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Chapter 513: Fight

 Chapter 513: Fight

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"I cannot explain it in words, and we do not have time to think too much about it." Anfey released magic as he answered. Three Firebirds shot out from the tips of his fingers. He did not care about the griffin riders who kept shooting with their crossbows. His job was to take care of the gigantic arrows which could cause great damage.

Anfey was flying in the air at high speed, while the speed of the gigantic arrows were almost as fast as him. The three Firebirds Anfey had released hit on a water-blue gigantic arrow, one after another. The second Firebird accurately hit on the concave on the arrow, where there was a water-blue magic crystal. With a huge crashing sound, that arrow shone a very bright blue light. Circular shockwaves created visible boundaries in the air. The boundaries continued to expand. A griffin and its griffin rider, who dived accidentally, fell into the shockwaves. They immediately turned into ice sculptures, falling on the ground like heavy rocks. This tragedy did not end yet. The ice sculpture, again, accidentally, fell into the Magic Array of Chaos and was cut into millions of pieces. It seemed that they had never existed before, and they completely disappeared in the magic array.

Those griffin riders were stunned when they saw that Anfey was able to destroy magic weapons. They shot out cross bows, as they rushed maniacally toward Anfey. Unfortunately, Anfey's magic attacks were a little off from the target he had locked with his telepathy, even though Anfey already had very strong telepathy. That was why he had released three Firebirds in a row. The threats from cross bows were very limited, especially when Mauso's flying speed was super fast, and he flew at every direction, without any patterns. Anfey did not have to spare any effort to block the crossbows that griffin riders shot out.

With a tense magic surge, a gigantic ice dragon formed after Anfey released the magic scroll. The ice dragon flew viciously at the gigantic arrow. Anfey took out his bow and targeted a silver-white gigantic arrow.

A black light flashed, and shot out with such an unbelievable speed that no one saw where this black light hit. They saw that the silver-white gigantic arrow had suddenly exploded. Lightening shot out like crazy. When the water-blue gigantic arrow exploded, it did not affect others, due to the location of explosion, but this silver-white arrow knocked off a red gigantic arrow that was ahead of it. The ice dragon, who flew at the red arrow, passed by its target because of this.

Anfey did not expect this to happen. Luckily, the ice dragon had some intelligence, even though it was a magic organism. The body of the ice dragon was much bigger than the gigantic arrow. The ice dragon swirled around it, opening its mouth wide, and swallowing that red arrow down.

The ice dragon was pure white before, but after it swallowed the arrow, its stomach turned red. With a huge boom, the ice dragon exploded into thousands of pieces that splashed everywhere.

The drama beats from the Shansa Empire military suddenly grew tenser. Griffin riders paused for a second, before running over to surround Anfey.

"It looks like they are fighting for their lives now." Mauso circled a half-round before he lowered his height into the air.

"Do you think we got anybody?" Anfey smiled. He waved his hand and released four Firebirds. This had reached his limit. Firebirds flew at a water-blue gigantic arrow with a super fast speed.

Gigantic eagles flew up into the sky above the valley exit. They fearlessly flew at the griffin riders. No matter whether they were regular arrows or deicide arrows, they could barely hurt gigantic eagles. The feathers on the gigantic eagle bodies were soft but resistant, their muscles were as hard as steel. This was not the effect of magic, but of eagle druids themselves.

About eight palace mages flew into the sky, along with the mage group from the League of Mercenaries, who were behind gigantic eagles. The mage group from the League of Mercenaries was pumped, and their courage showed, as they were able to fight with their idols. They tried their best to release magic at the gigantic arrows, which were actually flying closer and closer to them. Their abilities to lock targets with their telepathy were far from Anfey's, but they could definitely get their targets when dozens of people attacked one target altogether.

"Your people? I hope you could really treat them as your people," Mauso said with a smile.

"Don't worry." Anfey knew how to read between the lines. Mauso wished Anfey could take care of the druids more. Since Mauso had led his people to fight for Yolanthe, Mauso must believe in the future of the Maho Empire. Yolanthe liked and trusted Anfey, so much so that Anfey would be sure to have a good future ahead of him. Mauso showed his kindness to Anfey, but it did not mean that he tried to gravel at his feet. If he could provide opportunities to his druids to live a better life, why would he turn it down, especially since it had cost them so much up to this point.

Half of the magic arrows that Scarlet shot out were destroyed. Even though few arrows hit their targets, the damage was not great. Some knights and mercenaries were affected by the explosion. One arrow hit an area with a large number of mercenaries. The flames immediately swallowed hundreds of them. Only Shinbela was barely able to rush out of the explosion with almost no clothes on. She got black ashes everywhere, while the rest of the mercenaries had been burnt into charcoal.

