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Chapter 539: The Adulterous Couple

 Chapter 539: The Adulterous Couple

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In a small building at the southern part of Moonlight City, Batusimon lay naked on a double bed. The bedroom was splendidly decorated with precious stones. The owner was obviously not an ordinary person.

Batusimon was making eyes at a woman, reluctant to shift his gaze away. It was summer and the room was getting warmer. As she was in her bedroom, the woman was scantily dressed. The thin material of her undergarments was translucent, revealing her private parts.

"Honna, come here." Batusimon patted the bed as he said it. When he had first met Honna at the feast held by Alice, Batusimon was mesmerized by her, but Honna was not interested in this old man. It was only by chance that, when Honna was harassed by some thugs, Batusimon had come to her rescue. Honna's impression of him changed after that. Batusimon had expended much effort in trying to impress her with his capabilities, status, and wealth, before he could finally capture Honna's heart.

"Are you still able to do it?" Honna looked at him seductively.

"Hoho...come here, and you will know if I am still able to do it." Batusimon gave a cheeky smile.

At this instant, the sound of a carriage was heard at the forecourt. Honna turned pale and jumped up. "Oh no! My husband is back!"

Batusimon was shocked at first, but after a while, he calmed down and sneered. "So what if he is back?" Before he hit on Honna, Batusimon had run a check on her husband. He was just a powerless, wealthy merchant. Batusimon had never had any regard for such a person.

" must leave quickly!" Honna panicked. She held onto his arm and tried to drag him out of the bed. However, she did not have much strength. Instead of dragging him out of the bed, she nearly fell onto the bed.

"What are you afraid of?"

"Of course you are not afraid. What can he do to you? But it is different for me. After you leave, what will happen to me?" Honna was so worried that she nearly cried.

"Don't worry, baby. I will take you with me," Batusimon said, as if it was no big deal.


When the door opened, someone walked slowly into the bedroom. Without looking at Batusimon, he went straight to a chair and sat down.

Before the door opened, Batusimon looked calm, but Honna looked flustered. However, after the door opened, the situation changed. Honna smiled, but Batusimon was so shocked that he jumped up from the bed. "You...Sir, why are you here?"

"What have you done?" Anfey said flatly. "It is so late now, but you keep me so busy."

"Sir, why are you handling such a small matter?" Batusimon smiled cunningly, rolling his eyes. He was thinking hard.

"Small matter? If your wife commits adultery with another man, would you still consider that a small matter?" Anfey smiled. "Of course, if your wife is of your age and uglier than you, no man will take a liking for her. I mean, if it is so."

"Sir, that Edy..." According to what he had found out, the name of Honna's husband was Edy.

"Did Edy know Anfey? Or did he know one of Anfey's men, and has asked Anfey for help?"

"Come in, Edy."

After Anfey called out to him, Edy walked in, looking calm. He walked steadily and stood tall. He had a steady gaze, and did not look like one who had been made a cuckold. It was not surprising, as he was not related to Honna. At most, they would be considered as colleagues.

Honna had quietly walked past Batusimon, and now stood behind Anfey. Seeing that Anfey was shaking his wrist, as though he was tired, she massaged his shoulders. From a seductive woman, she instantly shifted to behaving like a maid.

Batusimon felt a cold chill run up his spine. Not only did Edy know Anfey, Honna knew him as well. Something was not right.

The sounds of people quarreling outside the room ultimately turned into screams. After a while, Ye stood at the door, and there was the smell of blood.

"Sir, have you...gone overboard?" Batusimon whispered. He knew that misfortune had befallen his men.

"Batusimon, you have been plotting against Alice, and you dare to say that I have gone overboard?"

"Sir, I don't know what you are saying." Batusimon felt more and more chilled. Has something happened to Ozzic? If not, how could Anfey have known about it?

"Do you think that I dare not lay my hands on you?" Anfey said with a smile.

"Sir, we are all serving the Maho Empire. I am not your enemy." Batusimon forced out a smile. "Moreover, Lord Wester..."

"Do you think you have Wester to back you up? You are that naive. Even if Wester is here, I can do whatever I want with you," Anfey said softly.

