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Chapter 517: Appreciation

 Chapter 517: Appreciation

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Maho Empire had prepared very well for this war. The so-called preparations centered around thinking about what would happen in either victory or loss. If they won, they would like to see maximum profit. If they lost, they would like to see how to protect the survivors and delay Scarlet's attack. Baery, acting as the general, outlaid dozens of plans, in case of any unforeseen changes. He chose a comparatively radical plan in the end, hoping to end the war in half a month's time.

Saul set up the Magic Array of Chaos to block Scarlet from escaping. This was the first step. In the next three days, Baery would try his best to reduce Scarlet's military power. On the third day, Saul would start the Magic Array of Chaos, which would delude Scarlet and soldiers from the Shansa Empire with hope. On the fourth day, Miorich would take Sacred City Palace Guards and the League of Mercenaries to the grassland, before the Magic Array of Chaos lost its effects. Baery thought it would take them at least about two weeks to chase and annihilate the rest of the troops from Shansa Empire on the endless grassland.

No one thought all these plans would become useless. It might be because Maho Empire was blessed, or it was just a coincidence. The soldiers from Shansa Empire lost their morale. The death of Scarlet could contribute the most for the mess, but what necromancers did was not able to be neglected. There were things that could be put ahead of the interests of the country. For example, the battle between humans and necromancers. That necromancer wanted Saul to move out of the way for him, which confused most soldiers from Shansa Empire.

Some smarter soldiers from Shansa Empire thought more than others. They thought of Scarlet's assassination, and wondered if she turned into a death spirit, or if royal families in Shansa Empire had been controlled by necromancers, or if they were actually fighting for necromancers.

The appearance of the eldest princess of Shansa Empire was another hit. Alice had showed herself in the political arena quite often, but was rarely involved with military issues. There were soldiers who knew about Alice. They passed around that information by word of mouth, so that everyone knew who Alice was. Not to mention the regular soldiers, including even Douminge, who had made the decision to devote his life to this battle, was stunned.

Both Baery and Saul were very smart and experienced, so they immediately figured there must be something between Alice and Douminge. Baery ordered all the soldiers not to make any moves until they got orders from him. Saul took Alice from Entos. He left the battlefield and invited Douminge to the side of the valley. They started to talk. Baery went over and joined their conversation. Very few people knew what they talked about, but everyone knew they talked for a long time. They talked until it was already dark.

After their conversation, a few strange orders were given. The Maho Empire gathered its soldiers and readied to set up their station, cleaning the battlefield while Shansa Empire ordered soldiers had let down their arms and regrouped. These things had never happened before. There was no concept for captives on Pan Continent. Captives were the main source of slaves. If captives were very strong and powerful, they could be tortured to death, just as how Yolanthe treated the captives from Dark Moon Legion.

Beary was supposed to be in charge of everything at this moment, but he dug into his tent and started to work on writing dozens of letters. Saul was busy setting up a small magic Transmission Portal and sent Baery's letters to the Sacred City. They could not believe Alice was actually the princess in the Shansa Empire, and a very prestigious princess at that. This new information could change the situation in so many different ways. It actually could change the entire plan Yolanthe had.

In the morning, Anfey slowly walked into Alice's tent. He found Alice curled up on the bed with red eyes.

"Scarlet is definitely dead this time. You should be happy about it," Anfey said in a low pitch.

"When you told me she was dead the first time, I was so excited that I did not sleep the whole night," Alice said.

"You did not seem to sleep last night either, did you?" Anfey looked at Alice's eyes.

"It's different." Alice shook her head. "I suddenly felt sad. In fact, Scarlet and I should not have fought to this point. We could have ended up in a better situation."

"Should? Hehehe, there are many "should haves."Anfey took a seat with smiles. "Let's take Suzanna and I for example. If I did something to her back then, Suzanna should have been chasing me around to try to kill me."

"Did what to her?" Alice asked in curiosity.

"I mean...something not decent." Anfey smiled. "Luckily, I knew what was the right thing to do, so I can marry Suzanna now. We could have ended up as enemies. I am telling you these things to let you know that what happens to a person depends on what he did before. Sometimes it was just one decision that could change everything. You do not have to think too much."

"Geeze, are you saying you are a good person?" Alice asked.

