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Chapter 512: Destiny

 Chapter 512: Destiny

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Scarlet finally reached the mouth of the valley with her army. Unfortunately, Saul had already laid out his trap.

If Scarlet were a coward who was frightened by Baery's madness, or if she lost confidence after learning she had lost the mouth of the valley and fled, she would have survived. The magic array Saul set up had a time limit and Miorich's men would not have been able to defeat her if she were to flee.

However, Scarlet was not a coward. On the contrary, she was a defiant and proud woman. Even though she knew she was walking into a trap, she was still very calm and collected. Scarlet always liked a good challenge. Even now, she was still governing her army with discipline. She was hoping to preserve as many fighters as possible and take them back to the Shansa Empire.

Both Scarlet and her soldiers thought she was right. Except for the first battle's chaos, no one could defeat Scarlet or mess up her strategy.

What she did not know was that the longer she remained in the mountains, the more danger she was in. The sky was off limits to her because of Mauso and his druids. No griffin knights could have reached her.

One of the griffin knights' squad leaders suspected something and tried to reach her. He took some of his best men and flew around the druids and approached the valley from behind. Even Miorich did not foresee this. The druids tried to take out all the griffins, but even though the druids had an advantage, some of the griffin knights were still able to get away. However, because of their approach, the griffin knights did not find out that Saul had set up a trap.

Scarlet had an alternate plan. She could have separated her forces and attacked the mouth of the valley with half of her men. However, she was taught from a young age that she should not depend on anyone but herself. She couldn't trust anyone's ability except for herself. If she led the attack on the mouth of the valley, she was afraid that Baery's people would have attacked her from behind. If she stayed behind, she worried that the other army wouldn't be able to take on Miorich's men.

It was truly sad and unfortunate that a coward survived but a brilliant soldier like Scarlet lost.

Saul activated the magic array as the Shansa knights approached the mouth of the valley. Anfey watched the magic array carefully. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Even though the magic array did not look like it was doing much, every time Anfey tried to probe it with his mind, he felt an acute pain. He was surprised and wasn't sure what was causing it.

When the first knight stepped into the magic array, his body was instantly cut into pieces. The broken pieces of his body floated around in it and disappeared. After over two hundred knights disappeared in the magic array, the knights that came later tried to ride around it to avoid it. However, its range was very large. Even if they tried to ride on the cliffside, they were still within it.

Two mages appeared behind the knights. One released a large fireball and the other summoned a bolt of lightning. The lightning struck the magic array and, like the knights, was sliced into tiny chunks. The fireball was sliced up as well, and the remnants of the two spells floated within it, then disappeared.

The two mages and the remaining knights watched this for a few moments then turned to head the other way. They were just scouts that were sent to investigate the magic surges. Saul watched them leave without doing anything.

Saul was waiting for Scarlet's reaction and Scarlet was discussing what to do with her officers. A few moments later, a fiery arrow appeared. It streaked through the air and crashed into the magic array.

The magic arrow was very powerful, but it was still no match for a magic array made with dimensional magic. Like the fireball and the lightning bolt, the magic arrow was sliced into tiny pieces and disappeared into it.

After a few seconds of silence, dark shadows appeared above the Shansa army. About a dozen griffin knights flew before the main body of the army. These were the scouts sent out to test the limit of the magic array.

The griffin knights soon reached the magic array. Having seen that they flew by without a problem, the main body of griffin knights picked up their speed and followed. However, they weren't eager to attack.

Saul turned to Anfey and nodded. Anfey nodded in return. He used a levitation spell and rose into the air, streaking towards the griffin knights.

Mauso was speaking with Suzanna. Suzanna already knew that Mauso fought with her that day because he wanted to help her and she was very thankful. Seeing Anfey rise into the air, she turned her gaze away from Mauso and watched him. Mauso stepped forward and rose into the air, transforming into a large eagle. He flapped his wings and approached Anfey.

Dozens of magic arrows rose from the Shansa camp. The arrows flew over the magic array and towards Saul's camp.

Mauso lowered himself. "Be careful," he croaked. Anfey landed on Mauso's back. He took a deep breath and nodded.

Golman was a very powerful alchemist. Luckily, Jacob knew Golman well and Anfey reached the general who was responsible for setting off the bomb in time. Otherwise, Scarlet's attack would have done a great deal of damage.

The griffin knights clearly knew Anfey and Mauso's intentions. They flew towards the two, sending dozens of arrows flying togethers them.

"Scarlet must have already depleted Golman's supplies," Mauso said with a laugh. He dodged the incoming arrows easily.

"I have a bad feeling," Anfey said with a frown. He had trained with Mauso many times and could remain standing on Mauso's back without any problems.

"What is it?" Mauso asked.