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Chapter 495: Unsuccessful Rescue

 Chapter 495: Unsuccessful Rescue

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No one stopped Anfey from entering Blackwater City after he walked with Catherine. South of Blackwater City, the houses in a large residential area had been torn down to make it into the station for the elves. Anfey couldn't care less about whether or not those residents wanted to move and where they moved to because those were problems for Mourtta and Hotchbini.

The elf station was tranquil and peaceful. In fact, it was highly guarded. There were four ancient trees at each corner of the station and they were connected with bushes.

Beyond the trees and bushes were the training and rest areas for elves. From the outside, other than the area around the entrance, no sentinel could be seen. However, whenever there anyone wanted to cross the bushes or get close to the ancient trees, the elves noticed. All of the elves noticed, not just a few of them. It was because elves had the ability to connect with nature in a special and mysterious way. As they grew older, their communicative ability with nature grew stronger. Even though their communicative ability with nature was not as strong as Anfey's Nature of Heart, it could not be underestimated.

Slave Hunting was such a profitable profession. Once a slave hunter hunted one elf, they did not need to work for three years. A Slave Hunting team could tell that it was a difficult task to catch an elf in the forest from the frequency which they caught them. The elves who fell into the traps were in unusual conditions. For instance, they could be sick, too upset or too young. Anfey could attack elves before because he had the help of his Nature of Heart. The ancient trees in the four corners were not just regular trees, but special trees that the elves relied on to guard them. They were War Ancient Trees.

Catherine treated Anfey as her friend. She answered every question he had for her. Sometimes she even told him more information before he even asked for it.

There were over twenty elf sentinels at the entrance of the station but none stopped Anfey. They even greeted him with smiles. It might have been either because he walked with Catherine or they sensed the nature feeling from Aney.

The atmosphere in the elves' station was light and happy. The appearance of elves was quite different than humans'. Anfey had the illusion of coming to a Miss Elf show in a modern internet game. The male elves walking by Anfey were handsome while females were pretty. In comparison to humans, elves would have definitely stood out. They were all fit. None of the elves was overweight. They all looked like models.

The elves Anfey passed neither doubted him nor looked at him with doubt. They all greeted him with their smiles. Some even greeted and talked to Catherine. Everything seemed to be good, but Anfey felt some uneasiness.

Elves made the whole station into a green place with grass, trees and ponds. They played in the forest or next to the ponds. They were only soldiers when they had to pick up their weapons to fight, but they were not good warriors. Once they put down their weapons, they became innocent kids again. For the older elves, some seemed to focus on cutting seals, some chanted their own poems while others gathered to listen to other older elves tell them old legends.

Anfey felt nothing was related to war. Elves loved nature and life. When not forced, most elves did not want to hurt others.

Humans usually lived in a world with one foot in chaos and the other foot in order. It was hard to tell which person was nice and which was evil. Elves were all very pure and innocent. They were not as complicated as humans.

After Anfey came to this world and became Saul's student, he had to act in the interests of the whole group. He believed that everyone could have been divided into three categories: friends, enemies and strangers, no matter if it was a he or she, or if they were beautiful or ugly, nice or evil. Anfey heard many stories about elves. He knew the nature of the elves, but he killed them without any hesitation or mercy when it came to the bottom line.

If Anfey knew Bruzuryano before Saul and received his help, he might have prioritized his interests and thought of him and the elves first. They might have even been friends fighting together in this battle.

Anfey was not a cold person. It had nothing to do with whether the person was male or female, beautiful or ugly, nice or evil when it came to making friends. There was a saying that everything was tied up in their common interests. This saying had been overused but it was the truth.

"It is just ahead of us." Catherin turned around and smiled at Anfey.

"Okay." Anfey nodded with smiles. At the same time, he slowed his pace a little.

"Are you tired?" Catherine asked with concern.

"No, I am not tired. I just feel something is going to happen," Anfey said.

"What is going to happen?" Catherine asked.

"Listen," Anfey said.

Catherine focused on listening but did not hear anything. When she was about to ask Anfey again, waves of yelling came from everywhere. The League of Mercenaries started their attack.

The order Anfey gave to the League of Mercenaries was quite simple- take over Blackwater City at any cost!

