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Chapter 515: Goodbye

 Chapter 515: Goodbye

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Stegar showed up in front of the Death Roaring Legion. A thin fog revolved around him at a rapid speed. The fog spun faster and faster, expanding itself into a larger scale.

At the end, Stegar was totally submerged by the fog.

The water vapors in the air moved toward Stegar. They were frozen to ice in different shapes and sizes, floating in the air. The moment Stegar released the Forbidden Spells, ice moved with the fog and left a trace of a sparking light line.

The Forbidden Spell Stegar released was Absolute Ice Kekkai, which was one of the few Forbidden Spells that had both offensive and defensive functions. The ice bounced everywhere, which could not only kill people, but could also become an enormous shield. Those ices could defend against most magic attacks, but also cut off the mental lock, when the spinning speed of the ice had passed a certain limit. Everyone knew where Stegar was, but they could not sense where he was.

Saul slowly let down his magic wand. The magic he had released did not seem to work, but the element surges around him kept to the maximum levels anyway. Douminge was distant and shocked for a second, and looked desperate. Saul released Super Transformation Magic, which needed a long-time for chanting and consumed a lot of magic, just for the effects of instant release. Many people thought Super Transformation Magic was not as powerful as other magic. However, the truth was quite the opposite. Super Transformation Magic could last a few hours, which meant Saul was in a superior position in the next few hours. Saul could take anything, no matter what Douminge wanted to do.

There was a loud explosion sound from the station at the valley. Under the leadership of Jacob, the mercenaries from the league shot out a gigantic magic weapon they had confiscated before, and continued to shoot out over 40 magic weapons. Except for a few magic weapons which remained, the rest were shot out.

The ear-blasting bombing sounds became the soundtrack for the war. In the valley, the Death Roaring Legion and Sacred City Palace Guardians, the two most elite military units in the Maho Empire, followed closely behind Stegar. With Stegar's rushing in the front, they effortlessly tore up their defense and went straight into their opponents' field.

Guardian Knights fought with over ten thousand Sacred City Palace Guardians, who were led by Miorich. Unfortunately, the Commander of the Guardian Knights, Menkin, died too soon. His shouting and screaming proclaimed the start of the war, but the strike from Mauso diving from the sky, and Anfey's ax, came right after it. Anfey was very strong, but Menkin was still strong enough to take the hits from Anfey. However, his horse could not. With a few of his assistants' help, they forced Anfey to back out, but Miorich went around and attacked him from behind out of nowhere. Anfey and Mauso fought back together with Menkin.

Three top powers fought, one after another, with Menkin. No matter who it was, he could be killed soon. Menkin was cut into pieces very soon. Who it was that contributed to killing Menkin did not seem important to any of them. As the body of Menkin was still warm, all three of them turned around and ran to the valley to continue their killing.

Anfey stood out the most, even more outstanding than Stegar in the Sky of Eyes. Stegar was not fast, but Anfey moved with lightning speed. As element currents moved fanatically, Anfey looked so aggressive that he scared the regular soldiers. Without threats from griffin riders, Anfey seemed to be able to fight without any concerns. When he was surrounded by a few strong soldiers sometimes, and could not end the fight quick, or when encountered dangers, Mauso would help him out immediately, switching to a different location to continue their fights.

Scarlet stared at the Sky of Eyes. She could clearly see where Anfey rushed to, and where soldiers lost their battles. The element currents were Anfey's special skill. It did not seem to matter for Scarlet to see if that person was Anfey anymore, after she saw the element currents. Guardian Knights had been harassed a lot by Anfey and were scared by him. At this moment, none of the griffin riders were alive. They had been at a disadvantage since the battle started. After seeing Menkin was killed, the Guardian Knights' morale was about to be crushed, while Anfey was just the last straw for them.

Scarlet's face turned deathly pale. She slowly let down her knight spear in her trembling right hand. She knew she had to fight now, even though she might not be able to change anything. If she joined the battle, she might be able to encourage the soldiers a little bit, otherwise, there was no point to continue the battle because Cross Valley could be her tomb.

