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Chapter 551: An Accident

 Chapter 551: An Accident

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As the saying goes, one word from the top and those below would be kept busy. As the future leader of the continent, whatever actions that Yolanthe took would have a great impact upon his subjects. Early in the morning, Yolanthe had announced his decision through the Transmission Portal. Baery, who had just awoken, immediately sent his man to the city to invite Anfey, Christian, and Alice to meet up with him. Thereafter, he sent another man to invite Saul and the rest to a closed-door meeting.

Suzanna did not go with Anfey. She was a simple person, or to say it simply, she preferred to lead a simple life. This had nothing to do with her intelligence. Before Anfey left, Suzanna was a little hesitant. She had wanted Anfey to bring Shally back, but it had been decided against in the end. The current situation was a bit unusual, and she and Anfey would not be able to take care of Shally. Should anything bad happen, it would be too late for regrets. Moreover, Shally was not alone. Master Saul had had a hard time keeping an eye on Niya. If Anfey were to bring Shally back, Niya would follow suit, and it would only create more problems!

Usually after breakfast, Anfey would be out, going about his business, and Suzanna would be at the Citymaster Manor to protect Alice. However, since Alice had gone to the meeting, Suzanna had nothing to do. She felt bored, as Anfey was not around. After sitting in the courtyard for a while, she decided to go out on the streets.

As the people in charge of The League of Mercenaries had only temporarily lived in the area, no one was walking on the street. At the corner, after walking past the checkpoint that was guarded by the mercenaries, the street scene became more normal. Alice had used a relaxed approach in Yellowstone Province. Regardless of ranking among the top or lower levels, no one felt any difference beneath the ruling in the change of hands. Life went on peacefully as usual. The street was filled with people, and shops selling different merchandise were everywhere. Other than the Patrol that was formed by the mercenaries, everything else in the city remained the same.

Strictly speaking, Suzanna was neither naïve nor romantic. Since she'd been young, she had gone through brutal training. When Darius lost his power, she was on the run with her little sister, Shally. It was only after she met Anfey that she could be herself again.

Her nature, which had been suppressed, gradually returned to her. Suzanna could now behave like any ordinary girl For example, she could enjoy shopping. When men shopped, they had already decided what to buy. They shopped because they needed to buy something. Whereas, for women, they simply wanted to shop. It was a pity that Suzanna could not have her wish fulfilled. Both she and Anfey were usually busy. When they finally had some time, they would have to move to another place.

Suzanna leisurely looked at the shops on both sides of the street surrounding her. She should get Shally some jewelry. She should get something for Anfey as well. Anfey's magic robes were mostly white. Although he looked good in the long white robes, they were a single color. As Suzanna walked along, she was imagining Anfey in the various colors robes she now saw in the shop windows.

At the other section of the street, a middle-aged woman, about 40 years old, was walking quickly toward her. When she saw Suzanna, she quickly shifted her gaze away. Her eyes lit up, and after searching through her body, as if she had forgotten her things, she quickly turned back to where she came from. Suzanna was only thinking about her purchases and had not noticed her.

The sun was now high in the sky. When it was about noon, Suzanna had walked from the north of the city to the south. The social productivity in this magic world was underdeveloped. Even the business development in the capital of the Province was limited. There was only one commercial street in the entire city. Two large markets were located in the southern and northern parts of the area. Yet, to these people in the magic world, this was a thriving place.

Suzanna walked out from a jewelry shop and looked at the sun. Anfey should be back by now. As she saw a carriage from The League of Mercenaries coming toward her from the south, she stepped forward and called out to the coachman.

At this moment, the sound of a salesperson caught her attention: "Magic mirror! Magic mirror that has been handed down from the palace..."

Suzanna turned around and saw a man, about 30 years old, holding a mirror that was the size of a basin. He was walking toward her from the street at the other section. Suzanna found the mirror to be familiar. The man kept shouting, but no one seemed to be interested in the magic mirror. He looked disappointed.

"Madam, you..." The coachman asked oddly.

"Please wait a while." Suzanna put her things into the carriage and walked toward the man who was selling the mirror. Although she was rich, she was not in the habit of ordering others around. If she had brought her elf maid along, she would not have to carry all her things!

"How much is the mirror?"

"Miss, do you wish to purchase it?" The man looked happy, and started to whistle.