Not everyone was able to be a leader. First of all, he would have to have the ability to take risks and let things go. Sometimes, he would have to fight with everything he had. There was a saying that the braver one won if two met to fight. Sometimes he had to suffer. Good leaders had to be able to see hope as in the saying, "where there was life, there was hope." Anfey did not mean to take revenge on the elves. The reason he gave the order to take over Blackwater City at any cost was for the sake of his long-term goal.

The time when four supreme mercenary groups dominated the Country of Mercenaries had passed. Anthony and Marino worked for Anfey. Batusimon swore his loyalty to Yolanther. At this moment, the League of Mercenaries and Tiger Tawau's mercenary group competed on equal terms. They both had less than one quarter of the mercenaries in the Country of Mercenaries. Many mercenaries had been waiting and watching.

Many mercenaries might have made misjudgments on the current situation and taken stance with Tiger Tawau's mercenary group after Baery lost his battle and the League of Mercenaries had to flee from Scarlet. Anfey worried that Tiger of Tawau's mercenary group grew very fast as the League of Mercenaries did before. If the League of Mercenaries was able to defeat Tiger of Tawau's mercenary group, everything else would have been easy. No matter if it was Scarlet, druids or elves, they would lose their advantage in the Country of Mercenaries. They would receive resistance from the mercenaries. By then, if Anfey called for those mercenaries, they definitely would join the League of Mercenaries to fight for him.

Therefore, that night, Mourtta and Hotchbini had to die.

After understanding Anfey's intentions, the temporary chief in command, Kumaraghosha made a life threatening plan. Other than Anfey's bodyguards, reserves under Kumaraghosha's leadership started attacking Blackwater City from all directions. Anfey's bodyguards would not have stayed behind for long. Once the reserves had a breakthrough, they would have gone over to help.

"Damn it!" Catherine's face changed when she heard the yelling. She had no time to take care of Anfey. She ran straight forward. "Hey, guys, assemble, hurry up!"

Blackwater City did not prepare for the battle. They thought Anfey would definitely retreat. They did not think his 20,000 mercenaries would have been a match for Scarlet's military. It was impossible. Scarlet had griffin riders. No matter who became the griffin riders' target, they would have no hope to escape.

The whole station was in chaos. Elves ran over hurriedly to the grass and lined up. Anfey observed with his sensing ability, but he did not find the sunset archer he fought a few days ago. There was a saying that "birds of a feather flock together and things of one kind came together." The sunset archer should have been with Manstuly but was not in the station.

Elves lined up according to their positions. Dozens of archers lined up in the front and discussed something nervously. Catherine was one of them. Soon, a male elf was selected as the temporary Chief in Command. He raised his voice and gave out an order.

"Catherine, where are you going?" Anfey asked at the top of his voice.

Catherine turned around quickly and saw Anfey. "Feyan, the battle is going to start. You'd better stay here. Don't go out. It is dangerous outside."

"Don't go!" Anfey walked towards Catherine as he talked. He never had the chance to be friends with elves and learn about their lives. There was no doubt that Anfey thought Catherine was silly, but her innocent and carefree personality had won his heart. He thought he was stupid, but he still wanted try to save these silly elves.

"What?" Catherine looked surprised.

"Catherine, who is he?" the temporary Chief in Command asked when he noticed Anfey.

"This is Mr. Feyan. He is a good friend of Paglia and Yalbevin," Catherine explained to him immediately.

"Mr. Feyan," the temporary Chief in Command seemed very nice, "don't go anywhere else. It's best to stay here for your safety." He did not seem to be a good pick since he blindly trusted Anfey after only an introduction from his peer.

"Catherine, don't you remember the message from Mauso?" Anfey asked slowly. "Mr. Mauso asked me to pass a message on to you that Bruzuryano signed a Peace Agreement with Yolanther. As long as you do not join the battle, the League of Mercenaries will not hurt you."

The elves were all shocked. The temporary Chief in Command looked cold. "Mr. Feyan, are you from the League of Mercenaries?"

"No, I am the messenger of Mr. Mauso," Anfey said.

"Mr. Feyan, this is our business. You do not have to worry about it." The temporary Chief in Command looked nice again. "You do not know the whole story yet. Many elves were killed by the League of Mercenaries. There was a saying from humans that 'blood is for blood.' Our elves have endured much. This time, we will not let them take advantage of us."

"Well." Anfey heaved a slight sigh. The next moment, the pitch-black sky became as bright as daylight. A twisted silver snake shot down from the sky and covered a radius of dozens of meters.