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Chapter 533: The Assassination

 Chapter 533: The Assassination

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Shinbela lifted up her head and looked at the sky. She was walking very quickly and felt a little anxious. It was her turn to protect Alice tonight, but just as she was about to leave the Garrison, the two gangs led by Julie and Midof had clashed, and had nearly erupted into fighting. The reason for the fight was pretty ridiculous. One of the female swordsmen had accidentally bumped into Midof while she was walking, and Midof had given her a tight slap in the face in reaction. The female swordsman could not take the humiliation of this, and had complained to Julie. So Julie stood up for her, and the situation escalated until it was out of control.

Humans are social beings. When they are in a new environment, they will look for people whom they are comfortable with, in order to work together. In just a little more than 10 days, those female swordsmen had befriended one another and formed two gangs. As Midof and Julie were more capable ones, they had been selected as leaders of the respective teams.

It was getting very dark. There was no one else on the street other than Shinbela. The magic world could not be compared to the modern city. There were no street lights, or any other facilities that could light the way. Although there was not total darkness, one could only depend on the moonlight and the lights that came out from the houses to make their way. Visibility was bad. Fortunately, Shinbela was a high-level swordsman. If it was an ordinary lady, she would have cried out of fear.

After walking past a corner, Shinbela heard someone crying from the side of the street. She stopped and listened for a while. The sound came from an alley. If she had not been in a rush, she would have checked it out. However, she had to rush back for her duty, and that was the most important thing. After pondering for a while, Shinbela continued with her journey.

"!" A scream was heard from the alley.

Shinbela stopped again. She heard very clearly. Other than the scream of a female, she could hear the disgusting laughter of a man. She raised her brows and walked back to the alley.

Shinbela saw a lady lying on the ground at the end of the alley. Two dark figures were moving around. She had guessed what they were doing, even though she could not see clearly.

"Stop!" Shinbela shouted. As she released her Combat Power, she could see more clearly. The lady's skirt had been removed, but her top was still intact. However, there were blood stains on her face. The left side of her face was swollen, and she had lost a few teeth. She looked desperate, humiliated, and enraged.

Initially, Shinbela was a little suspicious. No ordinary people would leave the comfort of their homes late at night. Where did these people come from? However, after looking at the expressions of the lady, Shinbela dropped her suspicions. Given her experience, she could tell that the expressions of the lady were real.

As Shinbela was about to dash forward, an arc that was hardly noticeable to the eyes flashed past her combat boots. Shinbela froze on the spot. Two slabs of earth element covered her feet and turned into rocks.

The two men, who were in front, turned around, each holding a bow. As the sound of a bow being pulled back was heard, two arrows shot toward Shinbela's chest.

The sword was Shinbela's forte. Although she could not move her feet, it did not hinder her from exerting her combat force.

There was an explosion, and the wall behind Shinbela fell. A tall figure jumped out. Shinbela was tall, but the figure was taller. The two thighs were bigger than her waist. The figure was holding a long, terrifying battle-ax, which he swung toward Shinbela's head. The whooshing sound of the battle-ax made Shinbela feel suffocated.

Shinbela's Combat Power was at its maximum. She moved her body and waved the sword against the battle-ax. As the blows collided, Shinbela was nearly thrown to the ground. The figure moved backward a few steps before stabilizing himself. In terms of strength, Shinbela was more powerful. However, as she was restricted in her movements, she was unable to exert her full force. This left her at a disadvantage.

The figure took a deep breath before taking another step forward. He swung the battle-ax at Shinbela's leg. This was a vicious move. Shinbela could not run, as her feet were locked. He attacked her left leg, but as Shinbela was holding the sword with her right hand, this made it harder for her to make the appropriate moves.

This was just the threat from the back. A swordsman, wrapped in a cloak, flew down from above with a long sword, aiming at her chest. The combat force was comparable to Shinbela's.

Shinbela fixed her eyes sharply on the swordsman. She could not be bothered with the attack from the back at the moment.

At this instant, someone dashed from the side, knocking himself against the ax warrior. Although the ax warrior's body was like a huge beast, he could not withstand the collision. He flew backward with a cry, knocking down a wall before crash-landing on the ground. The ground shook, as though there had been a small earthquake.

Shinbela's hands became a little weak. She no longer had the desire to fight. This was because a figure had stood before her and was protecting her. This was not fetishism. This was a belief that she had built up through the many combats. No one had been able to hurt her before this figure.

The swordsman recognized Anfey and stopped the attack. With a somersault, she landed seven to eight meters away from Anfey. She knew that this distance was still too close to Anfey, and that she was still in danger. She was shivering, and the tip of her sword was shaking even more.

With a shout, the burly man who had crash-landed jumped up. He was stepping on a body that was dressed like a magician and was distorted in a weird manner. It was as though it had no bones, and blood stains were all over the body. One could not tell whether this had happened when the burly man flew out, or if it was caused by the collision.

The burly man looked adamant. He swung his long battle-ax again at Shinbela. However, as he was badly injured, his movements were slower.

Shinbela had now freed herself from the restriction. She squatted down, glided below the battle-ax, and continued to move backward. She flung the sword with her waist.

This blow was powerful enough to disembowel anyone. However, as the burly man was too big, the blow could only cut the greaves of his leg. There was a deep cut on his leg, and blood was flowing out. Once again, the burly man let out a cry and fell on the ground.

Shinbela immediately jumped, and as she landed, her right knee hit the burly man's spine. She held her long sword downward, but her eyes were on Anfey. She did not know if Anfey wanted him dead or alive, so she dared not act rashly.

Anfey nodded. Shinbela stabbed down hard on the burly man's neck, nailing him to the ground.

Not only did the burly man have strong willpower, he had a strong will to live. He survived the blow. He waved crazily with his hands and beat around. However, the more he struggled, the more his wounds tore. Fresh blood spewed out from his neck, like a fountain, splashing onto his body and Shinbela. If it were Anfey, he would have moved aside, but not Shinbela. She was not bothered with the blood that was on her. She stared at the burly man's body and kicked his head. His wounds got worse, and more blood spewed out. The burly man gradually stopped struggling, and began to twitch.

"I feel sorry for you. I am not against people who are ambitious. It is good to be ambitious, as it serves as motivation," Anfey said flatly. " assassinate someone to fulfill your ambition is something I cannot accept."

Having said that, he waved his arms and two phoenix shot out like lightning. Before the two men, who had quietly hidden themselves in the hole by the wall, could cry out, they were on fire.

" know me?" The swordsman asked with a trembling voice.

The moment the swordsman opened her mouth, Shinbela recognized her voice. It was Midof!

"There were more than 50 magicians spying on you on a rotating basis. Nothing can escape my eyes!" Anfey said flatly. He had not wanted to destroy anyone. As to what Alice had said, although these swordsmen were not trustworthy, they were indeed useful, and could serve as cannon fodder. However, Midof had gone overboard and acted willfully. She was the black sheep.

"You are too silly. Compared to Julie, she is smarter than you. She is ambitious, too, and knows what you will be doing. She has played along with you, and after you have left, she reported to Anthony that you snuck out. If Shinbela is killed, and your plot is being exposed, she will naturally become the leader."

Midof shivered even more, either due to anger or fear one couldn't tell.

"You wish to live?" Anfey asked with a smile.

Midof was smart enough to catch what Anfey meant. Without hesitating, she knelt on the floor and cried out, "Sir..."