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Chapter 503: Aid

 Chapter 503: Aid

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Zhaji Mountain was about two hundred miles away from the Transverse Mountains. The Transverse Mountains were the largest mountain chain in the world, and had a lot of smaller mountains, like Zhaji Mountain, surrounding it. Zhaji Mountain was special, in that in order to reach the valley of the Transverse Mountains, one must go through Zhaji Mountain first. A single path ran through the Zhaji Mountains, and the path was surrounded by cliffs.

Anfey stood in the middle of the path, waiting for the arrival of the Guardian Knights. This was the place he picked to fight the incoming knights. The mountains limited the ability of the griffin knights, and he would not have to worry about them.

Anfey knew that this was his last chance to stall the Guardian Knights. The Zhaji Mountains' geography meant that he did not have to defend himself from enemies from all sides, only the enemies in front of him.

Anfey closed his eyes and searched through the valley. He could sense the Guardian Knights' scouts approaching the Zhaji Mountains. He frowned when he saw someone floating toward the Zhaji Mountains. Anfey did not know what Jacob was doing there, but he was glad to see a familiar face.

The scouts of the Guardian Knights approached very carefully. They would stop every few minutes to check that no one was waiting to ambush them. Compared to the knights, Jacob was much faster.

A few minutes later, Jacob appeared above the Zhaji Mountains. Seeing Anfey standing on the path, Jacob flew toward him, landing next to him.

"Lord Jacob," Anfey said with a smile. "What are you doing here?" Jacob was Saul's friend, and had helped him several times. Anfey had a lot of respect for the alchemist.

"So this is the place you picked," Jacob said, glancing around. "Saul was worried about you. He can't leave the army alone, so he asked me to come and check on you."

"Where are they now?"

"Not sure," Jacob said with a shrug.

"Not sure?" Anfey repeated, confused.

"I left them a long time ago," Jacob said. "Maybe they're already at Zagreen City? Like I've said. I don't really know."

"You left? Then how..." Anfey frowned and asked. If Jacob left early, then they should have met earlier as well.

"You want to fight them here, don't you?" Jacob ignored Anfey's question. "You don't have to waste so much energy. Come with me."

Anfey was a very cautious person, and knew when he should choose to trust someone. After a few seconds, he nodded. Jacob rose into the air and led him southward. To the south of was a large stretch of grassy plain. That was, in fact, the very reason why Anfey had chosen to ambush the knights here in the Zhaji Mountains.

After half an hour, Jacob stopped and landed next to Anfey. "Sensing anything?"

Anfey expanded his mind, searching through the area carefully. After a few minutes, he finally realized that a small piece of land, a few hundred feet away, was a bit strange. "You have a magic array here, my lord?" Anfey asked, surprised.

"You sensed it?" Jacob asked with a smile.

"I can't sense any magic surges," Anfey explained. "But it looks like someone had walked around there."

"Good," Jacob said. He turned toward the magic array with a frown and said, "Hopefully, they won't notice."

"There really is one?" Anfey asked. He was comforted by this knowledge.

Jacob nodded, still slightly concerned. "I can help you," Anfey offered. He used the power of the Heart of Nature, and the quickened the growth of grass around the magic array. Quickly, all traces of the magic array disappeared.

"What magic array is it, my lord?"

"You'll see," Jacob said with a smug look on his face.

"So, my work for the past few days was meaningless," Anfey said, shaking his head. Judging from Jacob's look, he must have set up a very powerful magic array. One powerful magic array can achieve so much more than what Anfey can achieve in a day.

"It's not," Jacob said, shaking his head. "I wouldn't have time for that, if had it not been for you. You did not work in vain."

"You know what I was doing, my lord?"

"Of course I do."


"I have friends," Jacob said with a wink.


"Mauso," Jacob whispered. "He's got good eyes. He saw what you were doing and told me about it."

Anfey widened his eyes. He never thought someone was watching him when he was fighting those Shansa soldiers. The idea of being watched made him slightly uncomfortable.

"Don't bother looking," Jacob said, when he saw Anfey glancing around. "Mauso already left. He has his own business to take care of."

Jacob paused, then found a few scrolls from his dimensional ring and handed them to Anfey.

"Serial lightning?"

Jacob nodded. "After the Totem of the Fire God is activated, we still need to drive them back into the Zhaji Mountains."

Anfey nodded. He had read about the Totem of the Fire God before. He glanced at Jacob and asked, "Can that spell be used without an magic array?"

"It can be," Jacob said. "But it's hard because, you know, I'm not a mage. You want to learn how to set up magic array, don't you?"

Anfey nodded. He was not surprised that Jacob figured out what he wanted to ask.

"You can ask Hagan too. I've already taught him everything I know," Jacob said. "Of course, Saul is a better teacher than I am. His dimensional chaos magic array is one of the most powerful things I've ever seen."

"I've seen Christian do that," Anfey said. "It seems hard to get the timing right."

"Saul is a wise man," Jacob said. "He has made numerous changes to the magic array. You'll find out if you ask him." Jacob turned his gaze to the distance. "Get ready. They're coming."