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Chapter 519: Laziness

 Chapter 519: Laziness

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Anfey came back to his place with a listless look. Suzanna was not there. Anfey asked a few mercenaries about where Suzanna was, but none of them knew. Finally, Ye got the answer for Anfey: Suzanna and Hagan had taken the little unicorn out.

With Ye's direction, Anfey walked out of the camp to look for Suzanna. He came to a low hill and saw Suzanna sitting at the foot of it. Hagan was about 200 meters away from her. He kept saying something to the little unicorn and playing with him. The little unicorn was not as naughty as before, since he had taken the potion.

"What are you thinking of?" Anfey asked, as he took a seat next to Suzanna.

"I am thinking about Shally. I am not with her now, and I do not know if anyone gave her any trouble." Suzanna heaved a sigh, becoming sentimental suddenly. She could not help but think of Shally when she saw Hagan playing with the little unicorn. Shally used to play with the little guy.

"She got Niya." Anfey smiled. "You know Niya's temper. She would go crazy if there is anyone who dares to give Shally troubles. Do you think anyone in the small Violet City dares to challenge Niya?"

"The problem is that Urter is missing now. If Niya has any trouble, she would have no one to help her, Suzanna said.

"You must be kidding!" Anfey shook his head. "Violet City is my feudal estate. Niya is the only daughter of Saul. Do you think anyone would be stupid enough to challenge them? Don't you think they would know whom they should work for, out of sheer common sense?"

"But Marquis Djoser is going back there," Suzanna said.

"Really? Where did you hear that?" Anfey was shocked for a second.

"Master Miorich told me," Suzanna answered.

"Ok", Anfey said.

"That could not be right." Anfey rubbed his chin. "Why do I feel someone is trying to use us to kill the people he wants to kill?"

"What do you mean?" Suzanna rolled her eyes at Anfey. "Master Miorich and Marquis Djoser did not have any conflict between them. It was just nice of him to remind us of that."

"Why would he do that? Miorich should have no problem killing Marquis Djoser. If he tried to remind us, why did he not just kill Marquis Djoser for us as a favor?" Anfey asked.

"Why do you think everyone owes us?" Suzanna felt helpless when she had to deal with the way Anfey thought. "Marquis Djoser does not have much power right now, but his title is still a duke. If Miorich killed Marquis Djoser, he would not be able to explain to the royals?"

"Not bad, not bad. You have learned to think." Anfey playfully flicked Suzanna's forehead. "But why didn't you think that if I killed Marquis Djoser, how would I explain that to everyone?"

"You?" Suzanna found this funny and irritating the same time. "You dared to kill the grandson of Philip, Zeda. You did not care about explaining to anyone."

"So, do you think I have been very arrogant?" Anfey asked.

Suzanna was not in the mood to be arguing with Anfey. She simply looked away to the sky.

"We cannot let Marquis Djoser go back to the Violet City," Anfey said slowly. Urter had been missing. If Marquis Djoser went to make troubles there, Niya would not be able to handle him.

"Have you decided if you want to kill him?" Suzanna asked.

"Kill him? I do not like violence," Anfey said.

Suzanna felt that she was about to go nuts at any time. If she was more outgoing, she would definitely have done something violent to Anfey. For example, she could have pinched or bit Anfey. She definitely could have committed these flirty attacks on Anfey. Every time Suzanna was discussing something serious with Anfey, he would become very playful and flirty. If she gave him the cold shoulder, Anfey would become serious again.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore." Suzanna pouted.

"Kill two birds with one stone. Hehehe, I like it." Anfey had a faint smile on his face. He fought on the battlefield during the war, but he did not provide any input when it came to the strategic plans. It was because he did not know much about military strategies, but he was good at scheming to set people up. He was smarter than most people. In the blink of an eye, he could concoct a devious double-gain plan.

"What?" Suzanna asked.

"This plan needs Master Jacob and Christian to take some hits," Anfey said.

"What does it have to do with Christian, when we have to kill Marquis Djoser?" Suzanna asked in surprise.

"How to put it? Christian might not like the path he has to take, but I am going to give him a push," Anfey said.

"Anfey, what the hell are you talking about?" Suzanna stared at him with her almond-shaped eyes open wide.

"Christian is the supervisor of the Shield of Light legion, the vice CEO of the League of Mercenaries, and the commander of Mage Group. He deserves two medals for what he did. This war is significant. The previous wars were just regular battles. No matter how much Granden had contributed to them, he will not stand out as much as Christian. It is a terrific opportunity," Anfey said with a smile.

"Anfey, what are you going to do?" Suzanna asked.

