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Chapter 544: Stubborn

 Chapter 544: Stubborn

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Anfey observed Kamlin carefully. The Dragonborn's eyes changed to a dark red color as the shape changed as well.

Kamlin suddenly lunged at Anfey, swinging his fist. He was too far away to do any physical harm, but as he swung his fist, a ring on his hand suddenly burst into light. The light caught Anfey off guard, forcing him to turn his head away so he wouldn't be blinded by it.

As Anfey turned his head away, Kamlin moved closer. In order to reduce any noise, he slowed his speed and movement. He only picked up his speed when he was very close to Anfey.

Anfey jumped back, shielding his eyes from the light of the ring. He was slower than Kamlin, but he summoned his ax in time to block his punch.

Kamlin's fist slammed into the ax, sending both Kamlin and Anfey flying backward. Anfey stumbled and landed, gripping the ax in his hand. As Kamlin landed, he immediately pushed himself off of the ground and dashed towards Anfey again.

Anfey gripped the ax in his hands. He knew that Kamlin must have had a backup plan and was ready for it, but he still fell for the Dragonborn's trap.

Kamlin walked around Anfey and was very careful with his movement. He knew how powerful his ring was and knew its effects. He had time and he knew there was no need to rush into a decision.

Normally, a blinded man would start attacking randomly. Mages tended to resort to levitation spells. Without his sight, Anfey couldn't use his mind magic and couldn't attack Kamlin's daughters anymore.

Anfey stood firmly with his head down.

Kamlin frowned then moved towards Anfey slowly. When he was close enough, he swung his fist at him. Last time, Anfey was able to detect his movement. This time, any wind current his attack caused would have been blocked by Anfey's clothes.

Anfey did not move until Kamlin was very close to him. He suddenly leaned forward, letting go of his ax. A burst of flames appeared in his hands and flew towards Kamlin. As soon as the flame left his hand, Anfey reached over grabbed the falling ax again.

The flame flew towards Kamlin and struck his face, exploding into a burst of blinding red light.

Kamlin took a step backward instinctively, caught off guard by this unanticipated change. He suddenly saw the ax through the red light and it was flying towards him.

Not only was his skin immune to most magic, it was also able to protect him from physical attacks. That was why he was able to become very powerful without being able to use magic or combat power. However, Anfey's attack was too sudden and too close. He couldn't risk taking a hit that could have injured him. He took a few steps back to block the hit.

As Kamlin was retreating, a wall of fire appeared under his feet, enveloping him. A few moments later, Anfey appeared through the fire and swung the ax at him.

Anfey was taking a risk by fighting Kamlin while blinded, but Kamlin did not want to take the risk too. He kept retreating, putting as much as distance as possible between himself and the ax. With a rumble, a wall of earth appeared behind him, blocking his path.

Both Kamlin and Anfey were very fast. In a fight like this, a moment of hesitation could have meant life and death. The wall of earth made Kamlin hesitate. By the time he recovered, Anfey's ax was already too close for him to duck.

With a loud thud, Kamlin bursted into golden light. The ax clashed with the light, sending him crashing through the wall of earth.

Anfey walked towards Kamlin slowly, his eyes still closed. He wasn't planning on using magic in the fight, but he remembered Saul's words about how magic wasn't all about hurting and attacking.

Kamlin stood up, staring at Anfey with a frown. He raised his ax and took a deep breath.

Before Anfey could attack again, the image of a creature appeared behind Kamlin. The creature expanded and did not stop until it was towering over both men. Then, it suddenly disappeared and Kamlin's skin deepened to a dark blue. He took a deep breath slumped to the ground.

Anfey was very sensitive to magic surges and he could detect a strange surge around Kamlin. He guessed about the creature that appeared behind Kamlin. He must have summoned a dragon.

Anfey disappeared from where he stood as the strange surge reached him. Then, he reappeared above Kamlin and slammed down his ax.

Kamlin jumped back to distance himself away from the ax. Anfey did not chase after him. He knew he was faster than Kamlin, but not by much. Until the strange surge disappeared, he did not want to return to the ground.

Kamlin inched closer to the cliff. He knew how difficult it was to fight someone who used teleportation. He still needed to go save his daughters.

Kamlin glanced at Anfey, then turned and jumped off of the cliff. A pair of dark blue wings appeared on his back.

Anfey frowned. He chased after Kamlin, summoning firebirds and lightning. However, he was too slow compared to Kamlin and his magic could not do him any harm.

Kamlin dove down from the sky, grabbing the rope that bound his daughters. He broke them and gathered the two girls into his arms. He flew towards the ground, holding his daughters. Suddenly, he felt something dragging him the ground.

He was strong, but it was still hard for him to carry two people as he flew. The gravity spell just made it even harder. Kamlin was stubborn and never would have abandoned his daughters for his own safety.

Suddenly, Anfey appeared above Kamlin and his ax caught him in the back. Kamlin grunted and his daughters, upon seeing blood, fainted.

Kamlin fell from the sky to the ground, blooding trailing in the air. Anfey chased after him, determined to make sure that his opponent did not get back up again.