"What kind of person do you think I am?" Anfey asked back.

"It's hard to tell. You are so complicated." Alice paused for a second and suddenly changed the topic. "Anfey, are you blaming me for it?"

"Blaming you?" Anfey asked in doubt.

"Blaming me for exposing my real identity? Did it put you in a very bad situation?"

"Why would I blame you for that?" Anfey said.

"You don't blame me for it, really?" Alice asked.

"Alice, why are you becoming so nagging? Do I have to pretend in front of you?" Anfey felt helpless when he had to prove he was telling the truth.

"Douminge is my teacher," Alice said in a low pitch. "He has treated me very well. When my fa...Edward VIII...forced me to get married in the Country of Mercenaries, only Douminge, my teacher, stepped out to try to convince Edward VIII not to send me there. Others were just watching me make a fool of myself."

"I see," Anfey said.

"I know him and respect him. I do not want to see anything happen to him. I do not think you want to see your teacher get hurt either, so..." Alice smiled bitterly. "I panicked. I only wanted to stop their fight, but did not think what would happen afterwards. Anfey, I really did not think of it. I did not mean to do that."

"Are you afraid I would misunderstand you?" Anfey smiled. "Do you think it is necessary to explain all these things to me? Alice, don't forget we are friends." Anfey got what Alice was trying to tell him. If Archmage Michael could fight for his life at that critical moment, so could Douminge. He trusted Alice.

"I do not think you understand it. I used to live in fear and anxiety. My fears and worries became true." Alice said slowly. "I have followed you for a year. Life has been simple, but you gave me a warm and secure feeling. It might be called happiness, for a woman."

"Are you trying to embarrass me?" Anfey smiled. "I admit I doubted you and did not trust you at the beginning."

"How about now?" Alice asked.

"Now? You have earned the respect and trust from me with your own actions," Anfey said.

"What else?" Alice did not hear enough compliments.

"Huh?" Anfey was confused.

"I mean your feelings towards me," Alice said.

" are more capable than me in many ways. If I did not have you, I would not have the League of Mercenaries," Anfey said.

"Is that it?" Alice bit her lips. "Do you want to know how I feel about you?"

"Didn't you talk about it already?" Anfey looked like he had suddenly remembered something. "Oh, right, Alice, I need your help."

Alice heaved a slight sigh. She knew Anfey tried to avoid talking about these things on purpose. "What is it?"

"Baery wanted Douminge to be the commander for the Shansa United Troop, but he turned it down. I think Kumaraghosha would be the best person for that position, besides Douminge."

"What does Kumaraghosha say about it?" Alice asked.

"He turned it down as well." Anfey smiled bitterly. "He said the league took him in when he was going through a hard time. He would never leave the league."

"Shouldn't you be happy about Kumaraghosha being so loyal?" Alice asked.

"It's not about that. Besides, I am not that close-minded." Anfey shook his head. "Alice, I cannot convince him. I have to rely on you for that."

"I will try." Alice nodded.

"Great. You can do so much more than me." Anfey smiled and mocked himself. "I really do not understand what good staying in the league would do him. I cannot even convince him to leave."

"That is called appreciation." Alice did not have any magic power, but she looked very sharp.

"Some people do not understand what appreciation means, but others put it in front of everything else. Kumaraghosha was of the latter."

Anfey went quiet for a while and smiled. "Ok, I will have Kumaraghosha come to see you. Please help me." Anfey slowly stood up.

"Wait, Anfey, I have something to ask you Alice said.

"What is it?" Anfey asked.

"Do you know Golman?" Alice asked.

Anfey was shocked for a second and fell back to the chair. He looked upset. "Alice, this is the thousandth time I have heard you and others asking me the same question. Can we not talk about it now?" Not only Alice asked Anfey about it, but also Saul, Baery, Christian-almost all the people in the high positions-friends, and his subordinates had asked him the same question in different ways. He could not stand it anymore.

"I am just curious." Alice whined like a little kid after she saw how Anfey had reacted in such an exaggerated way. "If you do not know Golman, why didn't he release Death Armageddon? When he left, why did he stare at you? Besides, how do you know Golman would not release Death Armageddon?"

"Because Golman and I are brothers," Anfey said.

"Really?" Alice was shocked.

"No," Anfey said.