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Chapter 541: Clean-up

 Chapter 541: Clean-up

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Anfey looked puzzled. Midof had deliberately drawn close to Julie and isolated Shinbela. Julie was not the only spy. Those few female swordsmen, who were always following behind Julie, looked suspicious as well. If Julie was being killed, Midof would naturally be the next candidate. Wester would try all means possible to get Midof on his side. Anfey would then meet his objective. However, there was a condition attached to it. Julie was only a bit player. If Julie was close to Wester and held a higher position, Wester would have to send another trusted aide, should Julie be killed. He would not place his bet on Midof, who had just joined their gang.

"Anfey?" Suzanna, who was filled with killing intent, walked toward him. Batusimon had brought more than 20 men with him. Ye had killed four of them, and the rest had been killed by Suzanna. No matter how good-tempered one is, there is a limit. Suzanna was enraged that someone was plotting against little Shally!

Suzanna knew of Anfey's plan for the night. He had intended to kill Batusimon and then proceed to the Garrison to kill Julie. Alice would find an excuse to throw a feast and invite the generals of the Roaring Dead Legion. She would do her best to hold Shinge back. When the feast ended, it would be the end of Shinge's life as well. Alice would not let him return to the campsite alive. As she knew that Anfey had a compact plan, Suzanna was worried when she saw that Anfey was buried deep in thought.

"Suzanna, don't worry," Anfey shook his head and said. "Since Wester has struck, he would have been well prepared. He will be sending another batch of men over, since these people have been killed. He will use crazier means. Hahaha...let's trick him and make him believe that things have gone according to his plan. Then we can take it easy. When the time is ripe, we can make use of these people to torture him."

"Then, should we leave these people alone?"

"We still have to deal with these people. If we leave them alone, there will be more trouble. As long as we constantly remove this trash, we can then get what we want." Anfey said softly. "I have discussed with master about Shinge, so Granden will get wind of it. Guess what he will be thinking?"

"At least he can't blame us," Ye smiled and said. "Sir, there is nothing great about Wester. He is so silly. He has offended two people in a row. We can just sit back and relax. Someone will deal with him!"

"He has failed." Anfey shook his head. "What if he has succeeded? Shinge is Granden's man. Who do you think we will hate? If he can attack us, and can create a feud between us and Granden, do you still think that he is silly?"

"But he shouldn't have asked Shinge to take action. It is not easy to plant someone by Granden's side. Now, he has lost everything."

"Wester is unable to find a more suitable person. Although Batusimon is not smart, he is not stupid either. He doesn't simply trust anyone. Shinge is General Shawn's right-hand man, and General Shawn is the deputy head of the Roaring Dead Legion. Many people think that when Marshal Baery passes on one day, General Shawn will take over his role as the leader of Roaring Dead Legion, and then pull Shinge along. Shinge has used these things to persuade Batusimon to work with him."

Anfey looked up at the sky and said, "Enough of this. It is time for action. Suzanna, you will go with Christian to the Garrison. I will go to Southern City to stop Shinge."

"Anfey, why have you decided to take action suddenly?" Christian asked inquisitively.

"This is because I have looked upon Julie as a smart person for the time being. Batusimon has been killed for adultery, and Shinge has been assassinated on the same day. If you were Julie, what would be going on in your mind?"

"Everything will be exposed."

"It is not a good thing to leave behind an opponent who is wary. It is better to have her killed."

Anfey pondered this and said, "Suzanna, I want her alive! Try not to hurt her. Edy, you will go with Suzanna. I will go to Southern City by myself. the way, Ye, you make a move first. Let Shinbela tell Midof about it, so that she will be more courageous at the critical moment."

"All right." Suzanna nodded.

On the streets of Southern City, a few hundred knights were moving toward the city gate. More than 20 people, who were leading the way, were dressed in ordinary attire. Following behind were a few hundred warriors in bright grey armor. Baery was extremely strict with his army. He had given instructions that the people must not be harassed. Thus, as the deputy head, Shawn dared not create trouble. After quartering beside Moonlight City for such a long time, the generals had been bored to death. This night, the Executive Governor, Alice, had used "fellowship" as an excuse, and had invited some of the generals to the feast. Those who had been invited were elated, but those who had not been invited were filled with envy. They had quarreled over things like "spare tyre" or "replacement". Baery knew of these, but he did not interfere.

