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Chapter 514: Opportunity

 Chapter 514: Opportunity

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The Shansa camp rumbled. Anfey glanced over and his eyes widened. More than sixty magic arrows were released. He and the mages could not stop this many arrows. The formation of the griffin knights tightened and lunged at the druids and mages. They wanted to distract the mages long enough for the arrows to reach the camp.

The League had around five hundred mages left, but the strength of the mages varied. The only ones who were capable of doing real damage were the ones Saul brought.

The griffin knights were very strong and there were very few spells that could harm them. Unless they were attacked by a dozen mages at the same time, magic could not do much damage to the griffin knights.

Anfey gritted his teeth. "Left!" he called to Mauso. He believed in an eye for an eye. If he was under attack and could not defend himself, he would not waste time on defense.

Mauso did not know what Anfey wanted him to do, but he still turned to the left. A few moments later, the two saw a magic signal. That was a warning to the mercenaries that danger was coming.

The magic arrows crashed into the camp and exploded. The mercenaries had seen the signals, but the signal came too late and they were not fast enough to retreat to a safe distance. Miorich's knights were not spared from the attack either. More than four hundred knights were injured or killed by the arrows. The knights and mercenaries who survived quickly retreated away from the camp. They stood still, waiting for further instructions.

As the magic arrows crashed into the camp, Anfey had already reached the Shansa soldiers in the air. He jumped off of Mauso's back. He teleported away from the knights and used three magic scrolls in quick succession, then drew his magic sword.

Lightning poured down from sky and struck the griffin knights.

Usually, the griffin knights' formation would be a loose one to prevent any accidents. They were close together because they wanted to put pressure on the mages. However, Mauso was flying too fast for them to react properly and they were surrounded by druids. This stopped them from spreading out and getting away from the lightning.

The formation of the griffin knights broke down as lighting continued to fall. The serial lightning went through the griffin knights and fell into the range of the magic array, then disappeared.

Dozens of griffin knights fell out of the sky and towards the magic array. This was because of the griffin knights' special stacking formation which allowed the maximization of the serial lightning's power.

"Get him!" one of the griffin knights called. "He doesn't have scrolls anymore!"

The remaining griffin knights turned and all flew towards Anfey. They knew that the only way they could survive was if they fought their way out.

Anfey smiled and raised his axe. He did not like levitation because it limited his speed. He was too slow to chase after the griffin knights, but now the griffin knights were coming to him.

The druids watched excitedly.

"Jacob, does he still have teleportation scrolls?" Saul asked, his eyes were gleaming.

"I think so," Jacob said. "I made at least a dozen."

Saul nodded. He turned and whispered something to a mage next to him, then waved his hand and said, "Go with him."

Anfey gripped his battle axe and observed his surroundings. Even though he was surrounded by enemies and looked like he was at a disadvantage, he was very relaxed. The griffin knights couldn't use their crossbows anymore and they could not stay in the same place for too long.

Anfey frowned. Instinctively, he felt something was wrong. He sensed that the druids were retreating and even Mauso was flying away.

In the distance, twenty of Saul's best mages began chanting and conjuring in unison. Anfey frowned and felt his body was growing heavier. He began falling out of the sky. The griffin knights were clearly affected too as they began falling to the ground as well.

Anfey frowned. His eyes widened as he suddenly realized what Saul's plan was. He quickly found a teleportation scroll and activated it, trying to get out of the range of the gravity spell.

He reappeared further away but was still in the range of the magic array. The teleportation scroll could not cancel out the effects of the gravity spell. Anfey activated another scroll and reappeared again within the range of the magic array.

Mauso flapped his large wings and caught Anfey on his back. The effects of the gravity spell were greater than he imagined. He flapped his wings but could not fly higher. He was forced to dive down and landed safely away from the magic array.

The griffin knights were not as lucky. The griffins could hardly fly under the effects of the gravity spell and the riders only made it harder. They fell into the magic array and disappeared in a flash.

The sky cleared. Most of the griffin knights had fallen from the sky and only a few remained. The druids circled around for a bit before landing. They had wasted too much energy. The mages needed rest as well.

Scarlet watched the event unfold with wide eyes. Next to her, Douminge's face held a mixture of shock and horror.

"Great!" Baery said with a laugh. He knew how important and dangerous the griffin knights were and this was a great victory for them.

"Douminge just used a forbidden spell," Steger said. "I don't think he can use another for a while."

In the camp near the mouth of the valley, a messenger hurried up to Miorich and said, "General, Lord Saul said we can attack now."

Miorich nodded. He raised his lance and waved his arm, leading the charging.

The magic array in the valley changed. Miorich stepped into the magic array but nothing happened to him. The knights behind him went through the magic array safely as well.

Anfey and Mauso rested for a few moments and rose into the air again. The two reached the Shansa army before Miorich.

Magic surges in the valley grew even stronger. Douminge paled. He could tell that Saul and Steger were both getting ready to use forbidden spells and he did not know what he should do.