"Don't ask me, but don't worry. I would not do anything crazy." Anfey patted Suzanna's hand. Men always wanted to give their loved ones an impression of positivity and uprightness. Anfey did not want Suzanna to know too many negative things about him, so he only mentioned things, but did not tell Suzanna about the minute details.

Suzanna paused for a second, but did not press Anfey for the answer. She put her arm in Anfey's arm and rested her head on his shoulder. After a while, she asked, "Anfey, you did not look good. What happened?"

"What else could it be?" Anfey smiled bitterly. "Professor gave me two important but difficult tasks."

"What?" Suzanna asked in surprise.

"He asked me to convince Alice and Kumaraghosha." Anfey sighed. "I don't think I can convince them. Alice and Kumaraghosha both have something bothering them. No matter how much I try to convince them, it would not work if their problems were not solved."

"Didn't Alice agree on it?" Suzanna asked.

"It's different. King wants Alice to be fully on board, instead of just simply agreeing," Anfey answered.

"In fact, Alice is such a poor girl. Her father used her and took advantage of her. Of course, she is worried that someone else would take advantage of her again," Suzanna said.

"It is not a big deal, being used. She still shares the blood with Edward VIII after she was taken advantage of. The problem is that she has nothing to protect herself if she works for the king," Anfey said.

"Doesn't she have us?" Suzanna asked.

"Have you heard of the story of the frightened birds?" Anfey smiled.

Suzanna shook her head. Anfey debriefed Suzanna on that story. Both of them went quiet for a while, then Anfey asked, "I personally believe in the king's generosity and in him as a ruler, but Alice does not believe in him, so it makes it hard to convince her."

"In fact..." Suzanna mentioned "in fact" again, but she seemed hesitant. "Back when I went back to Sacred City with you, I was scared too."

"Why?" Anfey asked in curiosity.

Suzanna smiled bitterly. She had a tough childhood. Darius was extremely brutal and passionate about women, especially the young ones who did not understand their own bodies yet. To make it clear, he wanted to have sex with any girl he saw. He even raped his own daughter in-law. Luckily, Darius had many enemies, so he had to hire bodyguards to protect him. Suzanna was beautiful, but she was also powerful. She ranked top one among the safeguards. Darius needed her to protect him, otherwise he would have raped her even though they shared a blood relationship.

Seeing Darius's life, Suzanna thought all royals would be like him. When Anfey went back to Sacred City, she was really scared, but could not tell anyone. To think back about it, Suzanna felt humiliated for doubting Saul in front Anfey and Christian. Back then, she had determined to protect her virginity with her life. After what happened afterwards, she had been treating Saul as her family. Suzanna appreciated him a lot, especially when Yolanthe saved her mother and brought her back at any cost. It seemed her fear and worry was ridiculous when she tried to recall that time. Because of her previous experience, Suzanna understood Alice's fear.

"You know I have seen a lot when I was little." Suzanna did not know how to put it. It was so embarrassing to talk about.

"Suzanna, do you want to see Darius, if you know where he is?" Anfey suddenly asked Suzanna.

"No!" Suzanna answered firmly. She used to think that all the people in power were the same, but she knew Darius was just trash, after she got to know how generous and forgiving Yolanthe was, how kind Saul was, and how upright Bruzuryano was. After she got to see her mother, she felt there was nothing left between Darius and her.

Anfey did not say anything in response to Suzanna's answer. He had made the decision in his mind that Darius could die if Suzanna did not want to see him. This would be good for everyone, of course, except for Darius.

"Anfey, why haven't we got..." Suzanna suddenly changed a topic.

"Haven't what?" Anfey asked.

"You are so annoying. You know what I am talking about." Suzanna blushed.

"Oh, oh, oh." Anfey's eyes moved fast.

"Anfey, do you think I am not infertile?" Suzanna asked.

"Don't think that way. I know the reason," Anfey said.

"What's the reason?" Suzanna asked hastily. "Tell me, Anfey. I really want a kid."

"We are too lazy about it." The atmosphere had grown a little too heavy, so Anfey tried to lighten it up a little bit. "The last sex we had was few days ago."

Suzanna did not understand at the beginning. Once she realized what Anfey meant, she was beet red all over her face. When she saw Anfey counting with his fingers, she looked panic. Suzanna was such a nice girl, but she was forced to use violence. She nudged heavily on Anfey's side and said in embarrassment, "You go to hell!"

"Death is not scary. The problem is how I die." Anfey looked very flirty when he tried to make Suzanna forget the bad time. "A long time ago, my teacher told me...unfortunately, there are no peonies. Let's take roses. There was a saying that it would be nice to turn into a ghost, if he could be surrounded by roses. Do you know what it meant? Roses represent women, while ghosts meant death. It means if I die when I am with you... Hey, hey, what are you running for? Come back!"