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Chapter 521: Interrogation

 Chapter 521: Interrogation

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Baery and Saul looked serious as they watched the interrogation of Eddy. Eddy was a necromancer, but Baery and the others at the scene did not mind him being the necromancer. They only cared about his stance, and which side he would take. Baery used to be friends with Golman. It was because Golman had betrayed Minos I. Baery could have killed Golman, if that was not the case. Back then, Baery had many opportunities to kill Golman, or at least Baery thought he had many chances.

Life was so unpredictable. Light Church and necromancers used to be enemies by nature. The fanatic followers of Light Church used to talk about killing all necromancers. Pope and archpriests would not use such strong words as would their followers. People in power usually had more education and experience than regular people. They seemed to have better and deeper understandings of life than regular people did. People in power could be hypocritical, or deceiving, but never naïve.

It's believed that regular people were just the tools the people in powers used in many occasions. This view seemed upsetting, but it was undeniable that it was the truth. People in power needed regular people to provide and sustain their luxury lifestyles, and to help them achieve their dreams. Sometimes, people in power wanted to irritate them, while at other times, they wanted there to be harmony among them. It was called governing, but it also could be called playing games at the same time.

People definitely could be divided into good and bad, but the strategies they employed seemed to be the same. Baery criticized the evil things Shansa Empire did before the war started, and encouraged the soldiers to fight against them. After they got a good opportunity, he asked the soldiers to work and live with the soldiers from Shansa Empire in harmony in return. This was a good example of that notion.

The strategy Eddy employed was created by necromancers. When a person was about to turn into a death spirit, he would gradually lose consciousness. If this period of time was prolonged on purpose, it became the most torturing tool, since that person had lost his judgement, and while death spirits would treat "their builder" as their masters. That was why Marquis Djoser answered whatever Eddy asked of him, without holding anything back.

Miorich thought the way Anfey handled it was too crazy. He looked like he did not know if he should laugh or cry about it. He passed the poisoned wine to Christian. If Christian died after drinking the poisoned wine, what would he do with Marquis Djoser? If Djoser wanted to risk his life to kill Anfey, that would be fine for Miorich, but the target became Christian at this moment. It just seemed ridiculous. Except for Anfey, no one else wanted to see it.

Marquis Djoser did not want to leave on his own, but the oldest prince Wester wrote him a letter. Wester sounded really worried in the letter. This victory seemed to be able to change the situation on Pan Continent. Christian had contributed so much for building a Great Maho Empire, while all the officials would leave their glory in the history. Christian suddenly gained his fame and became more popular than Wester and Granden. Christian even became the topic among the girls in the upper class, and the dream guy for them. Wester slept with too many women when he was young, so he left people with a bad impression. It was well-known that Granden had been wooing Niya. Christian became the only option among the three princes in the empire. He was a very good potential pick for those girls. Queen was such an attractive title. No girls would not like to have it.

Wester was so anxious that he could not eat and sleep. He asked Marquis Djoser to go back to Sacred City immediately, and hinted for him to collect enough evidence to prove that Christian had done evil things. This deceit obviously showed Wester's true intentions.

Jacob brought the poison to Djoser and pushed him to make a decision. Jacob was a archalchemist. Djoser trusted Jacob and believed that poison could take effect in a month. He gave the poisoned drink to Christian and had him drink it. He believed Christian would not die until a month later, and therefore, that no one would suspect him killing Christian. Christian was going to be killed. Saul was getting old. If he could help Wester to take the throne, it was time for Anfey to die.

Djoser could clearly see where this was going. It was going to be easy to attack and take over the Shansa Empire. It seemed the falling of the Ellison Empire became a necessary step in the whole plan. When Wester became the only prince on the Pan Continent, Anfey would not be able to fight against the whole continent, no matter how powerful he was.

Saul frowned harder and harder. He gave Anfey a look, signaling an asking of Anfey to walk out of the inspectorate group. Anfey hesitated for a second, then followed after Saul.

"Anfey, how did you get to know Djoser wants to kill Christian?" Saul asked after he checked to be sure that there was no one around them.

"I do not know." Anfey shook his head.

"Really?" Saul asked.

"In fact, that is a setup Jacob and I planned," Anfey said with a smile. "Master Jacob will tell Djoser in front of some servants that he made a miracle poison. Whether Djoser will be interested in it, will be his business. It has nothing to do with me."

