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Chapter 550: Mole

 Chapter 550: Mole

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The inspectors lifted the dead mercenaries onto the stretchers. Their movements were very careful as if they were trying not to disturb the corpses. The League didn't have rules like a standard army, but the bonds between the mercenaries were much stronger.

Anfey exchanged a few more words with Ye and left with Anthony. Two carriages were already waiting by the door. Anthony could tell Anfey was in a bad mood and that he was thinking, so he simply nodded before disappearing into one of the carriages.

By the time Anfey got back to his place, it was well past midnight. Surprisingly, the elves were still awake. They were already waiting for him in the yard when he got off of the carriage.

"Is Suzanna home?" Anfey asked softly.

Yalbevin nodded. "My lady is waiting for you inside, sir."

"I see," Anfey said. "Go get some rest." The elves nodded and Anfey hurried into the building.

Suzanna was sitting on the bed. She was staring at the air in front of her, thinking. Seeing Anfey walk into the room, she jumped off of the bed to greet him. "What happened?"

"The prison was attacked," Anfey said. "We have some casualties. It's not that big of a deal, but..."

"But what?"

"But Alice may find it difficult. I need to talk to her tomorrow. If I'm right, we need to investigate this in secret."

"Alice will find this difficult?" Suzanna asked, surprised.

Anfey nodded. "We can do whatever we want back in Morro Province. But here, we have to be careful. You saw Alice's feast. She's trying to make create an illusion of peace. We can't let her work go to waste."

"But we were attacked," Suzanna said, frowning.

"I know," Anfey said. "Which is why the city will already be on lockdown if I'm in charge. You see, neither of us is the right candidate for this."

"For what?"

"To be in charge," Anfey said. "We have to go through with the plan to invade the Shansa Empire, for Christian's sake. But when we're done here, we can always go back to the Country of Mercenaries."

"Anfey," Suzanna said quietly. "You know what I miss?"


"Back when we were still in the Forest of Magic Beasts," Suzanna said, wrapping her arms around Anfey's neck. "Sure, it was difficult, but we were together and we didn't carry any burden."

"For you," Anfey said with a smile. "For them, those days were the hardest. Do you remember how excited they were when we got to Sacred City?"

"Were you?"

"Of course, but for different reasons."

"Why is that?"

"Because I met you," Anfey said. He wrapped his arms around Suzanna's waist and held her close.

Suzanna giggled. "Good," she said.

"What did Alice do after I left?" Anfey asked suddenly.

"Not much," Suzanna said. "She asked for Hui Wei."

"Which means she already knows," Anfey said. "I have to go speak with her. I don't want her to lose sleep over this."

"Is this that serious?"

Anfey shrugged. "I think she's more afraid I'm going to mess things up." Anfey patted Suzanna's shoulder and added, "Let's go to bed."

Before Suzanna could say anything, they both heard Ye's voice. "Is Lord Anfey inside?"

"He just got back," Yalbevin said.

"What's wrong?" Suzanna asked, glancing out the window.

"I don't know," Anfey said, frowning. "I'll go check."

"I'll come with you," Suzanna said hurriedly.

"Don't worry," Anfey said. "I'm sure it's nothing serious, otherwise Ye would be standing in front of us right now." He hugged Suzanna and said, "Don't wait up for me."

Seeing Anfey, Yalbevin and the elves bowed and disappeared into their rooms.

"Midof wants to speak with you, sir," Ye said in a hushed voice.

"Right now?"

Ye nodded. "She's outside."

Anfey followed Ye out onto the streets and saw a lone carriage parked not far from his place. There were no guards or carriage drivers. Anfey smiled at Ye's caution. Midof was a sensitive person and it was best that she wasn't seen with him.

Anfey poked his head into the carriage and saw Midof sitting inside. "Sir," Midof said with a quick bow.

"No one saw you?" Anfey asked, getting into the carriage.

"No," Midof said. "They trust me."

"You're doing well, I reckon?" Anfey said. "Still not listening to Shinbella?"

"As you ordered, sir," Midof said.

"Don't overdo it," Anfey reminded her. "I don't want to make things too difficult for her."

"I understand, sir," Midof said.

"I can't always keep an eye on you," Anfey said. "But that's because if someone finds out you are working with me, you will be in danger. I hope you won't disappoint me." Of course, Midof wouldn't be in real danger, but it could stop Wester from contacting them. Anfey wanted Midof to find out more secrets, which was why he was giving her so much freedom.

"I won't let you down, sir," Midof said sincerely.

"Good," Anfey said. "Now, Ye said you needed to speak with me?"

Midof nodded. "Something happened here, didn't it?"

"How did you know? Did Ye say anything?"

Midof shook her head. "I heard it from Barbara. She said she saw a group of mercenaries on the streets when she was out for a walk."

"She's lying," Anfey said with a frown. "I remember clearly that there wasn't a single passerby on the streets at that time."

Midof frowned.

"Barbara, was it?" Anfey asked. "She must know something. Is that it?"

"No," Midof said hurriedly. "It's because Barbara seemed happy when she told us this. She also said that Sacred City had sent people and..."

"What else?"

Midof glanced at Anfey. She took a deep breath and said, "She said that you are going to start running into walls now."

"Is that it?" Anfey asked. "Tell me everything."

"This is it," Midof said. "When she mentioned people from Sacred City, she seemed very respectful towards them. I figured it's someone important."

Anfey nodded. "Someone took Julie."


"I'll find them," Anfey said. "I'm not worried about Julie, of course. She may have some connections, but she's not a threat anymore. Which is why I need you to save her when we find her captor."

"Me? Save her?"

Anfey nodded. "Don't worry. I'll make sure no harm comes your way. Julie is important. Her friendship will help you in the future."

"I see, sir."

"As for Barbara, she's not important enough," Anfey said. He paused, then donned a serious expression. "In the future, don't contact Ye unless it's something important. If someone sees you, everything we've done so far will unravel too quickly. If Wester tries to recruit you, say yes. If you have to fight us, do what you have to do. My mercenaries don't know who you are. Understand?"

Midof nodded hurriedly. "I understand, sir," she said.