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Chapter 537: The Mission

 Chapter 537: The Mission

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"If I have not influenced you, you would have used your own method, right?" Seeing that Alice was fine, Anfey heaved a sigh of relief.

"Actually, you are right. If I don't get rid of them now, they will create a lot of problems." Alice said with a smile. "I was too simple-minded previously."

"What did Sir Baery say?"

"He simply asked about it," Alice said lightly. "Ever since we stepped into Moro Province, Sir Baery has never interfered in the things that I do. This time around, I am too aggressive, which is why he is concerned."

Anfey nodded his head thoughtfully. He picked up the document that was in front of Alice and flipped through it. "Isn't this..."

"It is Thompson's report."

"You are tied up with so many things, and yet you still have to worry about The League of Mercenaries. This is tough on you."

"The League of Mercenaries is our fundamental concern. Moreover, Hui Wei is...still unable to take up the responsibility. How can I not worry?" Alice smiled and said. "Anfey, something is not right with you today. Why are you being so polite?"

Alice had noticed that Anfey was feeling apologetic toward her, as she had now been targeted because of him. However, she acted as though she did not know this.

Anfey smiled and did not say a word.

At this moment, Suzanna's voice was heard outside the door. "Anfey, Ozzic is here."

"Bring him in."

The door opened, and Ozzic walked into the room. Hui Wei saw Suzanna standing at the door, so he knew that Anfey must be having a discussion with Alice. He closed the door and chatted with Suzanna.

"Sir, Sir Alice, is there anything I can help with?" Ozzic smiled and asked.

"Sit down." Alice pointed to a chair nearby and asked, "Ozzic, has Batusimon been looking for you recently? What have the two of you been up to?"

"Yes," Ozzic nodded and said, "Nothing important, just chatting and drinking. Sometimes, we will go out and have some fun. Sir, I feel that...he has a motive in befriending me."

"This is normal," Alice said flatly. "Among the leaders in The League of Mercenaries, you are the most experienced and have earned the most credit. Moreover, you are the most trustworthy. If he can pull you away from us, it will have a great impact on The League of Mercenaries."

The very few "most" compliments earned from Alice made Ozzic feel elated. He smiled, but the next moment, his face stiffened. "What...pull me away?"


"Sir, you mean...he is up to no good?"

"Batusimon has been complaining about Anfey behind his back. What good can he be up to?" Alice sneered.

"This is too much!" Ozzic took his sword, turned around, and walked out.

"Come back!" Alice shouted.

"Sir, this fellow is too much. Let me teach him a lesson!" Ozzic said.

Ozzic had weathered the storms. He was not a rash person. He had reacted this way because, on one hand, he would not want to end up behaving like a clown, and on the other hand, he wanted to prove his loyalty toward Anfey and The League of Mercenaries. He was well aware that Anfey and Alice had summoned him to talk about Batusimon, not only for him to have no more dealings with Batusimon or to create animosity between them, it was more than that.

However, to Anfey and Alice, Ozzic was not so smart. Being silly was no big deal. Anfey and Alice had been forgiving toward Ozzic because he was undeniably loyal. They had been showing him due respect as well.

"We cannot be rash in handling this," Alice said slowly. "If Batusimon doesn't have anyone to back him up, he will continue to keep a low profile. But now...he thinks otherwise. He knows that we cannot hurt him openly, so he has become bolder."

"Sir, I..."

"Batusimon is now very close to Shinge. I have heard that Shinge is Granden's confidant," Alice said softly. "But I don't want hearsay, Ozzic. I shall give this task to you. Continue to socialize with Batusimon, and don't let him get suspicious. If you have to do it, you can talk bad about Anfey in front of him. Hahaha...Anfey, do you mind?"

Anfey smiled and shrugged.

"When Batusimon thinks that the time is ripe, he will show you his true colors. Everyone knows that you are Anfey's most trusted person. If the offer he gives you is not attractive enough, he will not be able to win you over."

"I understand, Sir." Ozzic nodded and said.

"How shall I describe Batusimon...?" Alice pondered, searching for a right word.

