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Chapter 496: Conflicts

 Chapter 496: Conflicts

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Elves weren't great at defense and couldn't do much to protect themselves from the serial lightning.

Anfey was a very cruel person. Even though he felt guilty, he still did not want to waste time talking to the elves after being rejected.

All the archers in the camp were victims of his attack. Because most of the elves were in the same area, it saved Anfey a lot of time. The lightning could easily strike several elves at once, leaving them either dead or paralyzed and unable fight.

As the lightning dimmed, Anfey readied himself for another spell.

Dark red light shone through the ground, followed immediately by the formation of a large lava pool. Usually, lava pools have no effect on elves. However, a lot of the elves were unable to move and unable to get away from the lava.

Most of the elves' faces showed great confusion and fear, which made Anfey feel very guilty about what he was doing. He turned his face away so he wouldn't be distracted.

"No!" a voice distracted Anfey. He turned and saw a male elf running towards him.

Anfey knew the elf. He was one of the best archers there. Seeing his companions and friends dying, he was clearly very distraught and did not think about what he was doing. He was an archer and should keep his distance, but he was running towards his opponent.

Usually, archers weren't the most brave people. Only swordsmen had the guts to run towards their enemies because they were well-protected by their combat power. Archers should be calm and collected in order to assess a situation. Clearly, this elf had forgotten that he should remain calm.

Anfey sighed. He streaked through the air towards the elf, elements forming into a small storm around him.

The elf saw Anfey's face but he did not recognize him immediately. It was only after he saw the elemental storm around him that he remembered who Anfey was.

The elf tried to change his path and nocked an arrow. He was one of the best archers among the elves and had the ability to attack under any circumstances. However, both Anfey and he were very fast, and by the time he wanted to change his course, it was too late.

Anfey summoned his axe as the elf released a beam of green light. Anfey and the elf crashed into each other, both disappearing in a cloud of debris. A moment later, Anfey's figure reappeared, standing tall, but the elf was already limp on the ground.

The elves that were standing nearby were spared, but had lost all will to fight after seeing the death of their commanders and their squad leader. Elves did not like fighting in the first place. Without someone to command them, all they wanted to do was leave.

The northwestern corner of Blackwater City was also under attack. Countless fireballs, lightning, and wind blades were hurled at someone standing on the city wall. The figure did not move to avoid being hit. Instead, he simply raised his arms and deflected the attack. "Suzanna!" he bellowed. "Are you so cowardly that you won't even face me?"

"Save it," Anthony called in return. "I never thought you would stoop so low! Where is your fairness when you attacked Suzanna?"

"Anthony!" Manstuly called back. "You're the one to talk! You're just Anfey's lapdog! A dog, I say!"

"Better a lapdog than a dead one like you," Anthony replied calmly.

Manstuly was very rude, and his words would have angered another more narrow-minded person. However, Anthony did not let the words bother him. He was fighting with Suzanna not only because he was trying to break into the city, but also because he was trying to protect Suzanna. He knew that the only person Manstuly hated enough among them was Suzanna. Even if Suzanna agreed to fight against Manstuly, Anthony would try to stop or help her.

Anthony's history with Suzanna and Anfey not had been a good one. His wife tried to kill Alice, and Mourtta tried to plant a seed of doubt in Anthony's heart by sending Otto with a secret. However, Antony had already betrayed Ellisen Empire. He was a mercenary, but he did not like betrayal. He would not betray Yolanthe again. Anfey's reaction to Nishieva's plan made Anthony trust him. Anfey must have known Nishieva was part of the plan to kill Alice, but he didn't do anything. This was why Anthony decided that Anfey was a good man to work with.

Entos's figure flashed into existence behind Manstuly and slashed at him with a dagger. Manstuly ducked easily and Entos disappeared from the city walls again.

"What are we waiting for?" Entos asked as he reappeared, waving his dagger.

Christian smiled, then turned and gave an order to the mages. He only had about a hundred mages with him, but the combined power of a hundred mages was still a significant threat. The mages raised their hands and chanted together. A large bolt of lightning crackled into existence and struck Manstuly.

Lightning spells were very dangerous, even Anfey could not get away from a lightning spell. Manstuly had gone berserk, but he was still a little bit slower than lightning.

Anthony waved his sword and he burst into light with combat power. He dashed towards the city. Suzanna followed right behind, bursting into light as well.

Entos disappeared, then reappeared behind Manstuly, stabbing at him with his dagger. Even someone like Manstuly was not immune to the paralyzing effects of lightning spells. Entos was just a mage, but he was still able to stab Manstuly and injure him.

Before Manstuly could react, Anthony and Suzanna were upon him, light from their combat power blinding.

Christian watched from afar, ready to attack. He sighed, remembering the first time he met Manstuly. He knew that things had came to this because of Manstuly's ambition, but he still felt bad.