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Chapter 525: Dragon Man

 Chapter 525: Dragon Man

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Saving Alice was Anfey's top priority. Anfey slid fast to Alice, like a ghost, and grabbed her burning skirt. A revolving water ball showed on the finger tips of Anfey's left hand, as he pulled her up by her skirt. He tossed the water ball on Alice.

Alice's sleep dress looked very strong. It looked like Alice's bottom hung in the air, while her body bent into a bow shape. Unfortunately, no matter how strong the dress was, it could not be on par with Anfey's power. With a tearing sound, the sleep dress was torn into two pieces at the waist.

Thinking did take some time. Even though Anfey chose the most effective way, he pulled the skirt off Alice before he could put out the fire on her. He forgot to think of the consequences of doing so.

Alice wore panties underneath her sleep dress, but they was the see-through kind. It was no different than as of she wearing nothing. Anfey was shocked, while Alice did not know how to react. She had dreamed of this same scene, but Anfey was more gentle in the dream, not as violent as in reality.

Anfey did not know how to respond, until he heard the scolding from Suzanna from outside. He immediately shook the blanket and covered Alice. The next second, he realized he had gotten Alice's skirt in his hand, which became evidence. It was not appropriate to toss the skirt on the ground, but he did not have time to burn it. The water dripped down from the skirt, while he knew Suzanna could come in at any second.

Anfey hurriedly tucked the skirt underneath the blanket. Alice saw the light in the darkness, and turned around to face the light by instinct. She looked into Anfey's eyes and immediately turned away, like she was being shocked.

The tidy room became very messy. All the people who were supposed to be there were, including Baery, Saul, and Jacob. In order to not have any unnecessary problems, Baery had his squad stationed outside of the city. They had not even entered the city yet.

There was a person with weak breath lying on the floor. They could not see his face clearly yet. A fire bird exploded on his face, bombed it. His nose was gone, two eye sockets were without eyeballs, and his lips were torn, which revealed his whole gums. He looked terrible.

"Anfey, you should not have hurt him so badly. This guy looked like he was going to die soon, anyway," Baery said as he shook his head.

"He could make himself invisible. That scared me," Anfey said with a smile. "I was afraid he would make other special moves to hurt Alice. I had to hit him hard."

"Anfey, why don't you let your subordinate try it?" Saul suddenly asked.

"Are you talking about Eddy?" Anfey asked.

"Yes." Saul nodded. "In fact, I think I know who he is, but we'd better ask him to confirm it."

"Professor, who do you think he works for?" Blavi asked timidly. He was on duty tonight, and then this just happened while he was on duty. If Anfey had not come in time, Alice might have died. Blavi felt ashamed.

"Edward IIIV," Saul said slowly. "Killing Alice is the only way to regain the control of...." But before he could complete the sentence, Saul had shut his mouth. Doumingo jumped in from the window.

"Professor," Alice called. She had put on a new outfit. She indeed had good control of her emotions. It was hard to tell if she was scared a few minutes ago. Of course, the so-called scare was partly from the fear of assassination, and partly from Anfey.

"Lord, you..." Doumingo said.

"Master, I am Alice. You can call me by my name." Alice interrupted Doumingo. She insisted that Doumingo call her Alice, no matter how others tried to convince her otherwise. A name did not seem to matter much. Alice did not mind being called with any name. Anfey gave her the name of Alice. Alice became the name everyone knew and trusted, instead of lord. It seemed to sound too distant, if she was called lord.

Doumingo looked at Alice. He used to like Alice as strongly as Saul had affection toward Christian. After they met, He felt differently, much more distant to Alice.

"Alice, are you hurt?" Doumingo followed what Alice asked him to do at the end.

"No, luckily, Anfey came in time," Alice said.

"Anfey, how did you notice the assassin?" Saul asked.

"I did not sense anything. I did not notice, until he triggered Christian's magic array," Anfey said with a bitter smile. He patted Blavi's shoulder. "Blavi, you do not have to blame yourself. It's not your fault."

Blavi gave Anfey an appreciative smile. Saul looked shocked, "Then how did you save Alice in time?"

"Professor, Anfey has told me that the harder we push Edward VIII, the more danger Alice would be in," Suzanna immediately explained. "After we came to Moro Province, Anfey has been protecting Alice every night."

