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Chapter 516: Changes

 Chapter 516: Changes

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The entire battlefield grew silent. All the soldiers stood and watched in shock. Even the most powerful men in the world could only stand and watch with gaping mouths. They weren't scared of death. The death magic could not affect them anyway. They were nervous because of the responsibility they had on their shoulders. The soldiers in the Transverse Mountains were the majority of both the Maho Empire and Shansa Empire's armies. If anything happened to the armies, the entire world may have changed.

Anfey watched with a frown. He had been trying hard to convince himself that he belonged to the Maho Empire. Yolanther was a very careful man and there were very few thing that escaped him. Anfey's love for the nation had earned him Yolanther's trust. However, he did not grow up in the Maho Empire. He did not feel responsible for the soldiers the way Saul and the others did. He was willing to try anything to win.

"How did this happen?" Desvidia asked with a deep frown. "Golman, didn't you say you foresaw her future?"

"Golman!" Morgan called hurriedly. His handsome face was twisted by shock. He knew that the Ring of the Undead had already lost its power after the last time Golman saved Scarlet. The Ring was powerful, but it could not be used without limits. Golman kept the Ring on him to recharge it and wanted to give it to Scarlet when it was recharged. This meant that Scarlet really was dead.

Golman was shaking violently and did not say anything.

"Golman!" Desvidia called, grabbing Golman's shoulder. He was worried because of the fact that all three of them had betrayed Minos the First. The two of them made this decision because Golman had told them about his plan. He wanted to help Scarlet unite the world and destroy the Church and Minos the First. Then, necromancers could have finally been recognized and respected.

Such a future sounded very attractive to Desvidia and Morgan. The necromancers waged war not because they wanted to rule the world, but because they wanted to exist in peace. However, they were demonized by others and could not achieve this goal.

Minos the First wanted to turn the world into a desolate place where nothing existed. His plan benefited no one but himself, and Desvidia and Morgan knew this better than anyone. This was why the two of them betrayed Minos the First after hearing about Golman's plan. Now that Scarlet was dead, who will they support? Who will give them the right to exist?

"I did see her future," Golman whispered.


"I got it!" Golman suddenly cried. "I got it!"

"Calm down!" Desvidia said, grabbing Golman's arm. Desvidia and Morgan were worried that Golman would have done something unthinkable while in a deranged state like this. They had already betrayed Minos the First. If Golman used the Death Armageddon spell and angered Shansa and the Maho Empire, who else would they have turned to?

"How? How am I supposed to calm down?" Golman asked, shaking his head. "Do you remember how I talked about how there was some unclear factor in her future?"


"Don't you see? I saw Scarlet uniting the world, but now she's killed by Anfey. This means that he is the factor! He is not from this world."

Desvidia and Morgan glanced at each other. They didn't care who Anfey was. All they needed to do was keep Golman from using Death Armageddon. "So what if he isn't?"

"So what?" Golman repeated with a laugh. "Minos needs to change the rules of this world to do what he needs to do. But Anfey isn't from this world and the rules doesn't apply to him. If he was strong enough, he could even face the gods themselves, because he wasn't created in this world, do you understand?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can't you see? To us, Minos is a god!"

Morgan and Desvidia watched him with wide eyes. "You mean..." Morgan whispered.

"You want Anfey to fight Minos?"

"He's the only one," Golman said. "He has to be."

Even though Anfey had sent a warning, Saul and the others still did not know what Golman, Desvidia, and Morgan were doing. They knew something was off, but all they could do was wait for Golman to make a choice.

Three figures appeared in the distance. Saul squinted his eyes, then his eyes widened in shock and horror as he recognized the three master necromancers. Even one of these three men could have wreaked havoc on the world. Even in his worst nightmare, Saul had never imagined he would have seen all three of them together.

However, the three figures didn't do anything. Instead, they turned and rose into the sky. A few Death Knights broke out of the Shansa rank and chased after the three necromancers.

Saul watched, his body shaking. He wanted to catch the necromancers and ask them what they wanted to do, but he refrained from it. Saul did not know the effects of Death Armageddon and did not know whether Golman had used the magic or not. Luckily, judging from the situation, the necromancers did not do anything.

Baery, Miorich and Steger all watched in stunned silence. They did not know how to express their thoughts. The fact that the three master necromancers left without doing anything was even more unnerving than the fact that they were on the battlefield together.

Anfey was even more perplexed. Golman could have betrayed Minos the First because he believed that Minos the First wasn't the answer to his problems. Simply leaving was not something he expected Golman to do.

"Saul," Douminge called, rising into the air. "It's just you and me now."

"It's you and us," Saul corrected him.

Douminge smiled and sighed, shaking his head.

Alice was inside the camp, observing the battle from the Eye of the Sky. She was very calm when she saw the necromancers. When she saw Anfey kill Scarlet, she laughed. When she saw Douminge appear in the air, the smile froze on her face and her eyes widened.