"What if he is not interested in it?" Saul asked.

"Then today's interrogation will become very short. When we waited for you, Djoser has committed suicide when there was nobody around," Anfey said.

"Did you set him up on purpose?" Saul had a faint bitter smile on his face. "Does it mean he will die today, no matter whether or not Djoser wanted to kill Christian?Am I right?"

"Well." Anfey scratched his head and gave a brief splutter of a hollow laugh.

"Anfey, Djoser is still the duke of the empire. How did you..." Saul did not know how to handle Anfey. He could not think of Anfey as a bad kid, since he had been working for the empire and made big contributions to the empire by taking many risks. Anfey also took good care of his friends. Saul also believed that Anfey respected him from the bottom of his heart. However, Saul could not think of Anfey as a good kid either, since he had so many evil schemes in his head. Anfey was brutal towards his enemies and showed no mercy to them.

"Professor, I have no other options," Anfey said slowly. "Djoser is going back, but I did not know where he was going. The previous citymaster Aroben became a cripple while Urter was missing. If he wanted to go back to Violet City and do something, professor, do you think Niya could handle him by herself? Besides, if Djoser dared to kill Christian, he might do something to Niya."

"Killing is not the only way to solve problems. You could have asked Baery to keep Djoser in the legion. This way, we only need the king to give an order," Saul said.

"How long do you think we could keep him from doing anything?" Anfey smiled. "If the hatred could not be diminished, it's better to let all the troubles disappear. Professor, I don't think I did anything wrong."

"What else?" Saul heaved a sigh.

Anfey was shocked for a second and said, "What else?"

"You have gone out of your way to kill Djoser. You even asked Jacob to help. Is Djoser's death all you want?" Saul asked.

"Hehehe, I might always leave people with an impression that I am really sophisticated. Wester was behind Djoser and asked him to do those things," Anfey said with a smile. "I spent so much time playing with Djoser. He is going for the death himself."

"Why couldn't Granden be behind Djoser?" Saul asked in a low pitch.

"Huh?" Anfey looked up in surprise. He glimpsed Saul's face and paused for a little bit before he said, "Professor, you must be kidding. Djoser has been very close to Wester. No one would believe me if I said Granden is behind Djoser. Besides, I have a good impression of Granden. He could have been more forgiving on Wester's birthday last year, but he is good in general."

"Do you differentiate a friend from an enemy by seeing whether that person could leave you with a good impression?"

"Yes, when it was before I got hurt. I used to believe Slanbrea." Anfey mocked himself for his own mistake. At this moment, he sensed Saul had relaxed.

"I watched Granden and Christian growing up. They are both good kids. Granden is just not mature yet, because he has not experienced anything bad yet. Whenever he had any troubles, he would get stuck with the problem and throw some temper-tantrums."

Anfey looked as if he was in deep thought. Anfey thought Granden threatened his league if he made Christian embarrassed. However, Saul's stance and view were quite different than his. He heard it very well that Saul thought Granden was just a spoiled kid and just threw some temper-tantrums.

"Anfey, why are you targeting Wester?" Saul changed the topic.

"Because it is for Christian," Anfey answered.

"Teacher, you have known Christian for so long and should know him well, right?" Anfey asked in a low pitch. "Christian is very nice. He might not know to fight back until Wester puts his sword on his throat. I am worried that would be too late when that happens," Anfey said.

Saul frowned.

"I just want to remind him that peace is never created and kept by one side. What Christian is going to do will have nothing to do with what Wester will do," Anfey said slowly. "If kitties and doggies know to fight for their milk, how could people not fight for their benefits? Even if Christian said he would not fight with Wester, I don't think Wester would believe him."

Anfey never mentioned Granden, even though he thought Saul had this hope or dream. Saul had treated Granden as a kid. This sounds so ridiculous to Anfey. Granden would not think himself as a kid at this moment.

"Anfey, the situation in the Sacred City is pretty messy. Do you really want to make it even worse?" Saul smiled bitterly.

"Professor, what you are doing is not fair for Christian," Anfey said in a low pitch. "The mess was caused by Granden and Wester scheming against each other. Do you not want Christian to join the battle only because you don't want any mess?"