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Chapter 510: Chaos

 Chapter 510: Chaos

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"General, Baery has launched an attack!" a soldier hurried into Scarlet's tent and reported.

Scarlet frowned. She was surprised by Baery's attack, but she was glad as well. She had been waiting for this moment for too long.

By the time the news reached Scarlet, Baery's army was already heading towards her camp. The knights rode in tight formation, their lances gleaming under the sunlight. The sound of hooves beating against the ground echoed in the valley.

Menkin watched the enemies with a deep frown. He was the one who had requested this position in today's battle. Unfortunately for him, he would be the first to encounter the enemy knights. The valley was not an ideal battleground for knights and he wasn't certain what Baery and Miorich's plan was.

He didn't have time to think too much. He raised his lance and bellowed, "Let us show them who the real knights are!" His bellow was loud and clear to the Shansa soldiers. The soldiers raised their weapons and charged.

The Sacred City Knights and the Guardian Knights had very different reputations. The Sacred City Knights were well known because of how much Yolanther relied on them. Guardian Knights, on the other hand, rarely participated in battles because Edward the Eighth never allowed them to participate in battles. Menkin was hoping to change their reputation.

Even though the Sacred City Knights attacked first, Menkin and his men were still fast enough to match their speed. The two sides clashed amidst battle cries.

"It's the Sacred City Knights?" Scarlet asked, her frown deepening. She had multiple plans in place to deal with unexpected events. Now, she realized that situation did not only put the Shansa army at a disadvantage, but it also put the Maho army at a disadvantage.

Instead of fighting with the Guardian Knights, the Sacred City Knights seemed more keen on penetrating their enemy's formation. Because of the location, the majority of Scarlet's army was deeper in the Transverse Mountains. Penetrating an army's ranks would cause panic among the soldiers, but that tactic was impossible here.

With the arrival of the Maho Empire's mages, the battle quickly devolved into chaos due to the limitation of the location of the battlefield. The knights had lost their formation and lost one of their biggest strengths-- speed. Each knight was surrounded by both friends and foes. Most had already lost their horses and some had even lost their lances. The knights that had lost their lances and swords resorted to fistfighting.

The chaos was strange for both the Sacred City Knights and the Guardian Knights. The Sacred City Knights had been prepared for a battle like this, but the Guardian Knights were completely dumbfounded. They were fighting purely because of their instincts.

The Maho Empire's mages had stopped their attack. Scarlet walked out of the camp to observe the battle. Behind her were dozens of large machines, waiting for her orders. She was hesitant because she knew that if she gave the order, she would be sentencing her own soldiers to death as well.

The battle grew even more chaotic when the foot soldiers joined the fight. The battlefield had expanded from the valley to the cliffs above.

Scarlet watched in silence, her body growing cold. She never thought Baery would go for a plan as mad as this one and she could not understand why he did this. Neither side had control over the battle at this point.

Usually, a general would try to eliminate as many enemies as possible while losing as little men as possible. This battle, however, was the work of a madman. Baery was trying to eliminate her army no matter how much it would cost him.

Scarlet sighed. Her mother once said that unlike his peers, Baery was a madman. Now, Scarlet knew exactly why her mother had referred to him as such.

On the other side of the battlefield, Baery observed the battle through the Eye of the Sky. He pointed at one of the knights and said, "That is Menkin. Steger, we cannot let him group his men together."

Menkin was a seasoned fighter and knew how bad the situation was. He was trying very hard to group together his knights, but every attempt was interrupted by the Sacred City Knights.

"I'll take care of it," Steger said with a nod. "Baery, Saul warmed us. Scarlet still has the magic arrows. What shall we do if she decides to use them?" If Scarlet decided to use the arrows, it would be the end of both the Sacred City Knights and the Guardian Knights.

"She won't," Baery said.

"How do you know?"

"She's too young," Baery said. "The Guardian Knights are too important. She wouldn't do anything to actively harm or destroy them. Plus, most of the Guardian Knights are children of nobles. She still needs the support of those nobles."

"The same thing goes for the Sacred City Knights," Steger said. "If she uses the arrows, she won't be the only one losing the support of the noble class. Are you sure you will win?"

Baery nodded. "Her army is exhausted. Mine is well-rested. We have an advantage. Plus, our men know what will happen. We just need to wear them out."

"You seem very certain."

"Don't worry, old chap," Baery said. "I'm excited to see how Scarlet will react to this."