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Chapter 481: Plan

 Chapter 481: Plan

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A spring breeze blew over the prairie, which was still covered with snow. Spring usually signaled the beginning of the year, and a very important time to farmers. The spring breeze was warm and filled with hope. However, the powers on Pan Continent felt depressed by this spring breeze. Many people had realized that the situation on Pan Continent could turn for the worse as the spring breeze arrived.

Saul and Anfey chatted as they walked on the prairie. After Anfey assassinated Scarlet, Baery did not immediately take action to start the battle. It was because wars could not be rushed. Instead, everything had to be prepared well in all areas for the war. In addition, Baery was waiting for Yolanthe's order to start the war.

Saul and Anfey had been spending a lot time together talking about magic when they were free. Of course, Saul instructed while Anfey listened. They also talked about issues in Maho Empire, about which there was more discussion than instruction.

"Professor, I thought our best time to attack Shansa Empire was after Scarlet died. Why didn't our king give the order to start the battle?" Anfey asked quietly. He thought Baery would give the order to attack Shansa Empire right away. He did not know then that Baery had to get permission from Yolanthe first. However, there was no news from Yolanthe for more than a dozen days. He started to get impatient.

"Because the king had so many things he had to consider," Saul said. "In fact, that is the reason I asked you to join me today."

"Really?" Anfey asked.

"Anfey, do you know who our king thinks is the toughest opponent?" Saul asked.

"Scarlet and Shansa military," Anfey said.

Saul shook his head. "No, no. Shansa Empire and our Empire could not compromise with each other. Shansa Empire could only be conquered or conquer us. Those Knights of Light give our king a headache."

"Could they turn the situation around with the influence and power they had?" Anfey asked.

"You probably do not know about it. We cannot afford to not have churches. No matter whether we face the threats at this moment or look at the situation in the future, churches will be absolutely necessary. Many people in the church did things that made us angry, but they do not want to see the whole continent turning into a paradise for death spirits. This is the very essential difference between Knights of Light and others," Saul said slowly.

"Does the king want the pope to change his opinion?" Anfey asked.

"The pope would never make any mistakes. Even if he did, they would not be counted as mistakes. The followers of the church would not agree that their pope could make any mistakes," Saul said. "You probably did not notice the church only sent the Knights of Light legion to us while their priests stayed with them."

"Didn't Fernando bring a group of priests with him?" Anfey asked.

"The priests in that group were not popular and have no power in the church. There are only two real priest groups. One is Fanatical Priest group while the other is Glory and Praise Priest group. Fanatical Priest group is the main priest group in the Church of Light, while Glory and Praise Priest group is the core of the church and even of Church of Light. Slanbrea was the vice commander of Glory and Praise Priest group.

"I see." Anfey thought quietly.

"Knights of Light has always been connected to priests since St. Robin showed up on the Pan Continent," Saul said. "There have been over 60 popes after St. Robin. Every one of them was picked from the archpriests. Knights of Light never had the chance to be picked, no matter how powerful or loyal to their beliefs they were. This is the rule made by St. Robin."

"It is not fair to Knights of Light. I believe there must be geniuses in the Knights of Light," Anfey said.

"They could not become Knights of Light if they thought it was not fair, otherwise there would be flaws in their beliefs," Saul said. "This rule was made by St. Robin. He thought Knights of Light were just the weapons of the priests to help cleanse the sins. He never believed weapons could walk themselves to the altar."

"Why did not they send the priest groups to us?" Anfey asked.

"Because the priest groups had problems with each other," Saul said with a sigh. "Robin was very weird. He seemed to want to divide his followers into two parties on purpose. He never seemed to want union and harmony among the followers. He even stirred them up and caused them to argue."

"What was the purpose of that?" Anfey asked.

"Who knows. I do not know," Saul said with a smile. "I only know the two parties in the Church of Light have been giving tit for tat for a long time. One party is very radical. They think the church needs to have supreme power, even the power to constrain the kings to better spread the glory of God. The other party thinks God led Robin to this continent to protect human beings. In other words, they could only be humans' guardians instead of rulers."

"Which party did Slanbrea belong to?" Anfey asked.

"Slanbrea's attitude was more radical," Saul said.

