?"

"What?" Anfey was shocked. However, he immediately knew the intentions of Wester and Granden. It was a pity that they could not participate in the war against the Country of Mercenaries. They had to participate in this round to destroy the country. If they did not do so, they would not be able to vie with Christian, who had almost reached the pinnacle of prestige. He would then become the successor. Those who were interested in the throne must not miss the opportunity, so Wester and Granden had to go!

Saul related to Anfey how Wester and Granden had repeatedly requested for participation in the war. Initially, Yolanthe did not accede to the requests, but out of the blue, he agreed. It was more than 20 days after they had left that Yolanthe informed Baery about it. A large group of the royal families had gone with Wester and Granden. They had the same objective, which was to go to the battlefront, for show.

"If it was only Granden, it would be fine to wait a few more days. Wester...ha!" Baery, who was writing the letter, suddenly interrupted.

"Baery, it has been decades. Can't you just forget about it? This is so unlike you!" Saul laughed and said.

Anfey blinked his eyes. What does Saul mean? Anfey had found something amiss a long time ago. Baery was nice towards Granden and Christian. As for Wester, he treated him differently. All of them were his nephews, but why this different treatment?

"Saul, don't be sarcastic. You were not the one being imprisoned," Baery said angrily.

Seeing Anfey's curious look, Saul hesitated for a while and said, "Wester and Christian are half-brothers. Wester's mother is Elizabeth. Elizabeth's family had been a great help to His Majesty back then...but when His Majesty was enthroned, Elizabeth's family was against the restructuring. They even threatened His Majesty. has been such a long time. It is pointless to tell you all the details. In the end, His Majesty had no choice but to punish them as a warning to the people. It was not appropriate for Elizabeth to continue to be the queen then."

"Is Elizabeth still alive?"

"She is. Although Elizabeth supported her family, ...after all, they are husband and wife. His Majesty could not bear to harm her."

"Oh..." Anfey blinked his eyes again. Although he would like to find out who Yolanthe had married after that, it would involve Baery's sister. He dared not ask, as no one had ever mentioned it. Saul had also never mentioned his wife. He could sense that something bad must have happened back then, which caused Yolanthe and Saul to lose their wives.

"Master, does Wester visit Elizabeth frequently?"

"I have no idea. Elizabeth...I have not seen her for more than 10 years. She has never shown herself in public."

"Let's not talk about the past. Anfey, go through my letter and see if I have missed out anything." Baery put down his pen and handed the letter to Anfey. "Saul, His Majesty has allowed Wester and Granden to leave the Sacred City. What do you think?"

"Me?" Saul was stunned.

"There is only Anfey here. Are you telling me that you are treating your favorite student as an outsider?"

"You..." Saul let out a wry smile and asked him back, "What do you think?"

"Be polite! I have asked you first."

Saul pondered for a while and said, "His Majesty is ready to strike. It should be...more aggressive than the one that took place a few months ago."

"I think so too." Baery nodded in agreement.

"Strike?" Anfey, who was reading the letter, looked up.

"Yes," Saul said softly. "His Majesty was unable to do a thorough job previously. At the critical moment, the royal families will push Wester and Granden to the front, to act as their shield. Now that Wester and Granden have left Sacred City, His Majesty is without scruples."

"Saul, do you think His a little too impatient?"

"Back then, His Majesty had stopped the restructuring because there were strong enemies without. He would not, and dared not, allow political unrest." Saul slowly said, "His Majesty has been waiting for this opportunity for too long. Those who had supported him, and those who had gone against him, he remembers them all. Now, ..."

"Get even, after the fall?"

"That's right. Get even, after the fall." Saul paused and said, "Fortunately, we are not in Sacred City. If we were, it would spell trouble for us."

"What trouble will you have!" Baery said with a smile, "Back then, when you supported His Majesty with the restructuring, you had laid off your servants, given freedom to your slaves, and even offered more than 10 manors to the Empire. Were these not enough? Hahaha...fortunately, Niya is not calculating. If she was, she would have hated you."

"Not this." Saul shook his head and said, "Many people back then, had been lining up to look for me, begging me to plead with His Majesty. Now...I don't have to bother myself with such things."