"Anfey, did you already know Edward VIII was going to try to assassinate Alice?" Baery said.

"I just felt it was the possibility," Anfey smiled. He had heard so many stories from his peers. Even though it was dirty to assassinate the most important person in the other party, it always received the best effect. For example, Zhu Ge and Yao Li changed the situation in their countries with just their individual efforts. If Jin Ke could assassinate King Qin, he could have rewritten their entire history.

"Saul, it looks like we are all getting old. Your good student thinks more thoroughly than us," Baery said with a smile.

"Anfey, why are you going out every day?" Alice laid her eyes on Anfey. Obviously, she cared about a different issue.

"What is wrong?" Anfey said with a smile.

"Thank you," Alice said it politely, but she was touched. Her eyes were moist. In fact, Anfey was a typical doer. When he wanted to kill a person, he would not be stupid enough to show his hatred toward that person. When he wanted to protect a person, he would not say it out loud. Instead, he would just go out to protect that person.

"Anfey, you hit him way too hard," Jacob commented. He had been squatting next to the attempted assassin.

"Jacob, let's change the topic. Anfey just explained. Didn't you hear it?" Baery said.

"Do you know what this is?" Jacob raised his hand.

A cloak, or a cloth that looked like a cloak, draped down from Jacob's hand. It was dark red, with holes everywhere and some burnt markings.

"Do you think this could be the Magic Invisible Cloak?" Saul thought of the invisibility Anfey talked about before.

"It's not likely. This is the Magic Invisible Cloak." Jacob shook it a few times and smiled bitterly. "Unfortunately, this magic invisible cloak is destroyed really bad, and has lost its magic power."

"You are an archchemist," Anfey commented.

"You are right. I am an archchemist. If you give me enough ingredients, I can make a magic sword. However, if you give me shards of a magic sword, do you think I could repair it?" Jacob asked.

"Magic Invisible Cloak? Hold on!" Doumingo hurried over to the assassin. He checked him carefully, but his face was totally destroyed. There was no way to tell who he was. Doumingo squatted down to undress the armor on the assassin, and kept undressing him to reveal the clothes underneath the armor. The chest of the assassin showed, revealing a red lizard looking animal tattooed on his chest. Doumingo gasped.

"Master Doumingo, do you know him?" Baery asked immediately.

"You should have not hurt him." Doumingo did not admit that he knew this assassin, but his face showed the fact clearly.

"Master Doumingo, I don't think it is appropriate to say that." Anfey said casually. "We did not hurt him. He should not have come here. Since he came, there is no point to discuss it."

"Anfey, you do not know about it." Doumingo smiled bitterly. "I heard you have a nickname, the Final Paladin?"

"Well..." Anfrey shrugged. "I do not know which bastard gave me that name."

"I have to say, you well deserve your reputation." Doumingo laid his eyes on Saul. "Saul, you know about Dragon man, right?"

"Dragon man?" Saul's face immediately changed. "Are Dragon men still alive?"

"This Dragon man, or Dragon men, are they that good?" Anfey asked casually.

"Dragon men are the descendants of dragons and humans. We are talking about a group of people, but he is a dragon man, too."

"Oh, I see. He is a bastard," Anfey said.

"Anfey, it's not a good time to be sarcastic," Saul said.

"Master Doumingo, I am just curious. Did we seek them out to fight?" Anfey said casually. "I am not a good person, but I have my own principles. If people do not offend me, I would not bother with them. However, if they offend me first, I will fight back. If dragon men want to work for Edward VIII, there is no point to continue this talk. They will be my enemies. If dragon men do not want to work for Edward VIII, and things like this assassination happen, they have given us no options anyway. There is still no point to continue this talk."

At a corner, underneath the moonlight, two people looked up at the same time. They looked at the sunrise in the east. One of them asked in a low pitch, "It's getting bright. He is not coming back, is he?"

"Anfey kills people without mercy. He would not let him go," the other answered.

"In fact, I hope he could have made it," the first said.

"Why?" the other asked.

"I just feel that he is a fool, but a cute one." He paused a second before he continued. "We'd better not continue to wait here. We should go back and report to the king."

They looked at each other and giggled.