Alice was extremely generous. She had her guests served with wine and other delicacies, and had invited ladies and escorts to keep them company. The funny part was, Alice had over-estimated the army. During peace, they were not conscious. She had told Anfey that she would do her best to detain Shinge, but in actual fact, none of the generals had wanted to leave. In fact, it was hard to get them to leave. If Shawn had not shown his displeasure, the generals would still be drinking till dawn!

Anfey stood quietly at the city wall. He was holding onto a bow. The fine bowstring radiated a red light in the dark. Although Anfey still retained the instincts of an assassin, in terms of vigilance, sobriety, acumen, etc., he had lost touch with his former profession. Anfey had to be vigilant. If a venomous snake hid itself among the bushes, waiting for an opportunity to attack a sleeping tiger, the act was similar to assassination. However, if a tiger followed cautiously behind an ant, and attacked it while it was not paying attention would be absurd. Absolutely absurd.

Anfey's current ability was supreme. Only Morgan, Desvidia, and a few other talents were qualified to be his targets. Even Golman was still not qualified. Very often, an ox cleaver had been used to kill a chicken. However, Anfey had to do it, as he preferred to get his hands dirty.

Anfey was 500-600 meters away from Shinge. He slowly drew his bow. In this magic Kekkai, the speed of a magic bow was faster than the sniper rifle. It was especially so with the magic bow that was used to loose the wind blade. It could go against the wind. The only thing is to aim correctly. Vision and feel could not compare to technology. A small discrepancy would make a great difference. Although Anfey could sense the surroundings within the radius of dozens of miles, to be on the safe side, he had to let the target get within 500 meters, since he had chosen to use the bow.

Finally, Anfey released his grip on the bow and a black arrow shot out. Shawn, who was leading the way, looked up, but he did not dodge it. He saw the arrow shoot past him and charged toward Shinge, who was behind him.

Shinge looked as though he was punched by a giant, and was thrown back. He crash-landed on the ground. If he had not had his stirrups on, he would have been sent flying.

The battle steed that he was seated on reared in terror. As the battle steed was about to take flight, Shawn displayed the disposition of a Sword Master. In the blink of an eye, he withdrew his long sword and slashed down hard on the neck of the battle steed. Its head spun off. The headless battle steed kicked and fell weakly onto the ground.

"There is an assassin!" Shawn shouted. He found it a pity that Shinge was Wester's man. On a personal level, he liked and admired Shinge. However, he had to kill him! The army would only give their support to two princes, Granden, and Christian. Wester was not on their list!

At the Garrison, Julie stood in the field, looking pale. She fixed her gaze sharply on Suzanna, who was standing before her. However, she did not have the courage to take Suzanna on. Shinbela had instructed them to remove their armor in the name of training. It would be impossible to take on a Sword Master bare-handed.

"Madam, what mistake has Julie committed?" Having said that, Midof stepped out from the crowd.

All the female swordsmen were stunned. Everyone knew that Suzanna was Anfey's wife. Given her special status, it would be impertinent of Midof to question Suzanna!

Julie turned more ghostly pale. Although she was grateful to Midof for speaking up for her, she knew that the situation had spun out of control. She quickly turned and signaled Midof with her eyes to stop talking.

However, Midof was very loyal to her friend. Instead of retreating, she stood in front of Julie and looked at Suzanna with animosity.

"Back off," Suzanna said nonchalantly.

"Madam, may I know, what mistake has Julie committed?" Midof asked again with dignity.

Midof was overdoing it! Ye felt a little helpless. Anfey had wanted Midof to be more courageous, but to question Suzanna before so many people...even Anfey had never done that before. Midof was not qualified to do that. Seeing that Suzanna was enraged, and had laid her hands on her sword, Ye quickly stepped forward and shouted, "What are you doing? Julie is a spy from the Shansa Empire. Back off!"

Midof was not afraid of Suzanna, but she was afraid of Ye. She was puzzled, but since Ye had spoken, she lost her courage and timidly stepped back.

"Arrest her." Ye waved his hand, and a few soldiers from the inspectorate quickly moved forward. Suzanna was here to "hold the fort". She did not have to do the job herself.

Julie grasped her fists and suddenly let go. She shifted her gaze to Feller, who was standing to the side. She had been on good terms with Feller. If she needed someone to help her, that would be Feller. However, Feller turned and looked away from her. Seeing this, Julie cursed in her heart.