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Chapter 482: Prelude to War

 Chapter 482: Prelude to War

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A grey figure appeared on the balcony. "You're wrong this time, Your Majesty." Yolanthe was sitting on a chair and staring at the sky. His face was filled with sadness. The figure hesitated, then said, "I apologize for my intrusion, Your Majesty, are you thinking of..."

"Don't worry," Yolanthe said, turning to the figure. "What did you want to say?"

"You're wrong this time," the figure said. "Without Scarlet, the Shansa army is in complete distress. They lost all of their will to fight, and their alliance is no more. Manstuly has already returned to Blackwater City and the Church has made its decision as well."

"I see," Yolanthe said with a smile.

"You overestimated them," the figure said. "Scarlet's death didn't encourage the Shansa army to fight. On the contrary, it ended the fight before it even began. Without Manstuly and the Shield of Light Legion, the Shansa army will not be a threat to us anymore."

Yolanthe slowly stood up and glanced at the sky again before turning back to the figure. He paced around the balcony as if something was troubling him.

Yolanthe rarely displayed his emotions like this. The figure took a step forward and asked, "Is something wrong, Your Majesty?"

"You don't know how rulers behave," Yolanthe said, shaking his head, "which is why you cannot tell what I'm thinking of. You cannot tell what Edward VIII is thinking of, either. Edward has a lot of flaws. He's weak, he's greedy, he's cowardly. But don't underestimate him. Even the most cowardly man can be brave when he is forced to be. Edward is a king. I didn't believe he could take the death of his best general this easily."

"He was very angry when he learned of Scarlet's death," the figure said, nodding. "My source told me that he was so angry that he killed a few servants in his rage. He is clearing panicking now. He knows that without Scarlet, he stands no chance against us in this war. She was his last hope."

"Edward isn't panicking," Yolanthe said with a smile. "You're too excited, my old friend. Think about this. We all think he is weak, but we are the only ones who can say that. No matter how weak he is, he is still, in the end, the ruler of an empire. There is no way that he reacted to such news like that."


"If what you just told me is true, then this situation just became much more suspicious. If Edward is really a weak and useless man, how did he become the ruler? How did he keep his throne for all these years?"

"You're saying..."

"He lost Scarlet, but he still has the army. It's been a week: Why isn't he doing anything about the army's chaos?"

"You're saying this is an act?"

"I don't know," Yolanthe said. "But I do know that this is unusual. Scarlet took more than three quarters of Shansa Empire's army with her. I don't think Edward would be this calm and doing nothing if three quarters of his army is in chaos and can be easily destroyed.

"The army can't get back to Shansa Empire, either. Their path is blocked. Edward is putting everything he has on the line. We cannot let our guard down right now."

"What are they planning? Ellisen Empire is moving their armies as well. Some of the Shansa army fled toward the northwest. We thought they were going to Ellisen Empire."

"No way," Yolanthe said, shaking his head. "I don't think Edward would let Ellisen Empire control three quarters of his army."

"What are they doing, then? Is this a trap?"

"I don't care what they're doing," Yolanthe said. "What's important is what we will do. It's finally time to grant Miorich's wish."

"He'll be excited," the figure said. "What about General Baery?"

"Let him do whatever he wants," Yolanthe said, shaking his head. "I have a letter you need to deliver."

The figure bowed his head and nodded.


The three master necromancers had their first meeting. They hadn't met in more than twenty years, but none of them said anything. After a few minutes, Morgan broke the silence, "Golman, are you ready to come with us?"

"I'm not going back," Golman said, shaking his head.

Morgan shook his head and smiled. "I've always thought you had already unleashed the power of the Ring of the Undead."

"Listen to me, Morgan. I don't want you two to go back, either."

Morgan and Desvidia stared at Golman, their eyes wide with shock.

"Do you think that's possible?" Desvidia recovered first and asked coldly. He couldn't imagine publicly betraying Minos.

"Do you trust me?" Golman asked.

"Golman, I do," Morgan said. "You're my friend and I trust you. But I can't do that. You have to come with us."

"I know what you're thinking," Golman said. "But you're too naive."

"What do you mean?" Morgan asked. He knew that betraying Minos was inevitable, but he still didn't want his friends or himself to be the first ones to do so.

"Minos began doubting you two after I left," Golman said. "He's giving you the cold-shoulder, isn't he?"

Morgan and Desvidia glanced at each other but did not say anything.

"Especially you, Morgan. You're in a very dangerous position right now."

"What are you trying to get at?"

"Minos knows that you aren't doing everything in your power to track me," Golman said. "But did he do anything? After I'm dead, you're next to go, Morgan." Morgan frowned.

"What about me?" Desvidia asked, frowning.

"If Morgan and I both betray Minos, do you think he will trust you? Do you think you can remain loyal to him? If we are dead, you won't last long."

"I sealed the power of the ring away," Golman said. "I'm the only that can undo that seal. Which is why Minos will try everything in his power to keep me here. Which is why he will find out about our conversation." Golman paused and looked at Morgan and Desvidia. "Tell me, do you still want me to go with you?"