Griffin riders fought together with many gigantic eagles. Scarlet had sent out all the griffin riders. In terms of numbers, they had the advantage, but no advantage in other areas. This was just a simple physical fight in the air, the type of which only happened a long time ago. It did not matter whether they were druids or griffin riders, they both lacked training, so only courage would determine which party would win.

Griffin riders were excellent in terms of courage. When they heard Scarlet's order, not one mentioned fighting with gigantic eagles, and they even suppressed their fear of Anfey and tried to surround him. Griffins were just magic beasts, so they did not act as brave as those griffin riders. Magic beasts' natures of avoiding dangers was stronger than their passions for fighting, when they were faced with gigantic eagles who were a lot stronger than them, especially when the numbers of gigantic eagles were so large. Magic beasts did not know how to count, so they had no idea if their peers were greater than their enemies. As a result, the griffins dodged to the side with screams when the griffin riders waved their knight spears in order to give them orders to start attacks.

The mages in the League of Mercenaries seemed to find their new targets. It was not hard to do, once they saw griffin riders running toward them in a large group. All they needed was to release magic at them.

This fight in the sky was massive. The griffin riders and gigantic eagles' bodies seemed to block the whole sky. Countless feathers and snowflakes fell from the sky. Some griffin riders and gigantic eagles lost their flying abilities and fell from the sky, one after another. Many mages were hit by cross bows, but not one backed out. To be more specific, only magic beasts were a little antsy. All other intelligences were very brave.

As Anfey was about to join the battle, a very intense magic surge appeared from the Shansa Empire military. Anfey was shocked for a second. He had become quite familiar with Forbidden Spells. "This must be someone releasing Forbidden Spells. Could it be Douminge?" Anfey thought to himself.

If this happened in other times, it must have caused panic among people, as they sensed the magic surges of Forbidden Spells, yet it did not at this moment, since griffin riders and druids were like dogs eating dogs. Even the mages in the League of Mercenaries did not care about risking their lives. They just kept releasing magic.

When the fight in the sky got bloodier and bloodier, a swirl appeared above the station. Every time the swirl circled around, it expanded in size. In the center of the swirl, a lot of electric arcs were moving around frantically. At the end, the light from the swirl even looked brighter than the sun. The griffin riders and gigantic eagles in the fight could not help closing their eyes.

A thousand-meter-long monster lightening came out from the swirl, smashing with great momentum at the station. The mercenaries stared at the sky and looked desperate. Suddenly, a cloud of deep blackness showed, covering the sky above the whole station. The swirl was so bright that it could blind people; the cloud of blackness was so dark that people were scared. The next moment, the lightening crashed onto the blackness and disappeared.

"Saul is here." Duominge had a bitter smile on his face. In fact, in seeing the Magic Array of Chaos, he had already known that Saul probably was in the station. However, he still had to do something, even though he knew Saul was here. He had the wish that Saul were not here, but at this moment, he realized his wish would never come true.

"What is that?" Scarlet screamed. She could not accept this reality. The yelling and shouting behind her came in waves. Baery had started the attack. She had to rush out as soon as possible.

"Saul started Extradimensional Space," Douminge said with a sad tone. Douminge was a pain in the neck for Anfey and others, but Saul was much more of a pain to Douminge. If Newyheim was the sharp sword for the Ellisen Empire, then Saul would be the invincible shield for the Maho Empire. The magic characteristics of Saul's magic was the nightmare for mages at the same level. The Dimensional Mirror Saul released could reflect back non-materialized magic, while inducting other magic's energy to an unknown space. If there were never a Saul in existence, it would be the time of Newyoheim. The Dark Moon Magic Legion under his leadership could have caused a lot of damage to the Maho Empire. Newyoheim suffered a lot from fighting with Saul. Now it was Douminge's turn.

"Extradimensional Space was a Forbidden Spell. Did Saul really release a Forbidden Spell?" Scarlet screamed. The hope was right in front of Scarlet's face, but crashed in the blink of an eye, which made her lose her control.

"No matter where Saul goes, he would carry Space Series magic scrolls with him." Douminge looked shocked that he did not think Scarlet had such a low caliber of intelligence.

"So do you also...?" Scarlet did not look as dull as before.

"Yes, I need take a break." Douminge nodded.

"Pass my order to have all the cross bows and bombs ready." Scarlet gave an order with the top of her voice. She could care less what her teacher said or did.