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Chapter 497: Farewell

 Chapter 497: Farewell

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Anfey walked through the elves' camp slowly. Due to the death of their commander and the destruction of the camp, the elves had lost their will to fight. All they were trying to do was the escape. Since the elves did not want to fight anymore, Anfey did not try to kill them. He knew that the elves no longer posed a threat. Whenever an elf blocked his way, he pushed him out of the way.

Anfey closed his eyes and expanded his mind, inspecting the situation in Blackwater City.

Suzanna and Anthony were fighting with Manstuly. Their strength was on par with Manstuly's, and they had the help of hundreds of mages. However, Manstuly was able to defend himself and attack despite being injured.

Anfey could tell that Manstuly's life force was draining quickly. He did not know what Manstuly did, but he clearly gained more power at the expense of his own life force.

He was using one of the rarest forbidden spells. The spell, referred to as "Madness," was rarely used in combat because the price the spell caster had to pay in order to use it. However, Manstuly knew that it was impossible for him to take on two top level powers and hundreds of mages at once. No one, including Anfey, was able to achieve something like that. He needed to boost his strength because that was the only way he had a chance.

Anfey frowned. Manstuly focused his attention on Suzanna, who was at a disadvantage because of his use of Madness. Luckily, Anthony was there fighting alongside Suzanna, and Manstuly's life force was draining. He wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer.

The League was winning in other parts of the battle as well- the only exception being the eastern front, which was led by Shinbella.

Both Mourtta and Hotchbini were fighting on the eastern front. Because their closeness, the two were able to coordinate the battle better than common mercenaries. This was how they were able to defend the city against Shinbella for so long. Anfey opened his eyes and rose into the air, heading towards the eastern side of the city.

The eastern front was the bloodiest front of the entire battle. Mourtta stood on the city wall, watching the League's mercenaries retreat. He was wounded and most of his men were dead. He stared at the enemies, unsure of how long he could last.

Hotchbini was sitting nearby, cradling the body of her child. She turned to Mourtta and whispered, "Do you hate me?"

"What?" Mourtta asked, caught off guard by her question.

"This wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for me," Hotchbini said with a sigh. "Do you hate me?"

Mourtta smiled and shook his head. He walked over to her and placed a hand on her cheek. "You haven't changed," he said softly.

"What?" Hotchbini asked with a frown.

"You might have insisted, but I made the choice. I made a conscious decision, knowing full well how risky it would be. We aren't people who will settle for mediocrity." Mourtta sighed and glanced at the enemy army. "So we lost. That is part of life. I just hope that the gods will not separate us after we die." Mourtta did not spare a glance for their dead son but stared lovingly only at his wife.

Hotchbini did not cry when her trusted guards died in front of her. She did not cry when her son died, either. However, Mourtta's words brought tears to her eyes. She might have lost everything, but she would have the man she loves until the very end.

"You're right," Hotchbini said, her voice shaking. "We made a choice. We did. But our children are innocent. Take them and go."

"Why?" Mourtta asked, shaking his head. "The mercenaries looked up to me. They trusted me. I cannot throw that away. I cannot run. I am but a man. I am old now, but you still have many years to live. Take the children with you. As long as you are alive, the elves will help them."

"Me?" Hotchbini said with a laugh. "No. The elves lost many lives because of me. I cannot go back to them like this." She was ashamed by the consequences her actions brought about. Even if the elves were willing to take her in, she would not stay. She was the one that pushed Mourtta to oppose Anfey. She could not bear the thought of leaving him.

"Don't be childish," Mourtta said softly. His words were interrupted by a sudden wave of shouts and stomping. He turned and saw the mercenaries charging towards the city again, led by Shinbella. He turned back to Hotchbini and said, "Please, listen to me. We cannot let our children die with us. Think for them!"

Mourtta turned just in time to see an arrow fly past him and plant itself in Hotchbini's chest. She gasped in pain and raised her hand towards him. A second later, her hand fell back to her side and she stilled.

"No!" Mourtta cried out in pain. He flung himself to her side, holding her in his arms. The mercenaries around them watched with a mixture of shock and disbelief.

Mourtta held her tight to him and became quiet. Anfey watched in silence. He sensed Mourtta's pain and pitied him. He wanted to give Mourtta a moment to say goodbye.

Mourtta raised his head and sighed. "It's for the best," he said, his voice quivering. "All these years... I should have treated you better." He leaned in a left a soft kiss on her forehead. "Wait for me," he whispered. Then he turned and glanced towards the battlefield. He saw Anfey standing not far behind the mercenaries with a longbow in his hand. He sighed and jumped off of the city wall, dashing towards Anfey.

Sensing Mourtta's anger, Anfey raised his bow and aimed an arrow at him. As the arrow flew towards him, Mourtta did not summon his combat power. Instead, he closed his eyes and recalled the time he spent with Hotchbini over the years.

When the arrow pierced his body and he fell to the ground, Mourtta was smiling, finally free to join the woman he loved.