Suzanna was not paying attention to what he was saying. She was looking carefully at the mirror. When she was in the Gruce Principality, she had only a few things. This mirror looked like the mirror that she had used before. "Can I take a look?"

"Of course," the man said with a smile.

Suzanna held up the mirror and looked carefully at the front, then turned it around. After a while, she said with a smile: "Did you say that this is a magic mirror?"

"This is indeed a mystical magic mirror!"

"Show me how mystical it is." Suzanna's smile broadened. The mirror was worn out exactly at the same spot as her mirror had been. Even the frame was twisted at the same angle. This was the mirror that she had used before! Suzanna would definitely purchase it as a souvenir, but she would not want to be made a fool of. After she had exposed the man, she would give him some gold coins.

"Miss, please hold it." The man enthusiastically started his incantation. As compared to the volume of his voice, the magic surge was so weak that it made it look funny.

When the people, who were walking on the street, saw someone chanting spells in the public, they stopped out of curiosity to watch.

After the incantation, a bright light shot out from the mirror. A puck, with a diameter of about a ruler-width, appeared in the air. It bound the mirror to Suzanna's hands. Two figures came out from the crowd and hurried toward Suzanna. Two long swords flashed under the sun. One was stabbing toward Suzanna's brain, and another was aiming at her chest.

Suzanna was taken by surprise. Although she had released her Combat Power in time, her hands had still been tied. Her enemies were standing before her. The man selling the mirror was still smiling, but he now held a dagger in his hand. He stabbed toward Suzanna's left rib cage with a smile. To him, Suzanna had already lost. If a swordsman could not hold a sword, she would not pose a threat!

There were not many top level powers in the continent. These few people were fairly good in their planning acumen, but they did not have any experience in dealing with the top level powers. If they had, they would not have been so insolent! All the top level powers had become stronger through their many life and death struggles. Even if they were unable to use their Combat Power, their reactions would still be quick. Previously, without using his Combat Power, Ernest was able to deal freely with Anfey, even though Anfey was holding a gun. This was enough to prove this point. Suzanna had crossed over the top level when she was very young. Not only was this due to her talent, but she had also put much effort and had gone through much pain.

When the dagger was about a foot away, Suzanna countered the attack. She did not bother herself with the dagger, but instead pushed her hands to the side with lightning speed. The puck hit hard onto the opponent's face, smashing it into a now bloody, smirky looking face.

Following this, Suzanna moved to one side in order to duck away from the sword that was now attacking her brain. She retrieved the puck, which was before her chest. There was a loud bang, as the long sword that was stabbing toward her chest hit onto the puck. Suzanna stood firm, but her opponent moved back a few steps. It was a pity that the puck was not destroyed. A wave of magic surge moved toward Suzanna, and rows of sharp spikes pointed out from the ground. Suzanna's body was sideways now, and she had jumped up into the air. A few onlookers, who were slow to react, were unfortunate. Magic recognized and was a respecter of no one. Seven to eight people were killed by the spikes.

The two people who had attacked Suzanna did not bother to worry about their partner. They dashed toward one direction in the same instant. Swordsmen are not magicians. They would not be able to stay in the air for too long. When Suzanna landed on the ground, they would still have the opportunity to attack her.

A bolt of lightning struck down from the sky and hit Suzanna. However, Suzanna hung miraculously in the air. Her Protection Combat Power had been released to its maximum. As long as she did not feel numb, she would not be affected by the lightning. In the next instant, a pair of wings spread out on her back. Suzanna turned into an arrow, and shot out 200 hundred meters away, heading toward a figure that was standing on the roof.

The magician was shocked. Bolts of lightning had dropped and struck Suzanna. Something had gone wrong. When struck by the electric magic, the chances of getting numb were very high. However, Suzanna was still nimble. When the magician was about to release the arc, Suzanna had dashed toward him and smashed the puck on his head.

With a loud bang, the magician's magic shield had been destroyed. The arc that he had released had struck Suzanna. The injury caused by the arc was negligible, but the numbness effect would be great. However, Suzanna lifted up the puck again and continued to attack.

"No...!" The magician let out a desperate cry. He lifted up his staff and tried to ward off the blow. When a magician pits his strength against a swordsman, one can imagine the consequences. The staff had been broken by the puck, and the magician flew away like a leaf.