Anfey shook his head. "I did not see it. He did not seem radical."

"Attitude is different than principle." Saul then asked out of curiosity, "You did not hate him that much, did you, even though he almost hurt Suzanna?"

Anfey shrugged, then smiled. "Things were different then. He acted like a copycat. In addition, it is not necessary to hate a dead guy."

Saul chuckled. "Archpriests are different than archmages. They are rare on this continent. The death of Slanbrea hit the radical party hard. In fact, many people in the church cried out against it when Fernando led some knights and priests to unite with us. They claimed that this could have been the beginning for the Church of Light to take control over the whole continent. They demanded to send the main force to fight, but their proposal was vetoed. Even though the death of Slanbrea was such sensational news, they could not send the Fanatical Priest group and Glory and Praise priest group over. They only sent Knights of Light."

"Professor, why are you telling me these things today?" Anfey asked.

"Is Warner in the League of Mercenaries now?" Saul asked.

"Yes," Anfey answered.

"Is Book of Life with him too?" Saul asked.

"Yes." Anfey nodded. "Professor, do they want to take back the Book of Life?"

"The Book of Life is the lifeblood for the Church of Light, but they did not say they would take the Book of Life back. They sent one guy over. He only wanted to see Warner," Saul said slowly.

"Only one person?" Anfey asked.

"Yes," Saul said.

"Does that person belong to Slanbrea's radical party?" Anfey asked.

"Anfey, you think too much. We are both officials of the king. You are also my student. Let me put it this way. Your attitude on issues represents my attitude. Our attitude represent the king's attitude," Saul said. "We would only be able to work with the radical party if they could forget about Slanbrea. The problem is whether they could stop working with us. The answer is no."

"Professor, I understand what the king meant. Does the king want to try to work with them again?" Anfey shook his head and said, "The radical party must be against it. How could we work with them?"

"That depends on how much the church wants to work with us. The changes following the disaster of death spirits offered a wonderful opportunity for us. In addition, our king has wiped out the Dark Moon Magic Legion in Ellisen Empire. The Griffin Aerial Unit could fly around to mess around, but they would not dare to attack our military."

"How many magic academies does Ellisen Empire have?" Saul continued. "We only have a few. If they had about five years, they could rebuild a magic legion. That is why our king said we are racing against time. The king's plan is to wipe out the main force in Shansa Empire this spring and start full attacks on Shansa Empire in the summer. We need to finish the battle with Shansa Empire and take it over in fall, or before the end of the year at the latest. We need let our soldiers rest and get full training in the winter, because Ellisen Empire is in the far north and is used to the cold weather. When it gets warmer, we could take advantage of the weather to start the battle with them."

Anfey just listened to Saul. It was not appropriate for him to interrupt Saul and say his piece. He did not know how to interrupt either.

"The king has made his decision. He will make it clear no matter what it will cost him. Therefore, we are giving our full loyalty," Saul said calmly. 'If churches refuse to work with us, or are not as loyal as us, our king would do anything necessary. He does not mind making Church of Light part of the history on Pan Continent. Anfey, don't worry. They would not ask too much."

Anfey chuckled. "I am just worried that churches would go back and forth. I do not worry about others."

"Don't you worry that they would ask for the Book of Life back?" Saul asked with a weak grin.

Anfey shook his head with smile. "It never belonged to me. I don't want to be a priest anyway."

"Ok, let's not talk about this now." Saul looked at the headquarters in the distance. "We have received news that many officials and soldiers in Shansa Empire got into a big argument. Some supported the idea to fight back at any cost, while others thought it would be wise to retreat immediately. It seems that the negative feelings got the upper hand. A large number of soldiers fled Shansa Empire. Manstuly and the officials in Shansa Empire fought, so Manstuly led druids back into Blackwater City. Fernando and the other three Archknights left United barracks with Knights of Light legion as well. They retreated over 100 miles and set up their camp next to the Blackwater River. All of this proves they were not far from falling apart. So, Anfey, after you meet with the representative from the church, why don't you go back to White Mountain City with him. You can take your League of Mercenaries to the north. Whatever you do afterwards, I will not intervene."

"I got it, Professor," Anfey said.