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Chapter 490: Tough Choice

 Chapter 490: Tough Choice

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Anfey sat next to a large boulder, staring at the bonfire in front of him and the sausage on the bonfire. In the distance, the sun was already rising.

Anfey wasn't hungry and he didn't need to eat as often as he used to because of the Heart of Nature, but he also enjoyed the process of cooking and eating and did not mind making a small meal for himself.

Seeing that the sausage was cooked, Anfey took it off of the fire. Suddenly, a strange wind blade appeared near him. Usually, a wind blade is slim and long and gleamed with a dark blue color. Under normal circumstances, mages wouldn't change the shape of a wind blade because it was difficult and pointless. Anfey waved his hand and the wind blade began chopping the sausage into smaller slices. Although Anfey didn't need to eat as often, he still felt the process of eating was an integral part of being human.

He popped a slice of sausage into his mouth. Suddenly, he detected about a dozen riders approaching. They were walking and stopping as if they were searching for something. Anfey retrieved his bow and released an arrow into the sky.

A few minutes later, a group of soldiers appeared. They hurried towards Anfey's bonfire and jumped off of their horses. "Sir," the leader said, nodding at Anfey. Anfey nodded when he recognized Robert, the Ranger who had been negotiating with him.

"What are you doing here, Robert?" Anfey asked.

"You once told me that you do not have a good weapon," Robert said. He held up a sword and said, This is the holy sword left to us by our ancestors. We hope you can have it."

"Holy sword?"

"Have you heard of the Sword of the Pioneer?"

"Sword of the Pioneer?" Anfey repeated, his eyes widening. "Isn't that hidden in Swordbury?"

"That hasn't been the case for a long time," Robert said. "My ancestors once guarded Swordbury and switched out the real sword with a fake. That is why kings of Maho Empire never take it out of the principality."

"Even Christian doesn't know much about it," Anfey said. "How did you ancestors manage to switch the swords?"

"They got the sword out, but couldn't get out themselves," Robert said, shaking his head. "We lost contact with them after they smuggled the sword out."

"Still," Anfey said, "a very impressive feat. You've been active for so long yet no one detected your presence... I don't think I could have managed that."

"You flatter me, sir," Robert said with a smile. "This world is too complicated, situations are often too murky. We must be strong in order to survive. Of course, our lives will be much more difficult from now on." Robert knew better than anyone how many different centers of power existed in the world. The empires were powerful, but so were the Church, the elves, and the druids. Now the necromancers were slowly becoming a part of the power web as well. Who knew what would happen after that?

"Don't worry," Anfey said with a smile. He knew exactly what Robert was concerned about. "I will do everything in my power to protect you."

"We are lucky to know you," Robert said, smiling.

"No," Anfey said, shaking his head. "I am the lucky one. That comment about weapons is just something I mentioned in passing. I can't believe you remembered it." Anfey smiled at Robert as he put the sword into his dimensional ring. He was very curious about the sword, but he had to keep himself composed. He would inspect it later when he was alone.

"Anything, sir," Robert said.

Anfey and Robert left the rest of the Rangers to talk because they wanted to make sure their conversation stayed between the two of them. Anfey was interested in the Rangers, and the Rangers were interested in Anfey. After Minos sent his servants away, some of the servants lost touch with each other, which was why the Rangers were shrinking in number. The Rangers were interested in Anfey because they believed his teacher might have been one of them. The last known supreme power was Minos, but even Minos became a supreme power with the aid of the Wheel of Fortune, just like the Heart of Nature had made Anfey into a top level power.

Anfey recalled the labyrinth in Violet City and remembered that there were a lot of pentagrams carved into the walls. He drew the pentagram by memory and show it to Robert. Immediately upon seeing the pentagram, Robert's eyes filled with tears.

The pentagram was the symbol of Minos. Very few knew about the symbols, even among the Rangers. Robert knew that Anfey must have known a Ranger.

"Robert, did you come all this way to give me the sword?" Anfey asked.

Robert sighed. "No," he said, shaking his head. "There's something else, but..."

"Tell me," Anfey said. "Don't hold back."

Robert nodded. "After the rebellion in Gruce Principality, King Darius escaped to Ellisen Empire. He was discovered, and he's on his way back to Gruce Principality. He will arrive at Blackwater City in a week."

"What?" Anfey asked, his eyes widening. He rarely lost his composure, but Darius was different. He was the father of Suzanna and Shally. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely," Robert said. "There is something... I'm not sure if I should say it."

"Tell me."

"I know Darius," Robert said. "He is a horrible person. We cannot let him get to Blackwater City. We can't save him, either. If we do, it may damage our reputation." Robert raised his hand and dragged a finger across his neck. "This is the easiest plan. My men are already positioned and ready."

Anfey frowned and did not say anything. He knew that Darius was a very hated man in his own nation, which made overthrowing him very easy. Trajan may have a careful plan, but it still would've been harder if Darius was a good ruler.

This was the first time Anfey faced a difficult decision. He knew that it was necessary to kill Darius, but Darius was still the father of his wife. If Anfey killed Darius, what would he tell Suzanna? Should he tell her about it, or should he keep her in the dark?