"Sir, I am the Earl of the Country. You have no right to lay your hands on me!" When he heard that Anfey would do whatever he wanted with him, Batusimon knew that he was in grave danger. He had to make this last attempt.

"People die of many reasons. I am an expert in this aspect. Why would I create trouble for myself? I will not lay my hands on you. Whatever happens today is very simple. A man's wife has been violated, and he has no choice but to fight back. This has nothing to do with me."

Batusimon was in utter despair. He shifted his gaze to one side of the room. When he was having foreplay with Honna, he needed another knife, so he had thrown his long sword toward the dressing table. His sword was only five meters away from him. If he was fast enough, he could take it out from the sheath. However, standing before Anfey, five meters could be a matter of life and death. Even if he could get back his sword, he did not have the confidence to get out of this place alive.

"Honna, what has happened during the past few days?" Anfey asked. No one in the room seemed bothered by Batusimon, acting as though he was invisible.

"A female swordsman was here, Sir. Julie must be one of Wester's men. I have heard them talking about her," Honna replied, bending down to whisper into Anfey's ear.

"Good job! There is a limitation to what magic can do. With the Eyes of Sky, we can only see where they have gone, and who they have met up with, but we are not able to hear their conversations. They have come into contact with so many people, and I can't possibly arrest all of them. Moreover, the moment they enter a building, the Eyes of Sky would lose sight of them."

Anfey smiled. "If not for you, I would have to wait a few more days. Hahaha...but now, it is time for action!"

"Thank you for your compliments, Sir." Honna smiled seductively.

Batusimon stared at Honna like a venomous snake. The smile that he was previously captivated by now looked evil. However, it was too late for regrets. He could not do anything but watch.

"Batusimon, you have done a good job as well. At least, Lord Christian has one doubt removed." Anfey turned and looked at Batusimon. "Am I right, Christian?"

Christian appeared behind Ye, and Ye stepped aside to make way for him. "Anfey, what do you mean?" Christian smiled wryly, as he moved toward Anfey.

"Because this has nothing to do with Granden," Anfey said. "Previously, when Granden was unaware of your status, he tried to get close to you, because he has taken a liking to Niya. If I say that you have no feelings for him...that will be a lie. Hahaha, do you feel better now?"

"I knew much earlier that Granden has nothing to do with this," Christian shook his head and said. "Although Granden is now prejudiced against me, threaten us with little Shally is something that he will not do. He knows his boundaries."

"It is good to know your opponents," Anfey said with a smile. He was, in fact, trying to hint to Christian that, no matter what he thought of Granden, they could only be opponents and never friends!

Christian knew what Anfey meant, but he did not say a word. He only let out a sigh.

Batusimon started to move suddenly. He did not attempt to retrieve his long sword, but he dove toward the window. As he was about to jump out of the window, he froze. Suzanna was standing in the courtyard. Although Suzanna looked beautiful, she was more frightening than a demon. Batusimon moved back a few steps and fell down weakly on the bed. "Sir Anfey, are really good to me!"

"Batusimon, it is better for you to die than to live. Even if we do not kill you, Wester would," Anfey said flatly. "We have thought that Shinge is one of Granden's men. Now, it seems like we are wrong. Your stupidity has not only betrayed you, it has betrayed Wester. Do you want to escape? Where do you think you can run to? Can you escape from the continent?"

"Sir, having said so much, are you forcing me to kill myself?" Batusimon was very direct in this question for Anfey.

"If it were in the past, you would have been dead by now. But now...I need to control myself," Anfey said flatly. "I will give you a chance. To live, or to die, I will let you decide."

"Are you not afraid that I will betray you one day?"

"Shinge will definitely die. Who are you going to seek refuge with? Who will forgive you?" Anfey laughed. "Moreover, I am only giving you a chance to stay alive. I will never trust you, so how are you going to betray me?"

Batusimon was stoned and suddenly shouted, "All right! Sir, I am willing to serve you, but I have a request."

"What request?"

"I want her!" Batusimon pointed at Honna.

Honna turned pale. She could tell that Batusimon hated her. If she were to fall into his hands, the consequences would be too dreadful to contemplate.