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Chapter 540: Talents

 Chapter 540: Talents

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"What?" Anfey asked, caught off guard by Batusimon's request. He had spared him because he wanted to learn how to control his temper. He had expected Batusimon to be grateful, not to be making requests.

Ye drew his sword and walked toward Batusimon. He leveled the sword at the man's chest, then glanced at Anfey, waiting for his order. Batusimon did not look at Ye. He kept staring at Anfey and said, "If you can give that woman to me, my lord, this life is yours."

Anfey walked over and stopped next to Ye. He looked at Batusimon and sighed. "Even if I don't give you anything, your life can still be mine." He grabbed Ye's hand and thrust the sword forward. The sword plunged into Batusimon's chest.

Batusimon's eyes widened. He did not expect Anfey to value the life of a woman over his. Ye pulled his sword out. Blood sprayed onto the ground and Batusimon stumbled backwards. He gasped a few more times and slumped against the wall. Anfey turned to Edy and nodded at him. Edy came forth and whispered a spell under his breath. A cloud of dark fog enveloped Batusimon's body.

Christian frowned in disdain and moved away from the front. "Let's go," he said to Anfey.

Anfey nodded. "Let's go check on that team of guards."

"You wanted to go see Julie?"

Anfey nodded. "I heard she's improving quickly. She defeated Midof, and the women are seeing her as their leader instead of Shinbela."

"I thought you sent Midof there."

"I did," Anfey said. "That's why I need to go check on Julie. I need Midof to have more room to do her thing. Edy, can you head over to the garrison building after this?"

"I'm not sure how long this will take, though," Edy said, without lifting his head.

"We'll wait for you, then."

Anfey and Christian walked out of the room and toward the yard, to wait for Edy to finish his work. Even though Anfey wanted to create some fictional couple to take the blame, there was really no need to make it a secret, because no one would investigate it.

As the two of them left the building, Robert appeared. Ye glanced at the man. After he recognized Robert, he turned his gaze away.

"I have news, sir," Robert said quietly. He leaned over to Anfey and whispered something to him.

"When will they arrive?" Anfey asked, smiling.

"They must have already land by now," Robert said. "Three or four days, at most."


Robert nodded. "In order to escape, Andrea didn't follow the original plan. He headed toward the northeast and rented a boat to throw off anyone on his trail."

"His name's Andrea?" Anfey asked. Robert nodded. Kidnapping Kamlin's daughters was a difficult task, and he knew how much effort Robert put into completing the mission. However, he only ever talked about two people. Young John and Andrea. Clearly, these were two of his best men.

Anfey was very impressed by the work of Andrea and Young John. People in Diamond City would searching the roads to the west of the city, but not the ocean to the east. Taking a boat was a good choice.

"He had requested this mission," Robert said with a wide grin. "I was worried, but now it seems that was unwarranted."

"Well, young people would never grow up if they didn't go through hardship," Anfey said.

Robert nodded in agreement. "Send some men to aid him," Anfey added. "I don't want something going wrong now."

"I already did."

"Good," Anfey said.

Robert bowed and quietly disappeared.

"What are you planning to do?" Christian asked, curious.

Anfey sighed. "It seems like Wester and I are not that different, after all."

"What do you mean?"

"He tried to use Shalley as a leverage against me," Anfey said. "Now I'm using Kamlin's daughters against him."

"So you really did send people to Diamond City?"

"Didn't you hear what we just said?" Anfey asked with a smile.

"What are you planning to do with the girls?"

"I'm not sure," Anfey said. "If someone tries to use Shalley against me, I don't think I can make the choice. I want to see how Kamlin will react."

"Does Master know?"

"I think so," Anfey said. "He didn't say anything." He paused and glanced at Christian and Ye. "Don't tell anyone about this. This will stay between the three of us. Kamlin is a good friend with Lord Commander. I don't want to anger him in the process."

"Of course," Christian said. "I understand. You want Kamlin to disappear quietly."

Anfey nodded. "Master, Baery, Steger are all near the city. Anthony, Suzanna, and I are inside. I don't think Kamlin can take on so many of us alone."

"I don't think you need to worry, though," Christian said. "I'm sure Lord Commander knows what is more important."

"You can't be sure."

"I'm pretty sure."

"Have you met him? Do you know him well?"

"I've met him, sure," Christian said with a shrug. "But if he wants, he can find out what happened to Kamlin with no trouble."

"He had been working with His Majesty for years. I'm sure he knows what he should do," Anfey said quietly. "But if he knows that I killed Kamlin, maybe he won't do anything, but he will not like me. If we make Kamlin disappear, and spread the rumor that Kamlin was working with Edward the Eighth, I don't think Lord Commander will want to investigate."

Before Christian could reply, Edy and Honna appeared. Anfey turned and asked, "How was it?"

"I don't think he knew much," Edy said with a sigh. "But he did mention a swordswoman called Julie. I think she had some connection with Wester."