A bit of green light suddenly appeared in the sky and expanded its light range in a very weird way, dyeing the whole sky green. As the griffin riders flew into the sky, they covered the sky like a black cloud. If the griffin riders were just a black cloud, the expanded green light was much larger than the griffin riders. The green light did not only dye the sky and sunlight green, even the skin of the soldiers turned green. There was a stinky smell in the air as well.

Except for a few soldiers, who continued to fight on, the rest of the soldiers all felt the strangeness in the sky. They all stopped fighting, no matter whether they were the soldiers from Maho Emprie or from Shansa Empire. They looked terrified, because they were familiar with this light and smell. These were the death spirits.

Only one person was the exception. Scarlet suddenly laughed hysterically, after she recovered from her momentary state of shock. Scarlet was very closed-up, because she was still very young, and also because of the special experiences she had when she was little. When she grew older, she needed to work hard to achieve her dreams, so she forced herself into social activities. To be more specific, people who were so closed-off, like Scarlet, usually could not take much pressure. Scarlet suffered a lot when she fell into the setup and tried to lead her troop to run away. The issues-the valley exit being blocked by the Magic Array of Chaos, when the griffin riders were all killed, when she was attacked by intense magic attacks from Maho Empire and threatened by many top powers and etc.all tested her bottom lines. In fact, Scarlet had been feeling desperate. However, the appearance of Golman had set her free from the anxiety. She knew how good Golman was and trusted him very much. She seemed to lose some control of herself because the situation changed so fast, and because she had been on an emotional rollercoaster as well.

The battlefield started to calm down. The Absolute Ice Keikka had lost its effects now. Stegar landed among the Death Roaring Legion. He immediately meditated, without caring about the blood on the floor. Golman was a big trouble, so Stegar had to race with time to recover his magic power.

Saul slowly levitated himself into the sky and released Amplification magic. His low and scolding voice echoed in the valley. "Golman, you didn't forget you had sworn to me before, did you?"

"Saul, don't push me too far." Golman did not show himself. He just answered Saul in the same way that his loud voice echoed in the valley. "You should know well the power of Death Armageddon."

Countless people locked their eyes on Saul. The term of "Death Armageddon" terrified everyone down to their bones. However, what Golman said did give them a little hope. That necromancer looked like he was going to be forced to release Death Armageddon. They hoped Saul would not aggravate him any more. It was normal for the soldiers from Maho Empire to think this way. They had treated Saul as half god and half human. He was the top power who could protect them. It seemed to be ridiculous for soldiers from Shansa Empire to bet everything on Saul.

Saul was deep in thought for a while: "What do you want?"

"Move", Golman said.

"Golman, don't you think you are being really naïve now?" Saul asked

"Saul, if you do not want to see dozens of thousands of people, and people from the Country of Mercenaries being turned into death spirits," Golman sounded more serious, "Move."

Most soldiers from Shansa Empire were stunned. Some of them had their mouths open wide, and some stared with their eyes wide open. They could not believe what they had heard. "Did this necromancer come here to save them?" they thought to themselves.

"Do you want to kill me this bad?" A high-pitched voice interrupted Anfey's thinking. Anfey looked up and saw a few knights slowly walking toward him through the group of Guardian Knights who stood there like logs. Three of the knights were all dressed in the same black armors. Anfey seemed to have seen the armor that the very front knight was now wearing before.

"Yes, shouldn't I?" Anfey answered casually.

"I am giving you another chance. Come, kill me!" The knight took off the helmet, revealing a beautiful face. She laughed loudly, as a lunatic would.

