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Chapter 501: Determined

 Chapter 501: Determined

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The Roaring Dead Legion had already set up its camp next to the Blackwater River. The Legion had just crossed the river and needed rest. Scarlet's army was getting closer and the Legion's escape became increasingly difficult. Without proper rest, the Legion couldn't have held on for much longer. The Blackwater River did not pose a problem to the Roaring Dead Legion and would not have been a problem to Scarlet. A simple spell would have helped the entire army cross with ease.

Baery was in his tent with most of his commanders. He was wearing a simple robe, his armor discarded. He had bandages wrapped around his chest bloodstains on them. He joined the battle himself in order to fend off Scarlet's knights and the griffin knights.

Baery and Saul were top-level powers, but they were severely outnumbered by Scarlet's men. Even though they had reached their destination, Baery had lost more than half of his best soldiers. Even he was injured during the fight.

"General, we have to go faster," Shawn said quietly. "If we don't, Scarlet's men will block us."

"How?" Baery said with a cough. "Maybe we can reach the Transverse Mountains before the Guardian Knights, but what then? All they need to do is charge and we are as good as dead."

"But we won't even reach the mountains at this rate."

"Scarlet's plan is meticulous," Saul said. "She is smarter than we had expected. Right now, we're like starving children and she has left us a poisoned apple. If we eat the apple, we will die. If we don't, we will still die."

The tent fell silent. Saul was absolutely right and all the commanders knew that. If the army kept going at the same speed, it would have been surrounded by enemies. If the army sped up, the soldiers would have been exhausted and lost their ability to fight. No matter what Baery decided to do, it would have worked out in Scarlet's favor.

"I have an idea," Dalmatian said suddenly.

"What is it?"

"We can have Shield of Light Legion engage Scarlet's army," Dalmatian said slowly. "We just need them to slow her down a little. We need three days at most. This way, we can continue our plan. With you, my lord, and Lord Saul and Jacob, we can take on the Guardian Knights without a problem."

"You're asking me to sacrifice the Shield of Light Legion?" Baery asked.

Dalmatian looked down but did not say anything. The commanders whispered among themselves.

"Shield of Light Legion is composed of the Maho Empire's warriors," Baery said. "I will not sacrifice them, just like I will not sacrifice any of you."

Dalmatian sighed but did not say anything.

"General, the League's representative's here," one of the guards called.

"Let him in," Baery said. He straightened himself a little and winced in pain.

The flap of the tent opened and Long appeared. He bowed to Saul and turned to Baery.

"Forget about all that," Baery said hurriedly. "You are-" His words were drowned in a fit of coughs.

"I'm Long, sir," he said. "Are you... are you injured, sir?"

"It's minor," Baery said with a wave of his hands. "Don't worry about it. I heard about Anfey's attack on Blackwater City. How did it go?"

"We were successful," Long said. "Manstuly, Hotchbini, and Mourtta are all dead. The city is ours."

Baery smiled and nodded. "Impressive," he said.

"Lord Anfey told me to tell you, sir," Long said, "that he is on his way to stop the Guardian Knights."

"By himself?" Saul asked, concerned.

Long nodded.

"Nonsense," Saul said, shaking his head. "He's walking to his death."

"Lord Anfey said he will use his volcanic eruption scroll if it comes to it."

"Where did he get that?" Baery asked, surprised.

"From Michael, my lord," Long said. Saul sighed and shook his head with a smile.

"I think I know what he's doing," Saul said.


"He must think it's his fault that Scarlet is alive and that we are walking into her trap," Saul said.

"But do you think he can take on the Guardian Knights and the griffin knights alone? Can he really use that scroll?" Baery asked, concerned.

"I know him," Saul said, closing his eyes. "He will achieve what he sets out to do. Don't worry about him."

The commanders glanced at each other and smiled. They had all heard of Anfey and his reputation. Saul's words had reassured them of his abilities.

"Are you not worried about him?" Baery asked. He knew very well how much Saul valued his students.

Saul opened his mouth but did not say anything. He turned to the commanders and said, "leave us for now. I have to speak with Baery."

The commanders nodded and left the tent, leaving Baery and Saul alone.

"What are you trying to do?" Saul lowered his voice and asked.


"You cannot fool me," Saul said. "This is not how you would react to something like this." He paused and narrowed his eyes. "Is this the order of His Majesty?"

Baery took a deep breath and shook his head, then he sat up and jumped off of the chair. He paced around and lowered his voice. "I had a letter from His Majesty," he said. Saul frowned as he listened to Baery recount Yolanther's plan.

"If you already know what will happen, then why..."

"I don't want to sacrifice my soldiers, either," Baery said. "But think about it. How long will it take you to set up a magic array like that?"

"Fifteen days, at least."

"Which means that Douminge has been working on this since the day after Scarlet was assassinated," Baery said. "Who would have thought that Scarlet could predict where the battlefield would be that early? I really did underestimate her."

"So you really did lose?"

"Of course," Baery said. "It's not something I can't admit. We all must lose at some point. Scarlet knew the land, but she won't have that advantage any longer."