"He is proud," Anfey interrupted. "He should have taken it slowly. He shouldn't have placed his bet on Ozzic. This is a bad move."

"He is trying to earn merit," Alice said with a smile. "Ozzic is the most experienced leader. Other leaders, like Orsie, Tiger, and Elizabeth were old friends of Ozzic. Once he wins Ozzic over, he will be able to shake the foundation of The League of Mercenaries!"

Seeing that Anfey and Alice held him in high regard, Ozzic could hardly suppress his joy. As he thought of Batusimon, he was filled with disdain. How dare Batusimon encourage him to betray The League of Mercenaries!

A carriage was speeding on the State Highway. The coachman was whipping hard on the horses, so that they would travel at high speed. The horses were stained with blood. The youth who was sitting beside the coachman, found it unbearable and said, "Not so hard. It will be the worst if the horses are hurt."

"It is all right. Someone will be coordinating right ahead."

At this moment, a man was heard groaning in the carriage. The youth was anxious and rushed in.

Two girls were being tied up, and were resting against each other in one corner. They were quite well-dressed, but they looked pale. There was another man, who was leaning against the carriage. He was frowning and continuously swinging his hands. His index finger and middle finger had become bloody.

"What happened?" the youth asked hastily.

"I was kind enough to feed them, but they bit me!"

"Andrea, be careful!" the youth said in amusement.

"In this case, I will go out." The youth moved out slowing from the carriage.

Andrea took out a roll of gauze and started to wrap his fingers clumsily with it. He took the dried meat that was beside him and threw it into his mouth. After chewing for a while, he glanced at the two girls and asked, "You really don't want the meat? You'll regret that."

"Pooh!" one of the girls said in a cold voice. "Don't be too happy. My father will tear you into pieces!"

"I know, I know," Andrea said with a smile. "But you also have to know, before your father could tear me into pieces, you will have already been torn into pieces by me!"

The two girls turned and looked away from Andrea. They knew what Andrea had said was true.

Andrea took another piece of dried meat and moved toward them. "All right, ladies, it is pointless for you to throw a tantrum. How can you have energy to run away, if you do not eat?"

One of the girls blinked her eyes and said shrewdly, "All right, I will eat." After saying this, she opened her mouth.

Andrea was about to feed her, but when the dried meat touched her lips, he suddenly pulled back his hand. "You must agree not to bite me again. It was my bad luck earlier to have been bitten by you. But now, since I have said this, you must not bite me again. If not, I will bite you back!"

Andrea opened his mouth and showed his white teeth. He deliberately chattered his teeth and looked shiftily at her body. He then fixed his gaze at her chest. He was obviously telling her that if she bit him again, he would bite her on the spot.

The girl froze and shut her mouth. She was obviously up to no good. Since her ploy had been discovered, and she would not want to risk being bitten, she shut her mouth.

"Be good, be good." Seeing that the girl was scared, Andrea tried to force open her mouth. He would not have dared to do this earlier.

The girl desperately shook her head and refused to eat. As they were struggling, the dried meat fell out from Andrea's hand into her clothes.

"It is a sin to waste food!" Andrea sighed, placing his hand into her clothes.

"You...what are you doing? Ah..." The girl screamed and twisted her body crazily, like a big prawn being thrown onto the shore.

"Andrea, quickly shut her mouth!" A shout was heard outside the carriage.

Andrea seized the girl by her throat, and the screaming stopped. Andrea then took his time and searched around. He took out the piece of dried meat that had fallen into the girl's clothes.

"You know what? We have paid a big price." Andrea seemed to be talking to the girl, but at the same time, he seemed to be muttering to himself. "In order to distract your father, a few of my buddies have volunteered to become the bait. As I was feeding you, they...might be fighting for their lives. I must complete the mission. If not, I will be doing a disservice to my buddies. So...please be good and stop creating trouble. This is my last warning. If you do it again, I will cut off your tongue and dig out your eyes! Trust me, I will do anything in order to complete this mission!" Andrea moved closer toward the girl, now speaking in her ear. His words were clear, and the two girls heard him very clearly. They started to shiver.