Scarlet hated Anfey deep down to her guts. It was not only because he stopped her from achieving her dreams, but also because the strike Anfey had given her. She was still able to hide her wound, making it appear not as serious as it was, but she could not deny the fact that she was hurt due to the fact that she was carried by her soldiers on the stretcher, with a horse body and with a bloody hole on the saddle. When she faked her death, the soldiers who did not know about it showed the least amount of respect for her and openly discussed how she got hurt. The jerks in the Slave Jail more openly talked about her. Scarlet was still a virgin, and she felt insulted when she constantly heard others talking about her private area. Every time she showered and touched her private area, she could not stop trembling. She never told anyone about this, but she knew the pain and humiliation she suffered, and she would never forget it.

When things seemed to settle, she had to come out to see Anfey. Even though she might have no chance to kill Anfey, she still wanted to take revenge on him badly.

"Has anyone told you that you look ugly when you laugh?" Anfey sounded sincere. He was still concerned with one more issue. In addition, Saul had not made a decision yet. He definitely would not do anything at this moment.

"I admit I underestimated you, but I would not make the same mistake again." Scarlet did not stop laughing because of Anfey's criticism. "Anfey, I will see you again. I can swear with my life. Of course, I will see Suzanna too. I will give her the strongest Antimagic Cuffs and send her to the Slave Jail. Hahaha, you can imagine what is going to happen to her from that point.

Really, Anfey, I would not forgive you-all of you. Trust me!"

"I could not imagine, since I have never been to your Slave Jail." Anfey asked in surprise, "Did you just come out from it?"

"Anfey, I have no time to argue with you. I only hope you can remember every word I said to you, because all of them will come true in the future." Scarlet had the corners of her mouth curled up and turned her horse around. "Bye." Anfey was so powerful that she had no chance to kill him, especially when Mauso was with Anfey at this moment. Scarlet was still rational and had to give up her craziest idea.

"Wait a second." Anfey shouted.

"What's wrong? Do you want to beg me to forgive you?" Scarlet's smile started to look less crazy.

"Your attitude is so bad, but I do not mind. I only want to remind you of a few things." Anfey looked sharp. "First of all, it did not mean much to me when you swore with your life, because your life is worthless, and so, goodbye."

A strange Mental Roaring waved out, with Anfey at the center. No matter if they were enemies or friends, including Mauso and Doumingo in the dark, their brains all went blank for a very short period of time. Anfey disappeared and showed up again two meters away from Scarlet. He slid his ax straight down. Before Scarlet woke up from the Mental Roaring, the ax had split Scarlet's head into halves, cutting into the gold rim of the armor. Blood splashed everywhere.

Doumingo almost screamed out loudly. He did not immediately attack Anfey. Instead, he was aimlessly looking for something. Saul, Baery, and Miorich all knew about what was behind the scene, and their faces all changed. Golman had been trying hard to teach Scarlet. Obviously, he wanted to complete some task with her help. Anfey killed Scarlet now.What to do if Golman released Death Armageddon out of anger. In fact, they did not even notice Anfey because the Mental Roaring got all their attention. Unfortunately, when they found what had happened to Scarlet, no one was able to stop Anfey.

Anfey's face was a little pale, so were his lips, but he still moved very swiftly. He raised the ax again and plunged heavily into Scarlet's chest with a roaring that echoed in the valley for a long time. Her super strong armor sunk in beneath the blow. With a squeezing sound, blood was forced out. Anfey gave Scarlet's already slit head a kick into the sky. He pointed at the Valley ahead of him.

Anfey held his arm in the air without moving. His eyes were clear and the corners of his mouth curled down. He looked like he was smirking or challenging someone. At this moment, almost everyone thought Anfey had gone absolutely crazy, but Anfey knew he was more sober and aware than ever.

Fear does not help solve anything, while compromising could only force Anfey into a corner. If Golman really dared to release Death Armageddon, he would release it sooner rather than later. Should the Pan Continent be submissive to Scarlet? Would Yolanthe give up his dream he had had for dozens of years? Would Anfey standby and watch? He had two options: to be at Scarlet's mercy, or to fight at all cost. Considering Anfey's personality, he had to choose the latter.

Anfey had heard from the elders and had gotten to know Golman a little bit. If Golman really released Death Armageddon for some reason, why would he go against Minos I?